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BirthdayWell it all started months before my wife’s birthday when the discussion came up as to what she wanted for her birthday. She told me that all she wanted was to get away with me for an intimate sex filled weekend somewhere since I had been working out of town so much.She wanted some place that we could just stay in and stay naked for the entire weekend and just enjoy each other and relax. I looked at my current schedule and picked the only weekend I had available and started looking for reservations. I found a retreat that had these beautiful rental cabins in the mountains with a full kitchen, eight person hot tub, and a setting in the woods with peace and quiet not too far from home.Ann is a gorgeous petite Asian brunette with 36C very firm breasts, firm abs, and a bubble ass that just won’t quit. For 30 years old she’s been able to keep the body and looks of someone ten years younger by eating healthy and working out regularly. She is a justifiable MILF!Well she was very excited that it appeared it would all work out until about two weeks prior to her birthday weekend, when I received a call from work that an emergency had come up and I had to go out of town that weekend. Needless to say, she was pissed to no end. I tried my best to get out of work, but it looked like there was not going to be any way to get out of my work commitment. She told me regardless of whether I was going or not she deserved a weekend away. I told her that I would make it up to her some how, some way.While in our 12 years of marriage we’ve done everything imaginable sexually. We swing on occasion with other couples, females, and men to keep things healthy and satisfying for both of us, but we always do this together. This has always been the rule. Then I had an idea that I wasn’t sure she would go for. I decided to keep the reservations, and let her stay the weekend, but set up some other guys to stay with for her to fuck all weekend while she was there.I decided to approach her with the idea, which I really thought she would shoot down but to my surprise she was pissed enough at me to agree to it. I was in disbelief at her answer and sort of concerned since I didn’t figure in a million years that she would have agreed to it. Now what was I going to do. I couldn’t go back on my word, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to go through with it.Her alone for a whole weekend, fucking and sucking other guys while I was thousands of miles away. I had no choice. I planned it regardless of the out come. I met with some of our swinger friends and got some recommendations from them of some guys that they personally knew, but Ann and I did not. I met with seven or eight men and discussed the situation with them and decided on 3 of them who agreed to stay with her whom seemed like very decent and well built guys.They were all at least five years younger than her with the youngest being 23 years old. Joe and Alex were black and Steve was White. I gave them the rules of the weekend and the times to be there on Friday night and when to be out of the cabin by Sunday. I would drop her off on my way to the airport Friday, and pick her up Sunday on my way home.The rules that she and the guys agreed on were that she had to stay there the whole time, they could go out to eat or whatever they needed to as needed, but she could not go with them. She had to be blindfolded the entire time they were in the cabin or at least in the same room. She could only remove the blindfold when they left or went into another room and names had to be kept to a first name basis.I told them I would supply beer to drink and Viagra for them if they needed it, as well as lube, her toys, and a few new items that would be in the room to play with. I told them I would post video cameras in the cabin connected to a lap top to record the activities and that I could access the computer from my lap top with istanbul escort me anywhere so I could check in on them when I wanted with live video feed.If they needed something or had any questions, they could email me. All was set and ready to go, then on Wednesday I got a call that I didn’t need to fly out Friday. I was really happy, but it was too late to call this thing off. I decided I would be there to watch and participate without her knowing it and act like I was on my trip as planned.That Friday I took her to the cabin, ran the cameras and hooked everything up to make sure it was working. I brought out two new sexy corsets for her to wear and feel sexy in if she wanted to use them and I broke out a stockade they could restrain her in doggy style with a neck hoop and waist belt so she was completely immobilized. I told her the guys had a key and they would be there by 9 pm and she should be ready and blindfolded by then.I gave her a kiss, told her to have fun, take her birth control and left. I met the guys at a bar down the road and had a few drinks with them. I told them that my plans had changed, and that I would be there, but to act as if I wasn’t and to play along. They were good with that, and told me they would roll with it. At 9pm the guys turned up but not just the 3 guys I had planned for.There were 3 others as well. This