Christmas in Zonei Pt. 12

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Chapter Twenty-One

Kim closed his eyes against the relentless pounding in his head. Already it had diminished some. The brief walk to the taxi through the cold evening air had helped. Raeden’s commanding presence had helped even more. As soon as they’d climbed into the cab, the big mod had pulled Kim back against his massive chest and now he massaged his temples with surprisingly gentle fingers.

“You were wonderful, the way you stood up to my dad,” Kim murmured, breathing deep of Raeden’s calming scent.

“You were in pain. There shouldn’t have been any disagreement,” Raeden growled.

“He wants me to be ready.”

“Yes, but continuing to make you practice when you clearly are in no condition to do so is counterproductive.”

“He didn’t see it that way. I’ve never met anyone so focused and dedicated. He’s downright scary at times.”

“He’s fanatical.” Raeden’s voice was hard and Kim felt his disapproval. Kim didn’t entirely disagree with Raeden’s assessment. His father’s single-minded determination to mold him into a peerless telepath had run him ragged—more than ragged. Over the past four days his training been relentless. Exercises started at 5 a.m. and ran late into the night. Even while they were eating, his father continued to challenge him. Kim found the work frustrating, tedious, and exhausting. And he’d acquired a monster headache that would not go away even with aspirin.

Today was New Year’s Eve, and by the time Raeden had arrived in the late afternoon he’d been dead on his feet and close to tears. Raeden had taken one look at him and insisted that he be allowed the night off. A short, intense argument had ensued, but in the end Raeden had bundled him up and whisked him into a taxi with a promise to bring him back the next day—but not before noon.

“He spent half of his life in captivity. He lost so much. I think that’s why he’s so…” Kim trailed off, not finding a proper descriptive.

“So much of an asshole?” Raeden filled in helpfully. Kim could still feel the anger rolling off of him.

“Give him time.”

“Meanwhile, he’s working you to within an inch of your life.”

“He’s worried about me.”


Kim caught the flickering of Raeden’s thoughts even though the mod was shielding. The mod agreed that his father was worried about him, but he didn’t entirely trust the older man.

Kim let out a small sigh and Raeden’s thoughts immediately turned solicitous. “I’m sorry little one,” Raeden said. “I’m worried about you too.” He kissed Kim lightly on his temple and Kim let go of just a little bit more of his anxiety.


“I will take care of you. You don’t need to do anything,” Raeden said as they entered their shared unit.

Kim smiled tiredly at him. His headache had lessened to a dull throb but he was weary in a way he’d never been before. Physically he was fine. Even though he’d been confined to a tiny apartment for four days, his father had begun teaching him aikido. That had provided him an opportunity to use his muscles but they hadn’t spent so much time training that he was sore. He was also sleep-deprived, but what had really exhausted him had been the unending hours of focus needed to learn telepathic self-defense. Holding shields against a determined attack was incredibly taxing. After a while it had become downright painful. And when his father did manage to break in, it was sometimes excruciating.

Kim stumbled to a halt in the middle of the main room, looking around blearily. Evidence of Raeden’s habitation showed throughout. The couch pillows were in disarray and dirty dishes littered the coffee table. Shoes, socks and a shirt were strewn about.

“Sorry about the mess,” Raeden said as he headed toward the Christmas tree which was still standing in the corner. “I wasn’t expecting to bring you home just yet.”

Home. Kim still couldn’t believe this was his new life.

Raeden flipped a switch at the base of the tree and the lights sprang to life sending colors dancing across the room.

Kim stared at it, entranced by its beauty.

Raeden stepped behind him and gently massaged his shoulders. “What do you want to do first? Eat, bathe, nap?”

“Hmmm,” Kim answered. The massage felt exquisite and his brain seemed to have already shut down.

“Are you hungry?” Raeden tried a different tack.

“No,” Kim answered with a sigh.

“Then I think a nice hot bubble bath should be first on the agenda.”

Kim let himself be led into their sumptuous bathroom. He stood numbly on the soft rug as the big man ran the bath and poured a fragrant liquid into the water that frothed into a sea of white bubbles.

Raeden lit a host of candles that were scattered on the tub’s edge and the counter, then flipped off the glaring overhead light. Kim blinked at the sudden dimness and finally roused himself enough to sit down on şişli bayan escort the toilet seat and pull off his socks.

Raeden helped him to his feet and gently removed his sweater and his T-shirt. Kim shuddered as the mod kissed along his bare collarbone. He was too tired to even think about sex, but as Raeden helped him out of his pants and underwear, his cock started to swell. It didn’t need his brain engaged to perform.

