Anticipation Ch. 07

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Winter did eventually roll around. Our existence together was flawless. That’s not to say the occasional unpleasantness didn’t happen to us. It just never happened between us.

Since we were each other’s priority, any problem that arose was automatically both of ours. Threatening her happiness was a threat to mine, and vice versa. Furthermore, either of us standing by while the other’s life was threatened was tantamount to suicide.

There was a day that our happiness was threatened. It was a night, actually. The day was wonderful.

Just like every morning, since she had moved in, we got to wake up next to each other. On that particular morning, we did not have to go to work, or do anything else. We didn’t need to do laundry, go shopping, visit family, or anything, so we just lay there.

She was wearing a pair of white cotton panties and a white tank top that hugged her form. When I could, such as in that moment, I relished the view of her figure, though I still had not seen her naked breasts, nor the hidden wonders of her underpants.

We would occasionally just visually inspect each other. She would lay there in some comfortable pose while lay close, slowly and lightly tracing a finger or two over her contours. I enjoyed circling over the tiny bump in the material covering her nipple and watching it elevate from the stimulation.

Though the white material did not show her off as well as the darker blue that she sometimes wore, I could still make out the shallow crease in the material between her thighs. That line was punctuated by its own slight bump that I could elevate as well, though not as much as the one atop her breast.

A bit later she had moved to line herself parallel to me, in the opposite direction. I was on my back, and she had her left leg across my chest, allowing me to rub her ass. Her right leg was straight in line with me, making her buttocks an asymmetrical work of art.

Laying on her side, her shoulders were aligned with my black boxer briefs. She rested her head on my thigh and traced the lesser bulge of my unerect penis. I moved my free leg out a little to give her better access to my covered testicles, and she readily took advantage of it.

It did not take too long for her to create some elevation of her own. She ran her thumb and forefinger along either side of my length, tightening just enough at the end to lift a little and move it side to side.

We were both aroused, but neither of us wanted to take anything further at the moment.

We did eventually get out of bed, carry on with our morning routines, eat some breakfast and watch some TV.

After a while, we decided to go to the mall and just walk from store to store, looking at everything, with no intent Batıkent Escort to actually buy anything.

Just for the heck of it, we did see a movie in the multiplex theater. We didn’t particularly care for the movie-going experience, but I think there was a certain cliche in the back of both of our minds.

We chose the movie that the fewest people wanted to see, during the least busy time, and sat as far from anyone else as we could.

About five minutes in, she leaned her head over and said, “I need to pee”, then stood up and left. A few minutes later, she returned to her seat and handed me something.

I could not see it in the darkness of the theater, but I took it, playing it with my fingers to help identify it by touch.

It took a few seconds for me to recognize the soft wad as her panties, and my heartbeat picked up slightly.

I had dressed her in one of her thicker tee dresses, and because it was a bit cold, I added a pair of very thigh-high, thick socks, and then her leather boots and a leather jacket perfected the outfit.

To a casual observer, she was paying attention to the movie, but her left arm crossed over my right one, pinning it down, as her hand slid over my thigh, grabbed my crotch, and started playing. I became aroused immediately.

My pinned arm felt awkward, but she had done it on purpose, so I left it there. She didn’t want me doing anything with it.

Satisfied that I was fully charged, she leaned over only as far as she need to in order to push the first three fingers of her right hand into my mouth, where they manipulated my tongue and inside cheeks in order to stimulate saliva production.

Having gotten the clue that I was not supposed to take any actions of my own, not that there was much my lips could do against her movements, I just let my spit build up until it threatened to spill out.

She removed her thoroughly coated fingers, not caring one bit that a stream of drool exited with them, nor that drops of it fell from her fingers on their way to her pussy.

Her face still directed at the movie screen, she began masturbating while massaging my annoyingly restricted dick.

She tried to remain as quiet as she could, but I heard the occasional light moan, and I just watched, her head begin to move slightly as her attention to the movie went in and out of focus.

The changes in what she was feeling were betrayed by the changes in how she handled my bulge. After about ten minutes or so, she just gripped my entire crotch and squeezed as her breathy orgasm hit. She had somehow managed to remain quiet, which impressed me.

Her grip released, and went back to a slower massaging motion, and then a satisfied, Batıkent Escort Bayan “Mmmm” escaped.

Shortly after that, she was licking her fingers clean and not sharing any with me, but that was okay, because seeing her enjoyment was a fine trade-off.

