Bess Ch. 05

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Bonnie checked her watch. It was 10 o’clock. Bess should be up by now. She knocked on the door and then entered. “Bess, you up?”

“Yeah,” Bess answered, “in the kitchen.”

Bonnie entered the kitchen to find Bess seated at the table, sipping on a cup of hot tea. She was wearing a silk robe, loosely tied. The 5 hundred-dollar bills were stacked in the center of the table.

“Well?” Bonnie asked.

“Well what?”

“Well what,” Bonnie said as she sat down. “How did it go last night?”

Bess put down her cup. “It went very well. I was a little nervous but as the evening went on, I relaxed. I did enjoy myself and I’m pretty sure Tony did too.”

“I know he did. He texted me saying to thank you. What did he pick?”

“The harem girl,” Bess said.

Bonnie sensed something was wrong. There was no feeling in Bess’s voice. She placed her hand on Bess’s. “What’s wrong?”

Bess picked up the money. “I finally realized this morning that I’m a whore.”

“Does that bother you?” Bonnie asked.

“Surprisingly, yes. A little.”

“Look,” Bonnie began. “All women are whores. Some do it for money, some for security, and some for something else.”

Bess looked at Bonnie with disbelief. “Wow, I can’t believe you said that. How cynical.”

“It’s true, even your dear Aunt Deidre. You don’t think that she looked at Scott and thought this man can provide for her and her 2 sons. That she was alone and here was an answer. Sex is part of the deal. How else could she keep him? Her first husband left her over sex, didn’t he?”

“How can you say that? My aunt truly loves him. You can tell just by the way she looks at him. And Scott, her.”

“Maybe she just rationalizes it.”

“I can’t believe that.” Bess got up and walked to the window.

“Bess, I’m willing to wager a night’s fee that if offered to Deidre, she would entertain the idea of being like us. Not actually do it but seriously think about it. Willing to take my bet? Do you believe what you feel about her?”

“Okay, you’re on,” Bess said turning around.

“One other thing, Bess. Why did you make Scott your ‘fuck buddy’?”

Bess thought for a moment. “Because I wanted to make him feel good and because I knew I could.”

Bonnie put her hand on Bess’s shoulder. “What do you izmit escort think you did for Mr. Martin last night?”

Bess didn’t have an answer.

Bess was so mad at Bonnie. The only night she had to herself, no news, no game, no ‘friends’. Bess had been busy and Bonnie had sent a good number of men her way but this was the first night she had to herself and now she had to stay at the condo because the plumber was coming over to fix a leak. Bonnie had a special dinner she was going to so she couldn’t be home. She said the plumber would be there around 7. Bess thought it was an odd time but who was she to ask.

Bess decided that after the plumber left she could do what she wanted so she dressed in white denim pants and tight plum-colored polo shirt. She didn’t wear a bra because she didn’t care if the plumber saw her or not.

When the doorbell rang, she opened the door and faced a muscular, if slightly overweight, man of medium height. He wore a pair of stained coveralls and carried a toolbox. “I’m Max,” he said, “and I’m here to fix your kitchen faucet. Tony Martin recommended me.”

“I understand the kitchen sink is the problem,” she said.

“Let’s check it out.” Gene followed her to the kitchen. As he headed down the hallway, he dropped an envelope with 5 hundred-dollar bills on the table. He went over to the sink and dismantled the faucet as she watched. “Okay, lady,” he said, “I’m going to need some help here.”

“What can I do?”

He looked Bess over. “Most things, I’d imagine,” he said, grinning. He had disconnected the faucet and fastened a huge pipe wrench around some connection at the back of the sink. “But right now I need you to hold this wrench.”

Bess replaced his hairy hands on the wrench with her own.

“Now pull hard,” he said, “and hold tight. If you let go, we’ll have water everywhere!”

Knowing nothing about plumbing, Bess had no idea what this man had done, so she pulled on the wrench with both hands.

“Don’t let go,” he warned again. As he stood up, he brushed against Bess’s breasts which, since she was bent over the sink, were hanging heavily against her shirt. “Nice melons, lady,” he said, squeezing one.

“Hey!” she said, “cut it out!”

As she started to straighten up, he said, “Don’t let go of that wrench or it’ll yahya kaptan escort make Old Faithful look like a garden sprinkler.”

