College life spring semester

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College life spring semester*******************Kris was standing in the door way with nothing in his hands. “I struck out.They are carding like a bitch out there,” Kris said, holding out his hands.”That sucks!” Scott said.”I know,” Kris said.”Go get it out of your car. You can’t fool me,” I said.”Matt, I fucking serious,” Kris said but not convincingly. He broke into asmile then began laughing. “Damn you Matt, you can read me like a book.””Well, you weren’t pissed off like I knew you would be if you didn’tscore,” I said.Kris shut the door for no reason since it wasn’t a secret or anything.”Dudes, I scored big time. The first place I went that little conveniencestore just off campus carded my ass. I was bound and determined I wasbuying…””No, not you Kris,” I laughed.”Oh shit! Sorry Hayden but I didn’t see you there for a second. I cantell you two are back together. Congrats on that.””Congrats on buying some beer…” Hayden said.”So just one?” Scott said.”Hell no. Now let me finish. So the next place I went I got my nervesunder control and acted like I had done it before. I had my walletout… you know as a decoy… like I was ready for this shit. He smiledand rang me my twenty four pack. Then I was pissed off and probably couldhave bought more. So I drove around and found this place run by this cutelittle Latino chick. I put the twenty four pack up on the counter againwith my wallet ready. You know what she said?””Get the fuck out of here…” Scott laughed.”Fuck me and you can buy all you want,” Hayden said and giggled.”Basically she said… get this shit… I was so hot that she didn’t carehow old I was. I did pull up my shirt and let her check me out. Shecomplimented me on how tight my abs are. So yeah… I could have bent herover that counter and fucked the living hell out of her!” Kris said and waslaughing. “I called Colt and he’s going to see he can buy. Matt, canborrow your suitcase just in case?”I laughed and said he could. Kris was out the door and back down toretrieve his beer. “Nothing like a good story from Kris,” Hayden laughed.”See what you’ve been missing,” Scott said.Kris came back in the room with my suitcase loaded down. He opened ourfridge and tossed out the water for a place to store his beer. He poppedone open and tossed one to each of us. Just then we had a knock at thedoor. Colt entered and I knew he wasn’t so lucky.”No luck for me,” Colt said.”Quit fooling me, dude. I’ve tried that shit already,” Kris stated with abeer in his hand.”I’m serious dude. The old man said if I try it again he’d have mearrested,” Colt said.”I don’t believe you!””I do,” I said.”Matt, are you fucking psychic or what now?” Kris asked me. “I tried toact like I didn’t get any either.””It’s really easy to know. I know both of you so well. Kris, you weren’tpissed off like I know you would be. I’ve seen that look of disappointmenton Colt’s face before.””It don’t matter, dude. I have plenty for us. Didn’t you go to that placeI told you about?””Ya’ll get this shit. Here are the directions I got from Kris, Mr. GPSover there. Go to the third spot light after taking Wilson exit. Turn andgo two blocks past that big yellow house. Turn again and you can’t missit. How the fuck was I suppose to find it with those directions?” Coltsaid with all of laughing like crazy.”That’s the directions just like I told you,” Kris said straight faced.”Dude, you didn’t tell him the direction to turn in,” Scott laughed.”Oh shit,” Kris started laughing. “I did forget that. What does it matternow? We’ve got beer.””It’s cool, bud,” Colt said. “Now we need to find us a place to sled onSunday.””Good luck there,” Hayden said. “It’s so flat around here.””There are a few places near the soccer fields. It’s not much…” I saidand knew that place from going there after I found Corey.”That’s my boy right there,” Kris said. “Come on, Colt. Let’s go check itout and see. By the soccer fields, right?” I nodded and smiled.With Kris and Colt leaving, Scott and Hayden left as well. I used the timeto clean up our room and sweep the floors. I wasn’t real particular aboutit but after a while, it did start to grade on my nerves. I think Kris’sdefinition of a trash can was our floor. I almost threw up finding abottle filled with tobacco spit since Kris decided he wanted to take updipping like Colt and Alex. I called Mom as well to check up