Raeden cupped his balls gently and murmured, “Exquisite.”

A small moan escaped Kim’s throat as heat raced through him, but Raeden led him to the tub and helped him settle. The groan that came out of Kim as he submerged himself in the heavenly warm water sounded erotic.

Raeden smiled at him. “You okay here for a few? I’ll be right back.”

Kim nodded dreamily and Raeden disappeared. Presently the strains of “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy,” filled the room with soothing music. Soon Raeden returned with a couple of glasses of red wine and bowl of what looked like dried vegetables.

“Asian snacks,” Raeden answered Kim’s curious look. “I found them last time I bought groceries. They’re pretty good.”

“Are you going to join me?” Kim asked. The tub was big enough for both of them.

“Maybe next time. This time is all about you.”

Kim was too tired to even argue.

Raeden sat on a stool next to the tub. They drank wine and finished off the bowl of salty snacks while discussing Kim’s training. They avoided the subject of Kim’s father, but Kim could tell Raeden was still simmering.

By the time he finished his wine and Raeden had washed his hair and body, Kim felt like a well-cooked noodle. His headache was entirely gone and his eyelids were drooping.

Raeden had stripped down to his boxers to help Kim wash, and now he reached down and plucked Kim out of the water as if he weighed nothing. Setting him on his feet on the rug, Raeden made short work of toweling him dry with a huge fluffy towel. Then he whisked him off to bed.

Kim languidly allowed Raeden to position him on his stomach on the bed, but when the big man knelt over his thighs with a jar of cream in his hand, alarm shot through him and he stiffened into a board.

“Oh sweetheart…” Raeden spoke softly into his ear and then kissed the side of his neck and his shoulder. “Relax little one. This isn’t about sex. You’re much too tired to properly appreciate that right now.”

Then Raeden smeared cool cream across his back and began to massage his tense shoulders with practiced hands. Kim quickly gave up his concerns and melted into the mattress. In no time at all he fell asleep.


Raeden stood in their bedroom doorway watching Kim sleep. The tension around his eyes and furrowed brow had disappeared. He looked peaceful. Content.

When Raeden thought about how stressed out, unhappy, and exhausted he’d been when he’d arrived at Kim’s old unit in Zonei, he became furious all over again. He knew that Kim’s father was doing what he thought was necessary to protect Kim, but Raeden strongly disagreed with his methods. The older man was like a stone: completely unfazed by Kim’s distress. And Kim was bending over backwards to please him. When his father said, “jump,” Kim asked, “how high?”

Raeden sighed. He wasn’t sure how to fix that problem. Kim needed training and there was no one else who could do it. Finding Kim’s father had been a miracle. I’ll visit more often and if Kim’s health starts to deteriorate again, I’ll intervene. I’ll stay there if I have to. In fact, that’s not a bad idea.

His mind made up, Raeden set his concerns aside. He had a lover to feed and care for. He walked over and sat down slowly on the edge of the bed. He hated to wake Kim, but he needed to eat, and he was pretty sure Kim would be upset if he let him sleep through New Year’s Eve. It was already almost nine.

“Kim?” he called gently, reaching over and brushing a lock of dark, silky hair off of his lover’s brow.

“Mmmm?” Kim stirred but didn’t open his eyes.

Raeden leaned over and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips. Graceful arms twined around his neck and when he pulled away slightly, Kim blinked at him with sleepy eyes.

“Good morning, lover,” Raeden said.

Kim’s eyes widened. “Morning?”

“No … sorry. That was just an expression. It’s almost nine though. I thought maybe you would want to get up for a few hours … have something to eat?”

“Mmmm … yeah.” Kim sat up slowly shaking his head. He was clearly still trying to throw off the vestiges of sleep.

Raeden’s gaze traveled down Kim’s lean torso. His dusky nipples stood out in stark contrast to his pale skin. The blanket pooled around his narrow hips, just low enough for Raeden to catch an enticing glimpse of dark hair. The smell of Kim’s sleep-warmed skin sent waves of desire crashing through him. A growl came from deep in his chest and he pushed Kim back onto the mattress and devoured his lips. One of hands snaked under the covers and grabbed his small şişli escort tight butt, pulling him firmly against his own hips. Heat flared through him and he groaned with need. Kim was responded hungrily to his kiss, rocking his small pelvis against his own. He felt Kim’s hard length under the covers, greedily seeking friction.

