Asexual Virgin Tries Sex Ch. 02

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Markus’s STD test was clean, as he expected. That Saturday night, he arrived at the girls’ apartment, freshly showered and shaved.

By the time Markus arrived, Kait and Jasmin had given Layla an enthusiastic pep talk, both encouraging her to have a full range of sexual experience, but also to let them know if she was uncomfortable or in pain at any time. “We’ll be right there with you, sweetie,” Jasmin said. “Don’t worry about anything.”

“I’m not worried,” Layla scoffed. “I just want to do this and get it over with. I have a lab report I have to get done.” Over that afternoon, she’d considered canceling this “sex experiment” with Markus, not because she was afraid, but just because she had a lot of biochemistry work to do, and no matter how much her roommates were excited for her, Layla herself felt neutral at best about what she was going to do with Markus. It didn’t feel alluring, or “sexy,” or even that exciting. But after some thought, she realized that her roommates had gone to some trouble to set all this up, and everything was in place, and she still was a little curious about what sex was like.

So fine, she’d satisfy that curiosity, and then she’d be done with all that, maybe for the rest of her life. By now — and partly from joining an asexual support group when she was in her senior year of college — she’d come to completely accept herself and her sexual orientation. She didn’t agree to have sex with Markus because she was unsure of that. But she was a scientist, too, and a curious person, and something about going through the rest of her life without knowing what sex felt like, even just physically, didn’t seem like the best decision.

When Markus was in the apartment, Jasmin offered him some water — and a pill of Cialis she’d cadged from a friend. “Just for insurance,” she told Markus. “Can’t hurt, right?”

He shrugged and swallowed the pill, the first time he’d ever taken a drug like that, since he’d never been troubled by erectile dysfunction. But now he was glad for it, because suppose he got nervous or something and blew this chance?

“Hey, Markus,” Layla said, when he came in and sat down. She was wearing a plain black V-neck t-shirt and a pair of purple pajama pants, even though her roommates had offered to lend Layla something “sexier.”

“Hey, Layla,” he answered, gazing at her petite body and noticing the outline of her nipples: she wasn’t wearing a bra. He thought of all the times he imagined what she looked like naked, what her tits and pussy looked like, what it’d be like to fuck her — and it still blew his mind that he was about to find that out. “Um, so we’re doing this thing, I guess?”

“Looks like it,” she said, in her usual matter-of-fact voice. Layla looked over at Jasmin and Kait, who were both holding glasses of wine. They’d tried to get Layla to drink some earlier that night, to relax, but after a few sips of wine, she said she didn’t want any more. “OK, so now what?”

Kait couldn’t help smiling at how inexperienced Layla was. “Now we go to the bedroom. That’s where sex usually happens.”

The three of them went to Layla’s bedroom. Layla and Markus sat on the bed, while Kait and Jasmin stayed standing. “Why don’t you kiss?” Jasmin suggested. “That’s how sex usually starts.”

“Sure,” Markus said, leaning forward and putting his lips on Layla’s. She recoiled momentarily, but then stayed still with her lips motionless and a bored expression on her face.

“Open your lips a little, sweetie,” Kait said. “Let him put his tongue in your mouth, and you put yours in his. That’s called French kissing.”

Layla rolled her eyes. “I know that. I’m asexual, not a moron.”

Markus laughed and started pushing his tongue inside her mouth, feeling the wet warmth, and already feeling his cock start to stiffen. Layla let him kiss her, and timidly poked her tongue out, too, but after a few seconds, she pulled back and wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

“OK, that’s enough.”

“How’d it feel for you?” Jasmin asked.

“Eh.” Layla glanced at her alarm clock, then at Markus. “I mean, nothing against you, Markus. It’s just not — I don’t know. Let’s just move along.”

Jasmin suggested Layla take off her shirt and let Markus feel her breasts. “He can kiss them a little, too, and suck your nipples. That’s called second base.”

“OK,” Layla said, taking off her V-neck shirt briskly and dropping it unceremoniously on the bed. And then Markus was — finally — seeing her breasts. They were small, as expected, but not tiny, and he especially liked her nipples. They were pink and not too small or not too big, just perfect little cones on her breasts, which, size-wise, were like two halves of a tennis ball.

“Is it–is it OK to touch them?” he asked, noticing Kait nod in approval at him asking permission.


For the next minute, Markus cupped and fondled Layla’s breasts, feeling thrilled at the sensation of feeling her like this, and feeling her nipples harden, obviously involuntarily, Şentepe Escort since Layla herself seemed blasé about “second base,” glancing off toward her wall or ceiling and not showing much of a reaction. “Does that feel nice at all?” he asked.

