Conference Call

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Adria Rae

It was an hour and a half drive from my house to my friend Roger’s, but it would be well worth the trip.

Roger and I had met a few months earlier through a guy I was dating at the time. Roger and I had formed an instant friendship, which had quickly grown to include sexual innuendo. Although each of us admitted wanting the other, we’d never acted on it, since each of us was seeing someone else.

Now both of us were unattached, and we’d decided it was time to give free rein to our attraction. We’d talked several times, trying to find a time when both of us were free. Finally I’d said, “I could come down on Monday after I take the kids to day camp.”

“The advantage of working at home is I can see you that day,” he’d replied. “I have a conference call scheduled for late morning, but other than that, we’ll have plenty of time together.”

So Monday morning, I dropped off my kids then drove the hour and a half, managing by the grace of GPS not to get lost. I called Roger when I was around the corner from his house. When I pulled into his driveway, he was waiting at the door, wearing a robe. I had to wonder what was underneath.

He greeted me with a hug and brief kiss. “How was the trip?”

“Not too bad. I was thinking all the way here about what we’re going to do.”

“Ah. So you’re nice and wet now?”

“I might be,” I teased.

“I’ll have to find out. But first, come have the tour.”

He led me through the house, a newer split-level to which he’d done some renovations and cosmetic work. “It’s a beautiful place,” I said. “You’ve done a great job on it.”

“Thank you.” He grinned mischievously. “Would you like to see the bedroom?”

“Why, yes, I would.”

Roger’s bedroom was large, with a king-sized bed piled high with pillows. I sat on it. “Mmm, comfy.”

“I do sleep pretty well on it. Among other things.”

He lay beside me and pulled me down to him. Our kiss this time was far from brief; our tongues played as his hands caressed every inch of me, moving from breasts to ass to crotch. I moaned into his mouth when he slid his hand under my tank top and fondled my breasts.

Roger pushed up my tank so he could see what was under it. I wore no bra; it was too hot that day, and I didn’t really need one. For a moment, he just looked at me. “They’re as beautiful as I thought they’d be,” he said.

Then he closed his lips around one nipple. “God, Roger, that feels good!” I said.

Without answering, he unfastened my shorts and slipped his hand inside. One finger found its way into my wetness, sliding from my clit to my opening antep escort until I wanted to scream. As he fingered me, Roger continued sucking my breasts, alternating between them. I felt my orgasm building. “Roger, fuck yes! Oh, my god! Yes!” I cried out as I came.

He released my nipple and smiled. “Fuck, you’re hot. I didn’t think you’d come that fast.”

“You know I come easily.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t know how easily. Damn!”

He stood and untied his robe. Beneath it, he wore just what I’d been hoping for: nothing. His cock was long and stood hard against his abdomen. “My conference call is in a few minutes, but I need to feel your cunt first,” he said. “Do you want me to fuck you now?”

“God, yes.”

“Then get those clothes off.”

Still lying down, I shimmied out of my shorts and panties, then sat up and pulled my tank over my head. “Lie down,” Roger ordered. “I want to taste you.”

I lay back. Grasping my ankles, Roger pulled me toward him so my ass was at the edge of the bed. He placed my legs against his chest and bent toward me. When his tongue flicked my clit, I yelped. “Mmm, you taste good,” he said. “And your clit stands right up like it’s waiting for me.”

He gave his attention to my clit, sucking and lightly nibbling it. It took only moments for another orgasm to wash over me. “Holy fuck! Roger, damn, you’re good!”

“There are things I’m better at.” Roger straightened and positioned his cock at my opening, then eased it into my pussy. I felt a slight discomfort as I stretched to let him in, but after a moment, there was nothing but pleasure. “God, I’m finally fucking you!” he said, thrusting in and out. “You’re so fucking tight!”

“Mmm, I’m glad you’re finally fucking me.” His cock touched just the right spot inside me. “Roger! Oh, my god, that feels so good!”

He tweaked one of my nipples. “Tell me what you want me to do, Karen.”

“You’re already doing it!”

“Say it.” He gave a particularly hard thrust. “I want to hear it. I bet you can’t even say cunt.”

“I can too!”

Roger pulled back so only the head of his cock was still inside me. “Say it or I won’t put this back in.”

“Cunt,” I muttered.

He eased his cockhead in and out, just slowly enough to tease me without giving me any satisfaction. “Not good enough. What do you want me to do?”

“Fuck me!” I exclaimed, frustrated.

“Fuck what?” The gleam in his eye showed how much he was enjoying torturing me.

I couldn’t take the teasing anymore. “Fuck my cunt, damn it! Fuck my tight, hot cunt!”

