Chloe, My Love

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I used to very deliberately and very lovingly fuck my girlfriend’s throat. She had three orgasms the very first time we did it—once when I pushed into her mouth, once when I entered her throat, and once when I came. It was her idea, too-one night she asked me in her whispery little voice if I’d ever heard of deep throating. She didn’t know if it was something people really did or not. I told her it was. She became very excited and snuggled up beside me on the couch.

“How do you know?” She asked.

“Well, I’ve read about it and seen video’s. It’s not at all unusual.”

“It’s not? But it seems so obscene. How do they do it?”

“Why do you want to know?” I was liking the direction of this.

“I don’t know. I just do.”

She fidgeted, and I explained what I’d seen.

“Have you ever done it?”

“No, I never have.” She shuddered and cast her eyes downward.

“Do you want to try it with me?”

I leaned over and kissed her softly on her mouth-pouty little, pretty little mouth. I took her hand and led her to the bedroom and had her lay on her back. We were both fully clothed. I stood by the bed and looked down at her thinking my, my, my what a pretty girl she is. Little did I know at the time that soon she would present me with the most startling and lovely visions I’ll ever see.

I guess I should tell you that Chloe was 23, on the small side and very slender with a sort of boyish charm. (I was 30 and medium sized.) She had short dark hair, lovely tea cup breasts, and she smelled like baby powder.

I leaned over and kissed her very gently, tasting her lips, and stroking her cheek for reassurance. She averted my eyes, as I whispered to her,

“Tell me what you want, babe.” No response. As I turned her face towards me she closed her eyes. I asked her again.

This time she murmured “You know.”

“Say it, baby.” She opened her eyes and looked at me so intensely that I was taken aback.

“Do me,” she said. I could see she was trembling.

“Are you gonna be OK with this, darlin?”

“Do me” she said, “Hurry.”

I straightened up and she looked in my eyes as I undid my pants. I took them off and her gaze fell, looking at my erection as though she’d never seen it before-she had, many times. She began to breathe very heavily. I took off my T-shirt and laid it on a chair.

“OK?” I asked.

She gently nodded yes. I set my knee down beside her ribs and swung my leg over, straddling her. Suddenly she was staring at my cock, just inches away from her face. She raised her arms above her head. I scooted up a little and pressed it to her eye and cheek, trailing it around her nose and mouth. She gasped a little breath and we looked each other in the eyes. (Such lovely, liquid brown eyes!) She whimpered as I pressed against her lips. She was struggling for breath now, her chest heaving up and down. I pushed my cock between her lips and she came, her eyes rolling back in her head and moaning long and deep. I sat still for a moment, drinking in the picture, my own istanbul escort chest heaving now. She turned her head, released my cock, and caught her breath. She turned toward me after a moment and began mouthing something to me. I couldn’t make it out so I leaned my ear down to her lips.

“Do it some more,” she whispered, “Don’t stop.”

I placed my cock to her lips again, leaned forward and pumped very gently. She tightened her lips around my cock and I started fucking her seriously. She moaned again and I know I let out a groan or two also. Our passion built and we were rocking the bed as I pumped down and she thrust her head forward. She kept slightly turning her head side to side and pushing forward. I was full out fucking her face by now, but she looked up at me like she was disturbed.

“What’s wrong, baby? You OK?” I stopped and very reluctantly pulled out of her.

“I can’t feel it down here,” she said, reaching over and squeezing her neck.

I sucked in my breath sharply as I realized what she was saying.

“We’re gonna have to scoot around a little bit, then.”

I swung off of her and moved around above her head.

“Lift up, darlin’,” I said, and placed a pillow behind her. I pulled her down and her back arched over the pillow, tilting her chin toward me. This time I straddled her head, placing my knees on either side of her face. I leaned forward and entered her again. I was a wreck by now, breathing hard and beginning to pump my hips involuntarily.

“Fuck me” she said. Again she squeezed herself. Her neck was lined up perfectly and I pushed my cock to the opening of her throat. I stopped there for a few moments, making little grinding motions with my hips. She moaned and gasped for breath around my cock, opening her mouth wide, gulping air. She began to come, and I sank my cock up to my balls in her throat. I was losing control now, desperately working for release. I kept my thrusts short, so my cock never actually left her throat. I gazed at her thin alabaster neck stretched out below me and I could see a little bulge appear under her chin every time I pumped. This was too much for me. I took her hand and placed it over the bulge so she could feel my cock in her neck. We both came, exploding together, until I collapsed on her, my cock still buried in her throat.

We stayed like that for quite awhile, it seemed, and I rolled off of her. I turned around and snuggled up to her, nipping and licking at her soft, tender throat, and kissing her lightly, but very seriously on the lips. We laid in silence for a few minutes, panting. She looked dreamily in my eyes.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had.” She quivered as she pressed up against me and whispered, “Can we do it again?”

That was the beginning of “Our Thing” as we later referred to it, and it lasted for about four years. It was the only way we fucked and we discovered many variations on the theme.

