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Big Tits

Chapter 1

I stood with my hands behind my back, legs two foot apart shoulders back and head fixed forward, waiting to be questioned.

“At ease.” I relaxed my shoulders and let the strain drain away. “I said at Ease.”

“I am at ease sir.”

“You’re still on tip toes.”

“I can put my heel to the floor but its uncomfortable sir. My tendons are too short.”

“Oh! M-m-m-ph! Your Class A-S Bio-Bot Serial No.34987110?

“Yes sir.

“How old are you?” I was surprised at the question.

“Incept date sir or apparent sir.”

“Oh!” Again. “Both.”

“Incept was exactly three years ago. June 3rd. My visual age is eighteen.”

“Do you have any sexual preferences?”

“I am not yet programmed for preferences sir although I have the receptors for giving and receiving pleasure orally, anally or vaginally.


The first three interviews went like that. Mr. Laurel was different. He spoke to the attendants through the mikes that covered the room. “Perfect. Especially like the size of the tits. The designer must be my sort of guy. You have my profile, program her accordingly and I also want her programmed in all the secretarial and PR skills.”

“Yes sir.”

I never really liked Mr Laurel even though he tied, tormented, humiliated me and looking back now I have standards to judge him by, he made me come quite a lot. He was slimy individual who had given up charm and consideration for wealth and power. Even though he was my first master and I was only just past three years old, I knew. So when four years later he was using me tied to the bed as he often did and I noted the first signs of his distress, I just kept on working him and wouldn’t release his penis from my vagina. Of course I was eventually able to get free from the bed though it was especially hard with him still on top of and inside me. The coroner saw Mr Laurel ‘s video recording of the event, Mr. Laurel did so like recording his activities, and ensuring his ‘friends’ saw and were jealous of him, it seemed clear that I could in no way be to blame so I was just sold on by his executors to an agency.

They displayed me to Mr Bannister corseted and cuffed. Naturally I found that quite exciting. Him of course, I eventually found less so.

“This is Class A-S Bio-Bot Serial No.34987110, programmed for masochism and complimentary bondage etcetera, to a legally permissible levels of course, also full secretarial and PR skills.

“There no use to me.”

“You’re lucky to find a unit so closely oriented to you sexually so don’t complain about her secretarial and keyboard skills. Anyway PR is just another way of being nice to people in a non-sexual way so that’s always of use. Her last owner called her Bambi. You can call her whatever you want.”

“How much?”

“Two-hundred and fifty five thou.”


“Wow? You realise that the outlay for this model new would be in the order of three-hundred and sixty thousand credits.”

“Why the depreciation?

“The last owner dropped dead on her and some people are twitchy about that sort of thing. Plus of course this long after the incept date they can’t be programmed electronically except with a full wipe and that’s almost as expensive as buying new so for all intent and purpose. Their sexual orientation and fetishism is a fixed as your or mine and any other skills you want them to learn, they have to learn the old fashioned way. Though they are smart and learn quickly. Anyway, look at the tits on her. I know you’re a tit man.”

Chapter 2

Of course Mr Bannister being what they call a skinflint and a tit-man, he bought me. He recognised what a bargain I was.

At first we had great fun together. He was a vigorous man and he fulfilled my programming beautifully. His first effort was to tie me to a wooden post in his cellar dungeon. Of course he could have made it a little more like a dungeon and less like cellar but that is being picky if though it indicates how cheap he was. Elbows tied behind the post, a rope round my waist that connected my right wrist to my left side and vice versa. My breasts were available for anything. Similarly with one leg bound to the base of the post by my ankle and the other leg bent and also tied to the post by its ankle about eighteen inches from the floor it was impossible to stop or limit access to my vagina. He just pushed my bent knee to the side and slipped the duo balls inside me. “There,” he said. “If you don’t keep working those an alarm will sound. If you drop them an alarm will also sound. If the alarm sounds you’ll earn a whipping with a crop.”

It was great fun and I struggled to keep squeezing them and retain them inside me. But of course even Bio-Bot muscles give up eventually and after numerous climaxes the balls slipped from me and I heard a beep-beep sound upstairs in the house.

