Bound to Please Me

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My wife’s sister, Lori, works for a bank. She calls on outside clients so she doesn’t work in an office, and she does not have fixed hours. I should tell you a little about Lori. She is 13 years younger than I am. She is a fox. Five foot four and a figure to die for. She has long strong dancer legs, a tight ass, slim waist, and really big full soft breasts, green eyes, and long lush reddish blonde hair. But Lori is a screwed up girl. She is in a screwy second marriage to a freak of a guy. Her situation is mostly her own doing because she is a narcissist that uses sex to get what she wants. She doesn’t let her husband touch her magnificent boobs just to make him want her more. She will have sex with him only rarely, usually to get something she wants. Her first husband said she didn’t participate in the activity at all. “It was like fucking an impatient blow up doll,” he said. Lori told my wife that she does not have a climax unless the sex is illicit; she’s had lots of affairs.

Recently her bank gave her a computer program to install on her home computer to link it to their system. Since she is not very experienced with computers she asked me to help her.

I went to help Lori one day after lunch. Her husband was at work and her son was at school. We have been alone together thousands of times and other than the fact that I appreciate her magnificent body, there has never been anything even remotely sexual in our relationship. I am, after all, her big sister’s husband and because of our age difference I am more like an uncle than a brother-in-law. And I don’t put up with her bullshit.

Lori was wearing a very short black skirt and a cream silk blouse. She wore stockings and high heels. She was the picture of sophisticated sexuality and I could understand why she was such a successful “Personal Banker.”

As she sat at the computer I was aroused by her feminine allure. Her skirt was high on her thighs. Her blouse was open enough for me to enjoy her full cleavage and the sheer black bra trying to contain her big beautiful breasts.

We spent an hour installing and trying the program and then we began to talk about the Internet and we began to surf. We found her son’s “favorite sites”. She was appalled to discover all the adult oriented material being spammed to him. She wanted to see it. We looked at a few adult sites and she pretended to be shocked. When we were looking at one site she got all quiet. It was a bondage site and the pictures all showed women tied up. “That’s horrible!” She said in an uncomfortable voice.

“Some people find it pretty erotic” I said.

“Sure MEN do. Isn’t that what guys like, to abuse women,” she said with a bit of a smirk.

“No! I was thinking of it more from the woman’s perspective. She can be unfaithful and can have all kinds of sexual things done to her and never feel guilty about it because she had no control of the situation.”

“Like that could ever work. A woman is ALWAYS in control and therefore guilty when it comes to sex.”

“What do you mean ‘ALWAYS in control’, does it look like she’s in control?” I asked indicating a girl tied to a chair. Her arms and legs were held with rope and a guy was reaching into her dress feeling her boob.

“She’s just a model she really doesn’t have to let him touch her breast.”

I pulled Lori’s arm behind her back and said, “Do you really think that tied like this she could control the situation?”

“Sure she could.”

“OK Let’s just see how much control she could have.” I took off my tie and tied Lori’s wrists to the back of the desk chair and the pulled her elbows together as much as I could and tied them together. Her chest was forced out straining against her blouse.

“Ron, do you really think she would be out of control? She could just stand up and shake this off.”

“Wait a second.” I went to the closet and found some scarves. When I came back Lori said, “Come on Ron, you can’t win this.”

“Watch me!”

I pulled Lori’s knees back to her shoulders and tied them. Now her feet were off the floor and she had no way to stand up or grab anything.

“What say you now?” I asked.

“She could still lean over and get all this off and besides she can yell and bite and talk.”

Her skirt rode up and I could see Lori’s crotch covered with black pantyhose and sheer black panties.

“She has no control,” I said.

I pulled Lori’s head back and tied a scarf across her forehead and down. This pushed her boobs out even further and she couldn’t pull her legs down.

“So much for her biting anyone!”

With her bound like this I could walk around and study her and touch her and do anything I wanted to her. I was getting aroused looking at Lori’s spread legs and sexy crotch with only sheer hose and panties covering her puffy cunt lips. Some pubic hair was showing on either side of panties and some stuck through her panties and the stockings. Her blouse was gapping between buttons and her nipples were showing bulges against the shinny material of her blouse.

