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The Mysterious Monolith:

I awoke from the dream and sat up to get a bearing on my surroundings. I was in my own bed and quite alone. I guess Fiona and Cassie were giving me a break after my ordeal. I shuddered despite the fact that it was over and Melody was long gone. I got up and decided to check up on my sleeping cohorts. The house was silent as I looked in on the two sleeping women. Cassie was flat on her back underneath the covers sleeping soundly. Fiona however was sprawled on top of her blankets in a semi fetal position. As I turned to head back to my room I heard a soft sound from below. I quietly moved down the stairs on bare feet and saw a figure silhouetted by the street lights streaming through the window in the kitchen. She was petite yet quite curvaceous and then I knew by the gentle swish of her tail that it must be Isiz. I hadn’t seen her much since her transplantation from her island home. She had been eagerly accepted into the ‘near-human’ community with open arms. She had taken up a position as a kind of spiritual leader and was quite busy with political and economic dealings.

“I’ve started a pot of coffee,” she said not turning to face me. “I hope you don’t mind me letting myself in.”

“Not at all,” I said as I walked into the kitchen. “I’m sorry we haven’t had much time together.”

“Part of real life and I am as much to blame as you what with all the duties that have been so long denied my people. I heard about your ordeal that’s the main reason for my visit to make sure that you are on the mend.”

I stepped up behind her and slid my arms around her waist. She leaned against me even as she ground her ass against my groin. She turned her head and I leaned down and kissed her. The fire was still there and her absence had only stoked it into a raging inferno. She was moving her hips up and down now massaging my cock through my underwear. I was painfully stiff in no time at all. She broke the kiss took my hands and placed them over her breasts.

“Perhaps I should be gentle,” I said as I cupped her tits and began to knead them.

“Don’t,” she said as she ground against me harder. That’s all she said just that singular word.

I ripped the silk dress she was wearing in half in a single savage tug even as she reached back and pulled my underwear down and off of me. She turned to face me as I lifted her up and onto the kitchen counter. I knelt down and buried my face between her legs. As I made love to her soaked sex she clamped her hands over her mouth to muffle her cries. It felt like months since I had been with a woman even though it was only days. I lapped and suckled her pussy as she ground her hips against me. The scent of her sex was mingling with that of the freshly brewed coffee. I almost laughed at how keen my senses were and the delight of being with a pretty young thing again. I stood up and she took me in hand and guided between her slick pussy lips. I eased into her slowly and felt her body wrap around me tight, wet and hot. Her eyes grew big and her muffled cries grew louder as I began to move. I rocked my hips forward and back as we made love. But her soft whimpers told me that wasn’t what she came here for. So I pulled back and slammed into her as hard as I could. Her delightful yelp of surprise urged me on. I took hold of the counter for leverage and began to hammer her cunt hard and fast now. Each time my cock was buried in her she let out a grunt soft at first but harsher and louder as we continued. She reached down between us and began to tease her clit while I fucked her. There nothing romantic about this no all she wanted was a cock inside of her and I was happy to oblige. The harder I drove my hips forward the more the cabinets shook. If I kept this up I would wake the girls upstairs. I scooped my hands underneath her ass cheeks and lifted her up and off the kitchen counter. She was lighter than I remembered or I had gotten stronger. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I fucked her standing up. I lifted her up and as I lowered her I drove my cock up into her. The grunt became a squeal of delight. She growled in my ear and begged me for more while I urged her to cum for me. By the time Isix climaxed I was hammering her pussy mercilessly. She clung to me tightly as her body shook in pleasure and I held her there impaled completely.

“I love you Master,” she said breathlessly in my ear.

“No, you love my cock,” I said and she nodded with that coy expression of hers.

“Are you going to shoot inside of me,” she asked.

“No, I think I am going to let you suck me off little one,” I said.

“Master is kind,” she said as I lifted her off of my cock and set her feet on the floor.

