Ashley’s Ultimate Fantasy 1,2,3,4,5

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Ashley sat at the bar, looking at her watch again. Jared was late, again. It was the third time in the last week. Today was their one-year anniversary and Jared had made a big deal about a special night and a big surprise for her. And after all that he was late. Ashley signaled the waitress for another drink, but she was already on her way over.

“Here you go hon,” she said, handing Ashley another gin and tonic.

“I didn’t even order it yet!” Ashley exclaimed, looking in her purse for some cash.

“Already taken care of hon, the gentleman over there sends it with his compliments.”

Ashley looked to where she was pointing and saw a man in the corner, staring at her. He was blond, looked quite big and even from across the room Ashley could see his intense blue eyes that looked like they could see through her clothes. She felt a small ripple of desire run though her body. Maybe this will snap Jared out of this, Ashley thought. She inclined her head and lifted her glass in a salute to the man in the corner. She turned away from his intense gaze and looked towards the door again. Ashley felt him before she saw him; she turned and saw that she was right, he was quite big. From where she sat tall, blond and sexy looked to be well over six feet. He was dressed in faded jeans, a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket. He stood there for a moment just taking her in. Ashley had dressed carefully tonight, she was wearing a short, tight, black leather skirt and a royal blue silk blouse, and she had on spiked heels, which put her to almost six feet, herself.

“Are you alone, sexy?”

Ashley looked at her watch again; Jared had keep her cooling her heels for over a half hour. “Actually, I am supposed to be meeting someone, but he’s late.” She replied

“No one could ever want to stand you up, darlin.” He said

“How about a dance to pass the time?” “My name is Tony, sorry I did not introduce myself earlier.” He said.

Ashley thought about it for a moment and then said,” I’m Ashley, and sure why not, I’d love to dance.”

A fast song was ending as they approached the dance floor; the next was a slow one, an old romantic song. ” Good, now I can have you in my arms” Tony said.

Ashley smiled, “Maybe this will keep Jared from making me wait.” She thought.

Tony took her by the hand and led the way on the floor. He put one hand on her waist and took the other in his own and pulled her close, very close. He smelled wonderful; Ashley had never smelled that cologne before. It was distinct; she breathed him in and felt a shiver run through her body. Ashley could feel his muscles beneath his clothes. He felt hard all over, Ashley began to feel warm. She felt a stirring that began deep in her stomach and spread through her body like wildfire. They moved slowly in time to the music, his hand left her waist and began to roam up her back and came to rest on her neck.

Ashley’s desire deepened, “What’s happening to me? ” she thought, she had never had such any instantaneous reaction to any man. Her body was tingling all over, very aware of every move he made. His hands began to wander again lower until they were on her ass he gave it a little squeeze. Then he put his hand back on her waist and began to dance normally again. For a minute there Ashley almost felt like she was having sex with all her clothes on, right there on the dance floor. She felt dazed.

She heard a voice say,” May I cut in?” She looked around Tony and saw Jared standing there just watching, wondering how much he saw, Ashley said, “hello Jared, this is Tony, he’s been keeping me company while I waited. Tony, my boyfriend, Jared” Tony released Ashley and turned to Jared and shook his hand. “I’ll give her over to you now, nice to meet you, you shouldn’t leave a beautiful woman like this alone for long. Ashley, thank you very much for the dance.” With that he walked away. Ashley felt a little pang of regret to see him go. Jared took her in his arms and they began to dance. “Babe, I’m so sorry, had a little trouble with some of my plans for tonight, wanted to make sure all was a go before I met you, I would have called but…..”

“It’s ok, you can make it up to me. ” she laughed, “I enjoyed my dance anyway.” They started drifting towards the edge of the dance floor, and went back to Ashley’s table. “You ready to get out of here?” Jared asked

Ashley looked over to the table in the corner and saw no sign of Tony, as is well that ends well she thought. They left a tip on the table and walked towards the door. They left the bar and walked outside into the warm night air. They walked along the sidewalk, arm in arm, until they came to Jared’s car. Jared unlocked the door and opened it for Ashley.