“Um, it doesn’t hurt,” Layla said. “I don’t know. It just feels like you’re touching my breasts. That’s all.”

“OK, well, at least you tried it. Do you know what third base is, honey?” Jasmin asked, when it became clear that Layla was bored with second base.

“When he touches between my legs.”

Jasmin nodded and finished her glass of wine. “Do you want him to do that now?”

“I guess so.”

“OK, take your pants off, then. And your underwear.”

A moment later Layla was completely naked in front of Markus. Her skin was beautiful, creamy and pale and with no blemishes that he could see. And as he would have guessed, she didn’t seem to do any grooming to her pubic hair, though she did shave her armpits and legs. But her bush was beautifully full and — to his delight — a natural blond, her pubic hair matching her light hair and eyebrows. For the first time in his life, he saw (in real life) a triangle of blond pubes, the color of hay in the sunlight. Her bush was almost downy in parts, and behind the golden hair he saw light pink pussy lips, plumper and thicker than he had expected, and with longish inner lips that dangled a bit below her outer ones. He might have guessed she had a “tidy” pussy, just a slit between her legs, basically, but apparently not. It always amazed him, how you could never predict what a woman’s pussy would look like. But they were all beautiful to him, and knowing that he was going to get to touch and taste Layla’s was making him almost dizzy with excitement and anticipation.

“Are you ready for him to touch you?” Kait asked.

“I guess so,” Layla said, again. “I mean, that’s the point of this whole thing, right?”

Markus had to smile at how unexcited she seemed, but by now he didn’t care much about Layla’s attitude. He just wanted to keep going and feel that golden pussy of hers.

“Here, sweetie,” Kait said, setting up two pillows against Layla’s headboard. “Just lay back and spread your legs. He’s going to touch you now. Just try to enjoy the sensation.”

Nearly trembling with excitement, Markus scooted close to Layla and, before he started touching her pussy, leaned forward to kiss her neck gently, like he would if he was on a real date. Otherwise, just touching her felt too clinical, right? But Layla squirmed away from his kiss and made an annoyed grunt.

“No, don’t do that. It feels too ticklish.”

“Oh. OK. Sorry.” Markus was tempted to make a comment about it being strange that Layla was fine with him touching her vagina, but not kissing her neck, but thought better of it.

“Markus, that’s a warning,” Kait said, sternly. “Don’t do things we don’t specifically tell you to do. Next time, it’s a punishment.”

“Punishment?” Layla asked. Kait and Jasmin hadn’t mentioned anything about that. “What does that mean?”

“Oh, we just told Markus that if he does anything you tell him not to, or doesn’t obey any of us, he’ll get a punishment. And he agreed to that.” Jasmin raised her eyebrows at Markus. “Right?”

He sighed. “Yeah.”

“What kind of punishment are you talking about?”

Kait grinned and made her fist into a claw. “Just a little squeeze to those big balls of his.” She didn’t really think Markus had big balls, they seemed normal to her, but she knew it would turn him on to hear that. “It’s just that sometimes men get a little out of control when they’re horny, and we need to make sure you’re safe.”

Contrary to what her roommates (and Markus) would have expected, Layla didn’t seem upset or disapproving of this. Instead, she just laughed and looked at Markus. “Well, I guess you better be good, then.”

“I will,” he grumbled, still not at all pleased by the prospect of having his nuts squeezed. “Should we just keep going?”

“Layla?” Jasmin asked. “You ready?”


“OK, Markus, you can rub her pussy and clit. Don’t put your fingers inside of her yet.”

Finally! He reached down and first gently cupped her whole pussy, feeling that downy hair and her natural warmth. He could also feel those longish inner lips pressing against his fingers. Layla drew in a sharp breath at the first touch, but then just sat there, keeping her legs open and peering down at his hand as Markus spread his fingers to feel her pussy lips more directly, stroking up and down her plump, spongy outer labia, and then trailing his fingertips through her blond bush. “You’re really sexy, Layla,” he said.

“Um, thanks, I guess.”

He spread her inner lips with his fingers and, being extra delicate, found the protuberance of her clitoral hood, and then the small nub of her clitoris. This made Layla squirm away and gasp out. “Oo, that’s too sensitive!”

“I’m sorry!” Markus said frantically. “Please! I was being Şentepe Escort Bayan really gentle, I swear!”

