Backdoor Sweetheart Ch. 03

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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. Don’t expect realism and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


Balancing a breakfast tray loaded with freshly cooked pancakes in one hand while I opened my bedroom’s door with the other, I couldn’t help by smile broadly as I took in the wonderful sight before me.

Lying on her side in a fetal position facing my way, my sweet Lizzie was still sleeping peacefully, bathed in the mid-morning light. She looked more beautiful than ever, with her long auburn hair spread over my pillow, her pouty lips slightly parted and her generous curves silhouetted against the light streaming in from the window and glimmering on her pale, smooth skin.

“Wow…” I murmured under my breath, feeling like the luckiest guy in the world.

Not wishing to wake Lizzie up, I quietly walked inside and laid the tray on my nightstand, all the while watching her serene face. A mix of pure affection and excitement buzzed inside me as I approached my lifelong friend, almost-sister and now legit girlfriend. Standing there by the bed, I just kept smiling like a lovestruck fool, my heart beating faster by the second while my hardening cock tented my boxers.

Entranced, I feasted my eyes on the jutting fullness of Lizzie’s naked boobs spilling out of the sheets wrapped messily around her soft curvy body. I was literally salivating as I stared at the puffy pink buds of her nipples pointing at me from the silky, fleshy juiciness of her amazing jugs. After admiring the gentle oscillations of her tits wobbling heavily in time with her steady breathing, my gaze turned to the plump, enticing roundness of Liz’s fabulous ass protruding from under the light blanket covering her lower body.

I was still standing there, caught between the urge to snuggle up with my sweet Lizzie and the wish to just admire her without breaking the perfect peacefulness of her slumber, when a sort of cooing sigh escaped her lips, followed by a yawn.

“Mmhh…” she mumbled, rolling lazily onto her back as her eyelids fluttered open. The moment her big brown eyes met mine, Liz’s lips curled up in a beaming, spontaneous smile. Her gaze was still clouded by sleep and her voice was adorably groggy as she exclaimed: “Russ!”

A laugh of unbidden joy escaped my lips as she pronounced my name. The mix of excitement, glad surprise and sheer love resounding in Lizzie’s voice was heartwarming to say the least.

“Morning, Liz,” I murmured, already leaning in as she stretched her arms out to draw me into her embrace. “Guess what I’ve mmphh!…”

In a moment, her hands were on the sides of my face and I was being pulled down until our mouths met. The feel of Liz’s hot tumid lips clamping onto mine in a deep passionate kiss deleted every thought in my mind. Within seconds, I was lying down beside her with my arms wrapped around her voluptuous naked frame as she hugged me in turn, squeezing me so tightly that the stiffening nubs of her rosy nipples poked into my chest through my T-shirt.

After we broke our voracious lip-lock, Lizzie kept clinging snugly to me, purring contentedly and nuzzling my neck, a huge smile brightening her visage. With one hand resting on her sumptuous bubble-butt and the other busy stroking her sleep-tousled auburn tresses, I eventually resumed: “Sooo, as I was saying…”

“Let me guess…” she interjected, raising her face from the hollow of my shoulder and sniffing around, catching a whiff of freshly cooked food wafting from the tray. “Mmhh breakfast, yay! And it smells really yummy!”

“Let’s just hope it tastes yummy too,” I replied as Lizzie’s unfocused gaze zeroed in on the goodie-laden tray.

“Wait a second, are those…” she said dubiously, squinting her eyes as she leaned toward the nightstand, reaching for her glasses. “Oh my god, Russ!” Liz exclaimed as soon as she could clearly see my modest culinary creation in all its simple yet mouth-watering glory. “You made me chocolate chip pancakes!?”

“I sure did, or at least I tried my best…” I confirmed with a chuckle, basking in Lizzie’s happiness at discovering that I had made her her favorite breakfast. “That’s the only reason I put these clothes on, to be honest. Cooking naked seemed sort of risky, you know.”

Giggling and licking her lips as she got up on her knees and reached for a plate and a fork, thus making her big magnificent tits sway hypnotically side to side, Lizzie commented: “Wow, it really looks as good as the stuff our Moms make! If I didn’t know that today they’re out hiking, I’d say they’re responsible for these.”

I held my breath as I watched Lizzie bring a generous forkful of syrup-dripping pancakes to her mouth and then closing her eyes as she chewed intently. Her appreciative humming and the upturned corners of her lips were good signs, but I had to know for sure.

