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Big Dicks

*Note to readers, I may have gone a bit far here. Feedback is much appreciated (Good or Bad) Thanks to those who have sent in feedback already and thanks to those who have voted.*

I walked through the supermarket as though i was on automatic pilot, i just couldn’t believe that i hadn’t made a fuss or reported those thugs to the police when they asked if i was alright.

Instead all i could think of was how nasty it felt being trapped by them as their hand roamed all over an into my body, i could still feel the main guys cock in my hand as his fingers were sliding into my pussy, i don’t know what i was turning into but the more i thought about it the more i wanted to be well gang raped by them. To be used by them all one after the other or all together.

It wasn’t long before i was at the till paying for everything and then heading out the door, i went back towards the underpass, strangely hoping that the thugs would be back, but slightly disappointed when i saw that the two police officers were still patrolling the area. I just nodded to them as i went past to my car.

When i got into the car i pulled my skirt up and started to play with myself right there and then, i couldn’t help it, even though people were walking past. I tried to be as discreet as possible but as soon as i came back to reality after i came, i looked around and noticed this old couple looking towards the car with odd expressions on their faces. I just smiled at them and reversed the car out and headed home.

It was about one o’clock when i got back, so i put the shopping away and made myself some lunch, sitting at the breakfast bar I went through all the household chores i had to do today, it seemed a bit of a let down compared to what i had been doing over the last few days.

I took a long look at what i had done and at my state of mind at the moment, I felt free, that was the best description i could come up with strange really when i’m doing what some stranger tells me to and being used by Bert, but yeah i felt free and liberated. I have always enjoyed sex, but the things i had done recently were mind-blowing, my mind kept replaying scenes from the first taxi driver to the underpass this morning.

I liked my new life, i decided.

I finished my lunch and tidied up the kitchen, then went to check to see whether i had any email, nothing yet, so i wrote another one telling him what had happened when i went shopping, i thought he might be interested in it.

I then went upstairs and stripped the bed so i could put the sheets in the wash, then on with the bloody ironing. It was about four o’clock by the time i had finished cleaning and stuff, but i had been neglecting things over the weekend.

Sitting back down in front of the computer a feeling of arousal and trepidation came over me when i noticed that The Lord had replied to me.

My Whore

I read with great enjoyment the antics that you have been getting up to with Bert your neighbour. I’m glad that he has seen fit to come and use you whenever he wants and that you are getting into it. In fact I am surprised at how quickly you have got into the role of being a slut, you haven’t balked at any of my commands yet, even when it comes to humiliating your pathetic excuse of a boyfriend Dan.

Well that’s the nice stuff out of the way. I am very put out that you did not convince Bert to come to dinner this week, the sole purpose of the dinner was that i knew Dan would be humiliated by him. I appreciate that Bert is away for a few days but it does ruin one of my plans, so for that you are to be punished in two ways.

My trepidation was increasing as i read this, it wasn’t my fault that Bert couldn’t come round I almost begged him to come after he had came in this morning and abused me, I thought i had explained that quite well in the email that i had sent off, as i continued to read the email my trepidation was turning into horror at what he had written next.

The first part of your punishment has already happened. I have posted quite a few pictures of you online on various websites that show off amateur wives and the things they get up to, I do hope you family don’t look at that type of porn. The comments on some of the pictures are quite graphic, oh and i have also joined you up to a swingers website advertising that you are available for domineering very well endowed men, the uglier the better. I will keep an eye on the replies and will arrange for you to meet up with people, when i see fit.

The second part of your punishment may be a bit dangerous but i think Dan needs to see what a slut you are. The funny thing is you gave me the idea for this in your second email this afternoon. Tonight, you will go out with Dan dressed in a similar outfit to the one you wore the other night, no bra or panties. You will then drive into town again and park next to the underpass and walk inside with Dan, hopefully the same bunch of layabouts and druggies will be there, if not you will wait for one hour incase they return. I advise you Pendik Sınırsız Escort not to take any credit cards or such but Dan should at least have some money in his wallet, so they can steal it off him.

