Corruption Pt. 05

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The weeks after her first proper gangbang had been fun, as Beki explored her sexuality to the full.

The idea to get revenge on Jane for fucking her dad by sending the video of Beki fucking Jane’s dad and Jane’s boyfriend (together with Tim and Stu) had not produced the reaction Beki had expected. Jane was fine with this, somewhat surprisingly, and actually thought it was really hot. Jane and Beki ended up patching things up, and Beki discovered that, despite being a tender 18 years old, Jane had had lots of wild sex with various people of both sexes and Beki’s dad was just another older man that Jane had seduced for her pleasure. George, Jane’s boyfriend, had an equally relaxed view on things — he only went with Beki’s “revenge” scenario as it gave him a chance to gangbang Beki which was a total turn on for him. The making up was sealed by Beki having her first full on lesbian sex with Jane — she had messed about with Gill, her brother Tim’s girlfriend, but this was when they were both screwing Tim. Sex with a girl was definitely different. Jane was quite forceful, and Beki loved it when she brought out a strap on and pumped her pussy until they had both climaxed, but Beki decided she was definitely more of a cock lover.

Beki was regularly scratching her itch for cocks since her older brother took his 18-year-old sister’s virginity. She regularly saw Tim’s friends, George and Stu, both as a group or one on one, and although Stu didn’t have the biggest dick, they both knew how to fuck. Stu was about 5’8 and slightly above average size, but he could give great head and hit all the right spots in Beki’s young cunt. George was slightly taller and had a thin but long cock that Beki loved to suck on or feel it going deep into her sex which was always wet and ready for either of her brother’s friends. Stu and George w both went back to university after a long summer break, so Beki definitely wanted to tempt them to make regular weekend trips to “see family” much more than they used to.

Bill, Jane’ dad, turned into a bit of a sex freak once Beki managed to break down his moral resistance. After the gangbang, Bill tried to draw back and said that it had been a moment of weakness and a mistake, but Beki was not going to allow him the luxury of returning to being a respectable early 40-year-old. He could maintain that façade in public as he went to the office and even church, but Beki kept reminding him of the wild weekend they had had and his ongoing access to her hot mouth, her firm tits and her willing pussy and arse. Bill was doomed, and it became easier and easier for Beki to get him to indulge his hidden fantasies. As Bill’s resolve crumbled, he became more and more depraved in things he would do with Beki as years of repressed urges and secret porn watching rose to the surface. Beki wasn’t sure she liked all of them, but she was willing to try anything once. Watersports was not something that turned Beki on, although she did get a thrill in pissing on Bill so she endured it when he did it to her. She had also tried pegging with Bill and enjoyed watching a strap on sliding into Bill’s arse, but she got a bigger thrill when Tim had turned up and replaced her in Bill’s bum hole. The sight of Tim pulling his cock from Bill’s gaping shit hole and plunging it into Bill’s mouth until it was flooded with cum was a real highlight, even if Bill didn’t seem to think so (at least publicly!). She would have the photograph of Tim’s cum dribbling out of the corners of Bill’s mouth framed and on her wall if she could but she decided this was a bit too depraved even for her. It turned out that Tim swung both ways like her, but both of them enjoyed sex in all its forms.

By far the best sex she had though remained with her brother and his girlfriend. Tim had finished his course in engineering at York and was hoping to begin work soon, but this meant he had lots of time for his girlfriend and of course Beki. Gill and Beki loved to share Tim’s cock, and as the weeks went on the two girls became good friends. Both of them had high sex drives, and Gill also loved to fuck Tim’s friends and Bill. She had even managed to persuade Bill to get a couple of his own friends involved in her very own gangbang, and one of the men was her old church youth leader when Gill had been a well behaved teen growing up. Those days felt long ago now for Gill, now in her early 20s and enjoying any and every life experience. The men had been very stiff and reserved with her when she turned up whilst they were meeting for a drink, but Gill flirted outrageously with them. Before the men had a chance to think, she was pulling them in to kiss each of Bill’s friends. They didn’t know how to react as Bill dropped his pants and reached around to expose Gill’s young breasts. She knew she had the guys though as she pulled the other two men’s heads to her chest and smothered their faces with her tits. Gill grinned like a cat who has got the cream as the men began to suck and gently bite at her naked boobs, beyoğlu escort as she reached down to free their throbbing pricks. It was going to be a fun afternoon. Beki was not the only person who could get up to wild shit.

