Bound , Blindfolded for Rent Ch. 03

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Salvy agrees to Dominque’s conditions before stripping her naked and tying her to her bed.

With openly expressed and sexually explicit conditions routinely part and parcel to what she does behind closed, bedroom doors, Dominique always had conditions before promising to have sex with anyone, man or woman. Whether to have sex with him and/or to discipline and punish him, outlining what she wanted and expected from any lover that she took to her bedroom or dungeon, whenever she’d get a dungeon of her own, she always put forth her own personal agenda. As if a general mapping out her strategy on a battlefield, Dominique never engaged in any type of sexual contact without outlining her conditions.

Conditionally agreeing to take Salvy on as a client, when he didn’t even know he’d be subjected to her bondage and discipline, he was in for a big surprise. With her sex games filled with conditions, her stated requirements were her way to instill her control over him and over any man before she accepted him as a client. The more willing the subject, in the way that Salvy obviously was, the more conditions she had and the easier it was to control him.

“Conditions? Okay,” he said looking at her with as much curiosity as he looked at her with lust. “What are your conditions? Anything Dominique, anything, just tell me and I’ll go along with any and all of your conditions. So long as you allow me to strip you naked, tie you to your bed, and touch and feel you everywhere, I’ll agree to any condition you want,” he said acting so happy and agreeable when he’s always so miserable and disagreeable.

Something he’s never been, especially when asked to fix what’s broken in her apartment, he’s always been such a dirty bastard. Suddenly now that she agreed to have him strip her naked and tie her to her bed, he remembers her name. Now that she had him hooked on her line, she reeled him into her trap. She just needed to get him in her apartment to close the door and officially seal the deal.

* * * * *

“My first condition is that you must tie me loosely enough so that I can get out on my own,” she said while giving him an innocent albeit business like smile.

She’d never allow any man to tie her to her bed loose or tight. Always one up on every man, she’d never allow any man to get the better of her. Other than forgiving her rent, there’s nothing that he has that she wants.

If only he knew that it was women that turned her on and not men, she wondered what he’d say. She wondered if he’d still want her in the way that he obviously does now if he knew that she was more of a licker than she was a sucker. If only he knew she was bi-sexual and more lesbian than heterosexual, probably, he’d change his tune in asking to tie her to her bed. Perhaps, instead, he’d ask to watch her having sex with her female lover and/or want to participate in a threesome.

Only, the women she had sex with, hard core lesbians, would never have sex with a man. The lesbian women she had sex with would rather be skinned alive than to have sex with a man. If only he knew that she truly despised most men, especially white men like him, for all that they’ve done to her in her past, afraid to cross her, he’d never accept her invitation to be alone with her in her apartment. If only he knew she had a black belt in Judo and could really hurt him, if he dared tried to hurt her, she wondered if he’d still be agreeable to being alone with her. If only he knew what she had in store for him, he’d never bother her again.

“Sure, I can do that. I can tie you loose enough so that you can get out on your own,” he said wiping an eager hand across his lips. “No problem. Being that’s a fair condition for you to have with your safety in mind, absolutely, I agree to that condition.”

He must think that she’s as dumb as he is. She knew that once he had her naked, that he’d tie her tight enough so that she couldn’t escape. She knew that once he had her naked and tied to her bed, other than to lead her to the bathroom while still helplessly bound and blindfolded, he’d never let her go.

Not a very attractive man to begin with, he was even more unattractive now in the way that he was leering at her. As if there was something seriously wrong with him and there was, with his eyes bulging out of his eye sockets and with his mouth hanging open, he looked at her as if she was already naked. Being the dirty dog that he was and as if she was a raw piece of meat, he was drooling, no doubt, with the thoughts of her sucking and fucking him or him eating and fucking her. He looked at her in the way that a madman looks at his intended victim before knifing them thirty-seven times and after doing unspeakable things to their naked bodies.