About a year after we began “Our Thing” we got a visit from Chloe’s ex sister-in-law, Sharon. She was in town for a few days escort bayan (this was in the West Suburbs of Chicago) and of course Chloe invited her to stay with us. I wasn’t too happy about it, to tell you the truth-I hardly knew her-but I was more worried because of our incredibly unorthodox sex life. How could we ever explain it if she would happen to find out? Not doing Our Thing was out of the question, Chloe wouldn’t stand for it. She had a libido hotter than most men and when the urgency was on her, she laid down for it-on her back, her head tilted back or hanging over the edge of something and calling to me. I could never refuse her. She was so open and so vulnerable-so damn hot that…well let’s just say I was an awfully lucky man.

Any way Sharon was with us. She was pretty, I’ll say that, although the very opposite of Chloe. She was tall and blonde and kind of loud. Stacked, too. I never did quite get her story, though, something about a friendly break up with Chloe’s brother Sam and going it alone. She and Chloe got along real well though, hugging and tickling, carrying on. At one point one afternoon, I saw Sharon playfully nip at Chloe’s lips. Chloe pulled back sharply and gave Sharon a questioning look. She looked offended, I thought, like Sharon had gone too far. She went on to do something else and I didn’t think that much about it except that maybe it would help hurry Sharon on her way.

That evening when I got back with the groceries, Chloe and Sharon weren’t to be found. I looked all over-the basement, the bathrooms, the bedroom-no where. I started to push open the guest room door when I heard them. Sharon was talking in a low, husky voice but I couldn’t hear what she was saying. Chloe mumbled something back in her tiny little voice, but again I couldn’t hear. I pushed the door open a little and saw them lying on the bed. Chloe was stretched out long ways, and Sharon was curled up sideways. Their faces were only inches away from each other, and Chloe’s lips looked red and puffy like she had been crying. I saw Sharon’s tongue slip out and slide across Chloe’s slightly parted, lovely, fleshy lips. Chloe stuck her tongue out about a half an inch and Sharon licked and sucked and played with it. I thought they were kissing. I never thought of Chloe as bi sexual-in fact she isn’t-she’s just sexual, period. Sharon began to flicker her tongue faster, poking and lapping and sucking. She was moving her whole head around, grinding down on my Chloe’s pretty little mouth. Chloe was strangely still, breathing very heavily and moaning very quietly. Faster and harder Sharon worked, sometimes covering Chloe’s mouth completely and sucking on it. All at once it dawned on me and I stood there fucking stunned-I couldn’t believe what I was seeing–they weren’t kissing– Sharon was going down her!

Well this just about flipped my cork-I thought what the hell, that’s my pretty little mouth she’s fucking with…I don’t want to change the chemistry of our relationship at all, whatever it is. I like things the way they are. I just have to believe that Chloe does escort istanbul too. You should see the rapture on her face as my cock sinks into her silky, bulging throat. You should hear her little pleasurey moans as I pump, and you should hear her muffled, guttural screams as she comes.

I was just about to say something when Sharon rose up and reached down to the floor behind her. She came up with a small bottle and took the cap off. Chloe held it for her while she reached again. This time she came up with a long, shiny black flexible dildo. Whoa, I thought, what the fuck…! They each held an end of the thing and Sharon squeezed out some goo from the bottle and spread it on Chloe’s end. The thing must have been 18 inches long. I thought goddamn, what is this? Chloe moved around on the bed a little and stretched out into that pose I know so well. She looked up into Sharon’s eyes and just begged for it. Sharon put the end of the monster thing between Chloe’s lips and pushed it down. It slid right in until half of it disappeared. God, I wanted to run over and rub Chloe’s pretty, milky neck and jack the thing up and down in her mouth with both hands. But I didn’t. I watched. They must have known I was there-I kept gasping and sucking in my breath, startled.

I watched as Sharon picked up her little bottle again. She let go of the dick and it stayed in place-sticking straight up in the air– one end being mawed by Chloe’s lovely throat muscles as she tried to swallow, the other end jutting out of her mouth. Sharon squeezed more goo into her hand and jacked off her end of the dildo. I got it-it was lubricant. Sharon moved her face above the thing, parted her lips slightly and I stood frozen, incredulous, as she impaled herself all the way down. Her lips crushed into Chloe’s. The damn thing was gone-I couldn’t see any of it as they ground into each other, kissing for sure this time. I could see their tongues touching as they slipped out around the thing. Spit washed down over Chloe’s face, puddling on the sheets. Sharon got to her knees and swung her leg over Chloe straddling her just the way I do, placing her hands over Chloe’s, pinning her to the bed. The dildo stayed put. In fact I could see both their throats going at it, rippling up and down their necks as they stared open eyed into each other’s souls, absolutely stuffed. Both women were lost in a passion so peculiar and so intense that it surprised even them. As they came together, faces grinding into each other, Chloe wrapped her arms around Sharon’s head and held on, riding her orgasm for as long as she could.

They let the thing slip away as they lay back exhausted. Chloe curled up to Sharon and lay still. Sharon caressed lovely Chloe’s lips, easing her middle finger between them, and Chloe sucked herself to sleep. I backed out of the room and just about fell apart. I almost came, and would have with any kind of effort at all, but I didn’t want to. What I wanted was to be a part of what I had just seen.

Later I let Chloe know I had watched them, careful not to seem offended, or judgmental or even jealous, which is what I was, a little. Chloe didn’t seem to care that I knew. She smiled up at me and melted me with her velvety eyes-eyes that knew who she was and what she was about, and eyes that knew my confusion.

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