Autumn for Christmas

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“Uncle Nathan!” The familiar voice cut easily above the noise of the crowded terminal. I looked up in time to see a blur of red hair collide with me, and felt two arms crush me in a bear hug.

“Oof,” I grunted, a little melodramatically, and returned the hug. “What are you so excited about? I’ve only been gone a week.”

“Just glad to see my favorite uncle back home safe & sound. I’d have to butcher you if you missed our tradition.” She was referring to our tradition of skipping the shopping madness of Black Friday, choosing instead to trim the Christmas tree and decorate my house.

She released me from the hug and took my hand as we headed toward baggage claim. “Thank you for picking me up, Autumn,” I said as we stepped onto the escalator. She stayed on the step above me so we were eye to eye.

“Of course, Uncle. I can’t have you paying fifty bucks to ride in a filthy cab with some horrible driver who barely speaks English.” She punctuated the sentence with a quick kiss to my cheek. I squeezed her hand in return and smiled, then turned to step off the escalator.

We retrieved my luggage and headed for the parking structure. “So, tell me! How did the recording session go?” she asked. “Has my favorite uncle gone platinum yet?”

I chuckled at her, appreciating her optimism. “It went well, and not yet,” I replied. “I’m not Metallica; I’m just a classical pianist.”

“Hmph. Just?” She gave me a mock glare as she helped me load the trunk of her car.

Autumn guided her car out of the parking structure and away from the airport. As she eased onto the freeway, I asked, “How was your birthday party?”

“Fun! I had a slumber party with the girls.”

“A slumber party? Aren’t you a little old for that?” I teased.

“Says the 27-year-old who has yet to grow up,” she shot back, grinning. “It was a very adult slumber party, if you must know.”

“Right, a bunch of 18-year-olds in their pajamas giggling about boys. Very adult. Get any cool gifts?”

“Oh, just the usual stuff. Makeup I’ll never wear and some girly clothes that I will. Didn’t get what I really wanted, though.”

“People rarely do get what they really want,” I pointed out.

“No kidding,” she said, furrowing her brow. “I wonder why that is.”

“It’s because people are rarely honest with others about what they really want. They’re afraid of revealing something secret about themselves by asking.”

A few minutes passed while Autumn pondered my words. She exited the freeway and turned toward my neighborhood.

“I suppose you’re right. Do you suffer from this? You’re a pretty uninhibited guy.”

“Yes, though a lot less than I used to. I never would have gotten out of the corporate rat race and into music if I hadn’t just started asking. It’s amazing how many people will help you if you just ask.”

She was silent again as she helped me get my luggage into my house. As soon as we got the last suitcase inside, I asked, “So what is it that you really want?”

She blushed furiously and looked down. “It’s OK,” I said and pulled her into a hug. “You don’t have to tell me. But you see my point?”

“Yeah, I guess so. I’m gonna need to do some serious thinking before I tell anyone about this particular wish.” She laughed nervously. I smiled and stroked her long hair.

“Well, just remember that it takes a stronger person to ask the question than to avoid it. Now, enough philosophy. I have something for you.” I released her from the hug and took a small wrapped package from my suitcase. “Happy birthday, Autumn.”

“Uncle, you didn’t have to,” she grinned as she took the gift.

“I know. Go on,” I urged. She unwrapped the gift quickly, and her eyes lit up. It was a CD by her favorite artist, and the cover was autographed.

“Oh my god! How in the world…” she gazed in wonder at the autograph on the cover.

“I asked.”

“Did you get to meet her? What was she like? Is she as beautiful in person as she is in pictures?” she gushed.

“Yes, very sweet, and yes.”

“Oh my god, thank you, Uncle Nathan! I love it!” She crushed me in another bear hug.

“You’re welcome,” I replied, and kissed her forehead. She blushed slightly at that, and buried her face in my coat for a few seconds.

“OK, enough. Better get home and get some sleep. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Friday is our tree-trimming day. I want you rested and ready to go,” I said as I released her from the hug.

“Yes sir,” she replied, stepping back and mock-saluting me. “Right away, sir.” She bounded away, jumped into her car, and waved as she headed for home a few blocks away.

I began unpacking and thinking. My advice to Autumn was solid — I knew that much from experience. But I couldn’t help thinking I was being a bit hypocritical. I had gotten past my fears about music, but I did have one want that I had not voiced for fear of what others would think. And I probably would never voice it, for fear of alienating the one person who meant more to me than anyone else.