If they are not there or don’t appear then you will get away with it and i will still count it as a punishment done. But if they are, well you know what to do. I will not expect picture of this, because they would nick your camera, although i would like a picture of you before you go out and one of you when you get back.

Your Master

The Lord.

I was playing with myself.

I was horrified and scared, but i was playing with myself, a few seconds later i was cumming and it wasn’t just a little cum either.

After i came back to reality i noticed that there were a few links at the bottom of the email, which i clicked on. There i was in various positions being fucked, sucking cock or both. No effort was made to disguise my face or anything, anyone who knew me would recognise me, and that was before they read my name under the picture. The bastard.

God I couldn’t believe he had done this, what would Dan say?

Then my mind turned onto what i had to do tonight, well what we had to do. God i was horny, I wanted to do it, strange as it sounds I needed to do it. I just had to tell Dan first.

I prepped a light dinner of tagliatelli carbonara and opened up a bottle of wine ready for when Dan got back, I think he was going to need a drink.

Just after six he returned and came and gave me a huge hug and told me that he loved me. I didn’t say anything yet but told him to go and get changed and i’ll explain it all over dinner.

Within ten minutes he was back downstairs and sitting at the table whilst i finished cooking. I put his plate in front of him and made sure he had a full glass of wine before i started.

“I need to tell you what happened today” I began

“You mean happened with Bert this morning?” He asked “I’ve been horny all day thinking that you squirted whilst he was fucking you. I hate him but i just can’t help it.”

“It’s not Bert i need to tell you about, it’s about the other thing that happened to me today and the fact that i’ve received a new email.”

“Sounds ominous, what do you have to do this time?” He said with a twinkle in his eye.

“Well let me explain what he has done first, then I’ll explain the rest” I then went on to tell Dan that my pics were now online and that he had put me on a swingers site. He didn’t seem to mind the swingers site but the pictures was a different matter.

“So, let me see if I’ve got this right” He began “Anybody can see these pics, is that correct?”

I lowered my head slightly “Yes, anybody”

“Oh shit. What happens if anyone we know see’s them, I know my boss looks at porn on the company computer he’s even showed me and other work colleagues some pictures, the old pervert.”

I was watching his face as he was saying this and although he seemed upset there was something in his expression that gave lie to his tone. I got up and walked round to his side of the table and could not help but notice a tent in his trousers. I reached down and squeezed his cock.

“Is little Dan aroused at that thought?” I asked, squeezing a little bit harder, making him groan out loud.

“Dammit” he moaned, “What type of guy am I?”

I smiled down at him, knowing that he would go along with anything now. I sat back down and finished eating my meal as i then proceeded to tell him what had happened at the underpass and what we had to do tonight. Dan didn’t eat much but he emptied his wine glass a couple of times.

“What happens if they hurt us, or they have diseases?”

“I’m sure i can persuade them not to hurt you my darling” I replied “Also I’ll take some condoms with me. Now i had better go and have a bath and get ready.”

Dan just nodded numbly as i walked past him giving his still hard cock a squeeze.

“I’m sure you can think of something to do for the next hour whilst i get ready” I smirked

I went upstairs and whilst my bath was running i got my outfit ready, a short black skirt that reached about three inches below my ass, a sheer white blouse, which would conceal nothing without a bra, with a pair of four inch killer black heels to finish it off.

I had a very quick bath checking my pussy in case i needed to shave it again, deciding that it’ll be fine for tonight. I got dressed, did my make up and then looked at myself in the mirror, what a sight to behold, my pussy was wet just thinking about what might happen later.

I walked downstairs to see Dan looking at pictures of me on the internet, there was some used tissue on the floor, which i pointed out to him. He looked a bit sheepish but then his eyes just stared at my breasts, the nipples plainly visible through the blouse i was wearing.

“Wow, you look amazing” he said

“Well thank you kind sir” I smiled “Are you ready?”

“I have big doubts about Pendik Suriyeli Escort this” he replied

I got angry with him. The wimp how dare he start to back out now after he had just wanked and came looking at pictures of me online. I had been running this through my mind all day and i was horny like never before. I knew why he was concerned and truth be told i was as well, but he was not going to ruin this for me.