She couldn’t believe that he was undoubtedly salivating over the prospect of stripping her naked, tying her to her bed, blindfolding her, and having his wicked, sexual way with her while touching and feeling her everywhere. If she was so helplessly denizli escort bound, he’d touch her in places where she’d never want to be touched by him. No doubt and without question, he’d do unspeakable things to her naked body that would cause her years of psychological therapy. Understandable why he’d want to strip her naked and tie her to her bed, she’s most every man’s sexual fantasy and some women’s sexual fantasy too. Knowing full well that she’s not the only one that he’s given this proposition to, she wondered how many other woman who couldn’t afford to pay their rent that he’s had sexual success with over the years.

“My second condition is that I may consensually agree for you to touch me and feel me but you cannot touch and feel me without my permission first,” she said. “You must wait until I’m ready for you to touch me and/or feel me. For me to feel safe, I need for you to obey this condition and promise not to violate and/or sexually assault me without me first agreeing to have consensual sex with you,” she said. She made eye contact with him and maintained eye contact with him while waiting for him to answer her.

Even though she’d never allow him to strip naked, she’d never allow him to see her naked body either. Even though she’d never allow him to touch and/or feel her, permission or not, she needed to let him know that she was the one in control and not him. As if she was a carney at a carnival and he was just another sucker waiting to be taken. Keeping him sexually excited by thinking that she was agreeable to having sex with him, she needed to give him her conditions for her to break them before he could. Lulling him into believing that today was his lucky day to have sex with her, she knew that no matter what her conditions were that he’d never abide by them.

“No touching and no feeling until you tell me it’s okay to touch and feel you. Got it. Yep, sure, I agree to that condition too,” he said.

As if he needed that extra motion of his head to show her that he agreed to her condition, he nodded his head. Albeit looking at her with disappointment before looking at her with sexual anticipation, she knew he wouldn’t abide by that condition either. She didn’t trust him as far as she could throw him and being that he weighed close to three hundred pounds, forget about throwing him very far, she couldn’t toss him at all.

Having been down this road many times before with many better men than him and other men in the likes of him and worse, she wanted to make sure that she spelled out everything for him to understand and agree to ahead of time. The last thing she wanted was a physical confrontation. The last thing she wanted was to hurt him in the way that she’s had to physical subdue, beat into submission, and hurt other men who wouldn’t abide by her conditions and/or who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“My condition number three is that you can’t cum on me,” she said. Seemingly a strange condition for her to have being that she was agreeing to have intimate, sexual contact with him, she was physically adverse and would be violently ill if a man, any man, ejaculated cum on her. “Gross. Eww! I couldn’t take enough showers to remove the smell of you from me,” she said making a bitter face.

Becoming more lesbian than heterosexual with every man she came in sexual contact with, the only time she felt safe, even with her having mad Judo skills, was when she was with a woman rather than when with a man. Besides, her stomach rolled with the thought of him cumming all over her face and tits while she was bound, blindfolded, naked, and helpless to stop him. Definitely in knowing the despicable and perversely perverted man that he was, he’d break all of her conditions if she gave him the chance, especially the one about him giving her a sudden cum bath.

“Okay, being that I’d love to give you a cum bath, that’s a weird one for me to agree to but I agree not to cum on you. It’s a deal,” he said staring at her while, no doubt, waiting for her to state another condition. In the way that he was leering at her, she knew that once she was naked and tied to her bed, that he’d cum all over her face and tits. “Is that it? Are those all of your conditions?”

Fat chance. She knew if she was tied to her bed and naked, he wouldn’t abide by any of her conditions, the least of which would be tying her loosely enough for her to escape, touching her, feeling her without her permission, and cumming all over her beautiful, black body. Nonetheless, best that she give him her conditions, so that he wouldn’t suspect that there was anything amiss, being that he was a man and a crazy unpredictable man at that, she needed the element of surprise to trick him into letting his guard down. If only he knew the only sexual play that she was intent on playing was foul play, she didn’t think he’d want to play her game of bondage, punishment, and discipline.