Thanksgiving Mersin Escort at my brother’s house was wonderful, as usual. I always got invited, and my sister-in-law always cooked up a storm. We ate, talked, and laughed, and then moved to the den to watch the Cowboys game. Once the Cowboys had soundly trounced the Raiders, we ate, talked, and laughed some more.

My brother poured some wine, which we enjoyed as we helped clean up. Talk turned to Black Friday. “You ready to go winter hiking with your crazy uncle tomorrow?” my brother asked Autumn.

“Yep! Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” she said. “And it’s more than a hike. We just so happen to come back with a tree every year.”

“Oh, okay. So it’s not a hike, it’s an amateur logging expedition?” he teased.

Autumn laughed and playfully punched her father’s shoulder. “Sure, why not?”

“Hey, no defense for your uncle on the charge of craziness?” I pleaded.

“Sorry, Uncle, that ship’s already sailed. But we still love you,” she remarked, giving me a look of mock pity. “Now it’s getting late. Off to bed with you — I expect you up and ready to go at O’ dark-thirty.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, copying her mock salute from the previous day. “Right away, ma’am.” I hugged everyone, thanked them for dinner, and walked the few blocks back to my place.

The next morning, I packed all the tools into my truck and drove to my brother’s house to pick up my niece. She was waiting in the front window, sipping from a travel mug. When she saw me, she jumped up and put her coat on, grabbed a second mug, and bounded out the door toward me. Her long red hair bounced and shone beautifully in the soft glow of the porch light.

She jumped in the truck, scooted over to sit beside me on the bench seat, and hugged me. “Here,” she said, handing me one of the mugs, “your favorite — girly coffee that tastes like a cinnamon bun.”

I turned my nose up in mock stiffness. “Thank you,” I said with as much fake dignity as I could muster. I took a sip, and moaned my appreciation. “Ohhh, that’s the stuff. Now I’m ready.”

Autumn giggled at me and buckled her seatbelt. I pulled out of the driveway and pointed the truck toward the mountains. Autumn produced what looked like a blank CD from her coat and fed it into the truck’s CD player. It sounded like the album I had given her the day before. I gave her a puzzled look.

“No way I’m bringing the original with me,” she replied to my unasked question. “I ripped that to my computer right away, and burned a copy. Let the copy get messed up — I can always make more.”

“Smart girl,” I said, tousling her hair. She smiled at me and leaned her head on my arm.

A little less than an hour later, we arrived at the spot. For the past few years I had gotten a permit to cut a tree from the forest, and Autumn & I had made it our tradition to cut and decorate it. This was in response to her finally expressing her frustration at the mass commercialization of Christmas. We had found that we both love Christmas, and did not equate that love with one’s ability to procure the latest must-have gift of the season.

I set Autumn to the task of gathering the gear we would need to take with us to find the tree. While she was busy doing that, I grabbed a fistful of snow, balled it up in my hand, and pelted her with it. She turned to me in simulated indignation, with her hands on her hips. Fighting to keep a straight face while I laughed at her, she managed to scoff, “oh, grow up, Uncle!” before turning back to her task.

We packed up the gear and began hiking up the mountain, looking for the perfect tree. About 15 minutes into the hike, I felt something very cold being stuffed down my collar. I turned to catch Autumn backing away from me and laughing at my reaction. “Ha ha! Serves you right,” she proclaimed.

I let her live, and five minutes later we found the perfect tree. We cut it down, carried it back to the truck, and strapped it down while the truck warmed back up. After stowing the gear, we jumped back in the cab, grateful for the building heat. Autumn scooted close to me and huddled against me for more warmth as we began the trip back to town.

Back at my house, I stood the tree in its stand while Autumn found the skirt and wrapped it around the base. We spent the next several hours listening to Christmas music, trimming the tree, hanging our stockings by the fireplace, and putting up Christmas lights all over the house.

Once we were finished, Autumn made a quick lunch and some hot cider. She finished first, and mentioned needing a shower. “Could you get the cartoons ready? I’ll just be a few minutes.” She always liked to stay over and watch Christmas cartoons with me after decorating.

“Sure,” I smiled, “but I’ll need a quick shower too.” I found the cartoon DVDs and put them by the TV, loading the first one into the player. Then I went to my room to get ready for a shower.