“Now what was that about control?” I teased her. I spun the chair and touched her feet and ran mardin escort my hands up her legs to her knees and thighs. I turned her again and rubbed her arms and face. I was standing behind her and I pretended I was going to open the front of her blouse.

“Don’t you do it, Ron,” she warned.

I ran my fingers down her neck and said, “See, she would have no control! She should just relax and submit herself to it.”

When I reached the top button at her neck she said, “Ron you better not!”

But I did.

When the button opened her blouse spread wide giving me a beautiful view down her cleavage. I opened the next few buttons and spread her blouse open. For the first time in my life I had a clear view of my sister-in-law’s beautiful tits through the sheer black bra.

“OK Ron, that’s enough now. Untie me and let’s stop this.” Lori gasped.

“I thought you said she was always in control. She obviously couldn’t fight her way out of this situation. Do you think she could TALK her way out?

Look at this picture and tell me how much control she had.”

I turned Lori so that she could see the picture of another tied woman. Two guys were enjoying her, one feeling her cunt and tits and one had his dick in her mouth.

I couldn’t control myself I had to touch her vulnerable body. I lay the palms of my hands on her tits, “How could she avoid this?” I asked feeling her wonderful breasts. Her big nipples were hard against the palms of my hands.

“You are not allowed to touch my breasts!” She almost moaned. I was so excited I thought my heart would burst or my dick would explode.

“Lori, she would have no options in a situation like this.” I was still pretending that I was just showing her that control could be taken away from our fictions subject.

I boldly slid my hand into her bra and lifted one boob out of its confining cup. Oh my god; I felt her bare breast. I massaged it and pinched her nipple. This was wonderful. I slid my other hand down and touched her crotch. I could feel the stubble of her pubic hair sticking through the stockings.

“Please Sir, you must not touch between my legs.” She meekly begged.

Sir? Was she playing along now? I pressed the raging bulge in my pants against her restrained head as I pinched her bare nipple and diddled her covered crotch.

“OH please stop Sir, I can’t let you do these things to me!”

“You have NO choice, Madam!” I barked in my deepest villain voice.

Then I ran my hand down inside her hose and panties and slipped my fingers deep onto the crease between her legs. She began to respond with hunching actions against my hand all the while protesting and moaning that I must not be touching her private parts.

Her crotch got really wet and when I said, “Madam, I’m afraid you have no choice but to let me maul your exotic tits and manipulate between your legs.” I worked my fingers, one at a time, into her warm moist pussy until I had all but my thumb in her cunt. I felt inside her wiggling my fingers and then I pressed my thumb against her clitoris. She exploded into a wrenching climax. Her breathing almost stopped completely, her cunt bathed my fingers in copious amounts of juice and her whole body jerked as I repeatedly rubbed my thumb against her clit and my fingers inside her cunt.

I spun her around and knelt between her splayed legs. I held her bare breasts in one hand and her covered one in the other and laid my face in her cleavage and I pressed her hot flesh to my cheeks. I pressed my throbbing prick against her crotch and she hunched against me. She was delicious and I was feeling more aroused that I can ever remember. As I licked and sucked her tits I shot off in my pants.

We pretended nothing had happened and as I pulled her bra over her wet breast I said, “She couldn’t have gotten out of that situation, Lori.” then I buttoned her blouse and finally I untied her and continued commenting on various situations we saw on the screen.

Lori never acknowledged that she had been exposed and we both pretended that our afternoon together was perfectly normal.

The next day Lori called me on my cell phone and told me that she was having some problems with her banking programs and needed my help. I jumped at the opportunity.

When I arrived Lori was wearing an extremely conservative business suit. The skirt was thigh length; she wore a heavy high neck white blouse under a long sleeve jacket buttoned all the way up. She looked sexy as hell because her chest is just too large to hide and her shiny stockings and high heels made her so feminine I was already getting hard.

We resolved her problems rather quickly and then I stood behind her and asked if she thought that type of “Business Suit” would keep a girl from loosing control.

She stood in front of me and defiantly replied, “Of course it would. People give off signals. If a woman looks and acts strong she will stay strong…and in control.”

“What if an important client were to compliment her and caress her cheek and neck like this?” I asked as I caressed her cheeks van escort and neck.

“Clients do stuff like that all the time, its no big deal,” she said.