“Shit,” Bess said.

“I’m glad you understand,” Max said. He squeezed her breast, weighing its fullness in his hand. “Nice big tits,” he said, nodding. “Fill the hand, and then some. I love titties that are more than a handful.”

“Will you please stopped it,” Bess snapped.

Max backed up and, behind her, Bess heard tools banging around in the toolbox.

“Here we are,” Max said.

Bess heard a loud snipping sound. Suddenly her polo shirt was being cut up the back and across her shoulders. With a yank, she was naked from the waist up.

“That’s better.”

“Hey now, just wait one minute!” Bess said but Max silenced her with a pinch of one of her swollen nipples. “Ouch!”

“Be a good girl,” Max said, “And don’t let go of that pipe.” He leaned over and bit her earlobe. “If you say ‘Uncle’, I’ll stop. Understand?” he whispered. Bess nodded.

With both hands holding the wrench tightly, Bess tried to wriggle away from his hands, but she had almost no room to maneuver. He pressed his body against her back and his rough hands cupped her breasts and pressed them against her ribs. As he held her, he thrusted his lower body against her ass, jabbing her with what felt like a huge cock.

“That’s for later,” he laughed. Again he back away and rummaged in his tool box.

Suddenly Max draped heavy cold lengths of chain over her shoulders and wrapped it around her ribs and under her breasts. “That’s cold!” she shrieked as he fastened the chain in back.

“And this is warm,” Max said, leaning into the sink and sucking one nipple into his mouth.

The contrast between his mouth and the cold chains was tantalizing. She started to relax and loosen her grip. “Don’t let that go,” Max said. “I mean it. It’ll drown us both.”

“Damn it,” she hissed.

Max pulled one nipple while he nursed the other. He moved around to the other side and exchanged his hand for his mouth. He was rough and both his mouth and hands were painful, hurting yet exciting and soothing all at once.

“Am I hurting you?'” he asked, pinching her left tit hurt.

“Ouch! Yes, you’re hurting me.” Bess looked down and gebze escort saw a bright red mark. She knew that she could say ‘Uncle’ but she wasn’t anywhere near needing to. She felt wonderful.

“Good,” Max said, unzipping her jeans and pulling them down. Automatically Bess lifted her bare feet so he could pull the pants off, leaving her dressed only in her panties and several lengths of chain. Max slid his hand down her belly and into her panties. “You’re hot for me,” he said, his fingers pulling on her wet pubic hair. Bess couldn’t deny what was obvious to his touch. “I have just the right tool to use.”

Bess heard him pull something from his toolbox. She felt something slender, cylindrical, and cold wiggle into the narrow crack between her legs. “The right tool for the right job,” he muttered. He slid the dildo deep into her pussy. In and out he fucked her with it, moving the slender object around so it touched every inch of her insides.

Her knees grew weak and she moaned.

“Hold on to that wrench, lady. Hold on.”

He pulled her panties back up to keep the dildo in place as he undressed. Since she couldn’t let go of the wrench, Bess backed up as far as she could and arched her back.

She was worried about how she could insist on a condom without ruining the fantasy, but, as if he read her mind, she heard the tell-tale ripping of a condom wrapper.

“Don’t you worry about a thing. I wouldn’t do any job without protection.”

Max held his large cock in one hand and moved aside Bess’s panties. With little warning, he pulled out the dildo and rammed his huge cock into Bess’s wet pussy. He felt enormous, stretching her pussy almost to the point of agony, but not quite.

“Oh God,” she screamed.

The sensation of being so full drove her to climax quickly.

“Oh yes, oh fuck, yes!” she yelled in delight.

Max followed her seconds later emitting a low groan.

When his breathing was more normal, Max took the wrench from Bess’s hands and disconnected it from the sink. No water spurted out. He then removed the chains from Bess, allowing her to sit in a kitchen chair. Quickly he reassembled the faucet.

“Nice plumbing you got there,” Max said, packing his wrench and tools into his toolbox. “Very nice plumbing.”

“And the tools you used were absolutely perfect for the job,” replied Bess, still puffing.

“Any time you have any more trouble, just call me.”

“Oh, I will,” Bess said.

With that Max zipped up the front of his coveralls, picked up his toolbox and left.

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