on her.While on the phone, I dropped a subtle hint a nice care package of homebaked goodies would really hit the spot. She laughed and said she might beable to get around to it. We talked about the weather for a minute withColt and Kris coming back in the room. I almost died when both of themdropped f-bombs left and right while I was on the phone. I hung up thephone and stared at both of them with dips in their lips.”How about a little courtesy when someone is on the phone?” I asked andgave both a hard look.”What does Corey care?” Kris asked.”For one, that was my mom.””Oh shit!” Kris said. “Sorry Matt. I mean it’s not like you don’t cusshere.””True but next time at least ask me who I’m talking to, alright. Anotherthing while I’m up on my soap box, throw away your spit bottles. I aboutcalled Ralph picking them up.””My bad,” Kris said. “Speaking of, I guess I do need to call home.”Colt whipped out his can and shoved it my direction. “Want some?””I don’t think so.”Colt laughed. Colt motioned me over and whispered in my ear with Kris onthe phone. We heard Mom and knew it was our clue. Together we decided tosee how many f-bombs we could drop as part of Colt’s plan.Kris covered the phone, “Shut the fuck up! I know it’s a joke but it’sannoying!”We both laughed. Kris hung up his phone and made a bull rush at Colt. Hetackled him and had me squeezed against the wall. At first, it was funnybut after a few minutes it got old. I did have to step between them beforeKris lost his temper since they were testing each other’s strength. AfterI got them to stop, we watched the weather on TV to see if anything hadchanged. There were changes, the snow would start Saturday night and wasforecasted for six to eight inches. We did joke and say we knew thosedimensions pretty well. I did get the last stab in by saying I knew betterthan them how much was eight inches.”Better yet, we’ll stick Corey’s ass out there. He can for damn sure tellus if we got eight inches since he’s used to having eight inches crammed uphis ass,” Kris laughed.”I could just get hard and stick my dick down in the snow to see,” I joked.”You guys are fucking sick,” Colt said. “Up in here talking about dicksize. Like size matters.””It mattered to Monica,” türbanlı bilecik escort Kris said and flinched up. Kris did take Colt’shit with me laughing. Colt did have to laugh as well.The night went pretty well for us. Colt and Kris did drink but not all ofit for they were saving it for the snow days. Corey coming in the door wasa very welcome sight. I pulled him out in the hall and needed a good longkiss with him. We kissed passionately.”Corey, I wish we could be alone,” I said.”You’re not the only one there.””I hate to say this but I need you.””I know. We haven’t hooked up since Sunday night.””That’s what I’m talking about.”We walked down the hall. Luck wasn’t on our side. Brianna was in the roomwith Michael. We both thought about asking Scott to use his room beforedeciding it would be rude. Instead, we hung out with the others. The maintopic was the snow and about our previous ski trip. We relived thosemoments again for the ones who weren’t there. Some of the tales grew insize. Then we talked with Kendall and Noah about spring break. So far,everything was a go but they did tell us the place was smaller than ourprevious accomodations. We said we’d make it and bring sleeping bags if wehad to. One thing that was determined was that Corey and I didn’t havedibs on a bed. We’d draw straws for it to settle that issue this time.After everyone left, we made out and didn’t care that Kris was in the room.He’d seen it before.Waking the next morning, there was a definite chill in the room. I thinkKris turned down our heat when everyone was in our room. The very firstthing I did was turn it up before looking outside. It was that distinctivegray and even looked as though it could snow right then.After Kris woke about noon and a bunch of us grabbed a bite to eat, Kriscame back to the room and lay on his bed with it being just him, Corey andI.”Ummm… Kris, I thought you were going over to the Rec Center and practicefor the game Monday,” I said.”I will sometime this afternoon,” he said. “I really could just lay hereand fall back asleep.””If it does start snowing, they said yesterday they were going to shut theRec Center down,” Corey said. “You might wanna do it before it startssnowing. Who knows if you’ll get to practice?””It