Birthday Suits in the Office

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Another one I wrote in one sitting, just now. Hope it passes muster. Feel free to let me know.


Felicia McKenzie is the newest girl in the office, and in my opinion, not particularly needed. By new, she’d been with us at Drexler Trucking for six months. We were a small company and didn’t have any attrition… yet. Felicia mostly managed the calls and incoming mail, but considering the only other people in the building were me, Birdy Spears and Tom Drexler, our boss, it wasn’t a lot to manage.

Drexler Trucking is nothing more than agent for freelance truck drivers, though Tom started as one himself. He built his business from the ground floor, never taking a course, or even a seminar in how to run a business. He did well despite that. Birdy and I keep busy scheduling deliveries between drivers and clients, while Tom keeps busy securing new clients and drivers, as well as selling insurance policies and more. There’s actually several revenue streams these days, but Tom handles most of the oddball stuff.

Still, while Birdy and I kept busy, we could have handled any work that Felicia was doing. We did it before he hired her on, anyway. Birdy and I were in the cramped office kitchen, having coffee one morning, before anyone else arrived, when she said, “I think Tom brought Felicia on for the eye candy. Did you notice what she was wearing yesterday?”

“What she was NOT wearing,” I scoffed.

Felicia was beautiful. She had a model’s face, was tall and thin, but still had an hourglass figure, I’m guessing she’s a c-cup. I’m shorter and athletic, and certainly my B’s are nothing to scoff at, but I don’t flaunt it like Felicia. I think she likes people to watch, and based on what she wore yesterday, she took it pretty far.

Felicia came in wearing a short, dark blue skirt, with no pantyhose. She had a matching-colored jacket, and a thin, white blouse. She kept the jacket open most of the day. By “thin blouse,” I mean transparent. Underneath, one could clearly see a lacy, red bra, barely covering the essentials. Tom must have come out to speak to her on at least a half dozen occasions. Any other time, he would have zipped her a text, or an email, for such trivial matters.

In the kitchen, Birdy continued, “Debbie, I’m telling you, ever since Tom’s divorce came through, Felicia’s been turning it up. Have you noticed?”

“I suppose so,” I said.

Tom caught his wife cheating over a year ago. It wasn’t until two months ago that they finalized everything. I couldn’t fathom why she did it, because Tom was a catch. Handsome, driven, successful. Based on what I’ve heard, Tom’s wife begged him to forgive her, but he wouldn’t let it go.

I want to stay professional, and wouldn’t dare risk my job security, but if I knew I had a chance with Tom Drexler, even if it was remote, I likely would have taken it. I’d been working for Tom for over three years, and sure, he and I lightly flirted on the rare occasion, but nothing beyond acceptable social norms. I’m pretty sure he flirted with Felicia, more in these past six or eight weeks, than with me, in all my time at the company. I can’t say I wasn’t a tad bit jealous.

I reminded Birdy about more acts of immodesty Felicia had recently committed. “Did you see she went braless last Friday?”

Birdy quickly peeked out the door to the hall, to ensure she couldn’t be heard. “Yeah, I was gonna bring that up. I’m noticing something about the way she dresses.”

“Barely dresses,” I scoffed again. I repeated to Birdy what I’d been thinking in my head. “Felicia likes to flaunt it, doesn’t she?”

Speaking of flaunting it, if there was anyone who could do that, better than even Felicia, it was probably Birdy. Birdy is an inch or two taller than me, and she isn’t as slim, but that might have more to do with her ample chest, age and biological make-up. Of Russian and Scandinavian decent, her breasts made bowling balls look inadequate. She had firm, but thick thighs, and a bubbly ass. She was a bit broader than the average girl, but her curves made everything work.

Like me, Birdy didn’t use much make-up, so we couldn’t compete with Felicia there. That woman knew how to bring out the best in her features, with all her complex make-up routines. Unlike me, Birdy was a natural beauty, barely a skin blemish ever. I had to apply cover-up now and then.

Birdy had also been with the company the longest, almost ten years, and she was Tom’s first hire. I’m guessing she was even more of a knock-out back then, but as far as I could tell, there had never been any impropriety in Tom and Birdy’s relationship. She was also married, and spoke fondly of her husband, Keith. Being extra cautious, for whatever reason, Birdy closed the door leading to the hall and whispered, “Look, I’ve got an idea and I want you to play along.”

Intrigued, I lifted a brow and said, “What exactly are you thinking?”

“Like I said, I noticed something about the way she dresses, and if I know people, I have the perfect plan to kick trabzon escort her down a notch or two. Well-deserved, I think.”

