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After my sister leaves the house, I go into her room and sit on the bed. I couldn’t get my mind off of her. We had just moved out of our parent’s house when I turned eighteen. She had stayed living there until now and Susan told me that being twenty-two and still at home wasn’t cool.

So here I am thinking about her luscious body. I spent a good amount of years thinking about her, it helped me to cum many times when I masturbated. As I sit here I think about looking for her diary or better yet, what panties she wears.

As I look in her drawer, I find some thongs and a little lingerie. She even has a pair of handcuffs. As I go through her panties I find some pictures of her playing with her pussy with a thick blue dildo. My first thoughts are of who had taken these of her. It didn’t really matter to me and apparently not to my cock either. I could feel my hardness pushing against the fabric of my pants.

Since Susan wasn’t there, I take out my cock and begin to stroke it. I take a pair of her soft panties from the drawer and wrap my cock with them and start stroking harder using the material like a soft pussy sliding over my cock. As I do I look at the pictures of Susan working her pussy over with that big, thick dildo. She is so wet in the pictures and I can see her pussy juice on her asshole and on the dildo.

I am pumping my cock so hard by now that I don’t hear the front door. I work my way through the pictures to find one of Susan sliding the dildo in her ass and her fingers in her pussy. I can’t believe what I am seeing. I wanted to fuck her so bad and as I work my cock hard, I suddenly hear a voice say, “What the fuck are you doing!”

I try to stop, but I start to cum. I look over and as I cum hard all over the panties wrapped around my cock, I can see Susan standing there with her hands on her hips. I cum so hard, but then I realized I have been busted.

Susan walks up to me and takes the pictures. “I can’t believe what I just saw,” she says angrily.

“I’m sorry Susan,” is the only thing I can find words to say.

Susan looks down and asks, “Are those my panties on your cock?”

I nod yes and go to take them off. As I do, she Sefaköy Escort walks over and grabs my cock. “What did you think of the pictures?” she asks.

“They were pretty hot,” I say.

She squeezes my cock hard in response, working her hand up and down my shaft. She peels the cum soaked panties from my cock and asks, “Does it feel good having the panties the cover my pussy on your cock?”

I nod and say, “It feels wonderful, but I would love to feel what your pussy feels like on my cock.”

Susan looks up at me, stroking my cock in her hand. She then kneels in front of me. “You are a dirty boy,” she says just before taking my cock in her mouth. Susan sucks it in deep, looking up at me the whole time. Her mouth feels so good and she works her hand on my balls. I am loving this and before I can say anything Susan takes my cock from her mouth and says, “Maybe more later. I need to get to work.”

She tosses the pictures back at me, stands up and walks out. I am still rock hard and now I want to ravage her. I look at the pictures again and stroke my cock so hard. One of the pictures is Susan sitting on her hands and knees with her thick, blue dildo in her pussy. With the look of it shoved all the way in her tight pussy and the look on her face makes me cum hard again.

When I’m finished I put the pictures back and clean up. I spent the whole day doing nothing except think about Susan. Eventually time passed and Susan came strolling through the door. She looks at me and says, “I have a treat for you, little brother.”

Before I can say anything in response, she pulls out a red dildo with little ridges running down it. She walks up to me and kisses me and takes my hand, placing it on her crotch. We explore each other’s mouths with our tongues and before I know it, she is pushing me down onto the couch. Susan strips off her pants and panties and sits down next to me. She grabs my hand again and places it on her soaking wet pussy. I can’t believe just how wet she is.

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about your cock,” she tells me. “You looked so hot stroking it with my panties.”

She spreads her legs apart, looking right Sefaköy Escort Bayan at me. I stand and strip off my clothes and then I sit down so she can see my hard cock. Susan’s eyes are transfixed on my cock. She is rubbing her pussy, slowly working her finger over her clit and then around het wet hole, sliding a finger in, deeper and deeper each time.

I lean in and kiss her. Susan pulls me close and wiggles lower so that I am above her. I kiss her neck and down further, pulling her shirt up exposing her firm breasts and hard nipples. I suck on them one by one. As I work my way lower, I kiss and nibble, driving her wild.

Susan moans as I lick her pussy, slowly at first, over her clit, down her slit, across her asshole and then slowly back up to her pussy. As I continue to lick her body begins to convulse and her pussy juices came out in a rush. She grabs my head, pushing it into her pussy. I lick harder and am rewarded with another orgasm. As her climax begins to subside I move up to kiss her and after a long passionate kiss, she pushes me onto my back.

Susan moves to the other side of the couch and pulls out her dildo. She slowly works it into her wet pussy and quickly the toy becomes slick with her pussy juices. In no time she starts cumming again, shaking and soaking her toy even more.

As she pumps the toy in and out, harder and deeper now, I stand and place my cock at her mouth. She takes it into her mouth, sucking it all the way down to the back of her throat. She shakes again, moaning around my cock as she climaxes again. I just love the way her pussy looks, soaked in her own juices.

Susan pulls her dildo from her pussy and releases my cock from her mouth. “Sit down,” she instructs. As I do she crawls on top of me, straddling me. She grabs hold of my cock and slowly lowers her pussy down on it, impaling herself. Inch by inch my cock fills her pussy. She is tight and wet; I can’t believe how good my sister feels. Never had I imagined that it would fell this good.

Susan moans and sinks lower, taking my cock as deep as it will go. Then she leans in and kisses me, exploring with her tongue deep in my mouth. She starts Escort Sefaköy moving, slowly at first, on my cock, then faster and faster. Her hips grind back and forth, pushing down hard on me. Soon she is cumming yet again, soaking me with her juices. I grab onto her hips, pulling er down onto me so that I am deeper inside her. The pressure of my cock against her walls forces the squirting to intensify. Her juices are even beginning to soak the couch cushion.

I abruptly reach around and slide a finger into her asshole. “Mmm,” she moans. “Yes, fuck my ass.”

She grinds herself on me harder and a few seconds later I am bursting inside her tight, wet pussy, filling her up. She continues to rock back and forth hard, milking my cock for every drop. Before I am done, Susan kisses me deep and cums on my cock again.

I hold her close to me and slowly pump my cock in and out of her. I kiss her again and pull her up so that my cock pops out of her pussy.

“No, I’m not done with you yet,” she complains, struggling to get back on me. Before she can, I reach around and place my cockhead at her dripping, wet asshole. Susan looks at me and smiles, “Take my ass little brother.

I smile back and pull her down on top of my cock. As I slowly fill her tight ass, her eyes roll to the back of her head. Once I am fully inside her again I begin working my cock in and out, slowly at first, then faster. Susan starts to fuck back until she is slamming her ass down hard onto my cock. Her moans turn into screams. I fuck her hard and deep. Her asshole grips my cock as if trying to pull me back in with each stroke. She leans back, giving me a full view of her luscious body and I slide two fingers into her pussy. She is soaking wet and her pussy takes my fingers in deep.

I feel my balls tighten and my cock swell and suddenly I am filling her ass with my hot, sticky cum. She pushes down, getting my cock as deep in her ass as possible. Then she kisses me deep and long. We fall into the couch and with my cock still in her, she looks into my eyes and says, “Let’s become more than brother and sister.”

I smile at her and ask, “What more can we become?”

She smiles back and says, “I have waited for this moment since I was twelve. I have loved you since then.”

Then it dawns on me what she is implying. “You want to be my wife?”

The only answer I get from her is in the form of a smile and then she kisses me longer and deeper than before.

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