Beki’s biggest daydream was to pull her step mum into her depraved world. For some reason, this gave her a real thrill, and Gill was also well up for watching Tim fuck his own mum. In some ways, Gill had a more depraved sexual appetite than Beki although she really got off with watching people do things that society would say was taboo or against the rules. Tim was not totally opposed to the idea, his mum was really hot with a nice body for her age, but he was a bit reticent to make the first move. Beki and Gill knew they had to wait for the right time, and meanwhile they had plenty to keep their time (and their holes) filled up.

The opportunity to corrupt Tim and Beki’s mum finally arrived when both George and Stu came back for a weekend visit at the same time.

Friday evening saw both guys turn up at the house wanting to see Beki, thinking nobody else was home. Both of them were surprised to find Louise, Tim’s mum and Beki’s step mum, answer the door as they thought she was out. Louise invited them in and informed them that Tim wasn’t home yet, but they were saved having to explain themselves when Beki came down the stairs and said she would entertain them as they waited. Stu had brought some cameras to do something for his course, so Louise didn’t think anything of this. George had always had a bit of a thing for Tim’s mum, she was a hot woman in her mid-forties and in George’s eyes was the perfect MILF with long hair, blue eyes and boobs that he would love to suck. However, he knew Louise was a fantasy and Beki was ready to do anything, so he happily followed Stu and Beki upstairs.

True to form, as soon as Beki closed her bedroom door, all three of them wasted no time in shedding their clothes. Beki and George started kissing as Stu bent down to take one of Beki’s large tits in his mouth. George and Beki hungrily devoured each other as Beki pushed her tongue into his mouth. “God, I’ve missed you guys,” squealed Beki as she came up for air, and George worked his way down to draw Beki’s other tit into his mouth.

Meanwhile, downstairs Louise was reflecting on how much Beki seemed to have changed in the last few months and was much more confident. She would not have taken it upon herself to entertain Tim’s friends before, and Louise was pleased to see her being so nice to the lads. Indeed, Beki and Tim seemed to be getting on much better, which made Louise really happy after everything that threatened to wreck the family after Dave betrayed her with Beki’s friend. Dave was after all Beki’s dad, so it was nice that Beki stayed with her and was making so much effort with Tim. Beki had even stayed overnight at Gill’s flat when Tim had been there, which somewhat surprised Louise but she saw it as evidence of them getting on better. As Gill only had two bedrooms, she guessed Tim slept with Gill and Beki had the other room. A part of Gill wished her son was not being so blatant about having sex with his girlfriend, but she assumed Beki would not be too shocked about that. In her mind, Beki was an innocent girl who had been shocked by seeing her dad having sex with her friend. Little did she imagine that Beki shared the double bed at Gill’s flat when she was over there WITH Tim and Gill, or that her innocent little girl was not so innocent anymore. If only she could have seen what was going on right at that moment as Beki entertained Tim’s friends in a way that was anything but innocent!

Tim’s friends were an interesting pair as far as Louise were concerned. Tim had been friends with them both since high school and she had particularly noticed George checking her out when he thought she wasn’t looking as he grew up. George had developed into a fine young man, and part of Louise was flattered that he lusted after her. She was sure that if she let him, he would be all over her like a rash. She could let him suck on her breasts or maybe eat her pussy and make her come. “I wonder if he has a nice cock,” thought Louise absently as she allowed her mind to drift.

Louise was brought back to reality by her phone buzzing. “God, pull yourself together Louise,” she scolded herself as she shook her head, “he’s just a kid.” OK he was 21, but Louise was in her 40s and had always thought of the guys as kids. “I need to get laid!” thought Louise, realising that she had become increasingly horny since her and Dave broke up. “I guess I need to find someone to marry first,” thought Louise as she glanced at the text. The text was from Tim saying he would not be home for an hour, so Louise shouted upstairs to check if the guys were still happy to wait.

“Yes, we’re fine” shouted George, taking his mouth off Beki’s breast that he had been feasting on for the last few minutes.

“Would you like a drink then?” asked Louise. sarıyer escort Both guys were a bit shocked when Beki replied for them.