I stepped into my shower and quickly rinsed off the dirt and pine needles. Escort Mersin I dressed in simple sweats and a t-shirt, and joined Autumn in the living room. She was wearing an oversized shirt and was waiting on the sofa with the remote. When she saw me, she smiled and hit the play button.

“Hurry up! Right here,” she said, patting the seat next to her. I plopped down beside her, and she took my arm, leaning up against me like she had in the truck. As she snuggled into me, I noticed something was a little different about her. I dismissed it, and we began watching the cartoons.

After a couple cartoons I felt her shiver against me, and looked down at her. There were goose bumps on her arms & legs, and her nipples were visibly erect and pushing out against the shirt. So that was it! She wasn’t wearing a bra. I admired her small but perky breasts, and what looked to me like large, puffy nipples, for a moment. She had bloomed quite late in her teens, her lean young body having just developed some womanly curves in the past year.

“You cold?” I asked.

“Mmm-hmm. Can I turn the heat up?”

“Of course.” She moved quickly to the other side of the room and adjusted the thermostat. I watched her walk, and silently admired the way her long legs moved underneath the long shirt. My cock twitched at the sight, and I adjusted myself quickly while her back was turned.

“Thanks, Uncle!” she chirped, and returned to the sofa. She sat next to me again, but this time curled up with her legs underneath her and wrapped my arm around her shoulders. I glanced down at her, and again admired the sight of her excited nipples. I hugged her closer, relishing the feel of her body against mine, and simultaneously feeling a twinge of guilt for being aroused at the sight of my niece.

While we watched the rest of the cartoons, Autumn made several more unnecessary trips to the thermostat. Instead of saying anything I admired her long flowing hair, firm round butt, and long skinny legs. Each time, she returned to the same spot, curled up the same way, and wrapped my arm around her.

By the time the last cartoon finished, she was asleep next to me. She no longer had any goose bumps, but her nipples were still straining against the fabric of her shirt. Hmm, I thought, could she be horny? Nah, not over watching cheesy Christmas cartoons with her uncle. Give it a rest, you perv. I covered her up with a blanket and went to my bedroom.

The next morning, I woke up with a sudden sense of doom. I opened my eyes with just enough time to react and move out of the way of my flying niece. She hit the bed next to me, bounced up, and settled on her knees, laughing at my horror. “Time to get up, Uncle! Breakfast is served.” She punched me playfully on the arm and ran back out of the room before I could reply.

Sleepily, I followed the smell of coffee, eggs, bacon, and toast to the kitchen. I found Autumn still in her nightshirt and sleep-tousled hair. She looked up at me smiling, and greeted me again. “Up & at ’em, Uncle Nathan. Big day today.”

“Big day of what? As I recall, we generally spend the day being lazy and recovering from all the cartoon-watching of the previous day.”

“Yes, but you have limited time with your favorite niece in which to do it. Have some coffee.” She pushed a cup toward me, already prepped. I sipped at it gratefully, shaking off the last of my sleepiness.

After breakfast, we surveyed the state in which we had left the living room after decorating. I turned to my niece and asked, “Do we always make such a mess?” She replied by handing me one of two trash bags she had brought in with her. Apparently we did.

We cleaned up the room, and I straightened all the decorations while she vacuumed. Once the room looked presentable, she took a picture with my digital camera. “We should shower and get dressed so we can get some pics of us,” she suggested.

“You’re the boss,” I said. She grinned and started off toward the guest bathroom. I spent a few minutes setting up the tripod for the camera before heading toward my bathroom at the end of the hall.

As I passed the guest bathroom, I heard a low moan. Concerned, I stopped for a minute and listened. I was about to knock and ask if she was ok when I heard her moan again, “Oh yes, oh yes, yes yes yes… oh God!” She ended with a sexy-sounding whimper. No longer concerned, I was now turned on and had a full-blown erection tenting my sweats.

I hurried to my bathroom, quickly disrobed, and jumped in my shower. Thoughts of Autumn’s petite breasts and puffy nipples, long thin legs climbing up to her firm round ass, and pretty young face framed by her long red hair overwhelmed me. I stroked my rigid member, cumming quickly and powerfully.

I stayed in the shower an extra ten minutes, struggling with the thought of being attracted to my niece. It didn’t seem right to be aroused by her, and yet I couldn’t deny the attraction. She was beautiful, smart, and fun to be around. She liked spending time with me, always calling Mersin Bayan Escort me her favorite uncle, and confiding in me things that she felt she could tell no one else. Had we not been related, I probably would have asked her out the minute she turned eighteen the previous year. I sighed wistfully, wishing I had some way of knowing whether the feeling was mutual.

