Blondie/Dennis The Menace: The New Babysitter

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Blondie/Dennis The Menace: The New BabysitterBlondie/Dennis The Menace: The New Babysitter (Or When Dennis Meets Blondie)by Sniper32One Friday night Dennis was introduced to his new babysitter, a nice younglady named Blondie Bumsted. She was a 35 years old friend of his mother, shewas a stunning 5’9, slimmed hipped, long legs, a nice ass and a perfect setof 38c breasts.Denise’s parents Henry and Alice were going out for dinner and dancing fortheir anniversary and would be gone most of the night.Now as everybody knows Dennis is a handful to say the least, and as boys tend to be when there parents are way, get into the most trouble, thisnight would be know different.Dennis had been having these funny feelings in his private areas for awhileand when he saw Blondie his hormones went into over drive, as she was as hotas his mother and he just knew tonight was going to be fun.So around 6:00 Blondie started to get dinner ready, Dennis asked if he couldhelp. She put him to work making the salad, Dennis kept bumping into her whenever he could, brushing against her ass and when ever he reached across thecounter he would “inadvertently” brush his hand across her chest, after doingthis a few times Blondie’s nipples were poking out quite nicely, but she wasquite innocent of Denise’s advances and thought nothing about what he wasdoing. She may not have understood but Dennis was getting very turned on byall of this and decided to press on.While she was standing by the sink washing the veggies, Dennis seemed to getunder foot a lot and as short as he was he could look up her short skirt andsee that she was wearing very brief white lace pantie’s, not a lot ofmaterial there at all. So he kept going into cabinets that she was standingnext to or in front of by crawling between her legs, his head kept rubbingher pussy through her pantie’s and she was getting very turned on by this butshe kept thinking to herself, ‘He’s only a k*d who doesn’t know what he’sdoing.’So after dinner was done she told Dennis that it was time for his bath, andshe went upstairs to get the tub ready for him, she filled up the tub andDennis got undressed right there in front of her and she got the biggestshock of her life. Dennis was hung like a small horse, his cock was at least7″ long by 2″ round while soft so she knew it would be much longer andthicker when hard. So Dennis jumped into the tub and started splashing aroundand getting Blondie soaking wet, her white blouse was pretty much see threwby now, and her white lacy bra faired no better, Dennis could see her breastsperfectly, and started to get very excited.”Blondie will you please wash my back for me?” Dennis asked.”Sure Dennis, turn around,” as he turned around so she could reach his backhe splashed her even more. As she started to lean over to wash him, her handslide out from under her and she slipped half way into the tub, now from thewaist up she was soaked to the skin, but when she was slipping her other handhad shot out to stop her from falling in even more it had landed right onDenise’s cock.”OH MY GOD, Dennis it’s huge!” she exclaimed.Dennis then stood up in the tub with his cock pretty much at Blondie’s eyelevel. Being as he was very excited by now he was fully erect, he was atleast 11′ long and 4’ round. Blondie had never seen a penis that big in herlife, and her hand had a life of it’s own, reached up and grabbed him andstarted to stroke him.”Oh that feels good” Dennis said “Why don’t you get out of your wet clothesand come into the tub and we can wash each other.”Without 1xbet yeni giriş much thought Blondie started stripping off her wet cloths right thenand there.”Wow Mrs. B you are as pretty as my mom, but why do you have hair betweenyour legs, my mother doesn’t?”Blondie was shocked “How do you know that your mom doesn’t have any hair downthere Dennis?””Well can you keep a secret Mrs. B?””Sure, Dennis.””Well, my mom has a bunch of pictures of her naked in a box in her bedroomcloset and last week I saw them, my mom saw me with them and saw my naked andwe’ve been having sex every day until my dad gets home.””What do you mean your having sex with your mother?” she exclaimed.”My mom saw my penis and just went nuts, she started to suck on it and thenI came, then she got it hard again and let me put it in her pussy until Icame again and she has been showing my different positions all week long.””I was not to tell anybody but you are so hot and have the same look as mymom when she saw my penis, so I figured I could tell you, but you can’t tellanybody else, OK?””OK I will not tell anybody else, so show me what you and your mom have beendoing.””Do you want to do it in the tub or in my bedroom on the bed?””Well, lets