“I’m still not following,” I said. “I need details.”

“Okay, let me preempt this with some basic facts,” said Birdy. “Last Friday, when Birdy went braless, she was wearing a number that help keep her tits held tight, but she had an elastic in the top. It pushed her boobs up considerably, and only added to her bounce that day.”

“Uh.. okay…”

“And yesterday, that bra? Yeah, it was pretty sexy, but did you notice the straps?”

“No, I don’t think.”

“An inch thick. Take it from me, I know which bras are needed, for what kinds of tits. She’s making hers look far more perkier than they really are. I’ll bet she would never want Tom to know, either.”

“Are you suggesting stripping her in front of Tom? Birdy, no way, even that is going too far. And you know, if that is the case with her, it’s not really something to make fun of. Those clothes help women feel-“

“Oh, shut it, Debbie! Felicia prances around, trying to give Tom a boner all day. Know what? It’s worked! I’ve seen it.”


“Not even kidding. Saw it yesterday, in fact. Tom was sporting an erection while standing behind Felicia’s desk, when looking over at her. I don’t think she could see it, but I could, since my desk is right across.”

“Jesus,” I whispered.

Birdy smirked. “It was pretty impressive. Rivals Keith’s, I think.”

Birdy had mentioned a time or two, without getting too vulgar, that her husband was well-endowed. “Birdy, you know how I crush on Tom. Don’t tell me there’s something else perfect about him.”

She laughed and elbowed me. “It’s ridiculous behavior, Deb. Felicia knows what she’s doing, trying to be the office pet. Frankly, it’s inappropriate. I think this little plan I have concocted will simply put her in check.”

“Well, even if she succeeded in being the “office pet” as you call it, wouldn’t Tom be seeing her naked, anyway?”

“Maybe, but only after winning him over through the false advertising.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m telling you, Debbie, if Felicia’s tits didn’t sag, she would be wearing less than she already does now. That’s the type of girl she is. We are going to use this knowledge against her, to embarrass her. Just a touch. Just enough to make her know her place. The end result? To get her to come to work dressed professionally.”

“But stripping her? It’s assault, for one, and-“

“No Debbie, I have a plan. An actual plan. But I really need you to play along.”

“Fine, if you’re certain this will stop Felicia from throwing herself at Tom all the time.”

“I’m positive so,” said Debbie, smiling broadly.

Before Debbie could continue, the door opened and Felicia entered, empty coffee cup in hand. “Oh, hey ladies. I thought I must have been the first to arrive today. Why’s the door closed?”

“Must have just swung back or something,” said Birdy. She moved out of the way as Felicia made her way to the coffee machine.

“Thank God you already have some made. Thank you!”

Felicia turned to us, and I finally noticed her dress. A beige top, molding into a mid-length skirt, like a professional summer dress, if there were such a thing. Though it wasn’t transparent, it looked like Felicia had mounted cones inside them. Her bra, in some way, made her breasts look bigger and pointier than usual. It certainly forced a lot of “jiggle,” and I was certain this outfit would be even more interesting to Tom, than what she wore yesterday.

“I’m in,” I muttered to Birdy.

“In what?” asked Felicia, not knowing the context.

Birdy picked up on my meaning, nodding at me. “Deb and I were just discussing Tom’s birthday, it’s tomorrow, you know. Typically it’s on the last day of the month and that’s how I remember it, but this is a leap year. Anyway, we decided we’re going to do the same thing we do every year on his birthday, even though you’re with us now.”

“Even though I’m with you?” asked Felicia, perplexed. She poured cream into her coffee. “Of course I’m with you. I ordered the cake, remember? I’ve been sending all the cards to his desk, too, so I’m aware it’s tomorrow. But Debbie told me we are not to bring gifts for Tom, because he doesn’t like it. Oh, and we’re ordering Chinese!”

“No, no, that’s not what I’m talking about,” said Birdy. “Debbie and I have a tradition we do only on Tom’s birthday. You’re not really in on the joke, so we wouldn’t ask you to consider.”

Felicia looked to me. “A tradition?”

“She’ll explain,” I said, pointing to Birdy, acting as if I knew all about it. I wasn’t sure what Birdy had up her sleeve, in order to get Felicia topless in front of Tom, but I had faith in her.

Felicia turned back to Birdy for the explanation and said, “Well, I know I’m new, but I’m willing to join along in any tradition. What do we do? Sing him happy birthday, or something?”

“We escort trabzon do, actually,” responded Birdy. “The very moment he walks through the door. Every year, without fail.”

“Well, sure, I’ll do that!” cheered Felicia.