“So,” I asked, trying to contain my anxiety and failing miserably, “what’s the verdict?”

Gulping down the bursa escort sugary mouthful as she reopened her soulful brown eyes, Lizzie left me hanging for just another second before saying solemnly: “I’m sorry to tell you this, Russ, but…”

“But!?” I urged her on, nervously.

“But,” she resumed with an impish grin, “you’ll have to make me breakfast many, many more times: these pancakes are totally awesome!”

I was smiling both inside and outside as I savored the sweet taste of Lizzie’s lips pressing urgently onto mine in a swift, needy kiss before she focused entirely on the stack of pancakes before her. Sitting up on the bed facing my beautifully naked girlfriend, I grabbed a fork and the bottle of syrup, ready to dig in too.


As always, Christmas had been a huge family time fest for me, Liz and our Moms. Loyal to tradition, we stuck to our holiday routine of epic board game battles, movie marathons and lots of awesome food.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, all things considered, but at first I was taken aback by how our Moms reacted when Lizzie and I, during Christmas dinner, told them that we were together, as in ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ together.

The announcement was followed by a long moment of silence, during which Lizzie’s Mom and mine shared a knowing look. Then, all of a sudden, they went kind of crazy. Cheering and laughing, they bolted from their chairs and hugged one another and then the two of us in turn, all the while speaking over each other as they chirped about how happy they were for us and how they had always known that we would be perfect together and we would make the cutest couple in the world, and on and on and on.

For a few minutes, while our Moms submerged us with joyful hugs and big smooches and radiant smiles, Liz and I remained bug-eyed and somewhat overwhelmed. Our Moms’ enthusiastic reaction sort of freaked us out at first, but in a good way. After all, they were giving us their blessing and then some, which we were glad for. So, once the initial burst of awkward cheerfulness blew over, we all went back to our usual Christmas mood, with an added sparkle of novelty and excitement in the air.

Funny enough, even though we were now officially allowed to spend the night together as a couple, Lizzie and I didn’t really take full advantage of the situation at first. Late on Christmas Day, stuffed to bursting as we were and still a bit weirded out by the Moms’ ardent approval of our relationship, all we could manage was a slow and giggly make out session while snuggling on Lizzie’s bed, until we slipped into a shared food coma.

The following day, which we spent mostly doing stuff all four of us together as a family, Liz and I waited until early evening before leaving our Moms in front of the TV to do their Homeland catching up. Once we were alone in her room, I was treated to something better than any of the presents I had got for Christmas: a reading of Lizzie’s latest stories, specifically the fantasy erotica she had been working on lately.

As always when Liz read me her stories, I was instantly one hundred percent focused, eagerly drinking in her every word. Still, as I sat beside my sweet Lizzie on her bed listening to her soft soothing voice conjuring up characters and situations born of her fascinating imagination, something felt different. Simply put, what she was reading was hot as hell!

It wasn’t just the sexual tension in the air or the lewd descriptions in the story that made my cock stiffen and strain painfully within my pants. The sheer intimacy and eroticism of being allowed into a whole new part of Liz’s inner world was getting me dizzy with arousal. As excited as I was, I also felt a surge of affection for that beautiful, amazing girl who was opening up to me so completely, revealing her most private writings and, in so doing, demonstrating her absolute trust in me. Needless to say, that made me love her even more than I already did.

The trembling note in her voice, not to mention the frequent sidelong glances she shot at me and the way she anxiously bit her succulent lips every now and then, confirmed to me that Liz too was getting turned on more and more as her reading progressed. By the end of the second chapter of her saga about the naughty incestuous elven twins loosely based on us, both Lizzie and I were breathing hard and squirming with horniness.

“So,” Lizzie asked with a half-nervous and half-teasing smile, all flushed and dopey-eyed with arousal as she adjusted her glasses and turned to face me, “what do you think, Russ?”

I barely managed to blurt out that her story was great before we fell into each other’s arms and started kissing rabidly, our lips smashing together and our tongues pushing avidly into one another’s mouth.

In the blink of an eye, we tore our clothes off as if they were on fire and tumbled naked onto the bed. Instinctively, we went straight for the other’s sex, rolling head to toe until we were locked in a steamy sixty-nine.