wasn’t something I had planned. This was a lot of guys for Ann to deal with. They walked in to find Ann in a gold corset and blind fold sitting on the couch in the living room. They all introduced themselves and chatted a bit to get comfortable then had a few drinks and smoked some weed. Ann had a couple of drinks to ease her nervousness and they talked until it started to kick in.It was pretty easy to tell it was working when she started to touch herself and squirm in her seat. They moved to the bedroom and all of them removed their clothes. Ann knelt on the floor with them standing around her as she began to stroke and suck all their cocks one then the other. It was clear from the off she was shocked at the number of men she had to deal with.Finally after about 20 minutes Joe guided her to the stockade, bent her over the waist bar and locked in her hands, feet, waist and neck. Juan began to eat her pussy good while she sucked on Alex’s huge black cock. This was her first black cock and she couldn’t even see it. She was moaning and squirming into her restraints as Juan sucked and tongued her wet cunt.The drink she had drank was obviously a good idea, since there no obvious nervousness left in her as she began to moan how much she wanted a cock shoved in her pussy. Juan was the first to kneel behind her and slide his cock into her dripping unguarded love hole. Ann quivered and came as soon as his balls slapped her clit. She bit down on her lip as her body locked hard into her restraints.The guys were obviously wound up since Juan pounded at her pussy relentlessly until he groaned and slammed his meat into her releasing his cum deep inside my wife’s defenceless cunt. As he pulled out, cum trickled down the inside of her thighs. Steve nearly pushed Juan out of the way as he too couldn’t control himself and violently laid his pipe into her cum soaked box.He pulled out and shot two thick ropes of cum on her back and ass, then jammed his cock back in her to milk himself into her hot pussy. Alex moved in and with a little more control and started to ease his black meat into her steamy hole. This was the first of two black snakes that would try to breed my wife by the end of the weekend.It was amazing to see her take her first BBC and watch his pole slide in and out of her. I lost count of her orgasms by then and they were repeating every few seconds it seemed like as she moaned or screamed out for them to keep fucking her. Alex drove deep in avcılar escort her to empty his heavy black balls and to move aside for Joe. Joe followed suit, and as he sunk his cock into her straining and stretched pussy, cum foamed and oozed down her legs and onto the carpet.I had hardly noticed watching her fuck coal black man dick that she was sucking and cleaning each cock with her mouth as they finished. I saw they were not going to be out done by each other and as they finished they were popping the Viagra in order to keep on going. Joe grunted and thrashed as he rammed his huge black cock deeper and deeper into Ann.Her small frame was rocking from the force of his body banging against her. She was screaming like a wild a****l as he pushed every last inch of his enormous manhood in her over worked opening. Then he rammed one last time forcing in to the nuts and emptied his black potent seed deep in Ann. As she cleaned up Joe asked if she needed to get un-hooked to use the bathroom or get something to drink. Ann said all she needed some water and no sooner had she had a drink she was re-shackled this time even tighter and round two began. This went on for hours and hours. Her pussy was swollen stretched and battered with man seed.They turned my wife into a living breathing cum dumpster. Around 2am they were all pretty spent for the night and released Ann from her restraints. Her wrists, ankles, and waist were bruised and red with burns from her straining into her bonds. They led her to the bathroom to shower and freshen up, and to let her take off the blindfold for awhile.Then she came back out to the living room with her eyes covered and they all sat together and talked with her to relax before all of them fell asleep. Joe and Alex on the bed with her making a giant black and Asian sandwich and the others on the floor on either side of the bed. I dosed off in a chair in the corner of the bedroom to get a few winks of sleep before any more action took place.I awoke about 6 am, just as the light was peeking though the window shades. Everyone appeared to be asleep, until I looked on the floor to see Steve in the spoon position with his cock easing in and out of Ann’s asshole. I flipped my handheld camcorder back on and filmed as he gradually began pumping her back-door harder and harder. She had one of her ball gags in her mouth to quiet her groans a bit as he stroked her anus to his balls. He covered his face with a pillow as he blew his nuts into her ass to deafen the sound. As he did she shook into him and they came together on the carpet.They both seemed to fall back asleep instantly with his soft cock laying on her ass as his cum running down her left butt cheek. I went to the kitchen and made some coffee and watched some TV with the volume down as I reflected on what had been happening. I can’t tell you how