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beautiful niece was awsomeTrue story of a naughty weekend.I have always had an obsession for my niece (through marriage) ever since I first saw her 23 years ago when my now wife and I were visiting her parents and found out what she was like. I had often dreamt of her whilst pulling my cock of Cumming in her pussy as I found out that she loved to go all the way.When we moved and lived in the wife’s home town everything seemed to be going along all right we kept seeing the niece and I was trying to imagine her naked. Well this one weekend she arrived on the Friday night after she had finished work, her husband was gone away on a fishing trip and her k**s had their own thing to do, as we sat down to dinner she started to poor the drink for the wife and herself as I don’t drink, the alcohol started to flow and Melissa(niece) was starting to get a bit tipsy, we retired to the lounge and chilled whilst the wife cleared away, Melissa asked if I was getting any sex (she always asks that when she has drink) I replied as always yes but would love more.She confessed she hadn’t had cock in a few weeks and was dam horny all the while then said well maybe we could have a kiss as she had been told by my wife I have the softest sweetest lips of any man she had kissed, I laughed and said well if the wife ok’s it then I have no problem thinking that would shut her up, she shouted to the wife is it ok to kiss your old man and the wife said yes sure coz you can. Melissa got up walked over and softly kissed me as she slipped her tongue into my mouth I reacted as she smelt gorgeous her scent was so sexy as I cradled her head in my hands, as she gave a sigh with a small orgasm.She sat back down my cock now was trying to get out as she remarked my wife was right and had never had a guy kiss her to an orgasm before. We carried on with our night the wife and Melissa drinking as the wife made the excuse she was tired and went to bed, whilst we decided to have a chat. Melissa came and sat next to me her scent was making me as horny as hell and commented on how sexy her smell was, she excepted my compliment saying well we better have another kiss, as she leant over kissing me again this time I reached out and softly touched her tit, making her gasp and her nipples went solid.I could not help it I was as horny as hell and my cock was lunging to get out and into her mouth or even her pussy, I started to undo her top as I revealed her soft white skin encasing a pair of tits in a sexy bra that any women would love to have and any guy would love to feel. I had now undone her top as she slipped it off undoing her bra to reveal a pair of tits with nice pinkish nipples that where rock solid, the bulge in my trousers was very noticeable as Melissa reached over rubbing it saying it felt big, I leant back inviting fethiye escort her to play with it as she knelt down unzipping my trousers, reaching in and pulling out a huge stiff cock.She licked her lips and lowered her head onto it letting it slide into her mouth as I arched my back with the sensation that shot through my body, I had to admit up until now she was good at sucking cock, as I softly put my hand on her head as it moved up and down. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft rubbing it slowly as I lifted up pulling my trousers down around my ankles, my balls felt heavy as had not had sex in a few days and had been too busy to whack off.She said her hubby’s cock was bigger but had no idea on how to fuck a women Cumming in a matter of minutes and then rolling off falling asleep straight away, she said she then had to finger her pussy to get relief but no other feeling of a cock fucking her pussy making her cum and the bloke after pumping his cum into her. I lifted her up pulling her skirt down; she was wearing a sexy little pair of matching panties, as I slowly pulled them down revealing a smooth pussy that was going to get my cock. I stood up and got behind her and bent her over feeding my cock into her soaking wet pussy as she groaned as I pushed it fully in. As I slowly pulled it out I could see the pussy juices had coated it as I pushed back in again.I started to move faster as she begged for more her tits started to move with the thrust of my cock as she groaned saying it felt good and said she was Cumming, I kept on thrusting in and out of her until she shook and cum moaning fairly loud saying don’t stop and wanted my cum in her pussy, I carried on thrusting grabbing her hips ramming my cock in and out as she gasped she was Cumming again as she moaned and trembled with pleasure, I stood up and sat her down pushing her legs apart kneeling down I started to lick her pussy her juices tasted sweet as I lapped them up.Melissa groaned saying it was good to have a man that could tongue a pussy so good as I started to nipple her clit making her groan not making too much noise so she didn’t wake the wife up, she begged for me to fuck her good and hard as I slid my cock into her pussy slamming it in and out her arms wrapped around my neck, her eyes closed her face full of pleasure as I told her I was Cumming her pussy muscles holding my cock in place as I exploded into her wave after wave of thick cum my buttock cheeks clenching forcing the final drops into her, I pulled my cock out as her pussy dribbled cum out running down to her arse.I leaned back as Melissa smiled saying that was fucking awesome, and it was needed I had to admit all the rumours I had heard where true and was looking forward to a lot more, we got dressed and off we went to bed my head spinning from escort fethiye what had happened downstairs. The following morning the wife