Birthday Surprise

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I’d have to say the most sexually prolonged, and how would you put it, debauched experiences I’ve ever been involved with I guess would be when I first had a hard cock deep in my ass.

Here let me tell you about it: well its my 25 birthday and my husband says he has something that I’d really enjoy.

He blind-folds me outside and leads me through the house.

I must have become confused somewhere, because it seems as if were heading into his workout room. But I find I’m not, as I feel the firmness of his workbench on my bottom as he sits me down. He pulls my skirt off before spreading my legs wide tying something soft around my ankles that was already attached to the legs of the bench. I can feel my pussy starting to dampen’ as I anticipate what he is planning to do. He pulls of my blouse over my shoulders and completely off. he cups my overflowing lacy bra running his teeth over my hard aching nipples before pulling it off and putting it with the rest of my discarded cloths.

He lies me down in only my lacy garters, stalking and my g-string. He pulls me down until my ass is hanging over the edge of the workbench. He leans down and takes a whiff of my wet pussy before taking my hands over my bursa escort head and tying them to something above me. He takes the blind fold off telling me I look so beautiful lying there ready for pleasure.

I love the feeling of having no control over what is happening to me. He kneels down and starts playing with my breasts squeezing pulling and pinching my aching pink nipples until I’m screaming out for him to fuck me. He runs his hand down my torso beneath my panties to my shaved pussy thrusting two fingers in deeply then not moving them. I moan out my frustration, but he says I’m not ready yet and he stops touching me. He stands up and starts taking his cloths off, as he exposes his hard cock, my mouth starts to water, wondering if I’ll get to suck it. He brings it close to my face running it along my chin, I try to lick it with my long tongue, but he pulls away saying I can suck it later.

He tells me it’s my turn for ultimate pleasure and starts pulling at my tits again, leaving his cock just out of my reach but in my constant vision until he moves back between my wide spread legs.

“These are nice panties” he tells me “but I said not to wear any, you deserve punishment but I’ll let it go for now bursa escort bayan since it is your special day.”

He stokes my panties with his hand, before he grabs them and rips them off. I’m moaning and twisting on the bench just wanting to come, he has a bottle of baby oil and squirt it all over my prone body rubbing it slowly all over me. He starts with my neck, not forgetting to pinch and pull at my large hard nipples. he runs his hands down to my wetness but only along my wet lower outer lips not the inside where I crave his touch. He moves down to my ticklish feet at which time he release me, my feet at least, long enough to turn me over and he pulls my legs wide open.

He pulls the ties around my knees. He leaves me there with my ass sticking in the air my arms thrust above my head. He starts giving by back the same treatment slowly sliding his hands all over my back, but leaves my ass and pussy for last. He rubs his oily hands along my ass cheeks spreading them wide apart, sticking his tongue deep into my ass before running his wet hands up and down my crevasse. He finds my hard nub pushing it back and forth pulling and tugging it making my hot hole drip. He thrusts two fingers deep into my dripping escort bursa pussy and his thumb into my ass thrusting and pushing as deep as he could.

He brings his hard cock to my hot wet cunt hole dipping a little in side. He slid it to my clit rubbing it around and around. he takes it all the way to my ass back to my pussy hole teasing me with it back and forth over and over before he thrusts deep and hard into my eager pussy thrusting two wet fingers deep into my ass giving me hard fast plunges.

“oohhhh I’m coming,” I scream out.

He completely pulls out of my leaving me right on the edge.

“Now are you ready for your birthday present” he taunts me

“yess, ooh yess” I moan out over and over.

“I’m going to fuck that pretty ass of yours. It’s driving me crazy” I was a little apprehensive about having that big cock in my tight little hole but I need my release

“Oh yes, yes fuck my ass” I moan. He pours some worm oil down my ass and starts to rub it around my little hole getting it nice and slick he rubs his hard cock up and down getting it slippery before he sinks his hard cock a little at a time until he’s deep in my newly opened rear hole.

Oh the feeling, I feel so full as he stays so still letting me get use to him, then pulls almost all the way out and thrusting hard back into me. The pain pleasure is making my come over and over again until he spills his seed deep inside of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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