Chocolate Lover Ch. 2

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As Michelle and Rico recuperated from their orgasmic bliss it was apparent that THIS was THE night!! Michelle was at long last going to lose her virginity. Just the thought of it made her nipples stand up with excitement.

They lay next to each other in her tiny twin bed in her otherwise spacious studio apartment. She lived only a block away from Lake Michigan on the upper North side of Chicago. Just recently Shelli had moved out of her parents home and gotten her own place to stay. She was determined to be as bad as she wanted to be. One of her main objectives was to lose her virginity, and fast!!

Rico let his hand wander to her left breast and started to caress it softly. He had to do this just right. Get her so horny and hedonistic that she would not even notice his spear pierce her tender flesh. She murmured her approval as he lightly pinched her nipple.

He turned towards her and leaned in for a kiss. He could taste the remnants of his jism on her luscious lips, and was sure she could taste herself on him. Michelle slipped him the tongue and they fenced in his mouth. Their passions were rising again, as was his tool.

Michelle was getting closer to her goal with each passing moment. She had to get him to fuck her tonight. She could feel his rod stiffening against her. Bigger and bigger it got the longer they kissed. She caressed his bulging biceps as her hands wandered over his rich coffee-colored skin.

The dew slowly collected in the ‘v’ between her legs as her excitement rose. He could smell Michelle’s passion and could sense her increasing need to have him. Rico passionately kissed his way down her face to her neck, tilting her head to the right and sucking gently on her skin, leaving his mark. She strained to allow him access to below her chin, the heat from his lips melting her into a liquid pool of desire.

She was white as an orchid, pure as snow and as naughty as the devil incarnate. Shelli lost herself in the pure fantasy-come-true idealism this situation brought. No longer did she think; she just did, letting her inner wild nature control her actions. She was like a cat in heat, her body begging to be fucked.

Rico sensed her letting go. She was clay in his hands now, yearning to be sculpted for his pleasure. He let his mouth trail down to her breasts and he took a nipple in his mouth, sucking softly. A moan escaped Michelle’s throat as she arched her back, thrusting her chest into him. He sucked harder and as he felt her nipple become puffy he started to nip it with his teeth. His hand moved to her other breast, tweaking that nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He released the breast from his mouth with a pop. Pushing her breasts together he went from one nipple to the other, sucking and licking them until Michelle cried out.

Her pussy was so wet, so ready. She let her hand slide down between her lips as he tortured her nipples. Her clit was hardening into a little granite pebble and pulsing in anticipation. Her tunnel was ready, quivering, yearning to be filled with live flesh, not those small little dildos she had used in the past – the ones she couldn’t get past her cherry.

Rico could sense her need and knew it was time to pop her cherry. She was finally ready. He took her hand from between her legs and placed it on his hard cock. Shelli felt the drop of precum at the tip, swiped it with her index finger and brought her finger to her mouth.

“Mmmmm, you taste so good!!”

He moved to hover over her, placing his legs between hers and spreading them apart. Her gaziantep escort legs instinctively raised and widened, knees going towards her chest. Rico reached down and inserted two fingers into her. She was sopping wet from her orgasm just a few minutes ago that he had brought her to with his mouth. He hated eating pussy, but knew he had had to this time, if he was going to get to her virgin pussy. His fingers met resistance at her hymen and felt her shrink back as he tried to push his way past it with his fingertips.

Flicking her clit with his thumb he leaned down and took her nipple in his mouth once again. He let his tongue roll around it, suckling lightly and then moved to the twin globe to do the same. As he felt her relax he knew that the time had come. He brought his cock to her entrance and slowly let the mushroom-shaped helmet slide in.

Sweet Jesus was she tight. He could barely get two inches inside her glorious pussy. This was going to be one hell of a night. He knew this first time was going to practically rip her insides out, but he had to have her. He felt Shelli pushing her pelvis up towards him. She wanted him, too. It was now or never.