Lying bursa escort bayan on my back with Liz sitting on my face, I glued my lips to her smooth juice-gleaming pussy, aching to taste her. Her husky sigh of delight swiftly faded into a lewd slurping noise as Lizzie dipped her head down and took my raging boner into her mouth. As the liquid heat of her eager oral cavity enveloped my cock, my lips started kissing her nectar-glossy labia more intensely, my tongue swiping and whirling in a flurry all over her swollen pink clit. While I ate her out with gusto, covetously running my hands all over the glorious curve of her fleshy round asscheeks, I was soon trembling from the immense pleasure that Liz’s dick-worshiping mouth was giving me.

With her soft suctioning lips stretched around my thick length, Lizzie bobbed her head furiously up and down my pole, inhaling my veiny boner in a series of reckless plunges that allowed my bloated glans to slide all the way into her gullet at every pass. The sloppy gagging sounds of her incredible deepthroating blowjob and her lustful moans were just as heady as the feel of her warm saliva-slick oral cavity engulfing my dickmeat and of her wet lips gliding up and down my shaft in a relentless cocksucking rhythm.

Kneading and squeezing and fondling her majestic bubble-butt, I tried to focus on eating Lizzie’s pussy out to the best of my ability, determined to give back as much pleasure as I was receiving. Somehow, the increased intensity of my snatch-munching seemed to egg her on in turn. As I moaned into Liz’s delicious virgin slit, licking and lapping and drinking down every drop of her drooling nectar, she blew me like her life depended on it, fucking her own face on my cock ever more desperately.

Even though no words were spoken, except for my pussy-muffled grunts and the choked spluttering sounds coming from her dick-clogged throat, it was soon implicitly understood that Lizzie and I had turned that sixty-nine into a sort of lascivious and insanely pleasurable contest. It also became quickly obvious, to me at least, that I was going to lose in no time.

With the sweet taste of her juices saturating my tongue, the bouncy perfection of her soft plump rump filling my hands and her hot cock-hungry mouth inhaling my throbbing pole, I didn’t have to make too many calculations to realize that I would cum way before I could bring Lizzie off. My balls were already tingling and my shaft was pulsing in pre-orgasmic joy deep inside Liz’s gullet, so I was pretty much resigned to just accept the sweet ‘defeat’ looming over me. Then, suddenly, it hit me: I hadn’t played my trump card yet! I almost laughed into Liz’s nectar-soaked folds as I realized that I could still ‘win’ our naughty oral duel.

Sliding back a bit to prop my head on the pillow and get a better angle, I sank my fingers in the fabulous plumpness of Lizzie’s bubble-butt and parted her luscious asscheeks nicely open, revealing the tiny pink rosebud of her butthole. As close as I was to cumming inside her mouth, I still took a moment to bask in the sight of Liz’s adorable little sphincter. My head spun as I watched her delicate forbidden orifice winking and twitching before me in all its horny, puckered glory. It was just a second though, then I set to work.

Straining not to ejaculate just yet, I unclasped my mouth from Lizzie’s pussy and buried my face between the smooth meaty globes of her asscheeks, clamping my lips onto her crinkled rubbery rosebud. Liz let out a strangled gasp the moment I began rimming her out like there was no tomorrow, suckling and kissing the tender outer edges of her anus while I lapped and licked the miniature opening of her asshole into capitulation. Though she still held my cock buried balls-deep in her throat, Lizzie was so blindsided by my abrupt analingual assault that she couldn’t keep up her devastating bobbing tempo on my shaft, thus allowing me a few precious seconds of reprieve.

Excited and caught by surprise, with her backdoor already tingling and swiftly drenched in my spittle, Lizzie could do nothing but moan in cock-muffled bliss around my boner as I poked my tongue inside her delicate little orifice and started wiggling my way in, pushing as deep as I could into her twitching butthole. Within moments, Lizzie was rocking urgently back and forth, trying to force more of my tongue into her ass. Overwhelmed as she was by my sudden rimjob, she stopped actively sucking me off, but she stubbornly kept nursing on my throat-clogging pole, slobbering and suckling and pleasuring my aching cockmeat within her wet, warm mouth.

As I tongue-fucked Liz’s sensitive asshole with abandon, her obvious appreciation of my butt-munching attentions boosted my libido even more, egging me lustfully on. I waited just a few moments more before I reached my shaking hand to her nectar-slick clit and started rubbing away. That did it. Within seconds, my sweet Lizzie was cumming spectacularly, her scrumptious nectar drenching my fingers and dripping onto my face. All escort bursa through her climax, she let out a series of sloppy dick-muted gagging mewls while making frantic swallowing motions with her gullet, intensifying the cozy caress of her oral cavity around my shaft and milking me amazingly.

