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Subject: Benny – Part 7 Benny � Part 7 Gay, Incest, Uncle, Nephew If you enjoy reading stories on Nifty, then don’t forget to donate! It’s easy, just follow the link fty/donate.html * * * * Once Benny arrived at home and while he was changing clothes, he had just enough time to answer ten questions not the full twenty. He assured his dad and uncle that he had had a good time, Harry was a great guy, and he planned on seeing him again as soon as both their schedules allowed. They were happy for him and told him as much. Then Benny had to grab a bite and head off to class happier that he’d been in weeks. Benny continued to have fun with three guys while attending classes fulltime. Somehow Benny managed to fit in weekly poker games with both his family and his new friends, Ren and his Uncle Peter, while adding Jim into the mix. Since Friday night was poker night with his family, Benny, Ren, Peter and Jim settled on Sunday afternoon for theirs and because Ren and Benny usually had their “study” sessions on that day and Peter and Jim both had off from work it worked out perfectly. Benny and Jim showed up at the designated time and introductions were made. Jim couldn’t help but notice that while Peter was shorter than he was, he was by far the sexiest one there. Jim had never gone in for older men before but he thought he might make an exception for this one. They sat down at the table and Benny announced that before they began, they needed to agree on the rules of the game. “How do you, your dad, your uncle and grandfather play?” Ren asked. Benny braced himself and proceeded to tell the guys the rules at their house. “Well, first of all it’s strip poker but that’s not the main goal. You can lose all your clothes and still play.” “How does that work?” Jim asked. “Well, we play for chips too. The winner gets a special prize at the end.” That intrigued Pete, so he asked, “And what’s the special prize?” Ren already knew so he waited for Benny to elaborate. Benny blushed and proceeded. “Well, the winner… and this is subject to change of course for this group… gets to fuck the runner up while the other two watch.” There, he’d said it. It was all out in the open. No going back. Ren was the first to speak up, “Well, shit that sounds like fun. I’m in!” Peter laughed and agreed. Once Jim heard that Peter was in, he was in too. Benny gave a sigh of relief and continued, “There is one more thing… the losers have to clean up before they can join in the fun though.” Jim shrugged and said, “I’m still in.” That was followed by the other two agreeing as well. They were into the game by about a half an hour when Peter asked to take a bathroom break. They stopped and while Jim stared as a shirtless and barefoot Peter walk toward the hall, the other two couldn’t help but notice. “He’s pretty hot,” Benny observed. “Yeah, he is,” Jim responded without thinking. Then he looked at the other two who were smiling and added, “I mean you can see he takes care of himself. He looks good for a guy his age.” They chuckled and Ren leaned over and whispered so that only Jim and Benny could hear, “And he’s hung too.” Jim’s eyes got big as saucers as he mouthed the words, “oh fuck.” “You know,” Benny started, “we can change the rules at any time. Maybe we could make an exception this first time and let the two of you go off and do your own thing?” “No, no that’s okay. I’m willing to play by the rules,” Jim answered. Ren asked for Jim’s phone and while he was typing on it, Peter came back into the room. Ren finished then handed it back to Jim. He looked down at Peter’s contact info and smiled. “What did I miss?” Ren replied, “Just putting the number of the restaurant in Jim’s phone. I thought he must get tired of eating Chinese food all the time.” He winked at Jim then added, “Let’s get back to it.” They played a few more hands then Benny announced that it was his turn to use the facilities. A naked Benny got up and walked to the bathroom. While a pants less Peter went to get more beers, Ren took the opportunity to thank Jim for coming then he added, “I know you didn’t like me very much when you first met me. I hope that’s changed… a little.” Jim smiled genuinely at Ren and answered, istanbul travesti “Don’t worry, it has.” They played a few more hands then it was Jim’s turn. He arose unashamed of his complete nakedness. Benny took that moment to announce to the other two, “Jim’s a grower not a shower. In fact, he’s almost as big as me. And he’s a total bottom.” Peter and Ren looked at each other then back at Benny and said simultaneously, “Good to know!” Jim came back and after a few more hands, the timer on Benny’s phone went off. They had been playing for an hour and it was time to count up the chips. Ren was the clear winner, followed by his Uncle Peter with Benny and Jim coming in third and fourth respectively. It was not lost on Benny that the two tops were going to fuck while the two bottoms watched. It was going to be both interesting and totally hot, he thought. They all cleaned up even though only the losers had to, then the four of them retired to the bedroom. Peter reminded Ren that it had been a long time since he’d been fucked, so Ren assured him that he’d take it easy on him. Since Jim and Benny were already naked, they stood at the end of the bed and watched as Peter and Ren got undressed. Jim’s eyes were glued to the sight of Peter slipping his boxer briefs down and that’s when Jim and Benny saw his huge cock for the first time. They gasped. It was not at all in proportion to the rest of his 5’8″ thin but muscular, hairy frame. Jim’s cock grew up and out. The