“Stark naked,” said Birdy, flatly. There was silence. Felicia’s breath had been sucked out of the room, I think. Mine, too. Certainly, Birdy had a plan that wouldn’t entail she or I actually getting naked.

“Wait… what?” muttered Felicia. “Naked? Why naked?”

“Our birthday suits,” quipped Birdy, as she bounced on her toes for a moment. “From head to toe, baby. It all started from a joke, but yeah, Deb and I go naked every year for Tom’s birthday.”

With fear in her eyes, Felicia looked back to me. I gave my best ‘yeah-it’s-true’ nod, but I wasn’t sure if it was convincing. It seemed to pass.

“What do you mean, go naked? You just sing to him naked when he gets here?”

“All day, Felicia. It’s our birthday present to him, really. It’s how it all started. See, Tom refuses to allow us to buy him anything, as you know. He thinks it is unethical. Well, the first year Deb was here, I told her we couldn’t buy him anything for his birthday, but that Tom was the type that would give us the shirt off his back, if we needed it.”

“Okay? And that led you to getting naked?” asked Felicia. I, too, stepped closer, wanting to hear Birdy’s story.

“Well, Deb said that WE ought to give him the shirt off our backs, for being such an excellent boss. Tom was in the room when she said it, and it was cheesy, and got some laughs. Well, by the time his birthday rolled around, Deb and I made a pact that we would actually do it.”

“Give him the shirt off your back?” Felicia asked. “You’re serious.”

“Oh, we decided to make it everything,” said Birdy, waving her off. “It’s a birthday, so birthday suits seem appropriate. Anyway, it’s harmless. Tom does tend to spend a lot more time at our desks, or calling us into meetings. It’s all in good fun.”

Felicia’s jaw dropped. Eyeing Birdy up and down, I think I saw a spark of envy in her, even fear. And not just the fear of being naked. Rather, it was the fear that Birdy, being naked in front of Tom, would trump anything Felicia could offer.

“You… you really do this?”

“Sure do. Right, Deb?”

I had to clear my voice, before agreeing. “Yup. Every year. Without fail.” Somehow I managed to even add to the story, wanting it to sound authentic to Felicia, so I added, “I was worried, with you here, and not knowing about this, that Birdy and I would have to stop doing it. She’s changed my mind, because we know you’d be cool with it.”

“Continuing the tradition,” laughed Birdy. “I should have been doing it before you got here, Deb. It’s the best casual dress day there is.”

I laughed with Birdy, nodding. “Too bad he doesn’t have more birthdays in a year!”

Now Felicia was gauging me, scoping me up and down. I could see it. It wasn’t just Birdy who she felt threatened by, and for some reason, it gave me joy. Felicia tried to act as if it was no bother.

“Oh… well, I guess that does sound fun. And you do this every year?” she asked, wanting reaffirmation.

“Every year,” said Birdy, assertively. “Harmless fun. You in?”

“Oh, well, I… I… don’t-“

“That’s why Deb was so worried we shouldn’t do it, because she knew you wouldn’t want to participate.” Felicia scowled at me as Birdy continued. “But I said, even though you won’t do it, you won’t give a shit that we do. Right, honey?”

Felicia heaved in. “Well, I can… I guess… I can…”

I jumped up, clapping, “Yay!! This will be so much fun with you!”

“We arrive in our trench coats and nothing more,” said Birdy. “You got one?”

Felicia nodded.

“Good. When he parks out back and walks around the lot, to the front entrance, we drop the coats the moment he comes through the door. Coats stay off the rest of the day, so be sure to let them drop completely… for effect. Just like last year, and the year before, right, Deb?”

I nodded, smiling and agreeing yet again to the lies. But now I knew what was going on. Birdy and I would wear something underneath, leaving Felicia exposed, and subject to this rather cruel practical joke. I almost felt bad about it, until I remembered how she had been doting all over Tom, flaunting her body, without so much as an ounce of humility.

“You guys are crazy,” huffed Felicia, shaking her head.

“He’s usually here by 9, so we’re here at 8:45 just in case. Just come in the trench coat, don’t even bother wearing anything else.”

Felicia nodded, not looking convinced. When she finally left the room, I whisper-screamed to Birdy. “Are you serious? For a moment there, I thought we were gonna have to go naked.”

Once again we were interrupted before Birdy could answer, this time when Tom barged through the open door. “Coffee!! Tell me it’s ready! I just got done talking to trabzon escort bayan Paul Henderson on the drive over. That guy drives me nuts.”

Quickly, Felicia rushed to the door again, closing it.

“Hey, what’s with that?” asked Tom, acknowledging the strange behavior. “You girls ganging up on me?”