I dressed quickly and joined Autumn in the festively decorated living room. I was thankful she was wearing a sweater and jeans, and pushed my guilty thoughts away. We posed for a few pictures with the Christmas tree and fireplace in the background, making sure to get some serious shots for Christmas cards as well as some fun ones to laugh about later. She took the camera to my office and emailed the digital images to herself while I dismantled the tripod. We spent the rest of the day being quite lazy, drinking cider, watching cartoons, and talking.

When it was late enough for her to go home, she gave me a long hug. “By the way,” she said, “don’t get me anything for Christmas this year.”

“Umm… what?” I replied, somewhat incredulous.

“I have an idea. It won’t cost you anything except some of your time.” I raised an eyebrow at her, and she giggled. “Just trust me. Bye, Uncle Nathan!” She grabbed her bag and bounced down the driveway, long red hair glistening in the waxing moonlight.

Over the next few weeks Autumn and I saw each other frequently, doing all the cheesy, fun holiday things she was still young enough to get away with, and a few that she wasn’t but did anyway. I tried several times to get her to reveal her plan to me, but she wouldn’t say a word. I ignored her request that I not get her anything, springing for CD box set she had her eye on but for which she claimed she did not have the money.

Christmas Eve finally arrived, and as was tradition, I went to my brother’s house for dinner, drinks, and the exchange of gifts. We had done this since Autumn was twelve. We would open “Secret Santa” gifts on Christmas Eve, and then Autumn would spend the night at my house. We got to spend Christmas together, and her parents got a day to themselves just as a couple.

After dinner, we retired to the living room with drinks in hand, and exchanged gifts. Autumn had convinced us all to do this rather than each try to get a gift for everyone else. We knew that her parents would also give each other a gift the next day, but it was nice to have the pressure off. Autumn would usually make me something, and I would give her a gift if we didn’t draw the other’s name for Secret Santa. We opened gifts, talked, laughed, took pictures, and had a good time. After a few hours, it was time for Autumn and me to head to my house. We said our goodbyes and headed to my place.

Once we got there, Autumn headed to the guest room to drop off her stuff. I brought out her gift and started a fire in the fireplace. When she returned to the living room, she looked a little nervous, though I couldn’t tell why. She handed me a box that looked like it contained a dress shirt. “Merry Christmas, Uncle Nathan,” she smiled.

“Thank you,” I said, kissing her on the cheek. She blushed a little, then gasped when I handed her the gift I had bought her.

“Hey, I said not to get me anything,” she protested.

“Right, says the girl who broke her own rule and got me something. Open it.” She relented and we tore into the wrapping at the same time.

She had made me a sweater out of a blue material that matched my eyes perfectly. “Wow!” I said at the same time she squealed her delight at her gift.

“Thank you,” we both said at the same time, and hugged each other close. Her small, firm breasts pressed against my chest, and the smell and feel of her hair against my face was threatening to churn my blood toward another erection. Thankfully, she pulled away after just a moment.

She jumped up and set to work opening the CDs in the box set, immediately putting them in the stereo to play. I admired my new sweater at arm’s length, and then tried it on to see how it fit. My niece had a good eye for detail, and it fit perfectly.

Autumn glanced up at me and admired the sweater. “Oh, I’m glad it fits you,” she said. She finished loading the last CD from the box set and walked over to me. “And I got the shade right, too,” she observed with pride. “You have such pretty eyes, Uncle.” She blushed again and looked down.

I was getting aroused, being admired by this gorgeous nineteen-year-old. Still fighting to keep my blood away from my loins, I changed the subject. “So what was this idea of yours that was supposed to replace us getting each other gifts?”

“Not yet,” she replied. “Sit down and let me get you a drink.” She went to the kitchen and I heard the noises of her prepping me something. She came back momentarily, again looking nervous, and handed me a tall Rum & Coke.

“Enjoy this, and wait here for me.” Curious, I sipped at the drink while she headed toward the guest room. It was a bit on the strong side, but it was good.

About 20 minutes later, I had just finished the drink and was beginning to enjoy the buzz it gave me. Autumn called from down the hall, “OK, Uncle, close your eyes and wait until I tell you to open them.”

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