“Well I don’t” I snapped “Now take a picture of me” I motioned towards the camera, which he dutifully picked up and aimed the lens at me before taking a couple of pictures.

“I’m sorry” he mumbled out “I’m just scared, that’s all”

“We’ll be fine” I said feeling a little bit of pity enter my mind “Now go and get the car keys and remember to take all your cards out of your wallet, leave about forty pound in there.”

He scuttled off and did as he was told, soon coming back with the car keys in his hand. We headed out of the door and quickly got into the car before any more neighbours saw me dressed like a slut.

On the way into town we pulled in to an all night chemist where i sent Dan in to get a large pack of condoms. There is something very erotic about your boyfriend buying condoms so that people can use them when they rape you, i thought.

It wasn’t long before we were back at the car park where he parked in the same spot that i had this morning, the rest of the car park being deserted it was after nine in the evening now.

I looked at him with a reassuring smile on my face “Are you ready?”

He looked back looking small and scared “No, not really” he replied

“Well come on anyway, you might like it” so saying i turned and got out of the car, with Dan a few seconds behind.

I reached out “Here, hold my hand” He grasped it squeezing quite hard as we walked towards the underpass. It seemed more menacing now that it was dark, the few amber coloured lights that were on gave out a tiny bit of light, although enough to see that the underpass wasn’t deserted. They were back and there seemed to be a couple more this time as well.

“Are those them” he whispered

“Looks like it” I replied “Sure seems a few of them” I sounded a lot more confident than i was, truth be told i was terrified about what would happen to Dan as well as myself. I was about to call it off and suffer the consequences when all of a sudden.

“Well fuck me!” One of them shouted it looked like the guy who was behind me who noticed i had no knickers on. “If it isn’t that bitch from this morning.”

They all turned and looked in our direction.

The main one stood up as well “Came back to finish off what we started earlier, have we darling? Who’s the faggot you got with you?”

They started to walk towards us i could feel Dan trying to pull me away. I looked around there was nobody about, it was too late anyway i couldn’t run in these heels. A couple of them were grabbing there crotches making lewd gestures and comments as they got closer. The main one stopped in front of us and the others crowded round.

He looked me up and down “Nice to see you got dressed up for us ain’t it lads” he said, to a big chorus of whistles and comments. “Who’s pussy boy here?”

I was flustered also i could feel hands touching me, I turned towards Dan hearing a bit of a scuffle only to see that two of them had grabbed his arms and had them twisted behind him.

“He’s my boyfriend, please don’t hurt him” I had found my voice at last “I’ll do what you want, please”

“You are anyway” he said looking at Dan who had started to struggle a bit until one of the other guys punched him in the stomach knocking the wind out of him and forcing him to his knees, there looked to be tears in his eyes.

“Please” I begged again, he won’t try to stop you.

Main guy burst out laughing “As if he could. Don’t worry we won’t hurt him, will we lads?”

The others started to laugh as well and one of them had started to go through Dans pockets taking his wallet and finding the pack of condoms which started them laughing even more, they were passed to the main guy.

“What are these for?” he asked

I looked down at my feet “They were for you lot” I mumbled.

More laughing “Nice to see you come prepared. But..” he pulled out a flick knife, opening it up he proceeded to stab it straight through the middle of the pack, destroying the condoms inside. “..I hate the feel of rubber on my cock, and who gives a shit if I, or any of us for that matter knock you up”

He brought the knifepoint to my throat and leaned in close “I hope pussy boy here likes to watch, as you are going to get the fucking of your life, bitch.” The other guys were cheering and i could feel hands on my body, pinching and squeezing. “Now take off your top” he commanded.

I took one last look at Dan on his knees held by two thugs wearing hoodies, then started to undo the buttons on my blouse as the others crowded round me. I could feel somebody behind me Pendik İranlı Escort undoing the button and zip on the back of my skirt then just as i got to the last button my skirt was yanked down.

“No knickers again bitch” he laughed “Thats my kind of woman”

My top was quickly pulled off from behind with the accompaniment of lots of crude comments, Hands groped me everywhere and fingers started to pull on my nipples hard, stretching them out, I even felt somebody stick his finger in my ass.

