Breakfast Sausage

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Breakfast SausageThe morning rose bright and unseasonably warm. The sun shone through the thin gossamer curtains in our small cheap hotel room in dusty yellow beams. The light puddled cheerfully on the cotton blanket as if a friendly specter lay there with us to to absorb the weariness of yesterday’s travel. Miguel rolled on top of me and squinted down into my eyes. “Mmmmm my sweet, Belle, I will eat you for breakfast.”I groaned sleepily and rolled my head to face him. “Morning… It looks like a nice day. Let’s go get breakfast then.” “Belle, my sweet treat, I told you already, I will have you for breakfast.” He grinned playfully at me and raised himself to his hands and knees above me and lowered his face to my chest. Burying his lips into my cleavage he shook his head back and forth like a dog shedding water, Miguel’s butt waggled back and forth as he breathed in my breasts. Squealing I tried to roll out from under him. He leaned down and took a mouthful of my large soft breast into his lips and sucked my nipple into his mouth. Teasing and biting my nipple until it was firm and erect, he opened his mouth and slurped my sensitive pink nipple and aureole into his lips, teasing my nipple with his tongue as he ground his hips against me, Miguel moaned playfully, “Mmmm, my Belle, you taste better than any fruit I ever tasted.” I exhaled in erotic glee as his lips moved from my one breast to the other. I arched my hips up to meet his hard cock between us. His lips moved from my breasts to my shoulders then he nipped at my neck, dragging his tongue over the tops of my breast again he paused and licked under my breast and down my side. I convulsed in a giggle and tried to wriggle out from under him again. I squirmed playfully under him giggling, “You are tickling me!” “Mmmm yes, I am.” His lips moved from my side under my breast down over the slight curve of my belly licking and nipping and biting his way south. His lips nipped at my flesh, never resting in one place, laughing and roving with his fingers and mouth down my body, making me giggle in snorts, thrashing side to side to escape his ticking. When his flicking tongue lapped into my navel i wriggled laughing trying to roll over. I struggled against him pushing at his chest but, his 6′ wiry strength was no match for me. He sat on my hips and gripped my hands one in each türbanlı hakkari escort of his and laid down on top of me, extending our hands over my head. He laughed wolfishly at me.”MMmmmmm Belle, you make me want to do wicked things to you when you struggle against me.” He thrust his hips hard into my pelvis and I reflexively opened my legs around wrapping myself around his thighs. He teased, “Lay still, be a good girl now, and let me eat my breakfast.”He let go of my hands and slithered down my body parting my thighs with both his forearms. When he inhaled deeply, I whimpered softly in expectation. His nearly two day beard was rough on my inner thighs and I squirmed. He held my legs apart and blew softly on the recently shorn heart shape he carved into my pubis. He rubbed the rasp of his beard over my sensitized newly cropped patch making me convulse from the rough pleasure. He flicked out his tongue, and I could feel his breath hot on my responsive loins. His beard rasped as his lips soothed my sensitive folds at the same time, sending shivers of impossible need throughout my entire body. Slowly, he licked smaller and smaller circuits of my outer folds and I writhed in matching speed to his. He picked up his head and squinted at me near sightedly grinning, “Always such a greedy girl. I like seeing your pink petals. This way, I can see the dew glistening off them.” I squeaked in embarrassment at his poetic praise of his handiwork from the night before. I tried to close my legs and cover myself with my hands, but he had me trapped. I couldn’t close my legs to hide myself and he grabbed my wrists and held my hands to my sides. Feeling the flush rise from my chest to my ears, I closed my eyes in the infantile thought if I can’t see you, you can’t see me blushing. He grinned down at me purring in a sweet sing-song, “Mmmmmmhhh querida, your skin becomes so pretty pink when I say these things to you. Look, your little flower turns all red when I tell you about her sweet juice. Open your eyes and see what I do. Look, minha.” I opened my eyes to see him staring right into my pussy. He let go of my hands which I curled into the thick dark hair on the top of his head, arching myself toward his lips again; partially to feel his lips on me, but also to not have to see my own sex türbanlı hakkari escort bayan reflected into his eyes. He grinned at me, lewdly watching my eyes as he held my buttocks cupped in his