“Yes, please mum, can George and Tim have some juice and I’ll have a black coffee?”

“Black? I thought you liked your coffee white?” replied Louise.

“It’s OK, I have some cream here,” replied Beki, mischievously grabbing both guy’s cocks and giving them a slow wank. They all laughed at her childish joke, but Louise was totally confused as to why Beki had cream in her room. Chalking it down to some strange teenage humour, Louise went to the kitchen to put the kettle on and sort out the drinks for the boys.

George and Stu reached for their discarded clothes to start making themselves presentable, but Beki stunned them by stopping them and instead pulling them back to her chest. Stu tried to protest, but George suddenly got really excited as to what might happen next. He knew Beki had become a bit of a sex freak, and the idea of Louise catching them like this gave him a kick as well. Who knew where things might lead in the next few minutes? In his head, George was already beginning to wonder if some boyhood fantasies could become reality.

Louise left the kettle boiling and walked upstairs to take the lads their drinks. Opening Beki’s door, she stopped in her tracks and dropped both glasses in shock at the scene before her. Here was her daughter and Tim’s two friends totally naked and both lads were sucking on Beki’s breasts. Before she had time to recover, Beki came over and tried to pull Louise into the room.

“I’m sorry mum, I couldn’t help myself. They both have such nice cocks,” said Beki as she tried to guide her mum towards the bed.

Stu was a bit stunned, but George quickly went to Louise and kissed her to silence any protests. In a daze, Louise stood there as George eased her blouse off her and started groping her bra covered tits.

“Wait… stop…” cried Louise weakly, but George continued to assault her senses as he bent down to kiss her neck. Stu recovered himself and came to the other side of Louise and began to strip off her bra to expose her heaving bosom as both lads focused their attention on her. Beki stroked her mum’s hair and whispered encouragement to her mum as both guys focused on heightening Louise’s arousal and George dropped his mouth lower to fulfil his fantasy of sucking on Tim’s mum’s tits.

“Relax Mum, they are really great lovers,” whispered Beki. Louise was struggling to put a coherent thought together, but she was shocked to realise that not only had she caught Beki naked and making out with the guys but that she had obviously had sex with both of them as well.

“No, really, I’m old enough to be your mother….” protested Louise to George and Stu, making a desperate attempt to be the adult in the room.

“Yes, you are a sexy older lady, Mrs Bailey,” replied George as he trailed his mouth down Louise’s smooth stomach and undid the buttons on her pants. “I’ve dreamed of making love to you so many times.”

Louise knew this was wrong, her daughter was in the room whilst she was allowing herself to be ravaged by these young studs that she had known for years. As she felt George sliding his hand inside her panties and stroking her pussy, she knew also that she was losing self-control and that the lads were going to do whatever they wanted with her.

Beki sat back in the corner of the room to enjoy the show for a while as George peeled off her mum’s underwear to reveal a neatly shaved pussy. Beki noticed with glee that it seemed to be wet and that Louise’s body was responding to the simulation. George and Stu guided Louise onto the bed, and Beki knew from experience that her mum would lose it as Stu moved down to lick at Louise’s open sex and lap up her love juice. George meanwhile moved up to Louise’s head and nudged her lips with his engorged cock.

Louise was in a state of delirium as she felt Stu begin to thrust his tongue in and out of her pussy. It had been neglected for so long since her marriage break up. Her fingers didn’t feel anywhere near as good as Stu feasted on her cunt, and he found her clit and stroked it to heighten her pleasure. She felt George’s penis at her lips, but Louise shook her head. Up to now, she had had things done to her, but she couldn’t suck her son’s friend’s penis into her mouth. As Louise was trying to summon up the strength to put an end to this, Stu licked across her G spot and Louise gasped as a wave of pleasure washed over her. George didn’t waste a second sliding his hard prick into Louise’s open mouth, and she was sucking on the first couple of inches before she realised what had happened.

