Arin’s Inheritance Pt. 06

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(continued from part 5)

Arin was away at the grocery store, shopping for their food.

It seemed a good time for Molly to investigate some of the items in the attic, looking for things to help with Arin’s desire for humiliation.

Molly was immediately drawn to the steel handcuffs, which she had contemplated using earlier on Arin, but had held back because at that point they had lacked the keys. Inspecting the handcuffs, she was glad she had waited, because she found they were not normal handcuffs – they had a very intricate lock. Rummaging through the keys she had received from the lawyer, she found their proper key.

“Let’s see how these work,” she said aloud to herself. Saying things often helped her to focus better. Holding the double strand or cheek plate part in her hands, she closed its single strand section, hearing and feeling it ratchet as it entered partway into the lock housing.

Pulling, trying to open the cuff again, she muttered, “Nicely secure. I can’t yank it open now.” But when she squeezed the closed cuff, to her dismay, it ratcheted in even farther! “Yikes! The parts close more when I do this! This would cut off Arin’s circulation.” After a thoughtful pause, she exclaimed, “Oh right! Double locking stops this!”

She studied the cuffs more closely. Sure enough, there was a small hole on the side of the cuff. She pressed the ‘nose’ of the key into the hole and felt a click. Experimenting, she tugged and pressed. “Perfect! Now they neither open nor close. Just what I wanted.”

Carefully inserting the key into the lock, she found which direction she had to turn to make the cuff spring back open, which it did easily.

“I’m glad I tried working with this before using it on Arin,” she spoke aloud. “Whenever possible, I’d better test these things on myself before subjecting her to them,” she mentally decided. “I need to have some idea of what they’d do to her.”

With that in mind, Molly found some clamps, joined by a chain. Her internet research had told her these were called clover clamps. She thought, “I’d really like to find out how Arin would feel about me using these on her. I’ve see them often in the BDSM pictures, and the women have such interesting expressions: surprise, humiliation, shock, submission. Clamping submissives seems to be a very popular action.”

She opened her golden silk blouse, and freed a breast from her wispy white bra, scooping it up free of the cup. Opening the jaws of the clamp, she positioned it at her nipple. At this point she hesitated, steeling her courage. Finally, she let the jaws close. “YOWCH!!” she cried out. She instinctively jumped backward, as if to escape the pain, which of course did not help at all, since the firmly clamped jaws moved back with her.

Eyes watering, she thought about pulling the clamp off immediately, but noticed the pain was already diminishing. “I guess I’ll leave it on a bit longer,” she decided. Her nipple soon went numb. “Well, this isn’t so bad, after all,” she thought to herself.

She pulled her other breast free of its bra cup, and with less hesitation, applied the second clamp to that nipple. She gasped as the pain lanced through her breast, but, since the pain was more expected this time, did not cry out at all. This nipple quickly went numb, as well.

When she let the chain dangle, its weight tugged at her tits, reawakening the discomfort a tiny bit, but also making her very aware of her breasts.

“I’m sure Arin can handle being clamped like this,” Molly muttered to herself, still looking through the various drawers. She encountered a dark brown leather collar, with a ring on it for the attachment of a leash. “This looks nicely functional,” she concluded. “It will go nicely with her dark brown hair and eyes.” She checked one of the armoires. “Yes, I thought I remembered seeing some lovely leashes in here.”

She moved to the mirror, and brushing her black hair to one side, slipped the collar around her neck and secured it. She moved her head back and forth, and up and down. She swallowed, with no problem. “Yes, this will do for Arin perfectly. Being collared might have a two-fold effect. A little humiliating perhaps, since animals get collared. But it also might convey a feeling bursa escort of being owned.” Molly smiled to herself. “Owned by me. What a thought!”

She continued her search. She found a length of soft, red rope. “Hmmm. I’ve seen pictures of women tied in such ropes, some of them in very intricate arrangements. I’m not ready to do something that complicated, but maybe I can do something simple. It would be easier to try this with the clamps out of the way, though,” she reasoned.

Without thinking, she reached up to a clamp and opened its jaws. She shrieked as a flood of sensation coursed through her freed nipple! “OMG!” she cried out. “The pain is more intense taking them off than it was putting them on! Who would have thought that!”

She bit her lip and unclamped her other nipple. Rubbing them both carefully, she eased the circulation back into them. Gradually Molly realized that, with their heightened sensitivity, this rubbing quickly became extremely pleasurable. “Yes, Arin certainly needs to experience this sometime soon.” She smiled to herself, beginning to really enjoy the thought of having such a receptive playmate.

Molly removed her blouse entirely, and took the rope, leaving a good amount of its end free, and began winding it firmly around the base of her breast. She noticed that cinching the rope tightly after several turns made her tit stick out a lot farther than it normally does. The effect was very pleasing to the eye. “I like how this makes it look. I wonder if I could wear a rope imperceptibly under my blouse?” She began looping the remainder around the base of her other breast, making it protrude also. She finished by tying the ends behind her back.