“It’s OK,” Jasmin said, stepping forward toward the bed. “You didn’t do anything wrong. I think–Layla, let me just check something, sweetie.” To Kait’s surprise, Jasmin reached down toward Layla’s pussy and poked a fingertip between her inner lips. Layla seemed OK with this, and just lay on the bed, legs spread, like she was at the doctor’s office getting a Pap smear. “She’s not wet,” Jasmin said to Kait.

“Really? Maybe let’s let him lick her a little bit. Then he can finger her.”

Jasmin nodded. “Sweetie, he’s going to lick your pussy now. That’ll be less sensitive and should feel nice.”

“OK, sure.”

Jasmin motioned at Markus. “OK, champ, do what you did so well the other night.”

“What?” Layla asked.

“Tell you later,” Jasmin said. “For now, let’s just say, you’re in the hands of a pro.”

Markus suggested Layla scoot to the edge of the bed and he knelt on the floor, like he did with Jasmin. He put a pillow under his knees and when Layla was in position, he leaned closer, feasting his eyes on a closeup view of her virgin pussy, poking his nose into that silky blond hair and sniffing gently, though he didn’t detect any distinct aroma of pussy, as he had with Jasmin’s. No matter, though. He began by nuzzling his lips against hers, feeling her inner lips and waiting for her to get used to having his face in her crotch. “Are you OK?” he asked.

“Yeah, let’s just move along,” Layla said. “I don’t want this to be some all-night thing.”

Not the sexiest vibe, Markus thought, smiling to himself, but oh well. He now introduced his tongue to her pussy, gently licking up and down her outer lips, before moving on to her inner lips. He licked with a broad, flat tongue, up and down, like licking an ice cream cone, as he was once taught by an ex-girlfriend. Layla didn’t squirm away, and he even thought he felt her breathing quicken. After a few minutes, he stuck his tongue out as far as it would go, and began probing into her vagina, first noticing it was much wetter than earlier and then noting that the taste was so mild it was like he was just licking her thigh. There wasn’t that pungent, briny taste of other pussies he’d licked. But it certainly didn’t taste bad, and he explored as far as his tongue would reach, then he licked circles around her clit, just tapping the clit itself with his tongue. “You’re wet,” he said. “Does this feel good?”

“It’s a physiological response,” Layla answered. “Bartholin’s glands. It’d probably mean there was something wrong with my body, if I wasn’t.”

“Does it feel good, though?” Kait asked, struggling to understand how it couldn’t, since, even she admitted, Markus was certainly a maestro at pussy-eating. He really had a nice technique, and now she regretted not letting him go down on her, too, the other night. But she also was pretty sure she could make that happen in the future. Hell, maybe Markus wasn’t a bad prospect, boyfriend-wise. He really was a decent guy, and, from what she heard, heading toward a bright future in molecular biology. Nice cock, too: going down on Layla obviously turned him on, plus the Cialis, because he was rock hard and looked even bigger than the other night.

“Um, I don’t know,” Layla said. “It just feels kind of weird. And a little gross that he’s putting his tongue where I pee. I mean, I guess I don’t see what all the fuss is about.”

Well, Jasmin thought, she really isn’t kidding about being totally uninterested in sex. For her, Markus eating her pussy had been awesomely sexy, almost transcendent at times. But she told herself that Layla’s perspective was no worse than hers, and everyone was entitled to their own sexuality, as long as it wasn’t hurting anyone. “OK, well, to each her own,” she said. “Look, we can stop this whole thing if you want.”

Markus almost froze in terror at the prospect of stopping. His cock was so hard, painfully hard, maybe harder than he’d ever felt it, and he thought he might go out of his mind if he didn’t get to fuck Layla and feel her gorgeous tight pussy around him.

“No, I said I’d try everything, just to see what it’s like,” Layla answered. “We can keep going.”

Thank fucking God, Markus thought.

Layla gently pushed Markus’s head away from her crotch. “But I think I’m done with this part.”

“OK, sure,” Jasmin said, as Layla sat up and Markus sat back on the bed next to her. His cock was still so hard that it was almost comical, the way it was sticking out from his body. “How about if Markus fingers you now? Just so you can see what it’s like.”

Layla shrugged and leaned back, opening her legs again. “Go ahead, then.”

“Just start with one finger,” Kait said.

Markus used his middle finger and started probing the entrance of Layla’s vagina, feeling that she was wet enough (whether it was his saliva or her own lubrication, he wasn’t sure) to go further, nestling his finger Escort Şentepe inside of her. She breathed deeper and closed her eyes, but not exactly in an erotic way. Markus was a little surprised that she didn’t feel especially tight: tight enough, for sure, but not really any different than other women he’d been with, and those women certainly weren’t virgins. He also didn’t feel anything that might be an intact hymen.