doesn’t matter if we don’t,” Kris said. “We’ll do just fine.””Boy won’t you be pissed if you lose?” I said.Kris looked over at me and gave me a big huge smile, “I think I’m startingto sense two horny gay guys wants me to leave…””Damn right we do,” I said. “Pretty please.”Kris laughed and got up to change. “From now on, just tell me you want tofuck. I totally get it,” he said.”Don’t worry we will. Kris, I need me some Matt. We haven’t hooked up inabout a week,” Corey stated.”It’s been longer than that for me. God, I miss fucking Liz,” Kris said.He finished putting on his shorts. He left out the door but returned justas quickly to grab a coat.We lay side by side and started kissing. No doubt both of us wanted thismoment. Corey ran his cold hands up the back my shirt while I was grabbinghim by the head. Our tongues engaged in a little match while Corey’s handsslid down my jeans. He pulled me on top of him while we continued to kiss.I was so lucky to have found someone that enjoy kissing as much as I did.We broke our lips with him pulling off my shirt over my head. I tossed itin the floor before pulling off his shirt. Before my eyes was a sculptedbody of my boyfriend. It deserved to be worshipped and adored. I quietlytold him how wonderful his body was while kissing and licking it. Mytongue slid to his belly button and down his faint trail. Afterunbuttoning his jeans, I stroked his cock under his boxer briefs. My mouthmoved down along it.”Slow down just a little,” Corey said before pulling me up. I stareddeeply into his blue eyes before covering his mouth with mine. Coreytossed me against the wall and nibbled on my ears. He moved up and kissedmy pierced brow. I didn’t move and let him enjoy me however he wanted.Watching him return the treatment, I wondered how I was so fortunate tohave landed the biggest prize in the boyfriend field here on campus. Thishunk was mine, all mine. He made his way down my body to my jeans. Hepulled off both my boxers and jeans in one quick motion. I kicked them tothe floor at the end of my bed. His wet tongue licked all around beforemoving to my cock. I closed my eyes to enjoy this incredible feeling. Hemoved down to my balls and licked them. I was breathing harder with eachpassing second. Opening my eyes, I watched Corey go down on my hardeningcock. He moved his hands to grab my ass while taking my cock in his mouth.He moved to kiss me and catch his breath. “One day, I’m gonna take all ofyou.””It doesn’t matter, Corey. What you are doing feels so great,” I said.Corey moved back down to worship my cock with his sucking, licking andpumping. My hands moved to his head but didn’t push on it. We locked eyeswith Corey’s lips wrapped around my cock.Pulling him up, it was my turn to enjoy his cock. At this moment, Idisliked our rule of whoever’s room we were in topped. I lathered his cockwith the wetness of my tongue while grabbing his balls. My mouth descendeddown on his thickness that filled my mouth and stretched my jaws. Hissmell was so manly and delightful as I breathed through my nose. My handreached down and found his hole. He gasped out loud when my forefingerslid in him.”Matt, this feels so fucking good.””I want it to,” I said taking a short break. He seized the break andpulled me to his face.”Just fuck me, Matt. Fuck me, now. I want your fucking dick in me. Iwant feel it in my gut,” Corey said.We maneuvered with me standing and him with his ass perched high in theair. My lips hit his muscular ass and began kissing all over it. Mytongue hit his hole with the smell of soap flooding my nostrils. I beganprobing his hole with my tongue while tugging lightly on his hard cock.”OOOO Matt… ooo Matt,” Corey moaned.After reaching over and preparing us both, I slid my cock up and down hisass. He reached back and opened his ass. His hole was quivering and wasso inviting. My cock slid up and entered past his sphincter. We werebreathing hard while he adjusted to my invasion. I leaned up and lay onhis back while inching deeper into his hotness. My arms clamped around hisbody while I began fucking him. He turned his head for a kiss.”Matt, you feel so good,” he said breathless.”Corey, you feel so great. I love this.”With a small increase in tempo, the sound of our skin popping togethercombined türbanlı bilecik escort bayan with Corey’s moaning and my hard breathing. It was the mostincredible feeling to make love to someone you really