Ashley climbed into the car and said, “Oh!” with a gasp. The car was filled with flowers, roses, daisies, carnations, orchids, lilies, and more. The smell was wonderful. Jared got into car and smiled at Ashley, “Surprised Babe?” he laughed

“Jared, they’re wonderful, so beautiful, thank you.” She exclaimed. She leaned over and threw her arms gaziantep bayan escort around his neck and gave him a kiss. Their lips met and Ashley was lost, he took over teasing her lips apart until his tongue was intertwining with hers. She pulled away, feeling her desire mounting. She looked at Jared, her face flushed and excited. “Where are we going, sexy?”

“It’s a surprise, babe, wait and see.”

He started the car and pulled out into traffic, music began to play. The song was the first song they had ever danced to. Ashley sat there, remembering. It was hard to believe it had been a year. The song ended to be followed by another one of “their” songs. Ashley turned to Jared and said, “What is this we are listening to?”

“A Cd of “our” songs” he said with a smile.

He pulled up outside his apartment building, and got out of the car. He came around to Ashley’s side and opened her door. I have to get something from upstairs,” he said.

They walked up the sidewalk to the door and inside. They went over to the lift and Jared pushed the button. The doors to the lift opened and they stepped inside. Jared turned to Ashley and said, “Do you trust me?”

Ashley smiled and said, “Of course I do.’

Jared reached into his pocket and withdrew a silk scarf. “I have a surprise and I want to blindfold you, may I?” He asked. Ashley looked at Jared, looked at the blindfold, and said, “Sure, sexy, whatever you say.” He stepped behind her and put the scarf over her eyes and gently tied it. “Can you see?” he asked

“Only a little sliver of light.” She replied. The doors to the lift opened, and

Jared took Ashley’s hand and led her out into the hall. Taking her hand her walked down the hall to his apartment, opening the door, they stepped inside. Ashley could smell more flowers. She heard soft music playing another song they both loved. Jared led her further into the apartment and she stepped down into the living room. He reached up and untied the blindfold. Ashley blinked her eyes to adjust to the light. She looked around and couldn’t believe what she saw.. There were candles everywhere, on the desk, on the end tables, on the mantle; there were even floor holders and wall sconces. Looking out to the balcony, Ashley saw torches ands a table set for two with a single rose and candle in the center. Ashley walked over to Jared with out a word and put hers arms around him and leaned up for a kiss.

“Jared, I don’t know what to say, this is wonderful. Amazing, I can’t believe you did all this.” She said.

He took her by the hand and led her out to the balcony. He seated her at the table, and disappeared into the kitchen. A few minutes later he came back out, with a drink in each hand and set one down in front of her. He sat down across from her and reached for her hand. ” I want this night to be special,” he said. Ashley reached for her drink and took a sip. She sat there looking at Jared and all the flowers and candles, listening to the music he chose. “This more than makes up for your being late” she said.

A waiter appeared with a tray bearing salads, and a bottle of wine. Ashley looked at the waiter, he was about six foot tall, and light brown hair and he had the most incredible green eyes she’d ever seen. She could see his muscles beneath his shirt. He set the salads down in front of them. He opened the wine and presented the cork to Jared, he then poured a small amount in Jared’s glass. Jared handed the cork to Ashley with a smile, and took a drink, and nodded his approval to the waiter. “Ashley, this is Rick, he’s going to help us out tonight” Jared said.

Ashley smiled at Rick. “Nice to meet you Rick.”

Rick turned and walked through the doors, Ashley thought the back view was just as nice as the front. She turned to find Jared looking at her with an amused grin on his face. Ashley laughed and said, “you know exactly what I’m thinking don’t you?”

“Always babe, always.”

Ashley picked up her fork and started eating her salad. Jared was just watching her. He had a look in his eye, not like she’d seen before. Then he just picked up his fork and began eating. Andrea drank her wine and finished her salad; Jared was still looking at her oddly. Rick appeared with their dinner, steaks, potatoes, and bread, Jared’s favorites. Ashley picked at her dinner and went through a few glasses of wine. Wordlessly Rick appeared with another bottle. He took away the dinner plates and Jared poured her another glass of wine. Rick reappeared with desert, chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream, Ashley’s favorite. Rick refilled their wine glasses and disappeared again. Ashley picked up her spoon, and dipped it into the mousse taking a small bit of the chocolate and crème. She closed her eyes and slid the spoon off her tongue.”Mmm, she moaned, this is heavenly. She opened her eyes and in place of her wine glass, was a small jeweler’s box. She looked at Jared, she looked at the box. Without a word she reached out and picked up he box. Opening it up, she saw a beautiful necklace. It was a gold cluster with a small cluster of sapphires, surround by diamonds. “Jared, it’s beautiful. It’s perfect. Thank you.” She got up from her chair and went over to him and sat on his lap and showered him with kisses. She kissed his head, his eyes, his lips, his face, his chin, and then finally his lips. Running her hands through his hair, she moved from his lips until he could feel her hot breath in his ear. “I love you,” she whispered. She kissed his ear and licked, she sucked on his earlobe and moved onto his neck. Her hands began to roam, “Ash” he said