Beki was thrilled that her mum had not noticed the two cameras stood in two corners of her room capturing everything. Since the gangbang, Beki had got off with discreetly recording sex sessions and posting them online. Stu was skilled enough to hide everyone’s identity, but Beki loved the thought that strangers maslak escort were wanking to her having sex. As George gradually fed more and more of his cock into Louise’s mouth, Beki glanced happily at the cameras which gave video evidence of everything that was happening. Her hand crept to her own pussy as George finally had all 8 inches of his dick buried in her mum’s throat, and he started to slowly pump in and out of Louise’s mouth. Louise was lost to sensations and was lifting her head to welcome as much of George’s rampant dick into her mouth as she could. She had not let many people fuck her through college before she met Dave, but she knew how to give head and had learnt to supress her gag reflex. Still, it had been a while since she had had such a big young cock in her mouth. Louise was now oblivious to everything else and didn’t notice as Beki took one of the cameras off its stand and was zooming in on George’s stiff dick pumping in and out of Louise’s mouth.

George felt his balls beginning to boil, and as much as he wanted to flood Louise’s mouth with his cum, he knew he wanted to fuck her more. There would be plenty of time for that later. He therefore pulled out of Louise’s mouth, and rearranged her onto all fours. Stu stopped munching on Louise’s now gushing pussy and moved to replace George at Louise’s mouth. George meanwhile pumped one then two fingers into Louise’s hot snatch and started to finger fuck the woman of many of his masturbation dreams. Louise felt a climax building up inside of her and she sucked blindly at Stu’s cock whist George was now vigorously pumping her pussy with his fingers. Stu’s cock slipped out of her mouth as she screamed and a wave of bliss overtook Louise’s senses.

Beki grabbed hold of George’s cock, and lined it out with her mum’s pussy. George knew after so many fantasies that he might not last long, but he tried with all his might to take it slow and savour the sensation as he entered into Louise’s spasming cunt. It was surprisingly tight considering she was more mature, but George didn’t care what it was like. This was the fulfilment of a forbidden dream he thought would never possibly happen. George looked down to see that half his cock was now buried in Louise’s pussy as he slowly fucked his friends mum. George idly thought that he should feel bad about that, but he was too lost in the moment to care.

Of course, Beki had not forgotten about her brother and was hoping her brother would turn up to see his mum being ravaged and even join in. Sex with her was not technically incest as they were stepbrother and sister, but Beki’s wicked mind was obsessing on how hot it would be to see actual incest with Tim fucking his mum. Beki was sure she could coax Tim into it. After all, he was a guy and he had a cock, so Beki felt sure it would not take much for him to fuck any available hole, even his mum.

Beki picked up the camera again to get more close ups as George had about ¾ of his cock in her mum’s pussy and Stu was now groaning as Louise sucked his stiff shaft into her mouth with expert skill. Beki reached under her mum and started playing with her tits. Louise had forgotten all about her daughter, and she opened her eyes in shock as she felt female hands squeezing her breasts. “God, what am I doing?” she thought weakly as George and Stu continued to feed her from both ends. She didn’t even register the camera in Beki’s hands as she felt another wave of pleasure wash over her and felt George bottoming out in her tight pussy.

George meanwhile looked down as the last of his cock disappeared inside Louise and he started to fuck her with a passion. He pulled back almost to the tip and then slammed back into the hilt inside Louise’s now dripping cunt as he felt a huge load building deep within him. Faster and faster he pumped into her open pussy, until he felt his cum boiling up and withdrew to splash his hot spunk over Louise’s back and arse.

Beki wasted no time to get behind her mum and start lapping the cum from her mum’s pussy. Louise felt another of her internal walls being smashed to pieces as she knew it must be Beki lapping at her freshly fucked cunt. By this stage, Louise was too lost to care as George brought his cock up to her mouth and she willingly started to clean the mix of her juice and his cum off his dick.

Stu moved behind Louise to take his turn at fucking her, but Beki got Stu to lie down on the bed and guided Louise to sink her pussy down on top of his stiff dick and ride him whilst Beki took the chance to gobble down George’s dick and taste for herself the residue of her mum’s juice and the familiar taste of George’s cum. As George’s cock recovered its rigidity, Beki heard her brother’s car pull up outside. Things were about to get wilder and better as far as Beki was concerned.

Beki grabbed her dressing gown and quietly crept downstairs to greet Tim and Gill.

“You’re never going to believe what’s going on upstairs!” she told them as they walked through the door. “George and Stu are fucking mum.”

“No way!” said Tim, but Beki noticed that Gill’s face lit up. Gill was a bit of a kindred spirit with Beki when it came to seeing wild and taboo acts played out.

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