Calliope’s New Life Ch. 04

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Authors Note: A small section of this story contains some harsher elements of the Daddy-Dom and little girl relationship. Some readers may find it not to their liking so I am leaving this small warning. For regular readers of Calliope’s story, I hope you enjoy. ~ellie

Over the following few weeks, Calliope continued her training and got to know Padraic’s routine well. On Monday nights, they had people over for dinner. Bea and Jesse and Jamie came every second week and in between they invited someone else from the family. Tuesday to Thursday was all work with training followed by relaxing evenings on their own. Fridays were cleaning days and in Calliope’s mind ass-fucking days, while it was never as bad as that first time, Callie still didn’t quite love it the way Padraic did. Saturdays were shopping days, and Calliope looked forward to these as Padraic loved to spoil her, she could ask for the things she wanted or needed and he would then take her somewhere nice for lunch. At the moment Sundays were their day to relax, they had no routine. They preferred to just hang out and play but he had told her that they might occasionally go to Sunday School with the rest of the family in the future.

The thought of the playroom still weighed on Calliope, especially after one Monday night dinner with Uncle Odin and Sarah, at which Sarah took great delight in telling her all about Shelly and how in love Padraic had been with her. Calliope had tried to ask Bea about it but couldn’t form the words she wanted to say, so she sighed and gave up. She finally asked Jamie one night in a brief moment they had been left alone together as Padraic and Bea looked at something on his computer. Jamie had been tight-lipped except to say that she shouldn’t listen to anything Sarah says because she was a brat.

Calliope didn’t want a room in the house that belonged to another little girl that Padraic loved. The thought of sharing him bothered her a lot. Padraic always instilled in her the need to tell him what she was thinking, claiming that he wasn’t a mind reader, but she didn’t know what to say or how to say it. So eventually she decided to put it in her journal, and she drew a plan of the house labelling each room. In the place of the word playroom though, she had labelled it Shelly’s room. It wasn’t that she wanted to be in there particularly but like her own room she would like it changed so that the ghost of Shelly didn’t haunt her thoughts when she saw the closed door. Finally, in very neat writing she captioned the picture.

“In Daddy’s house there are two little girl’s; one is me; the other is a ghost called Shelly who has her own room. I don’t like it.”

Padraic said nothing when he saw it but that night when he had put Calliope in the bath he called Bea to ask her if she had told Calliope about Shelly. She in turn recounted Jamie’s story and Padraic smiled into the phone, “He really is becoming such a nice young man.”

“Yes, he is. I know you don’t like to dwell on it but maybe it’s time you told Calliope the whole story?” Bea suggested with some concern. “I mean Sarah is not the only little brat in our family. She is bound to hear things when you start coming to Sunday school again. Best she hears the truth from you, rather than dwelling on half-truth and rumour.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Padraic grimaced. “Seems the playroom needs an overhaul too, she thinks that it is Shelly’s room, and that’s why I won’t let her play there.”

“Is she right?” Bea said without accusation, but more to point out that it could be true.

“No!” Padraic was aghast, but he considered not for the first time if that was why he had not wanted to play with Calliope in there. “I am thinking of turning it into a different type of playroom, not so school like.”

“Probably a good idea, let me know if you need a hand,” Bea laughed knowing he never would. The man was so particular about the things in his life he would never trust anyone with redecorating the room.

Padraic hung up after ending the call and finished making dinner for them before getting Calliope out of the bath and dressing her in her pajamas. They ate dinner out on the back deck watching the summer storm brew and head towards them. As usual she took their plates to clean up the kitchen and once again marvelled at how little mess he left for her to deal with.

Busy loading the dishwasher she didn’t hear him come into the kitchen until he murmured softly, “We better have a talk about this,” he placed her journal on the bench.

She closed the dishwasher and immediately her hand went to twirl a stray ringlet of hair as she turned to face him worried that she was in trouble. Rather than being upset Padraic face showed concern, and she relaxed slightly.