many times I jerked myself off watching all this unfold last night and I knew since they had the whole day today what I was in store for. I dozed off thinking about it and awoke to grunts screams and moaning in the bedroom. I rushed in to find Ann face down flat on the bed as all the men took turn after turn fucking her pussy or ass.How she was taking it I’ll never know, but she handled it like a fucking porn star. This interchanging of men went on for hours since their balls were damn near dry from the night before. They came in her mouth, pussy, asshole and a few times they rolled her over and came on her beautiful tits and stomach. They finally got done around noon and they told her they were going to lunch.They would call her when they got close so she could put the blindfold back on, but this would give her eyes a while to re-adjust. I left with them and immediately flipped on my laptop to see what she was doing. We all ate a hell of a lunch and I saw she showered, ate, relaxed awhile then şirinevler escort slipped into the black corset which was cupless so her tits were exposed.She drank some wine and smoked a joint on the couch and relaxed a bit. When the guys got some food in them they all downed another Viagra and we went to the bar down the street for some beers. They called her to tell her they were on their way back so she could be ready for them. We returned around 3 pm to find her on the bed with a giant black dildo in her pussy.This was probably a bad idea since these guys were drunk and jacked up on hard on pills. They stripped off their clothes and pulled the rubber cock from her swollen battered wet pussy and basically hammered her immediately. They took turns just brutally ramming their dicks in her holes. Then Alex rolled her on top of him and as she rode his massive black cock in her pussy, Steve pushed into her asshole.She gasped in pain until they both were stroking her insides one then the other. Juan was in her mouth and as one came inside her another took their place. They were all cumming inside her pussy and telling her that with no birth control she would be bred her with a illegitimate baby. I wasn’t so sure they weren’t right. She probably would have more cum inside her in a weekend than I had dumped in her the last 5 years.By around 8 they were all spent. They gave her another break once all the guys had showered and went out for pizza. All they could talk about is how wonderful my wife was and how much fun they had had with her. Once they got back things slowed way down. They still took turns fucking her, but not in succession.This went on until everyone at some point fell asleep, then would wake up and give her some cock and fall back asleep. At eight am on Sunday all the guys showered, packed up their things, gave Ann a kiss and we all left. She stayed in bed a battered cum filled wreck as we left. She seem like she just ran two consecutive marathons.I returned around 3 pm to check her out of the cabin. I didn’t know how she would react, or even if she’d be happy to see me after sex like that. I was shocked when I walked in to find Ann laying on the bed being fucked by a complete stranger and another guy with his cock stuffed down Ann’s throat. They were both black and treating my wife like a trailer park whore. I froze as Ann screamed and yelped from each thrust.I don’t think she even knew these guys were not planned as she was blindfolded. The black cock that was being driven into her pussy was truly massive and the one she was sucking was no smaller. The guy being sucked just looked up at me and said “You must be the husband. We heard about her at the bar last night and decided to help ourselves”.As he finished speaking the guy fucking her started to jerk and pumped his black seed into Ann’s cunt. They quickly swapped and the second guy rammed his cock into her. She was screaming from the size she was taking. It sounded like they were ripping her in two as the second guy forced every last inch into her gaping hole. It wasn’t long before he to was dumping his seed into her pussy.He reached down and pulled the blindfold off of Ann. Smiled and just said to her “You fucking womb is full now bitch”. They both dressed and left smiling at me as they walked past both knowing there was little I could do about there actions. Ann looked at me and said she had a fucking great weekend and I was the best husband in the world.She dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock like a vampire sucking the blood from their victim. I came in her mouth almost instantly, and then she pulled me to the bed and sucked me hard again. She rolled on her back to show me her battered pussy and asshole. I slid my cock in to a unrecognisable sex hole. It was stretched, swollen and sloppy beyond belief.It almost felt like she had been torn open. Some how it felt so good inside her. I banged away at her sloppy tunnel until I shot my own load deep in her, then we left for home. She told me in detail all about the weekend as if I hadn’t been there to witness the relentless fucking. She could barely stand, walk, or even sit in the car seat her bottom side was so sore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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