Breaking in a Virgin

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Breaking in a VirginWe lay in bed, still warm and a bit damp from the shower. My head rested on his shoulder as my finger traced the edges his nipple, playing with the hardened bud on it. Eric’s cock twitched from the nipple stimulation. My ass still tingled from the pounding Eric had given me in the shower. We basked in the afterglow of our sex.“You caught me off guard when you said that was the first time you had fucked an ass,” I said.But thinking about the relentless pounding he had given me, I should have recognized he wasn’t at all experienced in the making love to an ass department. He was a Senior in High School and I was his math tutor. I was two years older than him. Eric’s 8 inches had hammered away, stretching me to the limits. Despite the pounding, I had to have more of this young stud. I just needed to show him how to make love to my ass, especially with that amazing piece of meat.I let my hand wander down his stomach, across his tight abs. I gripped his cock with my fist, giving it a few short strokes. Eric responded immediately, spreading his legs while he softly cooed in my ear. I moved between his legs. As I nestled my face into the base of his cock, I could feel his pulse as it coursed through his veins, engorging his massive meat. I held it straight up and took one of his walnut sized balls into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it and gently nibbling on it. Then I took the other one and gingerly chewed on it. Opening wide and stuffing the two of them into my mouth, I clamped my teeth gently together, trapping both of his nuts in my mouth, lapping at them with my tongue. I started humming. The vibrations from my throat and nasal passage passed through his nuts and up his spine.Eric moaned audibly and spread his legs further afield. He grabbed his own cock tight and started pumping it. Eventually, I released his balls and my tongue trailed along his taint as I searched for the base of his crack. Eric grabbed onto his knees and pulled them into his chest elevating his crack off the bed and spreading it for me. I licked up and down his crack, pausing to poke my tongue at his pucker. Eric squirmed as I teased his bung hole. Gripping his knees and pulling them up higher, his crack opened to expose his sweet little hole. I lapped all around the outside. Eric squirmed around the bed as he tried to find the tip of my tongue with his ring. Giving him a couple wide licks across his pucker, I rolled my tongue and jabbed it into his twitching hole.Eric let out a loud moan as he squirmed down the bed trying to get more of my tongue inside. I continued to work his tight hole with pokes and jabs of my spit soaked tongue. I lip locked his hole, sucking, moistening and then pushing it into his pucker with my tongue. adiosbet yeni giriş I tongue fucked him, pistoning in and out of his butt hole. He squirmed beneath me. I grabbed his ass cheeks and raised them off the bed as I pushed my face hard into his hole, trapping him where he was. He responded with squeals of pleasure.As I removed my face from his hole, I replaced it with my index finger. I buried it slowly to my knuckle, his ass clamped tight around it. I left it inside and allowed him to adjust to it. When I was able to, I started to gently finger his hole with it. Slowly, he became accustomed to the invader and he relaxed around it. I started pulling it right out to the tip and then pushing it in as far as I could. Eric was really squirming now. I pulled completely out of him and before he could even protest, my tongue was further inside of him than previously permitted. I pulled back and spat near his hole and kneaded that moisture into him as well. As two fingers began penetration, Eric’s ass clamped really tight. I pushed my middle finger in farthest as it was the longer of the two. It paved the way for my index finger to join him inside as his ass acclimatized much quicker to the invaders this time and he relaxed.I slowly withdrew and then pushed back in. In no time, I had a steady rhythm going in and out. I didn’t even notice Eric rocking back on my fingers. I wanted to go for three, but thought it best if I lubed him up with something more than saliva. I could probably work three fingers in, but pushing my cock in would be all together another story.“Don’t move,” I told him.I jumped off the bed and raced into the bathroom to grab the lube out of the shower. I was back in a flash. I generously lubed his hole, prodding him with one, then two and after a final squirt onto my third finger, I poked it into him. Eric squealed with delight as his ass tightened around my fingers. I had placed my middle finger over the top of the other two as opposed to inserting my hand into him with the fingers side by side. I hoped to simulate the thickness of my cock as I pushed in and gently expanded them apart inside of him. I massaged his prostate. His cock now pointed straight up in the air. I curled my fingers up into him as I filled him as best I could. He needed more, he wanted more, you could sense it. I could see it in his eyes when they would meet mine.“Fuck me!” He begged. “Give me your cock.”“Are you sure?” I asked. “Have you ever been fucked?”“Yes I am sure. No I have never been fucked. Fuck me. Fuck me now.”I told him to roll over onto his stomach and to put a pillow under his hips.I got up on my knees between his legs. My own cock was rock hard from the anticipation of the moment. I grabbed adiosbet giriş the bottle of lube and gave myself a generous dose. My cock is 51/2 inches around so I wanted to make sure there was lots of lube to ease the journey into this virgin territory. Peeling back my foreskin, I ran my knob up and down his butt crack. Eric was literally bouncing on the bed trying to line up his hole. I placed my knob at his pucker. I wasn’t inside a half inch when I he tensed up tight.