“That’s more like it!”

He shoved the full length of his cock back into me in one hard thrust. I moaned. “Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Oh, god, Roger, I’m coming!”

“Then come. Come for me.”

“Yessss!” My cunt clenched around his cock, and I screamed as I came.

“I’m glad my windows are closed.” Roger pulled out of me and picked up his robe from the floor. “I didn’t think you’d be so loud.”

“I warned you I would be.” I watched with disappointment as he put the robe on. “Are we done? You didn’t come.”

“We’re not done yet, but I have that conference call in a few minutes. We can play more afterward.” He got another robe from the back of his bathroom door and tossed it to me. “No sense in you getting dressed again. Just put that on.”

He left the room. I used the bathroom, then put on the robe and followed him to the living room. “Want any coffee or anything?” Roger asked.

“Some water would be good. I’m kind of thirsty after all that.”

“I wonder why.” He put his arms around me and kissed me. “I think I worked up a little thirst myself, but I’ll have to wait till after the conference call to satisfy that.”

“Mmm, that will be fun.”

“Oh, yes, it will.”

Roger got me a glass of water and sat down on the couch just as his phone rang. I sat beside him, my legs curled under me, and tried not to listen to his conversation. Not that I would have understood it anyway; Roger worked for a software design company, and I knew nothing at all about computers.

After a few minutes, Roger pulled the bottom of his robe aside, revealing his hard cock. “What do you mean, they didn’t like the design?” he snapped into the phone. “We followed their exact specifications.”

He took my hand and brought it to his cock. While he was on the phone? Was he crazy? But the idea intrigued me. I squeezed and stroked his shaft, expecting him to moan or at least breathe more heavily, but he didn’t miss a beat in his conversation. “Well, if they don’t like what they see, they should have told us when we sent them the proposal. We did just what we said we were going to.”

He put his hand on the back of my head and gently pushed. Taking his not-so-subtle hint, I leaned forward and licked his cockhead. Again, he didn’t seem to react at all. “Well, Rob, you need to get in touch with them and find out what exactly they didn’t like.”

I sucked his cock into my mouth, teasing with my tongue as I slowly lowered my lips onto his shaft. There was no way I could take the full length of his cock, but I was damn well going to try. In my mind, it became a contest of wills: could I make Roger break his focus on the conference call? Could I elicit some sound from him that would indicate what we were doing? Or could he continue the conversation without any sign of the pleasure I was giving him?

I sucked and licked Roger’s cock until my jaw began to ache. When I stopped for a moment to let my mouth rest, he tugged on my arm. I wasn’t sure what he wanted until he untied my robe. He couldn’t be serious. He couldn’t want to fuck me while he was still on the phone!

“That project’s right on schedule,” he said into the phone. “I’ve been working on it for the past several days, including a few late nights.”

He slid down a little and held up his cock. Without a word, I stood and straddled his hips, facing away from him, then carefully lowered myself onto him. In this position, his cock filled me completely. I slowly raised and lowered myself, shivering at the feeling of him touching the most sensitive spots inside me.

“I’ll have the specs ready on that by Wednesday,” Roger said. He grasped my waist with his free hand and moved me, indicating that he wanted me to pick up the pace. I was almost afraid to; I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came, and I didn’t trust myself to be silent. But I couldn’t resist fucking him faster.

Still his voice and breathing didn’t change. “Yes, definitely. I’ll be in town on Thursday; we can meet then and discuss it. But I think the client will be happy.”

Other than his hand on my waist, Roger didn’t move at all; I was completely in control of this fuck. And I was right on the edge of coming. I fucked him harder, raising myself so only a couple inches of his cock were inside me, then slamming myself down on his full length. Within seconds, I was over the edge. I opened my mouth wide in a soundless scream as the orgasm crashed over me.

As my cunt contracted, Roger stumbled in the middle of a sentence. “They, um, yes, I mean, no, it’s all set.”

Finally, I’d gotten a reaction from him! I kept fucking him, but slowed my pace, until he pressed down on my leg. I took this as a signal to hold still, and realized he must be close to coming. Reluctantly, I lifted myself off him and took his cock back into my mouth. “Okay. We’ll talk more about it tomorrow. Thanks.”

I heard the beep of the phone’s off button at the same moment Roger’s cum filled my mouth. “God, Karen, you’re fucking incredible!” he said.

I swallowed and smiled at him. “You’re pretty fucking good yourself. That was the hottest thing I’ve ever done!”

“And it was definitely the most interesting conference call I’ve ever had.” He stood and pulled me to my feet. “Let’s go back to the bedroom and see if you can get me hard again.”

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