She dropped down to her knees, took my cock in her delicate hands and began to stroke me. Our eyes were locked as she lowered her tongue to the tip and began licking it. Then she opened her mouth and let the entire tip şişli escort slide in as her tongue swirled around it like an ice cream cone. She wrapped her other hand around the shaft now as she double stroked me. Now it was my turn to try and be quiet as she worked on milking one hell of an orgasm from me. She started out slow but soon her hands were moving fast in a kind of cock screw pattern squeezing me as they travelled up and down the shaft. Her mouth was latched onto the tip awaiting the torrent of cum she wanted so badly. I was grunting deep in my chest as I felt my orgasm begin to crest and she sucked the head harder and stroked the shaft faster still. I was panting now and on the edge as she moved her hands faster still. I bit my lip as I came to keep from shouting. Isix kept stroking me until she had retrieved the very last drop from me. I watched her swallow my load and she looked up at me with that school girl expression of ‘did I do good’. She stood up and pressed her tits against me and then the rest of her.

“Can we take a walk I have something to tell you,” she asked.

“Sure, but you can’t go outside like this,” I said.

“I will go borrow some clothes from your sister; we are about the same size.”

Isix silently stalked up the stairs while I poured two cups of coffee in ‘to go’ containers. I fixed my coffee to my liking and was sipping it when the Osirin returned wearing Fiona’s favorite jeans. Oh hell. The top was also one of my sister’s favorites as well. I would take her shopping that should reduce the back lash some. Isix put the lid on her coffee and we headed for the front door. By this time the first hints of dawn her on the horizon. We headed onto the campus of the university and I waited for her to broach whatever subject was bothering her.

“I’ve had a vision,” she said after a minute of silence. “You are in danger.”

“What sort of danger,” I asked as we steered towards the central quad of the campus.

“Hooded figure dressed in drab green,” she said. “Whoever it is, they mean you nothing but harm.”

Then I saw it. It was framed by the rising sun and took my breath away. It was just as I had seen it in my imagination. The monolith was over twenty feet tall, five feet wide and five feet deep. Sunlight sparkled off its mirror bright surface and I had to squint a little at the sudden glare. But it was the gorgeous blue-green stone it was carved from that was really stunning. We raced up to it hand in hand and took in the details of the sculpture close up. There were grooves cut into the thing at odd angles and the grooves were of various shapes, sizes and depths. When the morning wind passed over those grooves the thing sang with a melody of notes ranging all over the scale.

“What are those,” Isix asked pointing to the geometric shapes inside of the stone.

“They are fossils I believe,” I said.

‘Is Master pleased with my work,’ Arianna asked.

‘Very pleased,’ I said. ‘Where did you get this stone from?’

‘It is from the depths of the ocean Master,’ she said with pride. ‘I took samples from many different locations but this stone was by far the prettiest.’

‘It is indeed, you have outdone yourself.’

One of the campus security guards walked up and looked as perplexed as any human being could. His mouth was working but nothing came out.

“You okay,” I asked and he shook his head.

“I was just here fifteen minutes ago,” he said laying his hand on the monolith just to make sure it was real. “How did you do this?”

“I didn’t do it, I just happened to notice it and come over to take a closer look.”

He was on his radio to his partner in the guard shack. He passed on the word to the Chancellor of the college and then it hit the local news as other students began to show up for class. Soon there was a crowd of people around the thing taking photos and posting them all over the internet. But the honor of the discovery went to me and I was being interviewed by newspapers and the television news. I had just finished my last interview when the queerest sensation ran though my body. I felt faint one second and then fine the next. It coincided with a young girl brushing past me trying to get a better look at the monolith. She was short, around five feet tall and was dressed head to toe in olive green. The hood of her jacket was down but I didn’t miss that small little detail. She was the one Isix had warned me about. I took my phone from my back pocket, moved behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. She looked over her shoulder as I snapped the picture. Got you! Her eyes went blank for a second before she smiled up at me.

“I don’t photograph well,” she said. It could have been her boyish hair cut or her petite build which only added to her androgynous appearance. But it was hard to tell under the baggy jacket and fatigues she was wearing.

“I’m just recording all the faces in the crowd for my blog about this thing.”

“So you are the one that discovered it,” she asked as she turned to face mecidiyeköy escort me.