“Relax, just relax. Take a deep breath.”He opened up slightly and I was able to slide in up to his sphincter before he slammed it shut again. We stayed like that for a minute or so, neither of us moving.“Okay baby, I’m going to need your help now,” I said as I gazed into his frightened eyes. He knew he was trapped and there was no way to escape. “When I say go, I need you to push, almost like you are forcing yourself to go to the bathroom, Okay?”Eric nodded. I gave the command. As he bore down, his sphincter stretched enough to get me partially through. I pushed. My knob was almost through when he tightened again.“No, no, it hurts,” he pleaded.“We’re almost there baby. Give me another good push.”He took a deep breath and bore down. As I felt him open slightly, though I didn’t want to, it was now or never. I pushed through his ring and snaked my way inside of him, not stopping until I bottomed out. At first his eyes rolled back into his head as his cherry was popped. You only ever get that wonderful feeling once as that cock slides through your ring and enters you. He slowly rocked his head from side to side. His eyes opened. Then very quickly, he came to the realization of the pain associated with that first cock expanding your insides. I knew this feeling. It really does pass fairly quickly. As he struggled to try and get away, I had him pinned with all my weight on his back and my cock buried to the hilt. I didn’t move. He had to go through all the sensations.“Ow, ow, oh fuck! Oh, that hurts. Oh, that hurts so much. Oh, oh, oh, take it out!”I never moved. Then“Ow, oh, oh, oh … yeah!” and I got that smile from him as he gazed into my eyes.“You okay now baby?” I whispered.“Oh yeah. Feels so good. Yeah. Yeah. Fuck me!”I began to move, slowly at first. I withdrew a couple inches and pushed it back in. The tip of my cock was just peeking into his lower bowel. He was so tight. As I lengthened my strokes, his ass opened up to me more and more. I fucked him slowly and gently, allowing my cock to massage his insides as it guided itself to new depths with each thrust. Eric was rocking back beneath me to meet my thrusts. I began withdrawing all the way to just inside his pucker. Instead of pounding back hard, I would slowly and gently guide my cock adiosbet güvenilirmi all the way back into him. He was getting really good at tightening his ass around my penetrating cock and then releasing it as I withdrew almost all the way.The tightness. The moist, warm canal. All the stimulation on my cock and I was quickly getting to the point of no return. I increased my tempo slightly. It was more a steady rhythm as opposed to either a pistoning or a pounding. All the way in, all the way out. As I approached orgasm, I let him know it.“Breed me,” he begged. “Give me your cum.”Within seconds I pushed all the way to the hilt as the first blast of jizz pulsed through my cock and splashed into his inner wall. As I held my cock in him, there were five or six more blasts, followed by a few smaller spasms. Eric squeezed his ass tighter than ever, milking the last of my cream from me. I collapsed on top of him. We kissed. As my cock softened and popped out of him, he tapped me on the back.“My turn!”We rolled over on the bed. Eric lubed me up, placed my ankles over his shoulders and positioned his cock at my pucker. He drove it into me.“No, no, no!” I said. “Take it out.”He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face.“Slowly. Like I fucked you. Make love to my ass.”I put my feet back over his shoulders. Eric lined his cock up. I tightened my ass ring as tight as it would go. His cock couldn’t enter. Then he got it. He fingered me. First one, then a second. I loosened up enough for him. He placed his knob at my entrance. I wanted him so badly. He slowly pushed in. I tightened up as he got to my ring.“Gently.” I said. “Take it slow.”As he gave me a bit more of his cock, I allowed myself to relax and let him through my ring and up into me.“Oh, yeah!” he moaned. “That’s nice.”He started to withdraw his cock.“Slowly.” I said. “Take your time.”Eric was a tough, young pupil. He would slowly make love to me, but like most young studs, the intensity would increase very quickly and without even realizing it, he would be back to slamming me pretty hard. I would slow him down and he would be fine for a few minutes, then he would be back to pounding me. After a half hour of sheer ecstasy for me, I could see in his eyes that he was close.“Slow and steady.” I said.He did pretty good for about four or five minutes, but then he just took control and drove it into me. In about thirty seconds, he was filling me with his seed. I tightened and relaxed my sphincter as I milked every last drop from him. Eric collapsed on top of me. His cock stayed buried deep and never really softened completely as we dozed off in each others arms.As I write this, my ass is in a constant state of tingling. In the first 14 days since meeting Eric, he has been over to my place eight times, including a three hour marathon session on Sunday afternoon. He is becoming an incredible young lover. Eventually the age difference will catch up and he will head for greener, younger pastures, but until then, I’ll just enjoy the ride.

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