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Subject: Appalachian Farm Life-8 WARNING: If it is illegal for you to be reading these stories or you find them disgusting or immoral, please refrain from reading further. Must be 18+ to read! Any characters, places, or people depicted in this story is entirely in the fantasy and imagination of the writer and in no way reflects his/her personal morals or beliefs when relating to relationships between minors and adults. Any people, places, or actions depicted in this story that reflect real life events or situations is entirely by accident or coincidence. Also, please donate to Nifty to keep the magic happening. I enjoy hearing from readers, please feel free to let me know if you have praise, criticisms or suggestions you might have for future installments. 12 September 1832 After chores this morning, Willie went on his way to the Fielding’s and I decided to go over to Schwarz’s to see if Sammy was done yet. It was one of those beautiful mornings you get after a big rain, blue skies with just an occasional puffy white cloud rolling by. I watched chipmunks playing in a hollow tree for a few minutes, then headed on toward the creek. There was nobody at the creek so I went on across the footlog and continued on my journey. About 15 minutes later I was strolling up to the Schwarz’s cabin. I didn’t see anybody outside so I went up to the porch. Unlike our cabin, the Schwarz’s cabin was all one floor and one room. On one side of the fireplace was a larger double bed that Mr. Schwarz slept in and on the other side was a set of bunk beds for Danny and Sammy. The large fireplace had a cast iron arm on a swivel to be used for cooking. You’d put a pot on the hook at the end and swing it into the fireplace to cook. When I got on the porch, the door was ajar a little and I could hear noises from inside that sounded like somebody clapping. My curiosity got the best of me and I peeked through the crack. I saw what looked like Randy Thompkins on top of another person hunching them so hard his big balls were slapping them on every ‘in’ stroke. I slipped over to the small window hoping to get a better look from the different angle. That’s when I realized the person on the bottom was Jacob Schwarz. Randy was savaging his back door. Every time Randy bottomed out I could hear the slap of balls and the grunts that Jacob was trying to stifle. I looked toward their barn to see if I could see Sammy and started to back up but when I looked back one last time I saw Jacob staring straight at me and he winked! I jumped off the porch and ran to the barn. Sammy was in the barn mucking the horse stalls. When he saw me he cheerfully said “Hey, Jasper! I’ve got one more stall to go, if you want to do it while i finish this one we can go to the creek or something.” “I went by the house. I saw Randy and your dad” I said hesitantly. “Oh yeah, Randy stays over here a lot. He’s kind of like our older brother.” “Really?” I said, “It looked like him and your pa are very close.” Sammy wasn’t picking up my tone, he kept on with his story. “You know, Randy has been on his own since he was 9 or 10 years old. Randy’s mother died before he was two years old. Daddy said she was a whore, and that she got some whore disease that killed her. Randy’s old man didn’t look nothing like Randy, he was short, dumpy, hairy and not real bright. Daddy said Mr. Thompkins was not Randy’s real pa. Daddy said Randy’s dad was probably the man his mother travelled south kocaeli escort with, she came here from St. Louis with a tall muscly Swede who got tired of her whoring and left her to go back north. After he left her she moved in with Thompkins and they married. Randy came along about 6 months later.” “So…Randy’s a, uh, bastard? Not a Thompkins.” “Well, legally he’s a Thompkins since they was married when he was born, but he don’t know his real daddy. But let me finish the story.” “So, anyway, his mom died and Randy was left with this man who knew he wasn’t Randy’s father. After the mom died Randy’s dad started making moonshine and drinking a lot of it too. He was hardly ever sober. He had another loose woman who moved in and helped him take care of Randy for a few years. By the time Randy was five or so he started watching his dad cook and learned how, good thing because he ended up being the cook and housekeeper for the drunk old man by the time he was six. Old Mr. Thompkins lasted until Randy was about 9 or 10 like I said and then one day Randy found him cold and stiff in his bed. He didn’t know what to do, he ended up walking over here crying and asking if daddy would come help him. Daddy