foreskin even retracted completely. Benny’s was a full staff as well. All four guys were just staring at each other knowing the rules were probably going out the window this time. Benny was the first to act. He grabbed Jim’s cock and stroked it then took Ren’s in his other. Ren took his uncle’s cock then Benny’s. He’d always liked having his uncle’s big cock in his hand. Peter took Ren’s in one of his and Jim’s in the other. Jim was the last to take a cock in each hand, Benny’s in one and Peter’s in the other. Luckily, each cock was big enough that they could all grab at least half a shaft. This was going to be a circle jerk to end all circle jerks. They all started stroking long, hard shafts, three uncut and one cut. Benny was the one who spoke up before they got too carried away. “As much as I want to come with you guys jerking me, I think Ren needs to fuck Pete before we all explode.” They all agreed and stopped. Peter let go reluctantly then climbed on the bed. Ren joined him as Benny took the lube and a condom from the drawer in the bedside table. He and Jim watched as Ren prepared his uncle and himself for penetration. Benny leaned into Jim and whispered, “You get on one side of Pete and I’ll get on the other. We can each hold a leg behind the knee so that he can concentrate on getting fucked. Okay?” Jim nodded and did what Benny had just proposed. Peter smiled then took his monster cock in one hand and his balls in the other. Jim thought for sure he would come just at the sight of the older man tugging on his balls while waiting to get fucked by his nephew. “Ready, Uncle Pete?” Ren asked as he prepared to enter his uncle’s tight hole. Peter nodded then closed his eyes and took slow deep breaths. Ren pushed slowly but determinedly. He broke through with only a little resistance then sunk all the way in and waited. Benny and Jim placed Peter’s legs on Ren’s broad shoulders. Peter opened his eyes and said, “Go for it, Renny, fuck me.” Ren pulled out then eased back in. He fucked his uncle slowly but steadily while Peter, Jim and Benny stroked their cocks. Then Benny leaned over and kissed Ren. That gave Jim an idea. He leaned down and kissed Peter who grabbed his head and held it in place while he continued to get fucked by his nephew. They all managed to last quite a while despite the fact that they were incredibly turned on by the whole scene. Then Peter screamed, “Aw fuck!” into Jim’s mouth as he came all over himself. That caused a chain reaction as Benny screamed, “Fuuccckkkk!” into Ren’s mouth as he shot his load all over Peter’s leg. Jim screamed, “Aw fuck!” into Peter’s mouth while he blew his wad all over Peter’s chest. Then Ren screamed “Fuuccckkkk!” into Benny’s mouth as he shot his kadıköy travesti load deep inside his uncle’s ass. Recovery time was slow for all four of them. They would discuss later that none of them thought they had ever come with such intensity in their entire lives before that. Ren pulled out and the three of them went to the bathroom, leaving Peter lying on the bed alone with his thoughts, cum dripping out of his well-worn asshole. It was Jim who came back in and cleaned Peter up, slowly, gently and with much tenderness. Once he was finished, he helped Peter up and they hugged then kissed again. Benny and Ren saw what was unfolding so they left them alone. “Would it be alright with you if I saw you again sometime? I mean outside of the weekly poker game? I know I’m old enough…” Peter started to ask but Jim stopped him before he could complete the thought. “I don’t care about your age. I like you, Pete. I’m so fucking attracted to you I don’t think I’ll be able to concentrate on schoolwork this entire week.” Pete thought he might just have died and gone to heaven after hearing that compliment. “Thank you for saying that, Jim. I think you can tell I’m incredibly attracted to you too.” He pulled back so that Jim could see that he was hard again. “Me too!” Jim responded. Pete looked at Jim’s growing cock and wanted nothing more than to suck it. “I think we need to say our goodbyes and go upstairs to my apartment. I have a few things I’d like to do to you.” Jim smiled and said, “I like the way you think, Pete. Let’s get dressed and go. I’m sure Ren and Benny would like to be alone too. I’m sure they have some `studying’ to do.” They both laughed at that then Jim watched as Peter put on his underwear and led Jim back into the living room where they found Benny and Ren, still naked, lounging on the couch, Benny’s head in Ren’s lap. Peter finished dressing as Jim put all his clothes back on. “Who’s hungry?” Benny asked. It wasn’t what Jim and Peter had wanted to hear but as much as they wanted to leave and have a little one-on-one time together, they agreed to stay and have some dinner with Benny and Ren. Ren got up, found his phone and ordered pasta from downstairs. The four of them chatted about work and school while they waited. Ren got a text a short time later saying that their dinner was ready. He reluctantly got dressed and went downstairs to retrieve it. Since Benny was the only one left naked he decided to put his shirt back on, but only his shirt. He liked being the only one with his dick out while everyone else was clothed. And no one said a word about it. After dinner, Jim asked, “So same time next week?” which made the other three chuckle. They all agreed to meet in Peter’s apartment next time then Benny and Ren walked the two to the door. There were hugs and kisses all around and promises to keep in touch throughout the week. While Peter and Jim headed upstairs, Benny and Ren resumed their previous position on the couch, agreeing that their