Call On Line Two

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David sighed, taking his hands away from the keyboard of his computer and rubbing his temples. He leaned back in his chair, throwing his head back and trying to empty his head for a moment to take a respite from the problems, equations, and numbers that were where they shouldn’t be. Naturally, David had the job of putting the unruly numbers in their place. Also doing anything that had anything to do at all with computers and electronics. At first he’d enjoyed the attention his talent attracted, but now it was just annoying, and all the jobs were getting BORING. Break time, he thought vaguely. Just then, his phone rang. He cursed to himself, but on impulse, he answered, always figuring he could get to whatever it was later. Besides, it might be an emergency or something. As he took the receiver from the cradle to his ear, he glanced at the clock. Still two hours to go. He spoke to the phone: “This is David.”

A husky, feminine voice answered: “Just listen: I’m going to pull your face to me and kiss you harder and deeper than you’ve ever been kissed before, pushing my tongue into your mouth. I’m going to unzip your pants and pull your gorgeous cock out into the air. I’ll kneel in front of you and take you into my mouth and you moan as you feel my tongue on the tip of your cock. My hand jacks you as I suck the tip and–“

David knew perfectly well who it was, but he couldn’t resist. He interrupted in a clipped, businesslike tone: “Who is this?”

The girl on the other end broke into a brief laughing spell. It seemed she’d been concentrating and he’d gotten her out of it. “This is your girlfriend, you silly ass! I’m gonna start over . . . Goddamnit, David, you broke my concentration and spoiled the surprise at the same time! I was trying to brighten your day and all you can do is fuck with my head!” She wasn’t really mad, he could tell. Didn’t even sound it, really.

“Jeez, Karen, I’m sorry.” He smiled.

“Yeah, you are, you punk. Is work still as bad as you’ve been saying?”

David took a deep breath. She may have been trying to brighten his day, but she’d done that just by calling. He figured she knew it, too. “Yeah, it’s still pretty ugly. I’m watching the clock.”

“Poor baby. I miss you.” Karen had only met him a couple of weeks ago, and they’d only had the opportunity to go out once or twice since then, because David’s workload had doubled shortly after.

“I miss you, too,” he answered.

“How’s tonight looking?” she asked.

David reflected. Now that he remembered, it was a Friday, and his workload was typically egregious. He had resolved not to stay after five, though, since for most of the last week, he’d gotten home at around eight-thirty. “Not so good,” he finally said. “I’ll be pretty tired–but I think I can be persuaded to work up some enthusiasm.”

Karen giggled. “Good. You know what we’re going to do tonight?”

“Were you keeping it a surprise?”

“Well, not really. I was planning to do most of the stuff we didn’t get to do last time.”

David thought about this a moment. They’d met, had sex and gone out a couple times–but not actually gone to bed since their first meeting. He couldn’t really think of anything off-hand that they hadn’t done, apart from positions . . . “Oh . . .” he said, finally.

“That’s it? ‘Oh?'”

“Uh, well . . . I’m really looking forward to it?”

Karen sighed in good-natured exasperation. “Listen, you silly twit,” she laughed. “Come to room two-twelve at the Red Leaf Inn on Twenty-seventh Street after you get off work. I’ll be waiting for you–and I’ll have a surprise.”

She hung up.

David very nearly left work early. He knew he’d just sit around his apartment getting antsy, though. So he stayed at work and got antsy instead. He could hardly concentrate for the rest of the afternoon, and barely even managed to finish what he’d set out to–he was, however, thankfully able to muster the willpower to grit his teeth escort bayan and finish his business. It seemed like twelve hours, but when five o’clock rolled around, David was most certainly ready to call it quits. He nodded good-byes to co-workers as he left the building, and headed straight for the hotel. He didn’t even bother to go home and change (he’d just worn a polo shirt and slacks that day anyway).

When he found his way there, the parking lot was nearly empty and he found a space immediately. He climbed the stairs to the second floor–finding room 212 was an easy matter, since there were signs posted all over the place. It took him a minute or so to wander the hall, but he found his way there easily, and boldly knocked on the door as soon as he reached it.

He heard the lock click and the door swung open. It was pretty easy to tell that it was being pulled open by someone standing behind it. David walked into the room and the door swung shut behind him. Sure enough, standing behind the door was Karen–dressed in a black faux-leather halter-top and a matching skirt that barely managed to conceal her assets. Her shoulder-length raven hair was tied back into a ponytail.

She reached over to lock the deadbolt and smiled mischievously. “Glad you could make it,” she intoned in the same sultry voice she’d used over the phone.