went back with him and dug a grave out behind the cabin and they buried him.” Sammy had gotten quiet, he didn’t like talking about people who had passed on, he had heard it was bad luck. I was eager to hear more, “How could somebody Joseph’s age get by on his own?” I asked. I couldn’t even see myself being able to do it. “Well, he wanted to stay in his cabin, but daddy said no kid that age should be living alone. At first pa moved him in with us, but he would get up in the night and go back to his own place. So pa made a deal with him, he could stay over there a couple of nights a week and the rest of the time he would stay here. About a year after his pa died was when my mama died. I was about two and a half, I don’t really remember her. About six months after mama died Randy stopped making his pallet on the floor when he came over. He just started sharing pa’s bed, it’s been like that ever since.” “Yeah, about that….” I said “they weren’t sleeping they were doing when I saw them.” “What do you mean?” he asked. Damn! did I have to spell it out. “Umm….well…uh…..Randy was doing what a husband usually does to a wife ‘cept in your daddy’s butt.” I said. “Oh that, yeah they do that sometimes. It can go either way, Randy’s the wife as much as pa is. Pa said that men need ‘fection, nobody can live without lovin’.” To say I was gobsmacked would be an understatement. “So that’s where you learned that stuff we was doing?” “Just from watching in the dark. Pa used to rub the tingles out of me once in a while but not much since him and Randy got more serious. I seen Randy and Danny go at it too, and your brother Willie used to come over here regular like till just lately.” I made note of another conversation I needed to have with Willie. “We just don’t talk about it, pa said its their business and not nobody elses.” A thought came to my mind, “then YOUR DAD probably wouldn’t care if he knew we was doing stuff?” “As long as you don’t do nothing to hurt me, I reckon he won’t care. It’ll be our business and nobody elses.” We got done with the horse stalls and headed back up to the house. The door was still almost closed but we went on in. There was all kind of smells in that cabin. The air was thick with the smell darıca escort of Randy, like that smell from his armpits mixed with what I guessed was the odor of Sammy’s pa. There was another earthy odor I wasn’t sure about but I think it was ass essence. The two men were out of bed and making lunch like nothing happened. Me and Sammy ate a plate of salt cured ham with beans and cornbread and we left heading toward the creek. “You wanna go swimming again?” I asked him. “Nah, let me show you my special place, where I go to be alone sometimes” he said. When we got to the creek we took a well worn path beside the creek and followed it for a few hundred feet. The banks were steep up here but there was a place where the rocks were positioned almost like natural steps. Beside them a thick vine hung down we used like a handrail. About probably 20 feet up there was a cave, well, more like an overhang of rock. Sammy had cleaned out under the rock and had an old piece of tarp to lay on. From his perch you could see way up the creek either direction. “Wow!” I said, “this place is beautiful. What do you do up here?” “I used to come up here to get away from Danny when he was being mean to me, he’s afraid of heights and won’t come up here. I like to come up here and think. Sometimes I come up and take my clothes off and sit cross-legged like an injun.” “I think I’d like that” I said. “Go ahead, we can see anybody way before they can get here” he said. There wasn’t enough room to stand up so I slipped my overall straps off my shoulders and shimmied them down to my waist then got up enough to push them the rest of the way off. Sammy watched me, when I finished he did the same. We sat cross-legged for a while just enjoying the breeze and then Sammy reached over with his left hand and started doing that super light grazing on my earlobe again. I tried to act like I didn’t feel anything but he kept on doing it. Ever so lightly making circles around my earlobe barely even touching it. I had chillbumps all over and my peter was starting to aim its one eye toward the blue sky. As if that wasn’t enough, he stuck his right index finger in his mouth and wetted it then started rubbing my pointy nipple with it. When he had it good and wet he leaned over and blew on it. Oh my gosh, it was almost more than I could stand! He pinched the nipple once and started to draw his arm back but I grabbed it and pulled his hand down and wrapped it around my pole. He was kind of