“Yeah, my friend and I found it. Why don’t you come back to my place and have a cup of coffee and we can talk more about it, after you get a better look at it of course.”

“I would love to,” she said biting her lip. “I don’t normally go home with strange men but I trust you somehow.”

Isix had made herself scarce. The girl and I walked around the thing a few time before turning to head back to my place. Just then a hand settled onto my shoulder and the Chancellor’s secretary reminded me of my appointment later that morning. I smiled, nodded and led the girl back home. We shared introductions and I learned her name was Priya. She was new to Arkham and was applying to the college when she saw the monolith. We reached the house in no time at all and I took her directly to the basement. Isix was waiting for me and had woken up Fiona and Cassie who were also there. I led Priya to the center of the room and ordered her to strip down. As she tossed her clothing in a pile Cassie went through the pockets and found some very unusual items. I watched intently as her body was slowly revealed. Despite her small frame and short stature she was quite curvy. Her tits had to be a C cup at least and her ass was full and rounded. But the thing I noticed most was her muscular definition and the lack of body fat. She wasn’t someone who dieted to keep thin, no she worked out on a regular basis as I could see by her short nails and her wear and tear on her hands and feet. Who was this gal? Cassie held that answer when she held up a polished green stone with some sort of arcane design carved into it. I didn’t like the look of it one bit and neither did Fiona.

“She is a hunter,” Cassie said. “This is an elder sign and the source of your discomfort. But there are other ‘things’ in her possession that tells me that she kills not just Old Ones but many non-human species.”

“She could be useful,” I said. “I don’t have time right now to play. I have an appointment with the Chancellor and I have to go to work after that. Why don’t you three get her ready for me while I’m gone? Priya be a good little girl and do whatever they want okay.”

“Whatever you say, you’re the boss,” she said with a wicked smile.

“Keep her restrained until I get home,” I said not entirely trusting the technology of the camera to keep her submissive.

I showered, shaved and dressed in clothing more appropriate for my meeting with someone as prestigious as a college chancellor. I headed out on foot and arrived at the administration building about five minutes later. There was a much larger crowd around the monolith and I knew it would only get worse as news of it spread. I took the elevator up to the top floor and took a seat in the outer office until the Chancellor was ready for me. I didn’t have long to wait when the door opened and a parade of professors filed out. They stopped cold when they saw me and there was an eruption of questions for me. The secretary took me by hand and guided me through the press of bodies into the Chancellor’s office. The door shut behind me and I heard the older man laughing.

“Quite the discovery you made,” he said. “Quite the mystery as well since I have looked over the security footage.”

“You have me at a disadvantage,” I said as I took a seat before the large oak desk.

“Here, take a look and tell me what you think,” he said as he turned his laptop in my direction. The footage ran and what it showed was nothing short of amazing. The camera panned over the central hub of the campus and then moved to the left edge of that hub. Then when it swung back around there was the monolith without a single sound or hint of how it had been moved.

“Whoa,” I said impressed at the way Arianna had placed the stone so dramatically.

“Yeah, beats the hell out of the engineering department. Then there are the geology heads that are stumped over what kind of stone it is carved from. Add onto that all the other peculiar aspects of the thing that defy explanation. I love it! This is going to make Miskatonic a mecca for new students and all the free publicity we can hope for. I want you to be our poster boy, what do you say? I mean after all we are going to have your ceremony in a couple of weeks giving you your doctorate.”

“I would love to help anyway I can,” I said and he stood up and came over to shake my hand. I stood up and we shook over the deal. My gaze was torn from his to the framed certificates, diplomas and honors this man had achieved and for the first time in a long time I had doubt in my heart. He must have read my expression and looked around the room as he spoke.

“You feel guilty about this doctorate we are awarding you,” he said and I nodded. “I will be honest with you I worked hard on every honor you see framed here. However, that does not diminish your god given talent one iota. You have a gift and I know you will use it wisely and have a huge impact on the world. We are simply removing time that would be wasted with you sitting in a classroom is all. Besides I have spoken with the department heads and they want to try and stump you, if you are up to the challenge that is.”