She was wet, very wet. There would be no problem there. Rico took her legs and hefted them over his shoulders and leaned down to kiss her hard. As his lips met hers he plunged his huge cock inside her, tearing her hymen and stretching her wide open. He stifled her scream in his mouth. Her insides contracted with the pounding of her pulse and he could feel her tightening around him. As she got used to his size, her breathing returned to normal and her tight little twat started to relax its ironclad grip on his shaft.

“Oh my fucking God that hurt!!” she told him.

“It can only get better then, sugar.”

Rico began to slowly move inside her, just an inch out and then back in, trying to let her tender pussy recover from the invasion of his huge chocolate pole. He continued to stroke inside her, pulling out a little more with each retraction. Soon his entire length was plunging inside her, leaving only the head of his cock inside her wet center of delight.

“Fuck me!! Oh God, Yes!! It HURTS so bad, but feels soo good!! Fuck me!”

Shelli started moving with him, her hips rocking up to meet his thrust and impaling herself further on his magic wand. Then she would push her pelvis down to the mattress as he pulled out so that the tip of his dick would rub up against her clit. She couldn’t believe how incredible this felt, the joining of man and woman as one, made to fit perfectly together.

Rico was shocked at how quickly Shelli was getting into this fucking. She was already meeting his thrusts with her own and driving him wild. This chick was a natural fuck. He loved it. He couldn’t wait until he could tell the guys back at Headquarters about this night. They would never believe that he had got himself a bona fide virgin!!

He felt his cock thickening and its head swelling as he came close to climaxing in this tight twat. He had to change positions or he would blow his load before she came, and he knew if he was to get more action he would have to make her cum first tonight.

“Baby, wanna try a different position? It will get my dark dick deeper inside and you will feel so good!”

“Yes, oh, yes! More, I want more of your hard cock inside my tight little pussy. I want you to make me cry out in my rapture and bliss!!”

Rico pulled his eight-inch baseball bat out of her glove konya escort and told Shelli that he wanted her on her hands and knees.

“Like a dog?” Shelli asked.

“Yup, I wanna do you doggie style. Get that fantastic ass high up in the air and put your head down on the mattress.”

As Shelli followed his directions she got a little giddy and started waving her fanny in the air. He could see her gash and that her lips were bright red and very puffy. His dick jumped in excitement, ready to get back into the warm wet cave.

“Oh, yeah, shake that ass, girl. You think teasing me is gonna be good for you? Huh?”

He grabbed her ass with both hands and made her sit still. One hand reached for his purple, throbbing, big veined hardness and aimed it for the nest in front of him. He slid it in torturously slow, letting her feel every inch of him enter her. As she continued to take his tool she started to unconsciously lean forward. God was she getting FULL. She didn’t think she could take anymore, yet he kept pushing more and more inside her until she thought she was going to feel it in her throat. She moaned deeply and started breathing very heavily.

“Oh my god! I can’t take anymore. Please, no more, that’s enough, please,” she softly whimpered as he continued to slowly fill her.

“Just a little more, babe. I want you to get all of me, I want you to feel every last inch. Relax and take a couple of deep breaths. Yeah, just like that. Relax, babe. Almost there.”

As she inhaled deeply she felt the tip of his dick pressing against her womb. She gasped and felt him push a little more. And then he stopped. It was all the way in. Shelli felt as if her pussy was the casing of a sausage and she was completely filled.

“Doesn’t that feel good, girl? Do you like my dick all up in your snatch?” Rico asked.

Without waiting for an answer Rico started to slowly push forward more. Then she felt something strange and prickly near her clit. It tickled a little. Whatever it was, it was soft, yet firm. Oh, no, she thought. Could it be Gyver, her cat? Shit, that cat better not be hanging out near her pussy as she got her first fucking.

“What’s that touching my clit?” Shelli cautiously inquired.

“My sackage, woman. I’m balls deep in your love canal. And now you are gonna get the ride of your life.”

He slowly started to pull out, letting his entire length exit except for the tip. Then he would lean forward to fill her up again. Shelli felt his balls bounce against her with every stroke. It was getting her really hot and bothered. Each thrust came faster and harder, with more and more force. Shelli started moving with him, rocking back and forth, riding his dick with his balls slapping against her pearl.