“Come, baby,” he held out his hand to her and taking it she let him lead her into the lounge room. They sat on a large cushioned sofa facing each other, and Padraic leaned forward to kiss her lightly. “You couldn’t just tell me what Sarah said? It obviously bothered you,” he said gently Merter Escort tilting her face up to his so he could read her eyes. Calliope shook her head slightly still not quite having the words to ask what she needed to know.

“So you wrote this message in your journal for me,” Padraic stated the obvious and she nodded. “Would it be enough for me to assure you that Shelly is no longer part of my life and that I do not care for her the way I once did?”

Calliope frowned, she wasn’t sure if it would be enough. Thoughts of the ghost that was Shelly haunted her now, and she needed to know more. More about who she was, what she was like and the type of relationship they had. She closed her eyes and wondered if she really wanted to know it all. Would knowing that she was gone for good be enough?

“You are special Callie. You are different from any other little girl I have ever known, and you are perfect for me. Shelly pales in comparison, but I guess I let her memory live in that room and so I will change it, to make it your playroom, but the rules in there will still apply.” He looked into her eyes and saw her smile slightly. “In that room, when it is yours, you will do exactly as I say, the moment I say it, even if you don’t like it, or it hurts, or you are scared. In there you are only to trust and obey, you understand?”

“Yes, Paddy,” she said sincerely. Now that the conversation had started she was reluctant to let it go so easily, and she asked the one question that she needed an answer to. “Sarah said you were madly in love with Shelly and that you never got over her…” she gulped at a strange look that flittered over Padraic’s face. “I mean if, she came back… I um,” her voice faded as struggled to find the words she needed yet again.

“It is true I cared about Shelly very much, and I would never turn her out on the street if she came to me and needed help but…” he made sure she was looking him in the eyes as he continued, “I didn’t know how good love could feel until I met you Callie. I adore you. I am happier than I have ever been, and that is because of you. You are different from her, and I feel love for you in a very different way.” Padraic struggled to express how he felt to Calliope.

“But I don’t make you happy the way she did…” Calliope couldn’t let it go, she wasn’t sure why it was so important to her to be Padraic’s everything, but she wanted to be more than just the best choice at this time.

At that moment, he realised just how much Shelly had influenced his relationship with Calliope. Rather than enjoying the fun of family gatherings and Sunday school he had jealousy kept her away from anyone who could also have an influence on her. He needed to be secure in her love and trust her to return to him or risk losing her from hanging on too tightly, he knew. He would also need to return to work in the New Year and had not decided yet what to do with Calliope when the time came. She over-thought things too much when left to her own devices. Misunderstandings often occurred, much like this one, when she thought too much about something that bothered her. He considered that sending her to college with Carl was possibly the best option available to him.

“I love you more, differently yes, but in those differences you make me happier,” He answered her last statement as if it was a question, his temper rising with her lack of understanding and having to explain himself more thoroughly.

“I love you, too,” she snuggled close to him hiding her thoughtful face from his gaze as she tried to make sense of his words and how she felt. She lay there letting him hold her as they both let their own thoughts take over, and the thunder from the approaching storm filled the silence. Padraic told her the whole story of his and Shelly’s relationship, explaining his reticence to share Calliope, even with the family members he trusted.

Calliope remembered the first time she had been welcomed into the family and what had occurred that night with their lifestyle family. She turned to him then and nodded, “I not sure I want to share you either. Who says we have to? I mean you’re my Daddy, so it’s your rules I have to obey not the others in the family, right?” Padraic chuckled and gathered her close kissing her nose.

“We’ll talk some more about Sunday school and the family in the morning, but right now I am thinking we have better things to do,” he said, smacking her ass hard making her yelp and grinned.

“Paddy?” Calliope said softly, and he looked at her questioningly.

“I really think it’s a good idea to change the room, for you but for me, all the stuff that I saw and the way it is now…” her voice faded, but Padraic remained silent wondering where this was going. “I could be good enough for just one time… before you change it… I mean… you liked to play in there, or you wouldn’t have kept it… I just want to know… you know… the differences.”