start here and see were it goes, I must get that cock of yourshard again.”So she starts stroking Denise’s cock, up and down, slowly licking it from thebase to the top getting it all nice and hard, after a few minutes of this sheengulfs his now rock hard cock with her hot wet mouth, trying to take as muchof his cock down her throat as she possibly could. “Wow Dennis I can only getabout 3/4 of this huge slab of man meat down my throat.””That’s ok Mrs. B, my mom can only get it all the way down her throat about1/2 the time, but it feels so good when you try to get it all the way in likeyour doing, your throat is so tight, it feels like a tight glove is massagingmy cock, I’m going to cum soon if you keep this up.”So now Blondie starts deepthroating Denise’s cock to the point were she’sstarting to gag, but she is determined to get it all in, finally after about5 minutes of this she gets it all the way down her throat.”I’m cumming Mrs. B” Dennis hollered as he stated slamming his cock in andout of Blondie’s mouth. “OHHHHHHH” Dennis hollered, as he started pumping outshot after shot of his cum down his babysitter’s throat, blast after blast ofit, he was shooting off so much of it that it started coming out the sides ofBlondie’s hot mouth and running down her chin, on to her breasts.”Oh my god Dennis, I’ve never ate so much cum in my life, do you always cumso much?””Ya, my mom said the same thing the first time, but yea I seem to cum a lot.I also can get hard really fast after I do cum, over and over again. Mom andme have done it 6 time in one afternoon.””Really, well let me clean up in the tub and then you and I are going to headto your room and see what pops up next,” said Blondie with a wink as she bentdown in the tub’s water to washing herself off when Dennis came over behindher and started to rub her pussy and ass from behind.”Oh Dennis you wicked little boy, you don’t waste any time do you?””Well mom usually gets really hot and wet after doing what we just did, so Ithought that I would see if you were like that also.” So Dennis started torub Blondie’s pussy and clit quite vigorously, rolling his fingers up andover her clit. “Wow Mrs. B you are really hot and wet, your juices are justdripping out of you.””Dennis that feels so good,” Blondie moaned, “Start using you fingers 1xbet giriş insideof me. Yeah, like that,” as Dennis started with two fingers ramming them inand out of Blondie’s hot wet twat, faster and faster. “Oh yea just like that!Oh right there! OH GOD!” she yelled as she started thrusting her hips and assback against Denise’s hand, her legs started to quiver. “I’M CUMMING !!!!!!”she yelled out, “More Dennis More, stick more of your fingers in there.””Mrs B. swing around and sit on the ledge of the tub, I want to eat you outwhile I’m fingering you, mom loves that, so should you.”So she swung around and sat on the ledge, and spread her long legs out wide,Dennis got his head in between her thighs and put his tongue on her clit andstarted sucking on it while he slide three fingers up in to her drippingsnatch and started pumping in and out, faster and then slow, then faster thanslower.Blondie was in heaven, she couldn’t get her husband to go down on her to savehis life, but here she was being eaten out by a pint sized pro, the likes ofwhich she had never been eaten out in her whole life. She was cummmming likecrazy, so after about 10 minutes of this, the nerves in her pussy and clitwere so sensitive she needed a break.”Dennis stand up, it’s time to get you hard again, so he stood up and slidehis semi hard cock between her lips, she started to suck and slurp on hiscock, playing with his balls getting his so very nice and hard again. Thenshe reached over and grabbed the bottle of baby oil and put some oil betweenher breasts, “Dennis have you ever titty fucked your mom yet?””No what’s that?””Here place your cock between my breasts and rock back and forth while Isqueeze them together.”So Dennis started rocking and thrusting back and forth, and every time thetop two inches of his huge cock poked out of top Blondie sucked on it.”Wow that feels great but how about you get down on all fours and let me showyou something that will really feel great.””OK but take it slow at first Dennis, I’ve never had a penis that big before,so go slow until I get use to it.” So she got down, bent over the side of thetub and Dennis started to slide his cock into one very hot, wet, and tightbabysitter pussy.”OH GOD your so big,” she said as Dennis got about 1/2 way into her pussy,”give me a minute and then give me some more.”So Dennis started to slide his cock back out and slide it back in feedingBlondie a little bit more with each thrust until he got it all in, then hestarted pumping it back and forth, ramming it in to her, using long strokes,every time he he slammed it into her his balls slapped against her clit,the sensation of having a large cock in her nice tight pussy was seriouslypushing all of her buttons, she started to cum almost immediately.”Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah, give it to me, slam that massive dick into my hot cunt,Mmmmphhhhhhhhhh!!! Oh Dennis that feels so good, slam it in my hot hole,faster faster, slap my ass!!””Mrs. B your hole is so tight and wet this feels even better than when I domy mom.””Well if you like that you’ll love this,” as she started to contract hervagina muscles around his dick. This was an incredible feeling to Dennis, hestarted to savagely fuck his babysitter’s pussy, slamming his cock in all theway in, then pulling it back out until just the tip was in her, then slammingit back to the hilt. Blondie had never been fucked like this before and herpussy was gushing her love juices so much that it was running down her legs.Dennis started to pump load after load of his cum into 1xbet güvenilirmi her. When the firstload of cum hit the back of Blondie’s womb she had the largest orgasm she hadever had in her life, it had felt like Dennis had shot a gallon’s worth ofcum into her pussy, as he continued to fuck her, his and her cum was nowrunning down her legs in a small stream.Dennis finally pulled out of her ravaged pussy with a sloppy “plop”, but wasstill hard as a rock. Blondie asked him, “Have you ever fucked your mother inher ass?””Ew that sounds gross Mrs. B” Dennis said.”You don’t know what your missing Dennis, some women really like that done tothem, like me. I love it, but you must always ask first before you do this asmost girls don’t like it, or had a bad experience when they tried it, do youwant to fuck me in my ass Dennis?””OK, if you think you will like it, I’ll try it for you,” Dennis said.”The first thing we need to do is oil up my hole very, very well as you areso large and thick.” So Blondie took the baby oil and had Dennis squirt a lotoil in to her butthole. “Now normally we would cover your cock with oil forextra lubrication but that piece of meat is pretty well covered with ourjuices, so slowly put it in, very, very slowly.”Dennis was again behind her and slowly started to put the head of his cockinto Blondie’s ass “OWWWOWW OH GOD YOUR SPLITTING ME APART, BUT IT FEELS SOGOOD! A little more Dennis. Slowly inch it in there a little bit at a time.That feels so good. OH YEAH! More, more! Go gently while pulling it in andout. OH GOD!! THATS SUCH A HUGE DICK YOU HAVE!!!” she screamed as Dennisfinally got it all in her. “When you pull it back out pour some oil on yourcock and slide it back in, but don’t pull it all the way out as that wouldhurt my ass.””Mrs. B your ass is so tight it feels like a vise around my cock,” Dennissaid as he started to pull out of her ass until just the tip of his cock wasstill in her quivering ashole. Dennis then poured some baby oil on the restof his dick and crammed his cock back into Blondie’s now seriously ravagedass hole.Blondie never in her life felt the feelings she was experiencing, shestarted to have one big orgasm after another as Dennis rammed into her ass,completely penetrating her with every thrust. ‘This must be what it feels like to be fucked by a horse,’ she thought.”Ung! Ung! Ha! He! Oh! Oh! Ow!” she screamed as her and Denise’s cum wasbeing pushed out of her cunt from there first fuck a half hour ago, plus whatshe had added to it from this awesome ass fucking that she was receiving.”Mrs. B, I’m going to cum,” and then Dennis let loose the mother of allorgasms, completely flooding Blondie’s bowel’s with shot after shot of histhick milky hot cum. Blondie had one more massive orgasm about the same timeas Dennis.”Well, that was a lot of fun Mrs. B. Will you be my new babysitter from nowon?” Dennis asked as he pulled his now very tired cock out of her ass,followed by a steady stream of his cum which was running down Blondie’s legsand forming a large puddle by the tub.”Yes, Dennis, I will ask your mother if that would be possible, as I haveknow doubt that I would be the best babysitter you ever could have. Now weneed to clean up and get this bathroom put back together before your parentsget back home.”* * *Later that night Alice and Henry returned home to find Blondie and Dennissound asleep on the couch, were they had fallen asleep in utter exhaustionafter there marathon sex session. Henry woke Dennis up when he tried tocarry him up to his room. Dennis jumped up and gave Blondie a hug and said”Next time you babysit me bring your daughter Cookie with you,” and thenscampered off to bed.Blondie and Alice both looked at each other with a “I know but I’m not sayinganything” look and then Blondie went home

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