“Wouldn’t have missed it,” David replied.

Karen giggled by way of reply and, grinning, beckoned with her index finger. David didn’t hesitate to comply and she wrapped him in her arms as he leaned down to kiss her. He first covered her mouth with his own, then moved down to her neck. She smelled of jasmine. She moaned softly. Before David knew it, he was being pushed back away from her. Confused, he asked “What? Did I do something wrong?”

Karen shook her head, still grinning. She nodded to her left, indicating further into the room. “Go sit on the couch over there,” she said. Still a little confused, David walked past the king-sized bed and TV, plopping down in the middle of the sofa. It wasn’t the most comfortable one he’d ever sat on, but it wasn’t the least, either, by a long shot. He spread his hands out on the sofa back behind him. Karen approached from the corner, still wearing that mischievous grin. She stood in front of him, hands on her hips. “Sit on your hands,” she said.

David did so. He wondered vaguely if she was trying to play some weird dominatrix game. He had to admit, he didn’t know her all that well, but it didn’t quite seem like her style. He sat like this for a second or two before Karen leaned forward: he thought for a kiss, but she whispered in his ear “I’m going to dance for you. Keep your tongue in your mouth. And don’t move your hands until I tell you to.”

David had been to strip joints before, so he knew the routine. Of course, presumably, he was actually going to get some action after this dance was over. He smiled, half in humor and half in anticipation as Karen gyrated before him, running her hands down her body, moving to the music in her head. She was a little clumsy, and it was pretty obvious she was an amateur at this. Still, David found it pretty damn arousing. Every so often, she’d lean forward and pull open her halter suggestively, but not reveal anything. Then she placed her left foot on the sofa beside him and pulled up her skirt to reveal lacy black panties underneath. She pulled these aside and stuck a finger into herself. She then put her leg down and pulled the skirt all the way off. Then she sat on David’s lap, taking his head in her hands, pressing him to her breasts.

After just enough time to tease, she got up and danced a little more, finally pulling up her halter-top, showing off a flimsy-looking lacy black bra to match her panties. She turned and squatted in front of him, bending over just a little, giving him a nice view of her rear. She put her hands on the floor, getting onto all fours and izmit escort looked back at him. “Do you want to take me?”

David nodded, barely restraining himself. Karen grinned again. “Good,” she said. “But you can’t, just yet.” She turned over on her back, spreading her legs on the floor and started rubbing herself through her panties. “You know what I’m thinking about right now?” she whispered, just loud enough for him to hear. David shook his head. She looked into his eyes and said, simply: “You.”

Suddenly, she got to her knees. That brought her nearly into David’s lap, and she leaned forward, running her tongue over the front of his pants, which now obviously contained a hard-on. She ran her hands up his body as she did this, then pushed herself back and undid her bra, freeing her perfect breasts. She straddled his lap, pulling his face to her, letting him drink in her soft, warm breasts. “You like that, baby?” she whispered, running her hands through his hair. David could only moan in reply.

When she thought he’d had enough, she pulled away from him and got up, turning away and bending over as she pulled her panties down. Then she sat back, bracing herself against his knees and rubbing her now naked crotch against his. David thrust back and Karen moaned in reply. But she wasn’t finished yet, because soon she turned back to him and stood on the sofa cushions, positioning herself directly above him, one leg on either side, holding a hand to the wall behind to steady herself. With her other hand, she reached down and rubbed her vulva, now directly in front of David’s face. He strained forward a little, keeping in mind the ‘no touching’ rule, but wanting to get as close to her as he could.

David could hear her breathing heavily and the thought came to him that she could probably feel his breath on her clit, close as he was. He opened his mouth and let a warm breath caress her where he was not allowed to–yet. Karen seemed to appreciate his ingenuity, as she moaned approval.

Finally, she lowered herself back to his lap, straddling him again, running her hands through his hair, looking into his face. With their noses almost touching she said “Do you like it when I dance for you?”

“Yes,” David sighed.

Karen kissed him–hard, pressing his head back into the sofa, rubbing her body against him. She leaned in to kiss his neck, biting a little. Then she whispered in his ear: “I want you to fuck me.”

David sensed his cue, and his arms shot out, wrapping tightly around Karen’s body, pulling her close to him. He kissed her back, pushing his tongue into her mouth, probing gently. Karen moaned approval. He started to maneuver her down to the sofa, but she broke away and shook her head. She stood and walked over to a desk that sat in the corner of the room, to the side of the TV set. She bent over, turning her head back. David didn’t move at first. Karen beckoned with a finger, grinning. “Come on, David. Don’t you want it?”

