Burnt Biscuits

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We fall asleep in the nude and wake up hungry for each other. I love how warm your skin feels under the blankets just before sunrise. I wake up with you in my arms, my cock fully erect. Silently, I slip out from underneath of your embrace to use the restroom. As I make my way to the bedroom door, your body notices my absense and I see you splay, stretching your arms and legs and hugging tight your pillow. The moonlight is shining through the the open windows. I somehow manage to use the toilet with my cock still fully hard. Whenever we sleep next to one another my cock is always the first to notice your presence, remaining long and hard all through the night.

Sometimes, in a half sleep, I feel you rolling over to adjust your pillow. Whenever you wake slightly in these kinds of ways I notice you always reach out a soft hand just to check, you want to be sure that my cock is still fully erect for you. You fully grasp my manhood with your hand and give it a few strokes to make sure that I am as hard as you need me to be. sometimes you grap a hold of my balls and hold them in your hand and then fall asleep in this way. Or if we are spooning, every so often I feel you press your ass into my cock to be sure, just to check in the middle of the night, that should you be ready for me, I am long enough to take all of you.

I groggily return to bed, only to see that while I was gone you have pulled my pillow closer to you, as if to breathe my scent while you slumber. You’ve managed to take all of the space on the bed with your arms and legs stretch out in every direction. How selfish of you I say to myself. How cute. I imagine that I can see your sex on display under the sheet and down feather blanket. I decide that I must taste you. actually my morning wood demands it.

I stand at the foot of the bed and watch the sheets slowly rise and fall in rhythm with your sleepy breathing. I sink to my knees, slowly lifting and peeking my head under the covers. I can not see you, but I can smell the faint taste of our love making from the night before, and I feel the warmth of you in the pre-dawn light. gently, I slide under the covers towards my goal, being sure neither to wake you from sleep or expose your body to the slight breeze coming through our open bedroom window.

I inch forward allowing my skin to warm back up under the blankets before we make contact. I hear your slow, steady breathing, and inch forward yet again. Once my hands are warm enough, I scoot under the blankets even more. You are on you belly sprawled out asleep on the bed and I’m slowly crawling up and under the covers to make you cum with my mouth before the sun rises.

I kiss your left calf, and then reach over to kiss your right calf to be sure that you are still asleep. No response, so I slide under the blankets a bit further. I lick my lips to wet them in anticipation of tasting your warm, sleepy pussy.


The previous night

All I know is that I have never had such passionate sex as we have had.

You, nude and lying on your belly. You hand me the coconut oil, and I know what to do with it. Massaging oils deep into your body. Your back, your shoulders. I hold one of your shoulders up slightly in order to cup your left breast, hands smooth and scented of coconut. I gently lower you back down on the sheet we have laid over our hotel bed. Down your spine, and up again, releasing your tension with firm oily hands. I repeat with your right breast, giving your tit a squeeze I lower you gently again.

Down your spine and to your lower back, and back up and over your shoulder blades, to your shoulders, and down your arms I massage coconut oil all the way into your skin until I reach the tips of your fingers and press into your palms with forefinger and thumb.

I gently rest your arms above your head and begin to oil the sides of your body. As you adjust yourself for comfort I see that your nipples are oiled and fully erect.

At your hips I stop, sliding one hand to the small of your back in order to grab more oil to continue giving your body this tender pleasure. Down your body my hands slide, tracing the contours of your skinny hips and along kocaeli escort bayan the dimples of your tight little ass. And as I approach your thighs, you open your legs slightly so as to allow me to fully grasp your right thigh in my hands, lathering and massaging the oil into your upper thighs. .. Yes, I see your sex exposed to me. I see your lips whispering for me to approach. But not yet.

I continue oiling up your thigh, down to the back of your knee, extending your leg slightly for a small stretch. I bend your calf in to the air gently and you extend your foot for an even deeper stretch. As you relax I notice your legs have become slightly more open, further exposing your pussy to me, and I see that the slightest drop of coconut oil has dripped down from your back, down your ass crack, and is just so about to continue its journey along your already wet and dripping slit. You glance back at me over your shoulder to reassure your comfort and pleasure, but catch me staring at the drip of oil as it glides down your sex. You smile and ask if I like what I see. Yes, I do. You moan in pleasure as I tap into a pressure point on your foot, resting your head back down and further spreading your legs to allow me an even better view. The drip of the oil is no longer distinguishable from the drip of your sex.