Ashley pulled away, her face flushed with desire. “I have another little surprise. Let’s go inside and I’ll show you.” He took her hand and led the way into the living room. They went into the kitchen and got another bottle of wine. Jared led the way into the bedroom. Ashley looked around in wonder; the flower’s and the candles were here too. The music played softly in the background. The bed was made fresh silk sheets and there were rose petals scattered across them. Ashley looked around the room, and noticed the cameras. “Oh, I see the surprise, baby.” Are we going to take some more pictures?” Ashley asked. “You know how I love to play for the camera,” she said.

“Babe, I’m going to blindfold you again. Then I want to you lie on the bed and listen, and wait. He leaned in to kiss her; putting his arms around her he said, “I love you. Happy Anniversary” He tied the blindfold around her eyes again a little more firmly. He checked to make sure it was not too tight, but she could still not see. “How’s that babe?” he asked.

“It’s fine.” Ashley was very aroused, not sure what to expect. He led her to the bed. “You don’t want me to change?” she asked. He looked at her and drank in the silk shirt, the leather skirt, and the stockings, he knew underneath she was wearing some sexy bit of silk and lace. “No babe, you’re perfect.” He said.

He laid her gently back on the bed and placed a kiss on her forehead. Ashley lay on the bed, holding her breath, her body alert. She listened carefully for any sounds other than the music. She heard Jared messing with the cameras. She heard a door open. Then footsteps moving across the room. Ashley felt a flame of desire engulf her; she heard the low rumble of voices. They began to move toward the bed, Ashley felt someone kneel next to her. She felt a tongue gently licking her lips, they parted and the kiss deepened. This was not Jared, a smooth face, a distinct scent she couldn’t quite place, and then he moved away. She felt someone kneel next to her again, and lips captured hers in a passionate kiss. It was very different from the first. He just leaned in and took charge of her mouth, played it like a fine instrument. Before Ashley had time to think, he was gone. Then another, these lips were searching, not as insistent as before. Ashley knew none of these were Jared, she’d know his kiss anywhere. Ashley was beginning to understand what was going on, but it seemed too much to hope for. Jared knew all her deeper desires and all her fantasy, was he making the biggest come true?

Ashley felt someone kneel on the bed again and this time his hands were on her neck lightly brushing, sending shivers through her body, she caught his scent. He leaned closer, and gently brushed her lips with his. It was Tony! Ashley was sure of it; she recognized his smell, his presence. He deepened the kiss and Ashley was lost, he seemed to know exactly what to do to make her melt. Too quickly he was gone and one last man leaned in for a kiss, it was quick, just a light brushing of lips, a flick of the tongue. Ashley waited, wishing Jared would say it was ok for the blindfold to come off. The unknown was exciting as anything but Ashley did not want to miss a thing of what was to come.

She did not have to wait too long she felt them kneeling all around her. She felt a hand caressing her leg and then it seemed there were hands everywhere. On her feet, her legs, her arms, her stomach, her breasts, her neck, her hair. They were stroking her, tickling her, teasing her. She felt someone unbuttoning her blouse, he pushed it back over her shoulders and she heard a few sharp breaths. They like what they see she thought. She was wearing a bustier; it was black with scraps of lace and silk holding it together. It had that push up effect and there was nothing actually covering up her breasts. They spilled out from the top, leaving her rosy nipples exposed. They were hardened to a point. Someone else began to unbutton her skirt, and slowly slide it down her hips.

Ashley felt a hand go behind her head as someone began to untie the blindfold. She wriggled in anticipation, she could her Jared’s camera clicking in the background, and he was probably enjoying this as much as she was. The blindfold slid slowly off her eyes, Ashley blinked to adjust to the light. The only light in the room was the soft glow of the candles. Ashley looked around and saw the men, Tony was sitting beside her with the blindfold in his hand, and a smile on is face. Rick, the sexy waiter, was taking off her heels. She recognized all the other’s too, Sam, the trainer from the gym who had a body made for desire and a face that belonged in the movies; he was working her skirt down her legs. She was a little surprised to see Ben, Jared’s accountant! She had always thought he was stuffy and reserved. He didn’t look so stuffy and reserved licking her leg. Last but not least was Shawn; he was Jared’s best friend. Ashley was surprised he was included in the group.