Admiring herself in the mirror, she turned slowly left and right. “This is really fun. A sort of erotic dress-up,” she said aloud. Grinning to herself, she started looking through another drawer. Inside was a flat leather case. She opened it to see the gleam of a metal handle inside. Carefully she pulled on the handle. A strange device emerged from its leather sheath. The long metal handle ended at a wicked looking wheel with sharp thin spokes radiating out in all directions. The light in the room bounced off the spokes, making them gleam.

“Oh, I think I know what this is,” she stated. “But I better check.” She went to her laptop, and brought up Google Images. Entering the search words ‘neurological wheel’ into the query window, she pressed the Enter key. Sure enough, scores of images of the device in her hand popped up onto her screen. Her eyes widened in surprise as she saw that some of the devices even ended in multiple wheels, rather than the single one that hers possessed.

Very carefully, with minimum pressure, she rolled it over her palm. “OK, I feel it, but it’s not bad at all,” she informed herself aloud. She tried it on the back of her hand. Tiny prickling sensations registered as she rolled it from the back of her hand up her forearm. She checked her skin carefully. “No bleeding. That’s good,” she sighed.

She leaned over to run it over the much more sensitive skin of her inner thighs. Her body shivered involuntarily as the sensations formed there. “I begin to see the potential this has as a toy for sensitizing skin. I wonder how it would feel on my tits?” she mused. She looked down to focus her attention now on her breasts, but before she applied the device to them, she gasped in shock and ran back to the mirror.

“OMG! My tits have turned purple! The ropes must’ve trapped the blood in them.” She touched the purple flesh with her fingers, expecting the skin to be numb. Instead, as she whispered her fingers over the skin, delightfully erotic sensations bloomed in the wake of her fingers.

“Wonderful! Delicious even! But I don’t want them deprived of blood too long.” She untied the rope knot at her back. Unwinding it from the base of each tit, she observed the rope impressions left encircling their bases. “Actually, these rope marks make rather exotic designs on my flesh,” she marveled. Investigating the impressions with her fingers, she played with her tits until they resumed their normal pink tones. In the back of her mind, she began visualizing Arin’s skin showing bursa escort bayan such rope marks. “Pictures of them might even make interesting wall art.” She filed that thought away as a possibility.

“I’d better wrap this up. Arin may return soon, and I don’t want her to know about these experiments. But since I still have the neurological wheel out, I may as well test it here,” she quickly decided. She ran it carefully over her breasts, paying attention to the proper pressure to apply there. These prickling sensations were quite novel, and felt somewhat naughty. She even went so far as to run the spokes over her crinkled areolae, and finally, very very carefully, over the dark pink swollen nubs of her fully erect nipples. She shuddered, imagining being at someone else’s mercy as this device was applied to her sensitive regions. Maybe even to her labia! But she was unwilling to test that right now. She slid the device back into its leather case, not yet ready to use it on Arin, but making a mental note for future experiments.

Molly heard the car in the driveway as Arin returned. The door opened and Molly heard her friend putting away the groceries. Readjusting her clothing, Molly leaned over the railing and called down, “Hi Arin! When you’ve put away the groceries, join me upstairs in the attic.”

“I will be there shortly, Miss,” Arin called back.

“Was that excitement I heard coloring her voice?” Molly wondered.

A bit flushed, Arin almost romped up the stairs and into the room.

“Remove your clothing, girl,” Molly intoned. “And be quick about it.”

Arin, rushed to comply, kicking off her shoes and stripping her legs free from her dark pullup stockings. Unzipping, she let her short, dark green dress pool at her feet, and yanked down her matching panties, stepping free of them, rather than folding each piece and placing them in a pile. Molly decided not to chasten her about order and cleanliness at this moment, being anxious to get started.

“Put your hands behind your back, slut,” Molly ordered. As Arin obeyed, Molly secured her wrists with the handcuffs, carefully double locking them.

Arin began shaking, and her knees sagged briefly.

“Arin, are you OK?” Molly asked with concern.

“OMG! Yes, Miss! More than OK! My heart is pounding. I feel so good like this, being in your power.” She blushed a delicate pink, and continued in a shy whisper, “I almost came.”

Molly smiled with relief, noting the powerful effect created by restraining Arin – depriving her of her freedom in this manner.

Once Arin had a chance to recover her composure, Molly caught her eye, holding up a black marker pen. “I’m going to write on you, Arin,” she explained. “Hold very still.” She slipped a red satin blindfold over Arin’s eyes. Pausing, she looked at her friend, standing naked, blindfolded and cuffed. Molly felt a surge of satisfaction at this demonstration of Arin’s trust in her.