Padraic growled finally losing his temper. His voice when he spoke was Merter Escort Bayan harsh, and she knew without a doubt that she had pushed him too hard. “Don’t push me Calliope. I have explained it all and told you that you are not the type of girl to play in there! I have told you all about Shelly and still you persist!” She looked at him wide eyed but did not seem to be backing down as he wanted. “Well you want to be treated like that for one night you got it!” His voice had risen to a roar, and he grabbed a handful of her hair and propelled her along before him to the doorway of the room.

“Be very sure what you are asking for baby because beyond this door you will be little more than a fuck doll. You will address me only as Sir and you will do exactly as I say no questions no complaints,” his voice was still hard and angry as he addressed her. The idea of using her in this no holds barred environment appealed to him on some levels, but he enjoyed the relationship he had been slowly building with her and worried that doing this would set back her training and require a rebuilding of trust once more.

Calliope nodded; she was both anxious and excited and did not trust her voice. Padraic continued to look at her with waning patience until she answered, “Yes, Sir.”

Padraic flung the door open and upon entering indicated a spot before his desk, “Strip and present, feet shoulder width apart, hands behind your neck, elbows tilted back.” He then moved away to open the closets and wardrobes along the wall through which they had entered barely hearing her hasty reply.

“Yes, Sir,” Calliope said and reached down to pull her pajamas over her head. She did her best to fold the garment and put it on one of the small desks before assuming the position he had instructed her to.

Padraic returned with a range of equipment and dumped it onto the heavy wooden desk. He said nothing at all to her as he encased her ankles and wrists in fur-lined cuffs and buckled a heavy wide collar around her neck. Pushing her forward against the heavy wooden desk, he bent her over it. Picking up a large butt plug, he lubed it generously before forcing it into her ass without any of the usual care he would take to ensure her readiness.

Calliope gripped the desk and attempted to stifle her whimpers but cried out as the largest part of the plug passed her tight anal ring and settled inside her. She closed her eyes tightly and bit her lip as he gave it a few extra pushes before smacking her ass hard and fast several times.

When he finally spoke it was with the same angry growl he had used since she had pushed him to come into this room and play, “Down bitch, hands and knees.”

Satisfied that she had complied immediately, he sat in a large chair behind the big desk before barking, “Come!” and guiding her to crawl between his legs and kneel up. He noted that her eyes flicked from his face to his groin, and he sneered, “Such a hungry little cumslut, you’d love to suck my cock wouldn’t you, worship it, adore it like the good little cocksucker you have been trained to be.”

“Yes Sir,” she said softly.

“You need to earn that privilege in here,” his tone seemed somehow mocking to Calliope and she quivered as he opened a case on his desk and withdrew a riding crop. He lashed his hand out and caught her nipple with the crop eliciting a squeal of pain and surprise. Her hand automatically went up, and he frowned, “No hands!” he shouted and lashed out again at the other nipple making her flinch involuntarily. He continued to abuse her small breasts and nipples until she was gasping with sobs and tears flowed freely down her face.

“Stay!” he growled deeply and stood up walking from the room leaving Calliope confused as she sobbed in pain. He returned carrying his camera, a large bowl and several of her hair ties as if he had grabbed a handful in a hurry. He sat in his chair picking up the camera and angling it to show both her sad, teary face and the raised red welts decorating her breasts, “Remember you asked to be in here, with your big bad Daddy,” he sneered at her and took several photos of her so that she would remember to heed his warnings in the future. He planned to use her to exhaustion tonight and see that Shelly was well and truly exorcised from their lives.

Tying her hair up into a high ponytail, he dragged her back around to the other side of his desk. He joined the wrists cuffs behind her back and bent to join the cuffs at her ankles with a small spreader bar. Padraic stood back and undressed watching his beautiful girl trembling in fear and anticipation.

“Do you love Daddy’s big cock, little slut?”

“Yes, Sir,” Calliope said softly her voice raw from crying.

“Then show me how much you love my cock by worshipping it with your mouth,” he invited her planting his feet wide apart and indicating she should come to him.

Calliope stumbled several times as she covered the distance between where she was and where Padraic had placed himself Escort Merter unable to manage with the bar holding her ankles apart. She sank awkwardly to her knees before him. She pressed her face to his groin, placing kisses along the hard shaft of his erect cock before managing to engulf the head and suckle at it, murmuring in appreciation at the feel of it on her tongue.

