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College Geek Loves BBCIt had been a long week at school, Friday was very welcome my room mate was away for the weekend and I decided to head out to the pub for a few drinks. I’m a 22 year old college student I stand 5.8, about 168 lbs, firm c cup tits with dirty blond hair and glasses. I guess you could call me sort of a geek but I have a very good hard body and have never had any trouble finding a man to take home and Fuck the Hell out of me! I’m a straight A student I love sports and learned to enjoy sex very young in life. I put on my jeans and tank top and headed for the pub. It wasn’t very busy in there for a Friday night I sat at the bar and ordered a vodka and cranberry and watched the hockey game on TV. A few minutes later this guy I knew came in and sat down beside me, his name was Darius he was a Big Black Man that was a lineman on the football team. He was a very big guy about 6.6, 320 lbs. shoulders as wide as a truck. He sat down said Hi Kim how you been, I’ve been OK I replied just unwinding from a long week. He ordered a beer we watched the game together for a while we talked, after a few drinks I was starting to feel pretty good Darius asked me if I had any plans for the weekend, I said well I would really Love to get Fucked! He looked at me kind of stunned and said well I can probably help you there, GREAT I said lets go. We walked back to my dorm room together, once in the room I grabbed Darius and started Kissing him, I looked him in the eyes and said, I need to get Fucked Hard I want you to use me like a dirty whore No Holes Barred, again he looked stunned ataşehir escort but he was up to it. He undressed me and threw me onto my bed then started to get undressed while I watched. He was a massive heavy set man when he dropped his pants I was very pleased to see his Dick was one of the biggest I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen lots! It was at least 12″ long with a girth about 4″ round. He was naked standing beside the bed looking down at me when he said so you want to be used HUH! I said I want to be FUCKED Right, he came over grabbed me by the hair and proceeded to start Fucking my mouth with his cock. I started gagging and he stopped and asked if I was OK? I said I’ll tell you when to stop just use me the way you want. He once again Fucked my mouth this time he was rough and ramming it down my throat with long hard thrusts. Saliva was oozing out of the side of my mouth and my eyes were watering for the hard thrusts but I was loving every minute of it. It didn’t take long Darius started to cum and MAN did he cum he pulled out of my mouth and dumped his load all over my naked tanned hard body. He covered me with his man juice I had not had a man cum so much in a very long time. He stood there for a minute then came onto the bed on top of me we were now both covered in his cum, he was hard and ready to go again. he was sucking my tits and was talking dirty just the way I like it! He was looking at me and said I’m going to FUCK that Hot Pussy of your’s till you scream you fucking dirty slut. He took his cock in hand and started guiding it into my cunt, he stopped pendik escort looked at me and said I don’t have any condoms, I told him I don’t care I’m on birth control and I want to feel your cum inside my body. That’s all he needed to head he rammed the rest of is dick into me hard I grunted as he started pumping my hole with his massive tool he fucked me hard and strong I was cumming moaning and grunting he just kept pounding my cunt I was so wet at this point I could feel my juices flowing out onto the sheets, this went on for about 5 minutes then Darius looked down at me and said you Dirty Slut I’m gonna cum inside you I yelled out YES DUMP you LOAD inside my Cunt! He started shaking his thrusts became sorter and harder, I could feel his Cock jerking inside then the flow of his warm man seed spurting into my insides. Holy Shit Darius that was awesome, Fuck ya he replied I love getting Fucked Hard like that. We lay there for a bit coming down for our high his hands were feeling me all over, You have a great body he said, you’re not so bad yourself. I had No Idea you were like this, looks can be deceiving I relied, he kept feeling my body and this was making me hot again. I started stroking his cock and it was getting hard again, I said MAN I Love this Dick I want it in me again. I jumped up got on my hands and knees and told him to FUCK ME AGAIN! He took place behind me and started feeding it into my Wet Cunt I said enough RAM IT IN! He slammed the length that was left into me hard, grabbed my hips and got to pounding my hole hard again. He kept slamming me for a kadıköy escort few minutes then pulled out of me fast, I almost lost consciousness and fell onto the bed. He grabbed my by the back of the head and hair I said WHAT are YOU DOING? He said SHUT UP SLUT you want to get FUCKED that’s what I’m gonna Do He took me off the bed and over to a chair across the room. There he grabbed the chair with his other hand flipped it around and bent me over the back of it, my ASS was up in the air he grabbed his cock and rammed it into me hard then started pounding my cunt again I couldn’t take it anymore and told him to put out of me, when he did I squirted hard and all over the floor. I was laying there limp as a noddle my ass in the air when Darius scooped out some of the juice from my hole and lubed up my Asshole with it. He took his cock and started guiding it into my Wet Asshole inch by inch I took his dick into my ass until the whole 12″ was inside me. I was breathing very hard he started fucking me ass slow at first then picked up the pace I was so lost by this time he could do anything he wanted to me he kept fucking my ass it felt so goo that I started cumming again my whole body was shaking as e slammed my ASSHOLE with his massive tool. This went on for a few minutes then Darius started cumming I could feel his cock going into spasms inside my rectum and his dumped another load inside me. Darius stayed a few more hours we fucked like a****ls, on the floor the counter the window sill he must have came at least 6 times. I woke up the next day to my room mate opening the door to find me laying naked on my bed with cum flowing out of my holes. She said what the hell happened here, the room was a total mess and smelled of sex! I looked up at her and said I got the shit fucked out of me last night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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