As they continued to move Shelli got wetter and wetter. She couldn’t believe how much natural lubrication she had. And thank God for it, or she would be mighty sore about now. He was going at it like a steaming locomotive and she had no desire to stop him anytime soon.

“Oh yeah, uuunnhh, unnhhnn, oohoohoohh! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! Yes!! Aeeehh, fuck your pussy, yeah, fuck me. Fuck me hard!”

“You like this baby? Huh? You like my monster man meat pounding you like a hammer to a nail? I’m gonna make you cum like you never cum before baby. Just you wait! You’re gonna want my dick in your pussy every minute of the night and day I’m gonna make you feel so good!”

Saying that Rico put his hands on her thighs at the “y” and with his fingers kayseri escort pointing up towards her ass he placed his index fingers on her blood-engorged pussy lips and spread them a little wider. This put his thumbs within reach of her nubbin of delight and he found it easily between her inner folds. He flicked it left and then right in time with his pummeling of her pussy over and over again.

Shelli couldn’t believe the incredible feelings coursing through her body. She was tingling all over, her pussy felt sore and used but so alive and wonderful. It was nothing like she had ever experienced with her little dildos. They never even got past her cherry and never made her feel this full. She could feel herself pushing back against his cock, silently begging for him to drive it deeper inside her hot hole. She didn’t care if he ripped her apart, she just wanted more and more. She was heady in her lust and floating high on adrenalin and endorphins. All that mattered was her ultimate climax, and she was willing to do anything to make it happen.

Rico couldn’t believe the wanton lust he had drawn out of this vixen. She was insatiable. At first her cries were for no more but her body was saying something incredibly different. He wanted to give her the fucking of her life, one she would never forget and compare every other fuck she got. He reached a little further with his thumbs and found the shaft of her clitty. Placing one thumb on either side of it he rocked his thumbs back and forth with every thrust of his hips.

“Oh fuck!! Oh fuck! Shit!! Oh my god, ohmy god, ohmygod!! Yes! Yes! Yes! You’re gonna make me cum like that! Fuck me hard! Oh, yeah, harder. Fuck me silly, I want you to pound that big black cold sausage into my pussy, fuck me! Oh yeah! Do me; make me beg you to stop! Fuck me fuck me fuckmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

Rico was sweating and felt his balls shrink up, ready to let loose a sacful of hot spunk. Shelli’s cries only made him want to cum more and he had to hold back until he felt her orgasm over take her. Just as he thought he could wait no longer he felt Shelli start to shake uncontrollably.

“Ahh!!” Shelli heard Rico roar as she, too, came to a mind-altering orgasm. She shook and felt her pussy and clit twitch spontaneously and without abandon. Her breathing came to a halt at the instant her orgasm washed over her, and her cunt clenched onto Rico’s rod so hard that it stopped his jettison of jism for just a moment. Then she felt it as his hot banana juice splashed against her insides, coating her love canal with his special sauce. She sucked in air, almost hyperventilating. She felt her insides lifting up and the incredible contractions of her now thoroughly fucked pussy brought her to heights previously unknown. She never knew cumming could last so long or be so intense!

Rico fell against her back, pushing her to the bed. They both gasped for air. She saw stars. Whether it was from the intensity of her climax or from his forcing the air out of her lungs as he flattened her on the bed, she wasn’t sure. Her sex continued to shudder in the aftermath of the explosion. The room was spinning round and round and she felt as if she was floating above the bed. Their breathing slowed and the throbbing of his dick inside her box started to lessen. The ripples of aftershock slowed and then eventually faded away. Shelli basked in the glow of total and utter abandonment. As Rico’s dick softened she felt it slide out and exit with a soft sucking sound. They lay in each other’s arms and fell into a exhausted sleep.

She did it. She lost her virginity. She never thought it would happen, but it had and now she could be the wanton woman she wanted to be. She would be insatiable now, never getting enough hard cock to satisfy her carnal desires. Look out world, Shelli the Sultry Seductress has been born.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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