forearms, rubbing his prickly chin into the overly sensitive flesh of my entrance, lapping long strokes with his flattened tongue. I whimpered softly and mewed like a hungry cat, rocking my pelvis back and for his touch. I was on fire. Each stroke of his rough lips and chin countered by the warmer soothing wetness of his tongue had me gripping the edge of my orgasm. He flicked his tongue back and forth over my clitoris over and over. When I became needy and stiff, he slowed his movements and suckling. I was whimpering and gripping into his back with my fingernails. My entire body was like a bow with an arrow cocked ready for launching. I was arched and tight ready and for him to release me. He looked up at me, holding this tension he purred softly, “Darling girl…yes, minha…that’s right, give it to me, cum, cum, cum. ….. Mmmmm au au, that’s a good girl! Do it for me now, my sweet.”His tongue felt like a thousand cocks had entered me, as my hips thrust upward toward his slurping sucking lips. I was panting in short, rasping, whimpers as my entire body quivered in my release. I cried out in long keening wales as my orgasm spiraled me in a mosaic of sensations. His tongue flicked over and over my most sensitive nub. I rocked back and forth, gasping as if i was in raft on the ocean. I couldn’t take more, but his lips kept suckling and slurping at my pink velvety folds. I pushed his slurping greedy mouth from my overused pussy with both of my hands on the top of his head to make the overwhelming sensations stop. He looked up at me, his chin shone in the bright morning sun light, glazed with my nectar,”Mmmmmm Belle, your lips feel like rose petals, and your dew tastes like sweet cream.” I covered my eyes with my forearm. He rolled out from between my legs and snuggled into my side. I was sweating and exhausted, panting from my release. I turned snuggling against him with my bottom nestled into the curve of his groin and wriggled slightly teasing his hard cock between my butt cheeks. He matched my rhythmic gyrations and rocked with me. He crooned into my ear teasing, “Minha, Belle, türbanlı escort hakkari you will make me wait… such a naughty girl… making me suffer with this cock-stand you caused.” I purred softly, reaching between my legs I gripped his cock firmly. Stroking it in my small hand, he felt so rigid, so ready. I curled forward slightly and placed him in my silken tunnel, gripping him tightly inside of me. I felt his cock soothe and reawaken my over-sensitized pussy. I curled tighter into a fetal position feeling his rhythm increase. It felt like he was slipping out too far and then reentering me thrusting too fast to hard at this angle. I couldn’t hold on to anything, I was being thrust over the side of the bed. “Belle, roll over.” I rolled forward, my knees tucked up tightly under me with my head down on the pillow. Miguel’s cock slid out of me momentarily. Pausing his stabbing thrusts, he breathed,”Meu deus, Belle, que vista. Obrigado,” forgetting his English, he translated, “My God, Belle, what a view. Thank you.”Then he slammed his cock deeply into my pussy again and held my head down with one hand as he reached around me with the other to tease my clit. “Ooohhhhh fuck, Miguel, ooh fuck, please!” I couldn’t hold on long like this. His cock felt like it was the size of his forearm like this. It was so big and hard. I needed to cum again, my vision started to turn red. I whimpered, begging with each pounding stroke. “Please! Oh god, fuck please, Miguel, I need to cum” When I was ready to tip over the precipice of lust, he held still for a moment, slowing me, keeping that razors edge of control over his own lust. Our bodies slapped together, in desperate violent need. His breath was ragged, and he groaned softly with each stroke until I felt his cock grow and throb inside of me, “Cum para mim. Agora! Eu estou gozando.” I didn’t understand the words, but I knew what he wanted and I let go, in a red torrent of lust. Sobbing, I clapped myself against his pounding exploding cock. As I came my insides contracted like a fist then released in waves around his bone hard cock as his pounding throbbing expulsion continued. My vision turned white and I gripped the sheets desperately, as my wetness flooded down my legs. Miguel collapsed beside me, panting, as I straightened out to snuggle into his shoulder. He pulled me close and breathed, as if mystified, “Jesus Cristo, Belle, what you did to me.” Calming his breath he added, “Let us go shopping now that I had my breakfast.”I giggled and rolled on top of him teasing his softening cock between my legs, “But I want breakfast sausage.””Greedy girl, you will need to have something other than sausage this morning, that dish has been over cooked.”

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