Grasping your thigh again I slide down your leg once more to the tips of your toes before moving on to your left leg. I add more oil before sliding my hand along the crack of your ass and around your upper thigh. I wonder if you are aware how warm and inviting your pussy feels as the sides of my hand slide along your slit, releasing much held tension in your thighs as I begin my descent down again to your legs and the tips of your toes. Your flex your foot slightly because it tickles you as I oil and massage your foot. Your body tenses and then releases, drawing your legs comfortably together. I see you tighten your whole body in relaxed bliss, and I notice that you have begun to tighten and relax your thighs. Your butt cheeks tighten, and then relax. You are ready for me.

Just to be sure I bring my oiled thumb just below your bum and push between your thighs into your sex. It slides right in, and I feel you clenching my thumb as you let out an uncontrolled soft yet deep moan.

I quickly unbutton my jeans and step out of them, which frees my rock hard cock, smacking my abs.

I crawl on top of you on all fours. One hand on either side of your neck, with my knees along your sides. I lower my cock to your pussy. It is purple and throbbing and ready to enter you from behind. I see that you are still rhythmically tightening and then relaxing your thighs and i see your cute little butt tighten and then relax yet again, and i can see that this rhythm is imperceptibly increasing in tempo as you begin to ever so slightly gyrate your hips with this rhythm you have created. I see your nude body in the dim light, the oily reflection of flickering candle light.

I pleasantly startle you as the mushroom tip of my dick brushes against the back of your upper thighs. You tense, before completely relaxing in order to allow me entrance in to your wanton pussy. I feel my balls slide against your oiled up thighs.

You feel me getting closer. With your arms still resting above your head you tighten your thighs once again so as to tease my pulsing cock which waits patiently at the gate of your sex. I decide to make myself more comfortable, sliding one arm and then the other under your shoulders and then around your neck to hold you there so that I can rest my weight on my elbows as we continue.

I feel your thighs and ass tighten around the head of my swollen cock, and it feels delicious. As if your thighs and butt cheeks are a hand guiding my pole to its mast. The pleasure is too much. Uncontrollably, my body tightens causing me to push slightly deeper into you. Immediately I sense the tight wet pleasure of your sex, but again, only around the plump head of my engorged dick.

Again, I feel your thighs squeeze together, and in unison with your butt cheeks, and to your same slowly increasing tempo. My blood yahya kaptan escort is beginning to boil. My heart is beginning to pump faster. It is everything I can do, it takes all of my strength and will power not to take you in this way as long and as hard and as fast as I can ravishing and demanding from you what is mine, to conquer you. I hold back, and chuckle to myself how easily you make my blood boil with so much anger and emotion in this way as I focus on slowly entering your pussy from behind with my still growing cock while you tighten and squeeze with your thighs and ass. You let out a deep breath.

As you exhale, it seems as if you raise your hips slightly, which pushes the tip of my dick slightly deeper inside of you. The oil and our combined wetness mean that as tight as you feel and as hard as I am, there is little resistance. Clenching your thighs and butt cheeks once again, you lower hips and then release. I hold fast. And now the head of my cock is fully buried inside your tight snatch as you continue with your tempo, tightening before release, release before breath. I feel my balls sliding with our breath between your slick legs, as well as the warmth of your pussy radiating out and along my cock. I reach down with my lips to kiss the back of your neck.

Again, you relax, ever so slightly raising your hips and tightening your pelvic floor once again. A flood of raw strength overcomes me and it is everything I can do not to carnally thrust and fuck you hard, harder, hardest while roughly holding you down and with my grip tight on your neck the way you love so much until I deposit my seed deep within your womb.

But I am able to hold back, taking a deep breath as you tighten and relax, pulling me down gently with your hips by the grip your tightened thighs have on my still hardening cock ever so slightly deeper within your pussy.

I feel a bead of sweat glide down my temple and then drip onto the back of your neck a moment ago I resisted the urge to command. And the rhythm of your thigh squeezing begins to seemingly increase at the same time as my testicles, now firmly held by your oiled thighs begin to tighten. I feel my lust for you building. The tension is palpable. Inadvertantly my arms flex around your shoulders to pull you closer as you relax. My cock throbs half inside your pussy uncontrollably.

Again, you lift your hips and arch your back skillfully teasing my fully erect cock ever so slightly deeper inside of you. I feel our bodies held together in this way, not thrusting or humping, but held firm and supple. You flex your thighs and ass, and lower you hips. Without thinking my hips thrust forward gently until my long hard dick has penetrated you fully. As I realize my hips have betrayed me, you relax into a gutteral moan.

Your rhythm is fast now. Clenching, and then relaxing. Holding my cock firm within your pussy, you release and relax. My cock moans again in reflex inside of you. I hold myself steady and completely still as you continue to tense, and release. I feel you squeeze your thighs together and then release.