loved and adored.”Let’s flip over. I love seeing your face when you fuck me,” Corey stated.My cock slowly slid out of him. He lay on his back and threw his legs highin the air. I applied a little more for comfort before reentering him. Hewrapped his legs tightly around me while I moved in and out. Our lips metand stayed that way while we continued to make love.I leaned up and found his cock. I stroked him rhythm and knew our climaxwould soon come forth.”Harder Matt! I really fucking close!” Corey said with that look on hisface. I pumped hard while still stroking him. “OOO fuck!” he screamed. Icould feel his cock busting out and shooting his load all over his body.While climaxing, his ass clamped tight around my cock. I shot my load inthe condom. We continually pumped forth shot after shot and were drainedby the end. I pulled out slowly with the condom filled to capacity.”Feed me that cum,” he said.”Are you sure?” I said.”Fuck yeah, I want taste your load,” Corey said.I pulled off the condom. I moved over and held it over his open mouth.Cum began pouring out and entering his mouth. He took all I had to offerbefore I began licking clean his body, which was such a pleasure.Corey grabbed me for a kiss, a long sloppy one at that. We held each otherclose.”I hope you are totally satisfied like I am,” I stated.”Matt, I’m always satisfied when we fuck.””Make love, Corey. To me, fucking is when you have sex with no emotion orlove.””Hell every time we fuck, we make love then. I can feel the love eachtime. Matt, I love you so much it’s fucking insane.””I love you too Corey,” I said and began getting emotional. Corey held metight against his naked body while I shed a few tears of love. He didn’task but knew why I was emotional like this.”Alright stop it before I start tearing up,” Corey said.”I’m sorry but to know I’m so loved it just gets me.””Matt, it is just so easy to love someone when you are loved back. Ain’tso great to be in love and be so loved.”I smiled. “Yes it is Corey.”I think we both could have lay in my bed the rest of the day and held on toeach other but we knew shortly Kris would be back. We got up and dressedbefore Kris came back.”No doubt, you two fucked,” Kris laughed.”We made love, Kris,” Corey said and kissed me.”Alright don’t rub it in. I think a few of us are first going to see whathappens with the weather. If it holds off, we are going scouting for somepussy!””Have fun,” I said.”You know I will,” Kris said. “Part of the fun is in the chase.”The door opened wide with Colt standing his sweatpants. “Have y’all seenthe forecast? It’s fixin to come a blizzard out there. They say we mightget a foot of snow.””Are sure, Colt?” Kris asked.”Hell yeah, I am sure. Turn on The Weather Channel,” he said.I grabbed the remote and turned it to that station. We sat and watcheduntil it came to the local forecast. They had up the prediction toaccumulations up to a foot in our area.”See I told you,” Colt said.”I guess that rules us out of going scouting,” Kris said.”I know. Kris, you wanna go with me? I’m damn near out of dip,” Coltsaid.Kris grabbed his coat and was out the door.”You’d think they’d never even seen snow. To think, last month at thistime we were up to our asses in snow,” I said.Corey laughed, “We were.”That night, as usual, the group crammed into our room while waiting eagerlyfor the snow to begin. Corey, Scott and I were on my bed while Kris, Coltand Jess were on Kris’s bed. Alex grabbed Kris’s desk and sat in itbackwards. Kendall and Noah brought their own chairs to be a part of thesnow waiting party as we called it. Garrett and Bryson came in and nearlyfought over my chair until Garrett sat in the floor. We were gettingsituated until Juan came in and bringing alcohol for Scott but it wasshared among the rest. He grabbed a seat in the floor and was happy to beamong us again. We talked with him about his job for a moment or two.”Hey Birthday Boy, you need to show all of us how to get that chin strapbeard going,” Kris said to Bryson. He was sporting a nice chin strap andwore it well with his new cut instead of hair half way down his back.”It does look fucking tight,” Juan commented. “Thought bout sporting one ofthose myself.””It ain’t that hard just have to the clippers to do it with. I’ve wantedto see how it looks and just went for it,” Bryson said and strokedit. “Kris, you’d look wicked in now.””I can see me trying to trim that shit up. I