He whipped the offending covers away, but couldn’t spare the time pull off his boxers before he was humping against Kim frantically. The thin fabric, wet now with precum, was hardly a barrier.

Kim wrapped his legs around Raeden’s waist and met his quick thrusts. Whimpers of pleasure poured from his sweet lips, urging Raeden on. Oh, how Raeden wanted to be inside him … to feel his tight heat on his shaft … to spill his seed deep within his lover and claim him fully as his own. But there was no time now. Between the feel of his tiny lover writhing against him and the beautiful, desperate sounds he was making, Raeden was plunging toward orgasm like a runaway train.

“Kim!” he cried out. “Oh, Kim!” He pushed against the younger man with bruising force.

Kim threw his head back and let out a wail as his body stiffened. Raeden felt wet heat splash across his stomach. The scent of his lover’s spill lit him up like a flaming geyser and he let out a roar as his own orgasm took him.

Then he was panting and groaning and Kim was shuddering in his arms. He stroked Kim’s glossy hair and kissed him slowly and sensuously as they wound down.

Finally, reluctantly relinquishing the kiss, he asked, “Are you okay?”

“Of course.”

“I wasn’t too rough?” Raeden ran his fingers gently over the red mark on Kim’s hip where one of his hands had gripped him.

“No, you were perfect. I loved it.” Kim’s eyes were dancing and Raeden let go of his worry.

“Are you awake now?”

Kim laughed. “I guess I am. I’m sticky too.”

Just then they heard a gentle but insistent chime coming from the kitchen. Raeden sat up. “That’s my cue to preheat the grill,” he said.

“Grill?” Kim seemed mystified.

“We’re having grilled steaks for New Years. Proper caveman food.” Raeden shucked his soiled boxers and tossed them into the laundry basket as he headed for the kitchen to turn off the alarm.


Kim smiled to himself as he wiped the evidence of his release off of his stomach with a warm washcloth. He felt much better than he had earlier. All traces of his headache were gone. He was still groggy from his long nap, feeling lethargic and relaxed.

Raeden joined him presently and, rewarming the washcloth, he cleaned the mod’s stomach and genitals as well.

“You know, it’s not going to do much good to clean me up. I’m just going to get sticky again,” Raeden said with a husky voice as Kim lingered over his swelling cock.

“Maybe next time I’ll clean you up with my tongue,” Kim teased. Raeden’s cock surged in his hands. His own cock started to mimic it and Kim pulled away. “I think maybe we should eat first, though.” Now that he was awake, he was starving.

Deciding he would sacrifice style for comfort, Kim pulled on a pair of yoga pants and a long sleeved tee.

Raeden, watching him, let out an appreciative growl. “No underwear. I like that.” He followed suit by slipping on a clean pair of boxers and a tee-shirt with a picture of a chameleon on it.

Once in the living room, Raeden headed for the glass door to the balcony. Kim’s eyes widened as he swung it open and stepped outside into the swirling snow. The mod tromped across the icy surface to the far corner and began turning knobs on what Kim guessed was a large black grill. He’d never actually seen one in person, but he’d read about them. Curious, Kim lingered in the doorway and watched.

It wasn’t long before Raeden returned to him, wiping the snow off his bare feet on the little rug just inside the door. Kim shivered with the cold. “I can’t believe you went out there barefoot.”

Raeden smiled at him. “The cold doesn’t bother me.”

Kim went to stand in front of the fire, still shuddering from chill. Looking around he saw that Raeden had cleaned up. The place looked amazing, especially with the Christmas tree lights casting pastel colors around the room. Classical Christmas music still played in the background.

“What else is for dinner? What can I do to help?” Kim asked.

“You can stand there and look beautiful,” Raeden said. “I’ve got everything under control. The steaks are ready to go on the grill, a macaroni and cheese casserole is in the oven and I’ve made a fresh salad. I also got crab cocktail for us, because it’s New Years, and we need special food on New Years. And there is cherry cheesecake for dessert. I bought the cheesecake from Tivoli’s—you’ll love it.”

Kim was overwhelmed. “I’m sure I will. You made mac and cheese?” It was one of his favorites.

“Yep. Found a recipe on the infonet. It wasn’t too hard. Hope it comes out okay.”

“It’s not from a box?” Kim teased.

“Not for New Years. Not for you. mecidiyeköy escort You’re special. You deserve special.”