“Other than you forgiving diyarbakır escort the rent, those are all of my conditions,” she said making sure that he understood and agreed to her requirements before having sex with him by reiterating her conditions. “You must tie me loose enough for me to escape on my own. No touching and/or feeling me without my expressed permission to do so first, and no cumming on me.”

Appearing annoyed as if he was bored with playing games, obviously he just wanted to get on with stripping her naked and tying her to her bed.

“Yes, I agree to forgive the rent in exchange for your sexual favors,” he said rubbing his hands together as if he was a fly about to land on a big piece of steaming, smelly dog excrement.

In the way of the Pillsbury Dough Boy eating too much dough or in the way of the Michelin man eating one too many tires, with his shoulders back and his stomach pushed out, he looked at her as if he was ready to explode with sexual excitement. With just her words and her stern attitude, he already had a little woody. Obviously she sexually excited him enough that he already appeared as if he was going to prematurely ejaculate in his pants. She could only imagine what he’d be like when she really gave him her proper commands to obey and submit. She could only imagine what he’d be like when she punished him and disciplined him.

“Give me a few minutes to get ready and then come upstairs and knock on my door,” she said giving him such an inviting smile.

* * * * *

Walking up the stairs in the dark, seemingly oblivious to another light being out in the hall, a light he promised to fix, it was already treacherously dark in the hallway when Salvatore walked up the flight of steps to Dominique’s apartment on the second floor. Unbeknownst to Salvy, as comfortable skulking around in the dark as she was in the light, being that she sometimes trained in the dark at the dojo, using the darkness to her advantage, Dominique actually preferred the dark to the light.

“Dominique,” he said knocking. Without waiting for her to respond to his knock, he knocked again. “Dominique,” he said knocking the second time without waiting for her to respond to his first knock. “Dominique,” he said knocking a third time as quickly as the first two knocks. As if he was Dr. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory knocking on Penny’s door, he was such an annoying, fat man.

After knocking and calling out her name three times and with him receiving no response from within, he turned the doorknob and slowly creaked open her unlocked, front door. But for her squeaky front door creaking open, as if this scene was the introduction to a horror movie and, indeed it was, it was eerily quiet, even scary inside Dominique’s apartment. Still waiting for him to apply some WD40, she asked him to grease her hinges months ago. The least of her problems with a broken sink, a running toilet, an apartment that needed to be painted and fumigated, and a roof that leaked, she’s still waiting for him to fix her broken windows that gushed in cold air.

Being that he was the type of selfish, self-centered, and self-absorbed man, he only thought of himself and never anyone else. A man who only thought of himself, he’d never take time out of his day to fix anything that was broken and/or to help anyone else. A man of six appetites, money, sex, food, tobacco, and liquor, and in that order, she wondered where his mother fit in his personal equation of happiness and self-centeredness.

A grown man in his forties who never married, never had children, and who is still living at home with his mother is not normal and not living a normal, fully developed life. Typical of the type of man he was and the type of man who hired her for her unique services, with his mother in her sixties and with him in his forties, she wouldn’t be surprised if they were sleeping in the same bed as man and wife while having sex. Definitely, in the bitch that his mother was and the bastard that he was, two peas happy together in their own pod, they deserved one another.

With not a light on in the apartment, the flat was pitch black. One would think that with her extending him a sexual invitation that he would have had the forethought and the courtesy to go down to the cellar first to turn on her heat, lights, and water that he turned off before she arrived home. One would think that after he engaged her in conversation on the stairway and after they made a sexual and financial agreement for her to give him sex in exchange for him forgiving the rent that he would have turned on all that he turned off.

One would think that he would have given her some concession to make her feel more safely comfortable as his sign of good faith after agreeing to this sexual and financial proposition before making his way up the upstairs. One would think that if it was his sexual desire and if he had indeed hoped to antalya escort see her tied naked to her bed that he would have given her the electricity necessary for her to have lights and for him to see her naked. An easy man to beat at chess, if he even knew how to play the game, one would think that he would have thought about such things. Only too sexually excited to ponder anything else but her shapely, sexy, and naked, black body, obviously he doesn’t think beyond that. One would think with her accepting his offer for him to strip her naked and agreeing for him to tie her to her bed that she’d be standing at her front door to greet him and indeed she was.