had hair cut where Ishouldn’t,” Kris laughed and asked Bryson to throw him a beer from ourfridge.He tossed one end over end to make sure it was really shock up. “Care if Isnag one?” Bryson asked.”No, go for it but don’t dare touch our snacks. Matt will get fuckingpissed off,” Kris replied. He got a nice hard stare.Garrett stood and looked out the window, “Looks clear to me for now.””It’s fixing to come just you wait and see,” Colt said.”Seriously, didn’t we see enough in Colorado?” Noah asked.”Thanks for pointing that out,” I said. “I’ve been saying that the entiretime. You’d think Kris and Colt had never seen snow.””Not much,” Colt said and spit with a big dip in his lip.”Seriously dudes, I haven’t either. We’d get some back home but it’d meltthe next day,” Garrett stated.”I think that’s what might happen here,” Scott said. He was alone tonightbut said Hayden may drop by later.”How hard would that suck?” Alex commented.We all threw in our two cents worth about the snow and our predictions.Then they talked about whether the first basketball game on Monday would becancelled. That led to them talking about basketball. They could havebeen talking in Greek for all I knew. I understood less about basketballthan I did football but was anxious to watch all my friends play. We weretalking away with the TV going to check the weather when we had a knock atthe door. Bryson who was the closest opened the door and stood back seeingsomeone I didn’t know at all.”Hey, you found us,” Kendall said and stood to greet what was obviously hisfriend. “Guys, this is Brennan. He lives on the first floor and was aboutthe only decent person there.” We were introduced to the dark headed witha stylish cut, rather tall slender and very cute Brennan. He didn’t appearto sure about all of us but did grab a seat in the floor.”What brings your ass up the stairs?” Noah asked Brennan.”I was about bored out of türbanlı escort bilecik my mind down there. I texted Kendall to see whatwas up and told me to come up here,” he replied.”Just so you know that’s the gay bed over there,” Jess pointed at us.”That’s cool,” Brennan said.”Are you gay?” Colt asked.”Hell no,” Brennan said.”You should have seen his girlfriend last semester. Totally hot,” Kendallstated.”So much for that. She dumped me during Christmas break,” Brennan said.”Join the club. My bitch fucking dumped me about two weeks ago,” Krisstated and held up his beer. “If you wanna beer, grab one out of thefridge.”I could see Brennan looking around with his big green eyes. “Alright, Idon’t mind if I do.” Bryson handed him one instead of tossing it. Brysonreloaded the fridge after that and did grab a snack while eyeing me. Ijust smiled and nodded that it was okay.Brennan opened his beer. “You were right, Kendall. These dudes seempretty chill.””See we told ya. Why do you think we invited them to go skiing with usinstead of your sorry punk ass?” Kendall said.”Cause my punk ass was going on a cruise, biotch!” Brennan said andlaughed.All that did was to start them telling ski stories again, which I was abouttired of. We caught a little of Brennan’s cruise story mixed in.I looked over and saw Kris coming out of his shirt. “Damn, turn down thatfucking heat. I’m about to roast over here.””No, you’re not. You like showing off your body like we really care,” Alexjoked.”I care,” Scott laughed. “It is hot as motherfucker up in here.” We didlaugh at Scott’s humor while he lost his shirt. Corey came out of his aswell with Colt next.”Birthday boy, flip that switch over by ya,” Kris said.”Hey how come I didn’t get a stripper like Corey did for his birthday?”Bryson asked while turning down the heat.”I’ll do it but I don’t think you’ll like it as much as Corey,” Scott saidwith all of us laughing.”Damn right there,” Bryson said. “You could have found me some smoking hotass hot bitch with big titties though.””He does like em big. You know I think it is starting to snow,” Garrettsaid, looking out the window. I was simply amazed to see them rush overand take a look.”You know what would be so tight? To find a girl and just bang the livinghell out of her out in the snow,” Kris commented after they all sat backdown. He finished his beer and grabbed a dip.”You’d freeze your dick off,” Colt said.”It’d still be tight though. I wonder if Elise would be up for a good rollin the snow. She loves a good roll in the sack,” Alex commented.”Are you fucking that whore?” Jess