David needed no further prompting. He stood, shedding his clothes as he crossed the room. He gave his prick one or two pulls to make sure it was good and hard. He steadied Karen’s rear with his left hand and guided himself inside with his right. Karen moaned as he entered her and moved to take hold of her waist with both hands. Propping herself up on her elbows, Karen backed into him, matching his thrusts evenly. She moaned in delight, rolling her head first to the left, then right, squeezing David’s cock with her cunt-walls every so often. He thrust harder and deeper as Karen moaned even louder. “Ohh fuck me, David. Aahh, yeah, baby, harder.”

David could tell now he was going to come if he didn’t pull out soon, so he leaned forward, taking hold of Karen’s body and pulling her back toward him at the same time, leaning in to kiss her neck as he whispered to her: “You’re so sexy, lover, that you’re going to make me come before I’m ready if we’re yürüyüş yolu escort not careful.”

Karen pulled away from him and turned to face him, smiling.”I think I have a pretty good solution,” she said. Placing her hands flat on the desk behind her, she boosted herself up to sit on the desk and spread her legs, leaning back as she sat on the edge. “You know what to do, don’t you, honey?”

David smiled in reply as he knelt in front of her, gentlykissing her labia and massaging the outside of her pussy with his fingertips. Karen ran her fingers through his hair, smiling down at him as he worked away. She moved her legs so that her knees rested on his shoulders.

David flicked his tongue back and forth across Karen’s clit, pushing two fingers inside her. She moaned in reply and gyrated her hips a little. As he worked his lips and tongue around Karen’s pussy, David placed gentle love-bites around her vulva and on her inner thighs.

Soon he moved back to her crotch and took her clit into his mouth, sucking gently. Karen moaned. As he sucked, flicking his tongue across the tip, he pushed two fingers back inside her. Karen’s moans grew louder and she threw her head back, pushing her twat into his face. “Ooh, baby, just like that. Oh, David, you’re gonna make me come!”

She bit her lip as David pushed his fingers even deeper into her, pushing her ever closer to orgasm–it didn’t take long, and soon Karen let out a strangled, high-pitched cry, signalling that she’d come. She panted heavily for a moment, regaining her breath as David pulled away from her and looked up past her heaving breasts to her face. She looked down at him and smiled. David stood, his eyes still locked on hers. “I need you,” she whispered.

As if of one mind, they both stood and moved to the large bed. Karen reached it first and lay down, spreading her legs. David lay atop her and gently slid inside. Karen wrapped her arms around his body, moaning as he began to thrust gently. She craned her neck up to kiss him. David moaned, kissing back, holding her tightly as her hips met his, gyrating to match his thrusts. Her legs slid up his sides, then down as Karen used them to guide him in and out. “Fuck me harder,” she whimpered.

David intensified his thrusts, getting an immediate reaction as Karen gasped with each one. He couldn’t help but go faster with each movement. He could tell he was going to shoot soon, though he wanted to stretch this all for as long as he could. He moaned as he kissed Karen again and whispered his need to her.

Karen moaned in reply: “Give it to me, honey. Ohh, god, David, I want to feel you come inside me.” David leaned down to bite her neck gently and she moaned again. He squeezed her body as he kept up his movements inside her. “Ohh, harder!” she cried.

David reared up, releasing his hold on Karen and pulling away to get a better view of her and started thrusting as fast and hard as he could. He bit his lip to maintain his self-control, but he could feel his orgasm building and knew it’d be over soon. He wanted to make it good, though. Karen must have appreciated his efforts, because her vocalizations became louder. She moaned in rhythm with his thrusts: “Oh-h-h-h-h-h, yeah. AHH! Oh, fuck! Oh, David, fuck me!”

“Am I gonna make you come, baby?”

“Yes, oh, god, yes! Make me come when you pour into me! Oh, baby, I want you to fill me up with your hot come!” The last word she spoke was almost literally ejaculated: it was high pitched and staccato, and after it Karen’s cries degenerated into incoherent babble as she lost herself in orgasm, her head thrashed left and right and her body convulsed with spasms of pleasure.

David was unable to hold himself back any longer, and with a final moan, he gave a last thrust and felt himself release inside Karen. She felt it, too, and let out a long, loud moan in appreciation as she ceased moving, throwing her head back on the pillows and closing her eyes. He collapsed on top of her, kissing her neck and shoulder. After he’d come down from his post-orgasm high, he said softly “You know, when you called earlier today, I thought about not answering the phone.”

Karen laughed softly. “And now aren’t you glad that you did?”

“You better believe it.”

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