“Sweetie, does it hurt?”

Layla shook her head. “No, it just feels…weird. Like at the doctor’s.”

Well, that wasn’t very sexy to think about, Markus commented to himself, but oh well. From his perspective, her warm pussy did feel good around his finger, though mostly it whetted his appetite for when he could put his cock inside of her. He’d never been much for fingering women, anyway. It seemed–adolescent to him, something high schoolers did in the back rows of movie theaters.

“Markus, put two fingers inside,” Jasmin said; then, to Layla: “This might feel a little sensitive, so if you want him to stop–“

“It’s fine.”

He added his index finger, eliciting no significant reaction from Layla.

“Does that hurt, Lay?” Jasmin asked.

“No, it’s fine. I don’t have a hymen anymore, if that’s what you’re asking,” Layla said, matter-of-factly. “Probably from gymnastics.” She’d been an outstanding gymnast in high school and did club gymnastics in college.

Markus slid his fingers back and forth, watching the pink lips of Layla’s pussy move with his fingers. The more he did it, the more he liked it, actually. It wasn’t as erotic as actually fucking, but he felt like he was getting a very, very intimate tour of her pussy. “Do you want me to touch your clit, too?” he asked.

“Didn’t you already do that?”

“Well, yes, but…”

“I think we can keep going with other stuff,” Layla said. “I mean, I got this experience now.”

“Oh, sure,” he said, slowly taking his fingers out of her pussy. They were shiny and wet, and he lifted them to his nostrils, but again, the scent was so mild he would have barely known they’d just been in a vagina.

“So, look, why don’t you touch Markus for a bit?” Kait suggested. “Have you ever touched a penis?”

Layla said he hadn’t.

“Also,” Jasmin went on, “you can suck him for a bit, if you really want to get the full experience of sex. And honestly, I’m thinking it’d be a good idea if he cums once before you have sex, or he might not last very long.” She looked over at Markus.

“Works for me.”

“OK, well, go ahead, sweetie,” Jasmin said to Layla. “Just take his cock in your hand and stroke it slowly, up and down.”

Markus reclined back, resting on the two pillows, and spread his legs. Layla, with just a moment of hesitation, reached over and took hold of his penis, which was still rock-hard and standing straight as a joystick. He sighed contentedly when he felt her petite hand grip him, a delightful shiver going up his spine as she stroked up and down.

“Yep, just like that,” Kait said. “You’re making him feel really good.”

“Fuck yeah,” Markus added, tipping his head back and smiling.

“How does it feel, Layla?” Jasmin asked.

“It feels hard. And warm.”

“Feel his balls now,” Kait suggested. “Just be gentle. You’re not punishing him.”

Layla reached down and fondled his balls, like she was testing avocados at the store. Markus smiled and noticed that his cock was dripping more pre-cum than he’d ever seen. “They’re kind of gross. Like touching an old man’s face.”

The roommates laughed. “Well, he’s liking it, at least. See that pre-cum? That means what you’re doing feels really good.”

“So is he going to have an orgasm or what?”

“Well, he might,” Kait said, “but a lot of guys have trouble cumming like that. Because they’re too used to their own hands. But I bet you could make him cum with your mouth.”

“Ew, that seems gross. I mean, that’s where he pees from!”

“Don’t worry, sweetie, you won’t taste pee,” Jasmin said. “But if you don’t want to do it, that’s totally fine.”

“No, I said I’d try everything once…” Layla sighed deeply and peered down at Markus’s cock. “So, what, just like, lick it?”

“Pretty much,” Jasmin said. “You can lick up and down, like it’s a Popcicle, and you can also put it in your mouth, as much as you can fit, and then go up and down. Trust me, he’ll like whatever you do.”

Layla shifted so she was laying on her stomach, giving Markus a nice view of her small and perfect ass, like two cantaloupes next to each other. Oh my god, he thought, what a shame she’s asexual, because she could make some guy very happy. Then he gave a quick prayer of gratitude that at least for one night, he was getting to be that very happy man!

When Layla got close to his cock, she stuck her tongue out and just touched the shaft, then gave it a tiny lick. “Oh,” she said. “It doesn’t taste bad.” She licked again, and again, on the same spot, avoiding the tip and its coating of pre-cum. “I don’t want that stuff in my mouth.”

“No problem,” Markus said, wiping it away with his hand and then wiping his hand on his chest.

“Go ahead and put his penis in your mouth,” Jasmin said. “Just to try it.”

Layla opened her mouth wide and put his cock inside it, but then didn’t do anything else.

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