“What if one had more nefarious plans in mind and did THIS!” and I grabbed her collar and yanked the buttoned jacket it down her back pinning her arms to her sides.

She gasped and fought me but with her arms pinned she could do little more than squirm, she didn’t jump away or kick, she just stood there and tried to pull away. I held the jacket and informed her that she was going to remain completely in my control. The jacket was under her breasts and I opened her blouse and barred her black slip. To my great surprise and joy she was not wearing a bra.

Lori again acted as if this was being done to someone else. She said something like, “Nobody would just stand there while a villain was restraining her like this. She would be fighting like an animal.”

I was getting pretty turned on. As I talked I lightly caressed her silk covered boobs and her chest and face became very flushed. I unfastened the waistband of her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She cooperatively stepped out of it and she let me tie her ankles to the legs of the desk chair. I slid my hands up under her silk slip and felt her legs. Oh was this ever making me hard. My hands rubbed her smooth stocking covered legs. I slid blindly under her slip expecting pantyhose so when my fingers reached the top of her stockings and I felt warm bare flesh I almost came. I slowly let my fingers climb to her crotch and then lightly grazed her panties. As I felt and caressed her puffy pussy I realized that she had shaved her cunt…no more stubble.

Suddenly Lori resisted and she forced her knees together clamping my hand tightly restricting any movement. I brought some cord in my briefcase and I used it to tie around her knees. I made her sit down and I wrapped the cord around the arm of the desk chair and as I pulled the ropes slowly. I watched the rope bite into the soft flesh of her shapely leg and gradually pull her legs apart until she begged me to stop. I tied her legs apart.

Her full slip still hung down between her legs and kept her crotch covered. I stood up and removed my tie but this time I used it as a blindfold. I wanted her to feel real loss of control. After she was blindfolded I took the camera from my briefcase and took lots of pictures of my beautiful sister-in-law tied up for my pleasure.

I forced the front of her slip down exposing her big breasts and hard nipples. The pictures became as exciting as exposing her. I licked them until they got all slippery and shiny with my saliva. Then I bit and chewed them and enjoyed hearing her painful protests. I reached under her slip and touched her crotch. Moisture had begun to develop on her panties. She needed more and she humped my hand. I slid my finger into the leg hole and grazed her bare pussy, she moaned. This was nice but I wanted more. I lifted her slip and took pictures. Then I lowered my head until her hot covered cunt was right in front of my face. I blew on it and she moaned more and she tried to push her cunt towards me. I kissed the warm silk covering her sex. This was so erotic that I had to rub my face all over her crotch. Then I dropped down and licked her stocking covered knee. I nibbled my way up her thigh to her bare upper leg. I spent lots of time just lightly lapping the seam of her leg and her crotch with my hot tongue. Finally my hot mouth reached her panties, I licked lightly at first then harder and harder until my stiff tongue was pushing her silk panties between her cunt lips. I sucked her cunt through the panties until she was writhing and I was going nuts. Then I pulled her panties aside and I stuck my tongue into her cunt and I sucked her clit and she had a violent and wet climax.

I covered her cunt with the wet panties. She was still panting. I noisily unzipped my fly and took out my throbbing hard on and I touched the tip to Lori’s nipple. I smeared some of my leaking lube on her tit. Then as I pressed my hard prick into the soft flesh of her flushed breast, I reached down felt her cunt through her transparent soaked panties.

I wanted to show her just how in control I was so I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed it down towards her chest, then I raised her big boob until her sticky nipple was touching her lips. “Lick it clean” I instructed. She resisted so I squeezed her cheeks until she opened her mouth and I forced her big tit in.

“Now do it!”

She did as I told her, tentatively at first, but as she licked her own tit she began to respond and to suck her own nipple. Amazing pictures. I had her stop and her boob popped out of her mouth all slick and clean. Again I put my dripping prick against that now swollen nipple and worked more of my spunk all over it. I pushed her tit back to her lips and she eagerly sucked. I lifted both of her heavy breasts to her face and had her pleasure them. I straddled her body and kept my dick between her breasts. I slid it between them and she sometimes licked the sensitive tip of my ankara escort prick. I considered having her suck me but I decided that this was too soon. I reached down and pressed her clit and told her to suck her tits until she climaxed. It didn’t take her long. She had spasms, which jerked her violently against her restraints, and I exploded between her hot tits.