leaning on me while his right hand was rubbing up and down. I could smell his heated scent rising up to my nose. I turned and lifted his left arm and buried my nose in his pit. He only had a small amount of hairs but the scent was incredible, I wished I could bottle it and wear it like perfume. I left his armpit to make my way down to his other patch of hair. Sammy Jr. was jumping up and down like he was happy to see me so I gave him a little kiss. I came away with Sammy’s nectar on my lips, he always leaked that stuff. I stuck my face all the way down so my nose was in the space where his ball sack met his weiner and huffed. Sammy Jr. burped up more clear stuff on my forehead and it ran down the side of my face. I quickly wiped it up with my finger and stuck it in my mouth. I took his peter in my mouth and went about halfway down, came back up and on the second downstroke I let it go all the way into my throat. I could feel Sammy’s mouth on me, he gölcük escort was bobbing up and down like I saw Willie doing to Danny and we were both shaking. I pulled off of Sammy’s cock and sucked in one ball, then the other rolling each one around in my mouth. Sammy took one hand and pulled my skin all the back then licked his other palm a few time and started rubbing his wet palm on the tight skin on my dick head. I jerked my hips back, I was too sensitive for that. While I had a ball in my mouth my nose was at the back between his balls and his poopchute. I breathed in and found another smell I was really liking. I licked his taint and grabbed his cheeks with both hands pulling the wide apart. I hesitated only a split second then I attacked his hole with my tongue. At first I just circled the pucker round and round while he squirmed, then I pointed my tongue and started trying to get inside him like he did to me before. I ate his butt for a long time, my whole face was up in there like eating a piece of watermelon. When I came up for air his hole was gaping a little bigger around than my thumb. He was ready. I shuffled around and got on top of him with his legs up on my shoulders. I eased into him and slowly went all the way till I was balls deep. I thought back on what I saw Mr. Schwarz and Randy doing, I pulled most of the way out and started fucking him hard. I wanted to hear the slap of skin on skin. Once I got in all the way I stopped, it felt so good I was afraid I would bust. I stayed in there a good while and let my excitement wane a little, even then it felt so good I knew I wouldn’t last real long. I pulled back and paused for a minute. I took Sammys dick in my hand and started stroking it, trying to get him close. I jacked him slow at first then faster until I felt his ass tightening up on my shaft. I started hunching again, but every time I bottomed out in him I made my hand bottom out on his peter at the same time. I kept up the synchronized action for about 10 minutes, it wasas long as I could hold back. I went over the edge when Sammy started shooting. The way his hole was squeezing me was too much. I filled him up with my juice, suddenly the friction was gone and replaced by slickness. The cum made it more slick than the hog lard. When my tingles were done I went down and licked my stuff off his butt. He pushed out and a stream of it ran down his crack. I lapped it all up, then I licked up his stuff he had shot all over his stomach and when I got most of it I went up and tongue kissed him deep. We lay on our backs, exhausted, and fell asleep watching the white clouds race across the sky. When we woke up, the shadows were getting long and we were crusted from dried boyjuice. I could smell both of us on me. We didn’t bother to get dressed, we carried our clothes and climbed down to the creek to wash off. Sammy sat and washed his butt off and around his pole and up on his stomach. He started to splash the water under his arms but I stopped him so I could get one more whiff. We finished cleaning up and headed back to the trail. It was late in the day so we decided to split up and go to our separate homes. One more long kiss and I said goodbye. I started to walk away and heard him softly say, as if to himself, “I love you.” I turned around and walked back and pulled him into a bear hug and kissed him passionately again and said “Sammy Schwarz, I love you so much it hurts.” He smiled and said “I’ll see you tomorrow!” By the time I made it home it was dusk turning into night. I went inside and had a piece of cornbread and a glass of water and went to bed. Today had been one of the greatest days of my life. Lambodara 09/09/2019

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