first poker game had been a success. The next morning as Benny was leaving Ren’s apartment, he ran into Jim coming down the stairs from what he could only assume was Peter’s apartment. Jim tried not to look too embarrassed and Benny was not going to give him a hard time at all about him spending the night with Ren’s uncle. “Hey, Buddy!” “Morning, Ben. How’s it going?” “Good,” Benny replied. “And how’d it go with you and Peter last night?” Jim sighed and answered as they continued down the stairs, “It was incredible, Ben. Pete is an amazing lover. I’ve never been with a guy who could read me like he did our very first time. I’m still in awe of him.” “Wow, Jim, that’s great! I’m so glad to hear it. You deserve it.” “Thanks, how was your night?” “Ren is great. We have a lot of fun together. Nothing serious though. It’s just what we both need right now,” Benny answered not quite convinced of what he was saying. They continued chatting as they left the building and even down the street to where Benny’s car was parked. Benny drove Jim to his place then went home to change and grab some breakfast before leaving for class. * Things went on just like that for the rest of the school year and before bakırköy travesti he knew it, he had received his airplane ticket to fly to the south of France. He had three people he needed to see before he left so he made plans to see Harry first. While he had loved being with Harry, he knew that he was not the one for him. They enjoyed each other’s company and the sex was amazing but he had feelings for someone else and didn’t want to lead Harry on any longer. They met at Harry’s uncle Tito’s food truck one afternoon. “Thanks for meeting me,” Benny said as he greeted Harry with a hug. “Sure. You said it was important.” They sat down and Benny began, “I’m leaving for summer vacation in a few weeks and I wanted to thank you for being a great friend. I want you to find someone who will love you and make you happy. You deserve that.” Harry’s face fell. He had expected Benny to ask him to wait for him to return so that they could pick back up where they were leaving off. But that was clearly not what he was saying. Harry took a minute to think of what he was going to say then finally said, “I’d be lying if I didn’t think we could have been more than friends but I see I was wrong. I do want to wish you a safe trip and wish you all the best this summer.” “Thanks, Harry. I know you wanted more and I really wish I could have given that to you, but I don’t have any idea what may happen next. For all I know, I may choose to stay in the south of France. I just don’t know. I’m sorry.” Harry reached across the wooden table and said, “I get it. You’ll let me know how you’re doing though? Maybe send an email once in a while?” “Of course. I can definitely do that.” They got up and hugged a long time before Harry finally let Benny go. They walked in opposite directions and Benny just hoped the next two went better than that one had. He called and asked Jim if they could meet. They met outside the gym then went for a walk around campus. Jim told him he was going to miss him and even though he was seeing Peter on a semiregular basis, they still weren’t officially a thing. Benny wished him luck, told him he would be keeping in touch with his best friend weekly via email, then texted Ren. He said he wasn’t busy so Benny went to see him. When he got to Ren’s apartment, he rang the bell then waited for him to buzz him up. A moment later the door buzzed and he went up to tell Ren just how he felt about him. Ren had left the door open, so Benny walked right in. Ren was in the kitchen washing dishes. Benny thought it was odd that he hadn’t met him at the door with a kiss, but he let it go and joined Ren at the sink. He wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed the back of his neck. “Hey,” Ren said. “Hey,” Benny responded. “Can we sit down and talk?” he asked. “I guess so,” Ren answered sounding a little put out. He dried his hands then walked over to the couch and sat down. Benny joined him. “I’m leaving in a few weeks and I wanted to say some things before I go.” Ren remained quiet so Benny continued. “I think you know how much I like you. I think we get along great and the sex is fantastic, so… I was wondering… hoping really that you’d be willing to wait for me to get back. You know maybe agree to be my boyfriend?” Ren got up and started pacing, then he turned to face Benny. “You know I told you from the beginning that I couldn’t get serious with you. You agreed that we’d just be friends with benefits and now you want to change all that. I told you from the start that I can’t give you more. It’s my family. You know that. So why are you asking me for more now… right before you’re getting ready to leave?” Benny was truly dumbfounded. He had known from the beginning that Ren didn’t want a serious relationship but Benny had hoped that their arrangement had evolved into something more over the last few months. Benny saw now that he had made a critical error and now his heart was breaking. He got up from the couch and moved toward the door. “You’re right, Ren. You were very clear from the start. It’s my own stupid fault that I fell in love with you and I can’t change that. But I can go away and try to forget you. Goodbye, Ren.” He opened the door and didn’t look back. He sat on the first step and had a breakdown just as Peter was coming up the stairs. He sensed what had happened and quietly cursed his insensitive nephew as he pulled Benny to his feet then guided him up the stairs to his apartment. (to be continued in Part 8)

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