Her left hand took her panties from me, tucked them into her jacket pocket, interlaced her fingers with mine and continued watching the movie as if nothing had happened.

She broke that illusion only briefly to lean over and nonchalantly whisper into my ear, “Lots of pre-cum, I’m guessing”.


We watched a couple of more movies, event free, ate some food, browsed a few more stores, and by the time we had pretty much combed the entire mall, some of the stores were rolling down their security gates.

It was dark out, therefore colder than when we first arrived. When we stepped outside, a little breeze blew by and went up her dress.

“Oh, my”, she laughed. She looked around to see if anyone was in the immediate area. Seeing no one, she walked out from in front of the doorway, took her panties out of her pocket and put them back on, having only a little trouble getting her boots through the leg holes.

From a short distance away, we heard, “Damn, girl! Do that again! I didn’t have my camera ready,” followed by the chuckling laughter of at least two other people.

We were in the back parking lot, where it was mostly just employee parking, and it was not quite time for them to be returning to their vehicles to leave for the night.

We ignored the three guys and began walking normally to her car.

“Wait up, bitch! We didn’t get the show,” I glanced towards the voice to see three guys walking towards us.

We picked up our pace.

“Hey! I said wait up!” the apparent leader said angrily, and they all started running to us.

I knew we were not going to reach the safety of the car in time. Had I been alone, running away might have been a viable option, but because being with her forbid that focus on self-preservation, neither of us would have moved quickly enough.

I did not foresee these guys being reasoned with. For better or worse, I decided on the fight option.

If I had told her to run while I slowed them down, I knew she would have refused. She was not an incapable person, nor was she cowardly.

When the leader was close enough, I turned and surprised him with a throat punch. He went down, but that naturally incited the other two to attack me. I managed to block some swings, but they quickly overwhelmed me.

I caught glimpses of her trying to help. She went behind one of the guys and gave him a hard knee to the kidney, which did get him off me, but he recovered Escort Batıkent enough to punch her in the face, sending her to the ground.

The bittersweet cease to the pummeling I was taking was the leader, now recovered, yelling, albeit with some difficulty, “Bring his ass over here.”

I struggled to free myself from their grasps, but failed. The two pulled me quickly, causing me to lose my balance, and then they dragged me back toward the building, in the direction of a dumpster.

The leader yanked her to her feet and pulled her to follow. I was able to look back to see her attempt a throat punch of her own, but her awkward positioning, and his reaction time, prevented it from landing accurately.

“No you ain’t,” he said, punched her in the stomach, then continued pulling her.

I tasted blood and smelled garbage. They stopped and threw me, face first, into a pile of filled plastic bags next to the dumpster. It was not the soft landing that I had hoped it would be.

I felt the corner of a cardboard box jamb into the front of my shoulder, but worse was the piercing pain in my upper thigh, near my groin.

I carefully rolled off of that bag. The pain lessened, but remained. It felt like something had punctured my skin, though not too deeply.

“Hold her,” the leader commanded, shoving her into the other two guys, then turned his attention to me. “You fuckin’ throat punch me? Stand up!”

In spite of the pain in my leg and ribs, I stood up, though not because he told me to. I just needed to gain a more advantageous position in order to lunge at him, knocking him back into some iron railing.

The closest other guy released her and kicked the back of my knee, putting me back on the ground.

A light turned on over a nearby door.

“Oh, shit. Come on,” he said, scrambling to help his stunned leader. “Time to go.”

The other guy shoved her down on top of me, and they all ran away seconds before the door opened.

“What the fuck?” a shocked employee said, staring at us. She hurried down the short set of cement steps to help Jennifer up. “Do you need me to call the police? What happened?”

“No. Thank you,” Jennifer said, getting up off of me and the ground.

“An ambulance,” the employee asked, after getting a look at me.

“No,” I said. “I think I’m okay.”

“You don’t look it,” she offered.

“I don’t think there’s any major damage,” I assured, slowly picking myself up. I rubbed my sore ribs as a status check. “Nothing feels broken.”

“If you’re sure,” she agreed.

“Pretty sure. Glad you came out when you did. Or at least not much later, anyway,” I half-laughed.

“Thanks again,” Jennifer added. “We’re just gonna go home.”

“No problem,” said the employee. “Be safe.”

“I’ll try that,” I half-laughed.

Jennifer kept an arm around me as I limped slightly back to her car. She unlocked it and opened the passenger door for me. I groaned as I carefully lowered myself into the seat. She shut the door and drove us back home.

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