Kim was going to deny that he was special, but he caught the look in Raeden’s eyes and it stopped him. Raeden was looking at him as if he’d hung the moon and created the stars with a single frosty breath. Maybe, for some extraordinary reason that escaped him, maybe he was special to Raeden. Chapter Twenty-Two

Raeden’s eyes hardly left Kim throughout dinner. Being separated from his mate for four days had been excruciating. Lyzel and he had not spent a single night apart since they had bonded. The sadness that swept through him at the thought of his lost mate was tempered with a warm feeling of relief. He wasn’t alone anymore. Kim was not only his new bondmate, but a wonderful person as well. He admired his intelligence, his bravery, and his convictions. And he wallowed in Kim’s attention like spoiled dog.

His beautiful lover’s face glowed in the warm light from the fire. They were sitting once more on the rug in front of the hearth to eat; it just seemed so much more intimate than the dining room table. Raeden had spread a chenille blanket over the rug—to protect from possible red wine spills, he had told Kim, but the blanket also played into his seduction plans. It was much softer than the rug.

Kim smiled at him and his heart leapt to his throat. Kim’s dark eyes picked up a spark of light from the fire, appearing large and luminous. Raeden’s gaze slid down to his mouth and fixated there, taking in the lovely curve of his lower lip, naturally pouty and sensuous.

Kim had long since finished eating and now Raeden pushed his own plate aside and stalked to his lover on hands and knees. Kim was only a few feet away and in no time Raeden was pushing him gently back onto the blanket, running kisses down the side of his neck.

Kim laughed delightedly and wrapped his slender arms around Raeden’s neck. Raeden breathed deep of the scent of his bondmate: Kim’s own slightly herbal scent was overlaid with the remnants of cherry-blossom-scented bubble bath and a hint of red wine. Raeden ran his tongue up the side of Kim’s neck, tasting.

The younger man arched against him languidly.

Raeden’s lips found Kim’s and he kissed him, slowly and sensuously. Kim responded with ardor and before long Raeden tangled a hand in Kim’s hair, controlling the kiss, pressing harder. Kim parted his lips on a gasp and Raeden slipped his tongue in, relishing the taste and feel of his lover’s mouth.

Kim made a needy noise that sent a shiver a desire through Raeden. The kiss deepened and Raeden’s other hand, the one that wasn’t tangled in Kim’s hair, found its way to the edge of Kim’s shirt, pushing the fabric up so he could run his fingers over Kim’s smooth, warm skin. His lover shuddered under his touch, fueling his desire.

Reluctantly he pulled his mouth away from Kim’s and his fingers out of Kim’s hair. Dark eyes met his, full of passion and need. Kim lunged up, trying to regain contact with his mouth. Raeden laughed and moved back, both hands now on the hem of Kim’s shirt.

“Can I take this off? Will you be warm enough?” he asked.

In answer, Kim sat up and helped him, and then Raeden was staring down at the expanse of Kim’s bare chest. The skin around his nipples pebbled and the nubs grew hard and pointy.

“Are you sure you’re warm enough?” Raeden was surprised he still had the wherewithal to ask the question. His mind was melting into a pool of lust.

Kim didn’t answer. Instead he tugged on Raeden’s tight tee shirt. “You too.”

Raeden stripped off his shirt and tossed it aside, his eyes still drinking in the sight of his lover. Stretched out on the dark blue fuzzy blanket, his glorious hair waves of raven around his head and his skin as pale as the snow that was starting to pile against the balcony door, Kim was a picture to behold. Raeden could smell his arousal and a glance down showed that his cock was fully engorged, clearly outlined against the tight yoga pants.

Raeden leaned over and nuzzled the hard length through the cloth, breathing deep of the sweet muskiness. His breath caught in his throat and he let it out in a long, hot stream over the head of Kim’s cock.

Kim whimpered, his hips shifting restlessly. Raeden smelled the sharp scent of his precum seconds before it dampened the front of Kim’s pants. All of his plans for a slow, sweet seduction disintegrated under the force of his need. In spite of having orgasmed only an hour earlier, he was suddenly desperate to mate. He tore down the yoga pants, growling in frustration when they caught on Kim’s feet.

Kim was making fervid, whimpering noises himself, fighting to help get the pants off, running his tiny hands over the hard muscles of Raeden’s chest. His cock bobbed as his slender hips undulated.

The pants finally off, Raeden grasped Kim’s hips in both hands and stilled them. Staring at his lover’s face, he ran his tongue slowly from the base of Kim’s balls all the way the to his leaking tip. Kim’s mouth dropped open, panting. His eyes glazed over.

As Raeden swirled his tongue around the head of Kim’s cock, his lover’s head dropped back and his hips pushed against Raeden’s hold.

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