First he whipped my tits and then after repositioning me bent over and tied neck and back to the post, denizli escort arms pulled hard into a strappado, he whipped my bottom until I danced a bent over jig and pleaded for release of relief! Then fucked me in both my openings, how I screamed and Bio-Bot or not, how I hated the pain but of course it only made the orgasms better. I thought life with Mr Bannister was going to be so much fun but it wasn’t to be.

He was quite a good looking man so far as non-Bio-Bots go. He was also very wealthy. And very mean. Ok if ultimately his sex drive had matched his meanness there probably wouldn’t have been a problem but when all was said and done it didn’t and he tended to lack imagination. His meanness though was the trigger. I had cost him two-hundred and fifty five thousand credits, if he could have used me as much as I wanted he would have thought I was great value and we would both have been happy. But it wasn’t to be and when his auto chef, a very old model, broke down and the automatic cleaning function of the house showed signs of age, he decided he wanted me to act as cook housekeeper for him. Of course I tried. Wearing short little maids outfits or just tiny little aprons as I worked around I initially got some show of interest but it quickly waned and he showed more interest in the quality of work I was producing than the sex. If the sex wasn’t good my cooking was probably worse even after he bought me a book of instructions. He decided I needed to learn how to cook.

Had he been a reasonable man Mr Bannister would have sent me to Bio-Bot College where they are trained in teaching Bio-Bots, we do after all tend to take things literally, but no he had to send me night classes. He even moaned when he had to buy me a couple of outfits from a catalogue so no one would guess I was a Bio-Bot. In fact his problems, or should that be my problems, began right there. He told me. “Act completely human, don’t let them know you’re a Bio-Bot.” How was I to know that sending a Bio-Bot to a human school is illegal? Just before I went off for my first lesson he advised me that I should pretend to be a little shy until I got the hang of things. That was just before he made me take his cock into my mouth and bring him off. Seeing me in the ‘ordinary’ clothes he had bought for me seemed to excite him.

On the first couple of occasions he even made me wear a chastity belt with a butt plug and dildo under it so no one could interfere with me. I wondered why anyone would want to, the shapeless suits he had bought me made me look fat and frumpy and I even dummed down my looks with make-up. I was used to displaying my figure not murdering it and those frumpy clothes. It didn’t help that whist I over heated; I also had forced orgasms caused by the dildo and plug. Both problems were hard to endure in silence for different reasons. Thankfully this worry about someone else using me died away as after he re-read my papers he saw that I had been programmed to be faithful unless directed otherwise. Not coming helped me keep cool in the heavy clothes bio-pure people wear. He made a mistake though in that he forgot he had told me to act human.

Chapter 3

Several weeks passed and my cooking did improve, especially after I managed to avoid being too literal. They all laughed thinking I was joking when I asked if anyone had got a level tea spoon I could borrow. Lucky for me they began to interpret anything I said like this as a joke. I was also lucky that at first I wore a shapeless white coat for cooking and so made friends with the girls. After someone managed to ruin it by beating out a small fire with it. Whilst I wasn’t wearing it of course. I had to wear an apron one of the girls gave me, then with my breasts being better displayed the boys began to be lot friendlier too.

I never had much trouble with the classes. I may have had to learn the long winded way now but I remember what I read and did what it said. Generally of course I find it hard to make intuitive leaps though I got better, if not good, at doing so. It is a faculty though that explains a lot why they are the makers and Bio-Bots are the imitators.

As I said, my literal nature was interpreted as humour and the mistakes it caused put down to human error. It also stopped me being a ‘goody two shoes’ as they referred to another girl. A definite negative it seemed so far as the others were concerned.

Mr Bannister began to enjoy my cooking so much that we had sex even less and he put on weight drastically. Luckily he had told me from the beginning to act completely human, and everyone knows humans aren’t particularly faithful, so when Jonathan Brady asked me around to dinner, I of course obliged on an evening that I knew Mr Bannister was going to be away on business.