“In a manner,” said Birdy. “Look, if Felicia brings up that we wear our birthday suits on your birthday, go along with it.”

Tom hadn’t yet poured his coffee and stopped. “Wear our birthday suits?”

“Me and Deb, not you. We told her every year, we go naked on your birthday. We’re playing a little harmless prank on Felicia.”

“Now, wait a minute. Is this something to do with some kind of office squabble?”

“No, of course not,” said Birdy. “I think Felicia is… adequate… in her job.” She shifted her eyes to me. “But trust us, Felicia needs this. I’ve been working with you ten years. Can you give me this?”

Tom sighed, shaking his head. “It’s nothing that’s going to get me in trouble?”

“Of course not,” assured Birdy. “But don’t act shocked when you see us naked.”

My heart stopped. “We?”

“Of course, Deb. It would be unfair any other way.”

“I don’t want to hear any more. I know nothing.” Tom quickly poured his coffee, taking it black, and bolted out, saying in passing, “You girls… I’ll never understand you.”

“So you are serious? Naked?” I wanted to slap her.

“Deb, you know it’s the right thing to do.”

“How can you ask me to do that?”

“Are you kidding me? To get back at Felicia, of course.”

“I can’t go naked!”

“Why not?”

“I’m.. I’m not like that… I just can’t-“

“Oh please, you’ve known Tom for years and you’re hot as hell. Cutest girl in the city. Big deal if he sees your tits and ass!”

I wasn’t sure how serious Birdy was, goading me on. I was shaking.

She continued, “Come on, it’ll be fun, and I can promise you one thing. Your tits will be way hotter than Felicia’s.”

“I think you got us both beat,” I laughed.

Birdy laughed back. “Only if he likes big tits and I have no idea if he does. Tom’s always been a pro. Never one stupid big tit joke in my entire time here. Hell, I get more from my own brother.”

“I don;t know if I can do this,” i said.

“Don’t worry. You’ll find the courage. And hey, there is one thing you should consider.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Tom is going to be seeing ALL of you. I’ve seen you two flirt from time to time… anyway, you can measure how much Tom digs you.”

I had no problem getting naked in front of boyfriends I’d had in the past. Hell, with enough alcohol, I might even get a bit racy, so why should I fear being naked in front of Tom, no matter who else would be in the room? I wasn’t sure how I pulled it off, but I did. We all did.

Birdy, Felicia and I were dressed in our trench coats (a common item in our humid environment), standing near the door. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” said Felicia, sweating.

I wanted to say, “Me, neither,” but refrained.

“Don’t forget.” said Birdy. “The moment he comes through, drop it all, and sing in unison.” I think she was enjoying this, as she pushed on. “My favorite part, is when we all gather in the kitchen to share the cake.”

“The cake,” Felicia gasped. a light bulb going off. “We have two deliveries today. The Chinese and the cake. Who’s going to take them?”

“You, of course,” said Birdy. “It is, after all, your job.”

Birdy was being so mean, I thought, yet held to the plan, keeping silent.

“Maybe.. .maybe Deb could do one of them?” Felicia pleaded.

I sighed, “Maybe. We’ll see how busy I am.” Why I was agreeing to such things was beyond me.

Just then, the door burst open, Tom being his usual self. He’s tall and slender, but moves like an elephant. He doesn’t stomp around in anger, he’s just naturally heavy footed. As if we had trained for decades, the moment the door hit the stopper, all three of us threw the coats off our backs, allowing them to hit the floor.

“Happy birthday to you!” started Birdy and I quickly joined. Felicia picked up behind us. “Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear Tom! Happy birthday to you!”

Birdy’s arms were rose high in the air, and Felicia and I followed her actions. One thing was for certain, Tom had an immediate reaction. I noticed him, before the other two girls. He may have been warned we would be naked, but it didn’t help his situation. A raging boner shot out, tenting his slacks. A lot.

It was then that I got a good look at Birdy and Felicia. I don’t know if Birdy has ever had any work done, but even though she has utterly enormous tits, they have a perfect teardrop shape to them, with the nipples perched high on the heavy mounds. My tits are firm and perky, full, but not big.

Felicia, on the other hand, had what one would consider big tits, even if they couldn’t compete in size to Birdy’s. They were heavily sloped, like once they probably jutted out like rockets, without the use of a bra. Gravity was just beginning to take its toll, even if she were young. I could tell she was insecure by it, by the manner in which she tried to cover them. In some way, it made her vulnerable… even sexy. I had to admit, her tits were still beautiful, even with the natural sag.

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