Molly knelt down in front of Arin, reaching around and grasping her ass cheek to steady her. On her smooth mound, Molly wrote a large black ‘T’, followed by a ‘U’. After those letters, she added a reversed ‘L’, and then a reversed ‘S’ to finish the inscription. She stood up and guided Arin, still blindfolded, to a full length mirror. She looked at Arin’s reflection in the mirror. The word ‘SLUT’ was emblazoned clearly on the woman’s mound.

Satisfied, she removed the blindfold, watching Arin’s face directly rather than her reflection. She wanted to see her reaction as she peered into the mirror. She observed Arin’s brown eyes widen in shock, quickly followed by a flush of embarrassment that stained her cheeks and neck. She watched her breath catch, then accelerate, making her breasts move up and down, her nipples firming themselves.

“Keep looking at your reflection, slut girl. Look at how you’re marked for the whole world to see. Imagine being led naked through a crowd like this.” Arin moaned and squirmed, but kept her eyes fixed on herself in the mirror.

While Arin used the mirror to observe what was being done to her, Molly lifted the woman’s dark brown hair, and put the leather collar on her without ceremony, just as if she was putting escort bursa a new collar on her pet. Picking up the length of red rope, Molly tied Arin’s breasts just like she had tied her own earlier, winding the rope around the base of each tit several times, and cinching it tight. As she suspected, Arin’s breasts, having a little more volume, bulged out even more than hers had. The tight embrace of the ropes lent their flesh a smoother texture, and almost a sheen. Their nipples jutted forth obscenely from their front curve.

Molly leashed her girl, and led her outside the house. She walked her in the sunshine, naked, barefoot, cuffed, tits bulging, all the way around the pond. During the walk she kept reminding Arin about her situation, saying things like, “Perhaps I will invite some people over to watch you on display like this. Parade you before them like the slut you are. Let them stare at your tits and cunt. Those cuffs behind your back really emphasize the nudity of your front. Nothing is hidden. Everything right there before their eyes.”

With each such statement Arin reacted. Molly was delighted to hear her happy moans as she fantasized about being shown off to the fictitious crowd. She and Arin would have to have a talk soon, to decide if such an event should remain merely a fantasy, or if it should become a reality.

“Are you excited, slut?” she asked, rather needlessly. Arin’s ‘excitement’ was clearly oozing out of her cunt and down her thighs as she walked.

“Oh yes! Please, please, Miss,” the girl answered and pleaded.

“Please what?”

“Please make me cum! I beg you! I need it so badly!” was the girl’s reply.

Molly noticed that Arin’s bulging tits had taken on a delicate purple hue. It was getting near time to free them anyway, and restore their circulation. “Very well. You have been a good girl, and I think you deserve a reward,” she said with a smile.

Molly stepped close to the girl, and began carefully raking Arin’s tits with her teeth as her hands played with the girl’s sex. She fingered her soaking wet cunt with one hand while the other hand tugged at her labia. Arin’s moans became throaty howls.

Molly was relentless, relishing the feel, taste, and smell of her friend. Arin’s sounds excited Molly to a fever pitch of pleasuring her girl. Arin’s arms, cuffed behind her as they were, rendered the front of her body completely vulnerable – defenseless. Her shoulders being pinned back even thrust her breasts forward, almost as if they were being offered to Molly. Given Arin’s state of excitement, she probably was offering them freely to the woman dominating her.

Something began to change, deep inside Molly. A strange sensation arose within her. Having her friend in her power like this, so open, so trusting – tapped into an energy that Molly had not realized she possessed. The energy of a Domme. The surge of its flow through her was heady and exciting. She became almost as aroused as the woman she was fondling.

Very soon thereafter, Arin jerked in Molly’s hands, stiffened, threw her head back, and came, her dark brown hair whipping from side to side. Came right there standing in the grass, humping against Molly’s hands. Came, shoving her breast hard against Molly’s face, bobbing it up and down. Came, her arms straining against the cuffs secured behind her. Came, her sweat glinting in the sunlight. She looked magnificent.

Arin’s orgasm lasted an amazingly long time. When she finally stopped shaking, Molly switch to gently kissing her breasts, and let her hands merely stroke Arin’s belly and mound. As Arin finally calmed a bit, Molly undid the rope around her tits, and massaged them to bring their color back to normal, listening to Arin’s whistling breaths, and inhaling the heady scents that still emitted from Arin’s dripping, pulsating cunt.

Looking at the word printed on the woman’s mound, Molly remarked, “You really are a slut, aren’t you, Arin?”

“Your slut, Miss. Yours. Thank you,” she panted, making Molly’s heart swell with happiness. Removing the cuffs from her, Molly pulled her down onto the grass warmed by the sunshine, and into an even warmer embrace. Molly imagined how they looked at this moment: a fully clothed woman embracing a fully nude woman in the grass by a pond, whose still water surface reflected the blue sky and the dots of puffy white clouds overhead. Surely it would make a lovely painting. Encouraged by how this experiment had turned out, Molly began dreaming of more things to do with her girl, as they dozed calmly in each other’s arms.

(to be continued)

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