I guessed what Jonathan wanted of me but nonetheless I ate the dinner. It was only mediocre but I had read that you had to lie in these situations so I enthused about his cooking diyarbakır escort then rubbed my breasts against him as though by accident. He was vigorous in bed and most pleasing though not overwhelmingly so because he wasn’t feeding my programming. I hadn’t asked him to bind and whip me as I had read in a magazine column headed Aunt Marie, that ‘Good girls’ don’t have sex on the first date. I knew I was very good anyway so had skipped that bit but thought I ought not to be too forward as to the whips and bonds as Auntie indicated as being too forward was contraindicated. Therefore I stuck to less honest but more human patterns.

My conditioning and programming gives me a very human personality. My basic drive is hedonistic. With the emphasis on sex and pleasure! Pleasure as I understand it, is the giving and receiving of sexual gratification. My conditioning, as I have said, is such that the greatest pleasure is through bondage and masochism. Of course if that were all, my owners would rapidly become bored with me. So the secondary conditioning is that I feel, embarrassed at the shameful humiliations heaped upon me.

Perhaps show is the better word for I do not really feel these emotions as strongly as a bio-pure, although I fight my bonds and often plead for release in such situations as they no doubt would. When I stop to think I wonder if bio-pure humans really operate like this or is it just that the overt and covert requirements programmed in me are more clearly defined? Ultimately, humiliation, shame blushing, pleadings, struggles, masochism and helpless sexual arousal and pleasure, are what I’m about. Anyway the top and bottom of it is that if I experience all these in sufficient quantities, I am fulfilling my program and I am happy no matter what surface show I give out.

My life got more pleasant the fatter Mr Bannister got. It left me so much more free time with Jonathan. Then Christopher, Then Henry. By the second date I had each of them, tying and abusing me. My submissive personae was in heaven!

Even the teasing and sexual torment in class that caused me to display embarrassment and made me to blush, also aroused me. Vincent wasn’t very interested in tormenting and teasing me as he wanted someone to make him wear nappies and mother him. He was a nice person in other ways so I was rather sorry that Mr Bannister hadn’t taken up the option of having me lactate but then I understand it is human to dump boyfriends so I dumped Victor. He was most upset as it was winter and the canal water very cold. Of course it got round that I had dumped Victor and the other girls laughed and said the pervert deserved it. I had to think about this long and hard.

Chapter 4

I had been with Mr Bannister nearly two years and he was nearly twenty-two stone. He determined that he had to go on a diet. To mark the occasion before he climbed on the wagon as he put it. He had me dress in one of my favourite outfits and took me out on a celebratory dinner. I had pulled my waist in to eighteen inches with a corset and my breasts sat in quarter cups that left my nipples exposed. My stockings were black and taught suspendered. The ankle strap shoes I wore had five inch heels which took me up to Mr Bannister’s shoulder. Over all this I wore a dress that was black and slinky. The other men in my life had commented on how good my make-up was but of course I don’t need make up unless I want my eye shadow to go with my outfit. Finally, as a gesture to the past, he ordered me to wear dildo and plug. I could not help be nervous about others seeing them or guessing they were there but of course that only excited me further.

The meal was delicious and my twin impalement delightful. I came quietly, but to Mr Bannister, very visibly. Before we got into the car on the way home he strapped my arms behind me at wrist and elbow. As he drove us from the car park I was servicing his penis, my helpless state arousing me. His stomach made this difficult but I persevered. I persevered so well that he lost control of the car and rammed a lamp post. They were two hours cutting us out. He expired moments before they did but I managed to give him pleasure to the end. Later the corona said that oral sex whilst in charge of a car is illegal, however, as a Bio-Bot I could in no way be held to blame as I was only carrying out my programming. His criticism of Mr Bannister concluded by saying that if he had spent a little less money on food, his seat belt would have fitted around him and if that same money had been spent on car maintenance his auto drive would have taken him home in manner that ensured his complete safety.

Later I learnt that Mr Bannister had completed papers made me his wife. I think it was so he could use me as a tax write off. Had I not been a Bio-Bot it would have been legal and I would have been a very wealthy woman. As it was I was just sold off with his other chattels.

Chapter 5

“This antalya escort is Class A-S Bio-Bot Serial No.34987110, programmed for masochism to legally permissible levels, bondage etc. Also full secretarial and PR skills plus a diploma indicating she is a Cordon Bleau cook. She was called Boobi by her last owner.”