asked.”Hell yea I am, every chance I get.””Hey what’s the weirdest place y’all fucked or got head?” Alex asked.A few started laughing. “I’ll just tell right now. I fucked a girl in thebathroom at football game back at our high school,” Scott said.The weirdest look came on Brennan’s face. “He’s bi,” Kendall stated.”Oh, alright,” Brennan said. “I was wondering. Hey dude, can I have dip?I left my can down in the room.””Yeah right but the name is Kris.” Kris tossed his can to him. Brennanthumped it loudly and threw that nasty shit in his lip.”I guess for me was one night I fucked a girl on the hood on my car,” Krissaid.”That ain’t shit, Kris,” Colt laughed. “I nailed this chick this summer ather pool. Come to find out her fucking mom saw us.””Dude!” Alex said. “What did her mom say?””Let’s put it this way. I wasn’t invited back over after that,” Coltlaughed.”Matt gave me head in the back of his car one night in this emptysubdivision,” Corey spoke up.”Matt!” Kris said.”It’s true. I was horny as hell. It was after I went to eat with Dad. Isaid I’d blow him for being so nice so we found a spot and did it.””The thing in our town… Garrett will tell you this… is to fuck in themiddle of our football field. I did it twice,” Bryson said.”Garrett, did you?” Kendall asked.”Hell no, the dude’s a fucking virgin,” Bryson stated.”I appreciate you telling everyone!” Garrett shouted at Bryson.”There’s nothing wrong with that, Garrett,” Kris said.”I may have you all beat,” Juan spoke up. “I fucked a girl in the churchbathroom at that church where my grandmother’s funeral was.””Damn, Juan, seriously?” Kris asked. “You fucked a girl at church.””Not my proudest moment but it was sort of planned. She was a freak likeno other and got her thrills of that shit. We slipped out and headed tothis bathroom and went at it. I can remember my grandmother saying howhappy I looked after the service.””No shit, dude! You got fucking laid!” Jess said with laughter all around.”What a stud!” Colt said. “Has anyone ever gotten road head?””Not me,” Brennan said. “It sounds hot.””I have and damn near ran off the fucking road,” Colt laughed. “It was soawesome though. I was in my Dad’s truck right after I turned sixteen. Thegirl started playing with me after we had gone somewhere. The next thing Iknew this bitch had my dick out and was giving me head.””Did you fuck her?” Kris asked.”Hell yeah I did. It’s the same girl I fucked at her pool.”I started to wonder if all the stories were true by now. I knew once weall gathered sometimes it was a competition of who could best the other.”Dudes, ya’ll are a fucking trip!” Brennan stated. “It wasn’t strange butI fucked my prom date in her bathroom before we got dressed. It was hellkeeping her quiet with my big dick up her hot wet pussy!””Big?” Colt asked.”He’s hung,” Noah stated.”How the fuck would you know?” Juan asked.”Ummm… we did live on the same floor,” Noah stated.”I bet Matt can match ya,” Kris stated.I rolled my eyes. “I’d put Garrett up against any of you,” Bryson said.”Dude, just shut the fuck up!” Garrett said.”Garrett, I’ve seen ya. You are hung,” Corey stated. “I know Matt is fordamn sure.””Come on whip em out and let’s see who is the biggest,” Scott stated.”That is so fucking gay,” Brennan stated.”You better watch it,” Colt said.”Well… let’s see…” Scott said.”Just drop it, Scott,” I said.”Yeah dude, drop it. I’m not pulling mine out in front of everyone,”Garrett stated.Thankfully, we changed topics for a while and talked about our classes.Hayden showed up around ten with snow on his jacket. A few, includingKris, had to go check it out like Hayden magically made snow appear on hisjacket. All that little trip did was give most of them a second wind andtalk about what we would do in the snow. One positive thing about ussitting around and talking was it really curtailed the drinking aspect ofit.It was after two before things broke up. No one really wanted to leavewith all the laughs we did share together. Brennan stated how nothing wasoff limits between us but we said that happens when you’re friends like us.I kissed Corey goodbye at the end. Kris was asleep by the time I returned.I did check outside and could see we were getting a ton of snow beforecurling up in my bed. Now a good warm bodied Corey would have been greatto cuddle up against but it was too late for that.TO BE CONTINUED…

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