“Bring it on,” I said.

“That’s the spirit,” he said smiling. “Tomorrow afternoon they will meet in our largest lecture hall. One by one they will provide a challenge to you and select members of the alumni and privileged guests will be in attendance. I hope you don’t get stage fright.” I just shook my head and smiled.

I shook his hand one more time and left feeling that I would at least earn my degree in this challenge. I headed off to work and was looking forward to seeing Kat again. I hope she was still in good spirits after my three day absence. It didn’t take long to reach the lab. I swiped my security badge and headed for my work station. I wasn’t surprised to see Kat waiting for me in the middle of the hall. She had an expression that was a mixture of relief and concern. She walked with me to the rear of the building giving me side glances the entire time. I stopped and turned to face her.

“I’m fine,” I said and she let out a sigh of relief. “I don’t blame you for what happened. I enjoyed it and you know it.”

“I know but…”

“But nothing, I don’t get sick that often and it took me by surprise.”

“Okay, well I will let you go… oh I will see you tomorrow afternoon at the college. I got your invite.”

“Oh, I am glad,” I said stunned that the chancellor would invite my boss.

“Nick will be there too, he wouldn’t miss it for the world and neither would I.”

“Great, I hope you will cheer me on to victory,” I said.

“I will reward your victory, that’ll give you some incentive,” she said with a hungry smile.

We parted ways and I continued on my way to the lab. I was greeted warmly and filled in on the progress they had made on my design suggestions. We spent the evening tweaking some of the finer points and discussing fabrication dates. I spent a full eight hours in the lab after my time off. It felt good to get things accomplished. I had been so busy I had forgotten to eat. I texted Fiona and told her I was on my way home and starved. She replied that everything was ready and waiting.

I pulled into the driveway and had the strangest feeling I was being set up for something. I got out and looked around but the neighborhood was strangely quiet. Though I could see from my vantage point that there were people still milling about the monolith at the heart of the campus. I walked up to the house and was reaching for the door knob when the door opened revealing Cassie dressed to the nines. She wore a crisp white cotton shirt with cufflinks and starched collar. Over that she had on a black vest with gray pin stripes. Hugging those luscious hips of hers was a matching black skirt that was oh so short. To finish off the look her hair was pulled back in a severe ponytail and steel rimmed glasses to add that naughty butler look. I smiled from ear to ear and it took everything she had not to smile back.

“Welcome home Sir,” she said as she stepped to one side and let me enter. She closed the door behind me before taking the lead and heading for the kitchen. The lights were dimmed and candles had been placed on the table for the proper mood lighting. She pulled the chair out for me but she had it out too far but I said nothing. I sat down and she went to the oven, bent over and opened it. I could not only see her bare ass but the fact that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Making sure I got an eyeful she took her sweet time retrieving the platter that she had warming for me. She stood up and placed the platter on the table in front of me. Then she sat sideways on my lap so that she could feed me. Cassie forked over a piece of steak as she ground her ass against me. It felt awkward to have her feeding me but I went along with the situation. I opened my mouth and she deposited the food without incident. As I chewed her hips moved in a slow circle over my hardening cock. After three forkfuls she looked around and realized that she had supposedly forgotten my drink. She got up and went to the fridge and retrieved a chilled bottle of wine and poured two glasses. While she was occupied I unzipped my pants and freed my cock. This teasing was just too damn much after a long day at work. Cassie plopped down and impaled her pussy on my cock. She let out an undignified howl of pleasure and surprise. She glared at me and offered me the wine glass as she speared another piece of meat. Undeterred she continued to move her hips but now she also began to massage my cock with her pussy muscles.

“You brought this on yourself,” she whispered. “You were supposed to wait for this until after dinner.”

“I assume the ‘this’ you speak of is that talented pussy of yours,” I said and she nodded.

I sipped my wine and let her continue to feed me and squeeze my cock with her cunt. I give her an A for effort because it was me that was ready to blow by the time the meal was over. I was gripping the seat of the chair to keep from mauling her breasts and otherwise losing control. Though, as she tortured me, she managed to control that sweet voice of hers.

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