They all seemed to move at once. She felt hands everywhere; Tony was gently massaging her breasts with his hands and his mouth. Shawn was brushing out her hair! Sam was rubbing her thighs with firm strokes; every other stroke brought him closer and closer to her hot wet pussy. Rick was still sucking on her toes. Ashley felt like she was on fire, her whole body seemed to be one giant nerve. She was tingling all over and the wetness between her thighs seemed to be just dripping from her. Ben was working his hands closer and closer to her pussy, she was so aware, waiting. No one had touched her there. Tony leaned in and kissed her again a deep kiss, full of passion and desire. His lips started a trail down her body, moving to her neck, he licked and sucked and kissed his way down. Soon he was between her breasts and was gently licking a circle around her nipples, he never actually touched them but Ashley would swear she had felt his tongue everywhere. He moved lower still. Ben had moved and had now taken Tony’s place with her breasts, he licked and sucked them all over. Tony had reached her stomach, her bellybutton. The sensations running through her body threatened to overwhelm her.

She had never felt so on fire so aware of every single touch. The things Rick was doing to her feet must be illegal; he had shown no inclination to move from his place. Shawn had sat back and taken his cock out. The size of it surprised Ashley; she had not thought him to be so big. He sat there watching them all, stoking himself. Sam had moved away as well, but was still just watching it all. Tony moved lower and began to lick the inside of her thighs, Ashley could feel her pussy throb in anticipation. She held her breath as he came closer and closer to licking her. It seemed forever until she felt his tongue reach out and just take a quick taste of her luscious pussy. He withdrew it quickly and licked all around the edges of her bare, shaven pussy. Ashley knew she was going to cum. He finally stopped teasing her and slowly slid one finger inside her pussy and licked her clit. She almost jumped off the bed. He seemed to know exactly where to put his tongue to make her wild. He licked faster and faster, slid another finger into her, he felt her tighten around his fingers. Ashley let out a load moan as her orgasm hit her full force. It had happened so quickly, so forcefully it almost surprised her. She felt her juices flowing out of her pussy and down her ass. Tony looked up with a grin on his face and got up from the bed, the others followed suit. Ashley looked at them all, and then moved herself and moved over to Tony and pulled him in and kissed him full on the mouth. She tasted herself on him and deepened the kiss.

Ashley had always been a woman of action. She reached into his waistband and pulled his shirt of and over his head. She ran her hands over his chest and slowly down to his waistband; she unbuttoned his pants and slid them off over his hips. He was wearing bikini briefs that outlined the swell of his cock. Ashley wasted no time in disposing of them, and then she took a hold of his cock and started stroking the link of it, up and down. He was big here too, but not too big. Ashley could not wait a moment longer and she leaned down and ran her tongue up and down his length. She felt someone behind her, urging her to move. Ashley turned to see Shawn lying on the bed, waiting. Ashley smiled and turned around and climbed on top of him letting his cock slide slowly into her. Tony had moved as well and Ashley reached out and took him into her mouth again. Ashley was in heaven; she was moving in rhythm with Shawn, it felt so good. She felt someone moving behind her, a hand began to stroke her ass. She felt the head of a cock begin to slide slowly into her ass.


She turned to see Sam, pumping his cock in and out of her ass. She saw a movement in the corner of her eye and looked to see Ben reaching his hand between her and Shawn, his hand reached her clit and he began to stroke it. Rick stood above them all and pumped his cock in his hand. Ashley felt herself cum again.

She quickened her own pace, moving faster and faster and Shawn and Sam were meeting her speed. Her mouth was working Tony’s cock. She took it all in, and he moaned. She pulled it all the way out and just sucked on the head, with her tongue she licked it all over. She took him out of her mouth completely and rubbed his cock all over her face. Then she quickly sucked him all the way down until he filled her mouth completely, she began to suck harder up and down faster, she could feel his balls tighten and knew he was about to cum. He pulled away, Sam was pumping her ass hard and harder and then he too stopped.

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