“Right lads” the leader said “We’ve got all night so don’t be hasty, we’ll all get a turn” he turned towards the group “I want one of you at each end watching out for cops or anything, someone else will come and get you when its your turn.”

This was met with a few groans, I looked around at the group who were staring at my naked body in front of them. They ranged in age from what must have been only fifteen up to about thirty odd. all of them had the same sort of disheveled and scruffy look to them, but it was their eyes that scared me the most, they all looked like they had been on something. Wide staring pupils as though they weren’t really sane, I was getting more concerned by the minute, I was also getting wetter by the minute.

Two of the younger guys headed off to each end of the underpass to keep an eye out even though it was deserted at this time of night. I turned towards the leader as he grabbed hold of me and pushed me to my knees in front of him.

“Time to use that pretty mouth of yours bitch” Turning to the guys holding Dan “Make sure pussy boy there see’s everything” He then pulled down the front of his jogging bottoms exposing a good sized cock, about eight inches long and a nice girth too. I didn’t need telling as he moved forward i reached out and grabbed hold of it, directing it to my open mouth.

“Mmmm bitch is good lads” he laughed “Come on I’m sure she wants some more”

At that two more guys came to stand in front of me with their cocks out, one was only about six inches, but the other guy must have been about nine inches long although he didn’t have the girth that the leader had. I used both hands on these guys wanking them off whilst the leader proceeded to fuck my mouth and throat with long deep strokes, holding it in for a few seconds every time my nose was pressed up against his smelly pubes, my fingers had moved down to my pussy and i started to play with myself.

Out of the corner of my eye i could see Dan watching me with them, his mouth was open and his eyes were wide when one of the other guys, the biggest one of the group with a scar running down the side of his face, slapped him on the back of the head.

“Watch that bitch go, what a whore your missus is, I’m gonna fuck her in the ass until she screams. How do you like that fucker?” He looked towards Dan’s cock which was tenting in his trousers and laughed.

“This cunt’s got a hard on the faggot, must be he likes looking at all the cock on display” As he said this he moved his hand down and grabbed Dans balls squeezing hard.

Dan cried out and tried to move, but couldn’t with the other guys holding him. “That should put a dampener on you for a while” he said releasing Dan’s balls.

It was at this point I had my first orgasm of the night. I couldn’t help it, the situation i was in was extremely erotic and then watching the big guy hurt Dan sent me over the edge.

The leader pulled his cock out of my mouth and walked behind me my mouth automatically went to the bigger of the 2 cocks that i had been wanking, I felt the leaders hands on my hips as he re-positioned me, the next second i grunted as he shoved his cock full length into me in one go.

“This bitch is so wet” he shouted to the rest of them, as he started to pump into me hard and fast.

A few seconds later the cock i was sucking exploded in my mouth, he pulled out, grabbed my hair to turn my head and sprayed the rest of his load over my face to the cheers of his friends. I swallowed what was in my mouth and moved my mouth onto the other guys cock in front of me.

Another guy appeared in front of me with a fat but soft cock with huge bollocks hanging down, I immediately grabbed it and started to pull on it.

“Your gonna have to work hard with me darlin’, I’m wasted.” He then reached down and squeezed my tit really hard making me scream around the other cock that i was sucking, before pulling hard on my nipple. I could feel the leader speed up fucking me just before he came deep inside me.

“Yeah baby!” he shouted doing a bit of an Austin Powers impression. He turned to Dan “Your bitch is now full of my cum faggot. How’d you like that.”

I looked at Dan through the corner of my eye and was surprised to see his erection back again straining at his trousers.

“Bring the fucker over here” The leader said “and make him lie underneath her so that his face is under her cunt. I want him to get a close look at everybody’s cock going into his woman.”

It took some maneuvering but soon enough Dan was lying underneath me, the guy who’s cock i was sucking had now gone behind me and he started to fuck me, while i put the wasted guys fat cock in my mouth, it was beginning to get hard and was promising to be a good size, another cock was placed in my left hand for me to play with.

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