“Take it all little cock-sucker,” he growled and pushed his hips forward making her gag. Calliope gurgled and choked as she struggled to swallow him deeper pushing her nose into the dark curls of hair that crowned the cock she worshiped.

Slowly, and with practiced expertise, she began moving her head, sucking hard on the upstrokes and tasting the pre-cum on her tongue. It was true she did love sucking his cock, and she picked up speed as she bent to her worship feeling awkward in the bindings. His hands did not touch her at all as they normally would have to guide her, he allowed her to show her willingness to worship at his feet and guide her own movements for a while.

Padraic took as much as he could before letting out a deep groan and grabbing her hair to force her face onto his cock deeply and hold her there until she struggled for air. He then began to fuck her mouth with force, his balls slapping against her drool covered chin. He felt his cock spasm and rammed into her throat as the first spurt of cum exploded from him. Calliope choked, and her eyes streamed more tears, a small amount of the cum seeming to come from her nose as she choked. He pulled out of her mouth spurting the second ropey strand over her face and gasping lips.

He pushed the head of his cock into her mouth as she continued to gag on the first spurting jet and Padraic watched as the remainder of his cum spilled from her lips down over her chin to her chest and the floor between her knees, mixing with her own drool.

“Fuck!” Padraic roared at her, “Fucking ungrateful bitch wasting all my cum.” He pulled her head off his cock and pointed her face to the floor below her even as cum still dribbled from her sobbing lips. “Clean it up you disgusting ungrateful bitch.” He let her go and stepped away leaving her to bend down and lick the floor clean.

When he came back, he pulled her head up by the ponytail in her hair and barked, “Tongue out.” He rapidly took several more shots before letting her go again to fall to the fall below him. He pulled a small chair close and watched her struggle to clean the small mess before ordering her to clean his cock as she should have done already if she hadn’t made such a mess. He allowed her to struggle on her own with her bound hands and feet toward him and bend her head to his cock again keeping his hands on his thighs and staring hard at her.

Her breath was still heavy and her whimpers soft as he let her lap and lick at his cock and balls, cleaning him properly without any guidance at all. Finally, he pushed her back to kneel sitting back on her heels. He reached to his side where the camera lay and picked up a silver chain from the large bowl. He held it in his hand showing it to her and revealing the alligator clamps at the ends of the chain.

Calliope gritted her teeth and hissed a long breath as Padraic attached them to her nipples. She had given up trying to stifle her whimpers realising that, in this room, they did not matter. If anything, it seemed to make him more harsh in his treatment of her. Blinking her eyes, tears spilling to her cheeks, she wondered if she truly could be as good and obedient as Shelly once was.

Padraic undid the bar from her ankle cuffs and returned to his seat once more. He picked her up then and positioning her to face him and straddle his thighs he impaled her on his cock, “Ride me, baby fuck doll.” Padraic leaned back in his chair as she began to rise and fall upon him. Whimpering each time her small breasts jostled the clamps. Calliope eventually found her balance and rode him slowly rotating her hips as she ground down into his groin feeling the friction on her clit and the over fullness of having both Padraic’s big cock and the butt plug within her.

Not wanting to leave the clamps on too long this first time he had used the harsh alligator kind, he pulled them from her nipples as she completed a downward stroke and began rotating her hips. Placing his hands over them and massaging the soft pink buds as the blood flowed back through them he listened to her cries of pain.

Calliope arched screaming out, “Mo..ther…fucking… cunt of a…, argh, Daddy!!” her brain filled with the white light of intense pain and her body shook wildly.

Padraic, seeing the faraway look in her eyes, wrapped his hands around her hips and lifted her slightly and thrust up into her rapidly tipping her over the edge into blissful release. He watched almost mesmerised as she jerked and shook uncontrollably. He then pulled her to him, holding her close until she came down from her high. It was surprising to him that all he wanted to do at this moment was cuddle her close and take her to bed rather than continue the punishment for pushing him to use her in this room. Perhaps they both had needed the lessons of being in this room. The thought disconcerted him, and he held her close until her breathing became more regular again.

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