said she had to pop out for most of the day and would I be ok fending for myself and Melissa, I nodded my head and said take care as she walked out the door, I rushed down stairs and made 2 cups of coffee and took one in to Melissa, she was still asleep as I put the coffee on the cabinet by her bed, tempted to see what she was wearing in bed.I slowly pulled the quilt back to see she was topless her breasts lay firm as she stirred I stopped until she had settled again, I carried on lifting the quilt to reveal she was naked, she stirred again this time laying on her back, my cock was now stiff at the sight of her naked body, I moved my fingers in between her legs slowly rubbing her soft pussy making her groan softly, she opened her legs so my fingers would slip in easier, I so wanted to eat her pussy right now and it wasn’t gonna go away until I’ve had her for breakfast.All of a sudden I heard well get in I’m cold and that cock needs feeding, as I stood naked ready to get into bed she moved over and I slipped in next to her, as we kissed and held I moved on top sliding my cock into her, I moved slowly as she wrapped her long slender legs round my waist begging for a good fucking none of this touching crap as she was in need of a cock to fill her pussy and pump it full of cum, I thrust in and out as she begged for me to fuck her harder, my balls banging on her arse as I held her shoulders down pulling my cock into her pussy as I thrust in and out unable to hold on for long as I shot my load making her shudder, her hips bucked, with a ear piercing scream that would wake the dead, she shook unable to control herself as her orgasm seemed to last for ages.My cock kept pumping my fluid into her as we both slumped in a heap unable to talk, after a while we got up and had a shower together as we felt each other’s body before we sorted out what the day held for us. Melissa suggested we stayed in with a devilish glint in her eye; I knew what she had in mind and was on the same wave length as my cock I knew that it wouldn’t be long before my cock was in her pussy or her mouth.It was now lunch time and we hadn’t had anything to eat besides my cock and her pussy I had a urge to fuck her stupid as I walked up to her pushing her against the kitchen wall, putting my hand up her skirt ripping her knickers clean off, she gasped in excitement as I ripped her blouse open hungrily kissing her tits she begged me to fuck her pussy like a no man had (and she had, had quite a few men), I undone my trousers and pulled out my cock that stood up like a rhino’s horn as I lifted her up and slowly placed her on this throbbing member, Melissa locked her legs around my waist fethiye escort bayan as I thrust in and out as she begged for more and more I had got all her clothes of (god knows how) her panties and blouse lay in tatters on the kitchen floor her skirt and bra had been thrown to one side, as I rammed my cock into her wet slit, I could feel her pussy lips parting as my thick shaft slid in and out as Melissa groaned with multiple orgasms as the sweat poured from our bodies.I carried her over to the sofa, as I laid her softly down on the sofa pulling out and knelt down and started to lick her pussy, I could see the sweet pink flesh as I pulled her lips back like a monkey pulling the skin from a banana to get to the fruit, her clit stood out like a button as I flicked it with my tongue, she groaned shouting eat me you bastered eat my pussy as she grabbed my head shoving it into her pussy as she arched her back with another orgasm. I pulled my mouth of her lips and shoved 2 fingers into her pussy searching for the to give her the ultimate orgasm.I massaged her pussy and the as she groaned squeezing her nipples hard as I rubbed her spot hard and fast as she begged me not to stop and was about to have a huge orgasm as she started to get louder and louder until she bucked like a bucking bronco and screamed a orgasm that nearly deafened me as I pulled my fingers out; a huge fountain of clear fluid sprayed from her pussy soaking me in the process, my fingers where sticky with her juices as I sucked them the taste was amazing. She lay lifeless not able to speak as I stood in front of her rubbing my cock as I had a load I had to release, she lay there watching in awe as I rubbed my huge throbbing member for her pleasure, she sat up and took hold her fingers wrapping round the shaft, I was totally oblivious to what was going on around me, all of a sudden the wife appeared n the living room door looking at what was going on, Melissa let go of my cock and tried to cover up as she stood there unable to speak, I pulled up my trousers pushing my cock away.The wife said how long had this been going on and sat down looking at us both, we explained only since last night and couldn’t believe the sex was so good, Melissa said she was sorry and was all her fault, the wife commented saying you can’t leave your uncle like that and told Melissa to finish me off, whilst she watched, Melissa reached out and pulled my cock out and started to rub my cock sucking it every so often, I was so close to filling Melissa’s mouth of cum as I looked across to see the wife rubbing her pussy with vigour as she groaned she was Cumming, I could not hold on as I filled Melissa’s with my cum I could feel her swallowing every drop.I looked in amazement as the wife got sorted and then confessed she had crept down stairs last night and watched us two fucking like mad and had told the niece to do it for a thank you from her for all the loyal years of marriage. The rest of the weekend I was shared between both having the most amazing sex ever.

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