You moan. I kiss your neck. You squeeze and release.

I decide to rest my hands on your neck holding you steady on your course. You clench and release. Your pussy is teasing and massaging my dick as my body begins to tense. I can not help but grip you passionately by the neck in order to release some of this passionate tension. You tense your thighs and ass again, holding my member fully inside of you. A pause.

You hold me tight, and lose your rhythm. I can feel something building within you. Your feet start to wriggle. Your calves tense. Your thighs tense even tighter. Your grip on my cock is palpable.

I pull out, and allow you to cross your legs underneath me. Your knees are bent up along my back, and I am straddling you from behind.

You find your rhythm and again squeeze, then release. The head of my cock is at the entrance of your slit. You squeeze. I push the tip inside of you, and pull out again. You release and relax. I slide the tip into your slit, you squeeze. I increase my pace, entering you doggy style with gebze escort the tip of my cock as you squeeze and release.

You squeeze and hold. I defy your tightness and push hard, and your wetness allows me to penetrate you to the hilt. I push deeper, you moan, and I can begin to feel your lips fluttering around my hard cock. You are past the point of no return. I fuck you deeper, and harder sliding all the way out before penetrating you fully long and hard. Your body is is starting to quiver as I start pounding your pussy as hard and as deep as I can while you do your best to squeeze and release your thighs. My balls tighten. It turns me on to know your are about to cum deeply from my cock inside of you. I am getting close to the edge as well.

You are no longer able to control your muscles. You are in orgasmic bliss. Your hands are gripping the sheets. You cry out my name. I fuck you harder, and longer, and faster. I no longer have control of my own body as I continue to fuck your pussy from behind. Long. Deep. Hard.

I don’t want the pleasure to stop. The silky wetness of your tight twat around my cock. The slick way it slides, in, then out. In again. Your grip on the sheets has removed them, exposing the bare mattress underneath. You are screaming in ectasy. Your moans befuddled by the pounding my toned body exerts on your sex from behind.

The bed is now banging against the bedroom wall in syncopation with my thrusting. You realize the neighbors must be hearing your moans out of the open bedroom window, but this knowlege only forces you to cum harder, more uncontrollably. You are now flailing underneath of me, your hips instinctually rise to meet my thrusts, all those yoga and swim classes you take accentuating the arch in your lower back, arching your pussy to allow me to enter you even deeper still.

The audible sounds of our sex mixing and squishing and slapping together, along with your moans, cause the neighbors in the downstairs apartment to start banging on their ceiling with the handle of a broom. This only makes your orgasm continue as I continue to fuck you with my rock solid rod.

I realize suddenly that I am at the brink of my own orgasm, but it is so pleasurable to fuck you right now that I want to hold back as long as I can. I stop mid thrust still inside of you. A bead of persperation falls off my chin and onto your back. Please, don’t move I beg you. Im going to cum soon, I say. My arms are shaking slightly.

You look up and over your shoulder at me. Your face is covered in sweat and rays of wet hair are painted to your face. Your mascara has bled on both sides to your chin. Your cheeks and forehead are bright red, mascara and lipstick in streaks on your pillow. You’ve just been fucked doggy style and masturbated yourself to the best orgasm of your life. I think you look like a goddess with my cock on the brink of cumming half inside of you. Please don’t move, I beg you again, I’m about to cum inside.

A third time I beg you don’t move, be still, don’t move – a serious and concerned look in my eyes.

Looking back at me, you look at my sweaty chest and down towards my ass, and then with a sly grin you look up to my eyes again and pout your lips. If I move, you’ll cum? You ask, your lips moving from pout to grin. You giggle femininely as the neighbors again bang on their walls asking us to quiet down.

Like this? You ask, arching your back fully and thrusting your pussy towards my cock forcing me to impale you fully. You are giggling now and understand exactly what you are doing. My body responds of course. My ass tightens and my legs tense as my body forces me to enter you fully. My cock has already started spasming past the point of no return and my arms are beginning to give out from underneath. Ugggghhhh…

You look me right in the eyes giggling at my loss of control. I manage a few more thrusts as I give you my best O face. My full body is spasming as I shoot loads of sticky cum deep inside of you. You bite your lower lip as you feel the warmth of my salty jizz squirting deep within you. You almost cum again as you feel my cock throbbing and cumming in your pussy.

You brace yourself, releasing your tight grip on what’s left of the bedsheets as I collapse on top of your back. My cock is still throbbing fully inside you. You smile to yourself knowing the pleasure you give me, and your ability to make me cum with one thrust of your hips. You love the control your sexy body has over a strong man. I take a deep breath.

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