I got a warm washcloth and cleaned up her slick boobs. I covered her beautiful breasts with her slip and buttoned her blouse and then I tended her crotch. I pulled her panties down her thighs and cleaned her sticky pussy with the warm washcloth. I dried the crotch of her panties as best as I could and pulled them back to cover her pretty pussy. I untied her and rubbed her legs where the rope caused welts. Still blindfolded, she stood up. I slid her skirt up her legs and adjusted her jacket; then I began to work on the computer. Lori finally removed my tie from her eyes and we finished the afternoon as if nothing had happened.

These encounters were never mentioned and our lives progressed for the next several months as if other people were involved…never even an embarrassed glance between us. However, I was masturbating daily thinking about those two erotic adventures. One afternoon while we were all at our pool I asked Lori if she was using her computer often and for the first time she blushed slightly.

“I use it every day but I take longer to get done than I did when you were there.”

“Could you use some more intense instructions?”

“Oh I don’t know if I am ready for anything more intense.” She said.

Our spouses were right there listening to this totally unaware of the double meaning our conversation carried.

“I’ll be there Thursday afternoon so you don’t forget my last two lessons.”

Lori squirmed uncomfortably and said that it wasn’t necessary that she remembered everything.

I insisted and my wife said I shouldn’t push. “If Lori wants you she will ask.”

God if she just knew what that meant. Lori was flushed and her nipples got visibly hard. I doubt if our spouses noticed but I surely did.

“No Lori knows that more instruction is necessary and she MUST be ready for me.” I said rather forcefully with my words and stern face directed at Lori.

“You are right, Sir.” She said in mock obedience. “I will be ready for you.”

Everyone else let that whole exchange just pass by unnoticed. I, however, couldn’t get that conversation off my mind. I beat off several times a day just thinking about what Thursday afternoon held in store for me.

Wednesday evening I called Lori to remind her that we had an “Instruction” scheduled for the next day. I told her that I would be there at 9:00 AM and I expected that she would be ready for our class.

I arrived at her house early and I watched her husband and son leave for the day. I gave her until my scheduled 9:00 appointment and I rang the bell. Lori answered the door wearing a yellow dress. The hem was short and I could clearly see her nipples and panties through the sheer material. I asked her if she was ready for a more intense lesson. She said very boldly that I couldn’t teach her anything that she didn’t already know.

Lori was walking in front of me as we started up to her office. I had a great view up her legs to her ass. I stopped and said, “I believe that today we should hold class right here.”

She turned her head and gave me a puzzled look and asked me what the hell I was talking about.

“Right here.” I barked.

“Why? The computer is up there.” She said pointing up the stairs.

“Listen to me,” I said and I slapped her ass and grabbed her ankle. I removed my necktie and used it to tie Lori’s right ankle to the metal railing support on the right side of the suspended staircase. I opened my briefcase and removed some cord. I tied Lori’s other ankle to the other side of the stair.

“What are you are doing?” Her tone was very annoyed.

“I’m in control.”

Lori was kneeling in front of me and I reached around and thoroughly enjoyed feeling the front of her dress. I pulled it off her boobs; it was like opening a present. Her position on the steps had her big tits hanging down. I grabbed them and I was not gentle as I rubbed her nipples against the rough carpet. I squeezed her big full breasts and I pulled and pinched her nipples until she screamed in pain.

I lifted her skirt up over her back and was pleased to see that she had on sheer panties. I slapped her ass until the flesh was red and hot and then I pulled her panties down. Her naked bottom was positively glowing and I felt it appropriate to blow on the beautiful beaten globes of her ass to cool her off. She responded by repeatedly puckering her rectum. Next I blew directly on it and she clinched her sphincter even more. Finally I could resist no more and I placed my tongue on her crotch between her cunt and her ass and I slowly drew it up until the tip was touching her tight ass hole. I slowly and wetly worked my tongue against that muscle until she began to moan and loosen ever so slightly. I reached up between her legs and continued mauling her hanging tits. I pointed my tongue more and then slowly began to press just the tip into her. She relaxed more and I worked my tongue in deeper until it was all the way up inside her beautiful butt. I had never done anything like this before and I was in a place I never knew existed. I loved the control.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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