The sensory overload I got from feeling, tasting and hearing all that pleasure at once was just too much for me. With the warm confines of her spit-flooded mouth and slippery throat squeezing my length as her pulsating little asshole clenched and unclenched uncontrollably around my probing tongue, I buried my face as deep as possible between the smooth, soft globes of my sweet Liz’s asscheeks and came with her, blasting a torrential spray of cum straight down her gullet.

Blown away as I was by my orgasm, I still persistently munched on Lizzie’s cute gummy butthole while she sloppily suckled on my spurting cock, greedily swallowing my abundant load as I kept pumping rope after thick rope of milky cum into her stomach. While our climaxes burned through us, just a squishy muffled cacophony of choking and slurping sounds could be heard in the room, the relative outward quiet belying the pleasurable detonations wracking Liz’s body and mine.

It took a while before we finally came down from our highs and languidly disentangled our entwined bodies. As soon as we broke our sixty-nine, Liz turned and rolled close to my side, snuggling into my embrace and purring contentedly as she nuzzled my neck. Her huge juicy boobs were squashed against my chest as she draped a smooth thigh over my chubby, saliva-gleaming cock. Looking into my eyes, Lizzie let out a satisfied sigh before she lazily spoke.

“So, Russ,” she cooed, a thin smile dancing on her cum-glossy lips, her big brown eyes still lust-glazed behind her glasses, “I guess you really, really like my smutty stories, uh?”

I could only laugh and hold her as tight as possible in response, pressing my mouth to hers in a deep, loving soulkiss.


Following that first oral duel, Lizzie and I added a new favorite pastime to our holiday activities. Whenever we were home and not spending time with our Moms, we retreated to her bedroom or mine to read more of her erotica and suck each other off like crazy.

Even though we had never been competitive in any way, the silly and yet extremely sexy challenge of making the other cum first while locked in a sixty-nine really grew on us. Lizzie especially gave her very best each time, pushing the ability of her exquisite lips and hot suctioning mouth to the limit. It felt heavenly to get deep-throated by a lust-high Liz and then send spurt after creamy spurt splashing down her dick-clenching gullet, all the while listening to her gagging around my girthy boner and slurping voraciously as she gobbled down my cum like she was starved for it.

Still, as incredible as Lizzie’s blowjobs were, I won pretty much every time we played our little sucking game. It wasn’t that hard, really: I only had to remove my tongue from her engorged clit and start licking and probing at her ever-horny little anus to tilt the ‘match’ in my favor. It was crazy how sensitive Lizzie’s cute pink rosebud was, and how much pleasure she got from having it played with. She halfheartedly complained once about the fact that my eating her butthole out like that could sort of qualify as cheating, but she was horrified when I jokingly asked if I should stop doing it. So, once that little ambiguity in the ‘rules’ was clarified, I kept at it.

One time, catching me totally by surprise, Liz suddenly upped the ante by wrapping her massive boobs around my saliva-coated shaft while nursing on my glans. That unexpected tit-fuck almost made me cum instantly, but I managed to hold back and renew my rimming efforts on her twitching asshole, until victory was mine again. Well, theoretical victory at least: the epic orgasms Lizzie unfailingly experienced during our competitive sixty-nines were obviously more than making up for the fact that she was ‘losing’ each game.

Weirdly enough, even though tongue-fucking Liz’s adorable little rosebud was not as mind-blowingly awesome as actually sodomizing her, I was still very satisfied to see how spectacularly I could make her cum relying only on my analingual skills. As much as I lusted after her beautiful plump ass, knowing that she was sort of embarrassed to do more serious stuff while our Moms were around, I didn’t pressure Lizzie into buttfucking for the time being, choosing to enjoy our naughty oral challenges instead.

One afternoon, as we rushed upstairs to my room to read more of her erotic stories as a warm up for another intense sucking session, Lizzie suddenly stopped in her tracks and hugged me super tight. Brushing her lovely face against mine before kissing me passionately, she giggled and blushed as she whispered that, with all the rimming and tongue-fucking I was giving her, she was dying to feel my cock deep inside her asshole. As my chubby boner stiffened to full hardness at those words, Liz added that she didn’t trust herself to have anal sex at the moment, because she was sure she’d scream way too loud and she didn’t want our Moms to hear her yelling out for me to wreck her ass.

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