“Wasn’t it this one that Laurel and Bannister were screwing when they died?”

“Well, yes. But their demise was entirely unrelated to this Bio-Bot.”

“Well I’m not too confident about that!”

“Sir, most men who can afford a unit like this tend to be past the first flush of youth. Some are living on borrowed time. So they died but they went the way they wanted.”

“Well I don’t want! Thank you very much!”

“This is Class A-S Bio-Bot Serial No.34987110, programmed for masochism to legally permissible levels, bondage etc. Also full secretarial and PR skills plus a diploma indicating she is a Cordon Bleau cook. She was called Boobi by her last owner.”

“She looks real neat. A real hot piece of fanny. I’ll call her Fanny.”

The salesman carried on as though he hadn’t had any buying signals, he was intent on selling me up in price. “She sure is. Just the thing for a young entrepreneur like yourself. Secretarial, PR, and cook. All this on top of being sexually hot and compatible with your own profile sir. I’m only asking three-hundred thousand credits. If you were to buy this sort of model right out the clinic she would cost you nearly half a million credits. What more could you wish for.”

Mr Brice, whose first name was Donald was tall skinny man of twenty-two years. He had won a considerable sum on the lottery and from the beginning he ordered me to call him master at all times. Laurel and Bannister had commanded me to only call them thus when we were alone. Similarly he only bought me clothes to wear that were skimpy, provocative or both. Neither facts as such were of any real concern to me but I blushed a lot and squirmed, managing to show off all my charms. I could see that all this made people uneasy when I was in public but Master seemed to revel in it.

At that time he had none of the beauty of a Bio-Bot or that I had seen in some human’s, nor had he the maturity that both my former owners had. He did have stamina though and for the first time I came near to full utilisation. It was as well he did for I had got used to acting human and I missed that freedom even though my conditioning to obey my master overrode any personal desires.

Once he did go too far though, as far as the police were concerned that is, I of course had no opinions about such matters just endured the shame and humiliation. Tight corseted, stockings and high heels and skimpy frock he led me leashed and gagged down the main street. That wasn’t the problem of course, such behaviour was frowned upon but so far as the humans were concerned it was just bad manners and though people might say things, they would do nothing. After all I was a Bio-Bot not a person.

Anyway, I was made to retain the dildo and plug in my body as I sashayed along behind him at the end of my leash. (I have degree of control but control is not part of my primary function of a Bio-Bot built for sex, especially one programed to be a masochistic submissive, turned on by bondage, abuse and humiliation, and of course it was this that caused me to be overwhelmed.) The movement engendered inside by my twin fillers ensured I came loudly and often during our stroll, blushing and moaning helplessly. The police stopped us and were going to prosecute him for carrying on in a manner likely to disturb the peace and frighten children. He had to promise he would be more circumspect in future and they let him off with a caution.

For a time after the warning from the police, Mr Brice went into a sulk. He stopped going out and found another way of showing of his wealth and me! He started to invite all and anybody who would come and visit. If they accepted his invitation he would show off his new found wealth by displaying his cars, his house his gardens and his Bio-Bot sub. He had purchased all manner of frames and machines on which to mount and display me and in time he used them all.

Perhaps it was the instance of police involvement that triggered subtle changes in me, they after all were the physical arm of the law and as such a Bio-Bot cannot knowingly break them. Though I’m inclined to think it was also all that time acting as a bio-pure and the reading I had done in my efforts to appear a one. Before I was commanded to act as a Bio-pure, sensations of shame, pain and humiliation had been almost academic. They were what my body displayed but inside, it were as though I were just watching myself. Even the pleasure my programmed libido gave me I experienced in a similar manner. I was a passenger in my own body and somehow divorced and uninvolved. Now for the first time since my commissioning, I began to sink into those same emotions and sensations for real. I began to feel overwhelmed by the shame and humiliation of what I was forced to endure and made helpless by processes of sexual arousal and orgasm.

The shame and humiliation built as the integration between programmed and learnt emotions continued and the realisation of my degradation grew too but perversely, so did the pleasure!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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