* * * * *

Waiting for him to walk over her threshold and to step inside her apartment, her private domain, with Dominique standing behind her front door when he entered without her expressly inviting him inside, she closed her front door behind him with a loud slam and locked it. Trapped like the rat that he was, he didn’t know it, but he was doomed.


Physically jumping up off the floor, Salvy literally jumped out of his skin.

“Gees, that fucking scared the shit out of me.” Not wanting him to make a mess on her floor, she hoped his statement was only figuratively true and not literally true and that he didn’t shit is pants. “Dominque? Where are you? I can’t see a thing,” he said standing still and not moving.

Had he replaced the light in the front hall, the light would have ruined her element of surprise. The hall light would have illuminated her front door and as soon as he opened her apartment door, before she slammed it shut and locked it, would have given him plenty of light to see her. With Salvy already at a big disadvantage and the cards in her favor with the light out, the only one who could see anything in her darkened apartment was Dominique.

Invisibly undetectable while comfortable in the dark, quietly and stealthily, using her marital arts training to quietly step about him to make her appear as if she’s a silent assassin, she moved around her apartment as she was if a Ninja warrior and he was an intruder. Sabotaging himself by putting himself in harm’s way, and in anticipation of her not paying her rent, too bad he had already turned off her heat and power. Knowing he would, it didn’t surprise her that he had turned off the water, too. Yet, after she’s done with him, no doubt about it, at the very least, along with her free rent, she’d get her heat, power, and water restored.

Completely in the dark, with the darkness temporarily disorienting him, but with darkness her friend, as if she was a blind woman, she didn’t need a light to move around freely in her own apartment in the dark. Immediately turning the tables on him, she turned on a bright, powerful light, a police flashlight that she always kept at the ready for protection. As if he was a felon being questioned at a police station during interrogation, she watched him negatively overreact to the bright light.

“Hey, what the fuck? You’re blinding me with that light,” he said. “Turn it off,” he demanded.

With her self-defense training, she didn’t need much of a weapon to protect herself, especially from the likes of him. In the way of Jason Bourne in his Bourne film series when he defended himself with just a ballpoint pen, even a ballpoint pen will do in a pinch when there’s nothing else handy. When not using the hardened steel, pointy case of her flashlight as a weapon, her preferred and easily concealed weaponry, she used a metal, Japanese Kubotan or small, hand held, Yawara stick. Armed with just her flashlight, she didn’t even need to turn on the strobe light that the flashlight came equipped with to disorient him. With a mere light beam powerful enough to defeat him, she set the lens at the brightest position and shined the bright light in his eyes to temporarily blind and disorient him.

“Take off those clothes fat man,” said Mistress Dom dressed in all black leather as if she was playing the role of Cat Woman on steroids.

With her blue black hair glistening even in the dark from the dim light that filtered through her dirty windows, it was difficult to discern where her black leather left off and her mulatto skin began. Never standing in one place for more than a second, she spun and twirled around him to disorient him with her light. With not even the whites of her eyes visible to him with her quick movements, her long, line of light streaming through the darkness as if a mini comet traveling through the sky was her invisible cloak.

“Dominique? What are you doing? I can’t see you with that light shining in my eyes. Turn it off,” he said shading his eyes with his forearm and hand while turning too late to where she was to see where she is now. “Where are you?”

Always so confidently aggressive when in his role as the mean and nasty landlord, he looked frightened as her submissive little man. Dazed and disoriented, he didn’t appear as confidently in control as he always is when shouting at her from the bottom of the stairs while staring up her short skirt at her white bikini panties or at her naked, black, trimmed pussy. She was the one in control now and not him.

“It’s Mistress Dom to you,” she said slapping his fat ass hard with her whip through his pants.

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