Cruise Capers Ch. 06

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Ch. 6 – Cabo San Lucas

Cabo is the most beautiful stop on the cruise with its awesome rock structures, hills, and greenery. I often come down there to stay with friends who keep condos or boats there.

One problem with stopping at Cabo is that the harbor is too shallow to actually dock, so you have to wait in line to get on a shuttle boat. This trip I didn’t feel like waiting in line so I decided to stay aboard. Having the run of a nearly empty ship is a lot of fun.

After breakfast I went to the salon for a haircut, shave, and massage. As a VVIP guest they threw in a facial and body scrub. When I left, three hours and $200 in tips later, I felt renewed and fresh.

In port the dining room is closed for lunch so I took a quick snack in the cafeteria-style eatery and went down to the library/internet lounge. It was empty, so I slowly browsed the books in the library to pass the time. Generally, when I travel I have a suitcase of my own books, a good mixture of fiction and non-fiction and usually a couple of classics.

I had reached the gardening section (kind of odd for a ship, I thought) when my peace was interrupted by a married couple who came in and logged on to one of the computers.

“Hello,” I said, feeling friendly.

“Hi,” they said in unison. They continued to look at the screen. I moved around slowly so I could look over their shoulder to see what was so interesting. On the screen were images of naked people. They were surfing the web for porn!

“Nice collection you found there,” I said, non-chalantly.

“Sure is!” the wife replied.

I settled down into conversation with this adventurous pair. They were Charles and Chloe from Charleston, South Carolina. They were in their early thirties and had been married for two years. Each of them had married young, grown bored with their original spouses and left them. They had met in a swingers group.

“Sure, we’ve had some wild times, but this cruise hasn’t been as wild as we would have liked,” Charles explained.

“Really? You must not know where to look.”

“Where should we look?” asked Chloe, all southern drawl and charm.

“How about I send a steward down to your cabin and he can show you?”

“Is that a proposition, Joe?” asked Charles.

“You could say that.”

“You have a girlfriend, Joe? We don’t do anything with single guys.”

“Sure, Charles. I think I can arrange something,” I said, thinking of Dea.

I went back to my cabin and relaxed for the afternoon. I checked e-mails, read the news online, made a few stock transactions online. After a quick snack I settled into a biography kayseri escort of King George the Sixth and passed time.

About five o’clock I called Dea and Ramon in and explained the evening to them. Dea was to be my “date” and Ramon would provide service. I told Dea to dress up, giving her some money to go down to the on-board boutique and pick out something nice. Ramon was to be in full dress-uniform and would arrange for the food from the kitchen, since Dea wouldn’t be available to cook.

After giving them their instructions I retired to the bathroom to make my own preparations. I shaved, showered, and then soaked in a hot bath spiked with lavender and vanilla oils. I put on one of my white linen suits, complete with tie and cufflinks. I was ready for an elegant evening with my guests.

At six Dea came back from the boutique for inspection. She had purchased all new clothes, down to the underwear. She looked great.

At six-thirty I sent Ramon down to collect Charles and Chloe. I had Dea mix a pitcher of martinis and put out the appetizers.

Charles and Chloe had also dressed for the occasion, he in a charcoal=gray suit, her in a skin-tight silk sheath that displayed her body in full force. I could tell she was wearing little or no underwear it was that tight.

We settled down to drinks and food. I offered Charles one of my Cuban cigars, which he took and savored. Dea was shy, and I made every effort to include her in conversation. Very quickly, the four of us settled into an easy rapport.

Ramon served the dinner I had ordered up. Since I expected lots of physical activity later, I kept it light. Large salad, roasted chicken, no dessert. A couple of bottles of wine later we were laughing like old friends.

“Geez, Joe this place is great!” said Chloe.

“Glad you like it.”

“Who did you have to kill to get it?” asked Charles.

I laughed. “The list is long and prestigious. Shall we have our brandy in the hot tub?”

With that we all got up and carried our snifters to the outside deck. I offered Charles another Monte Cristo which he took.

We peeled out of our clothes without inhibition, since we all knew where the evening was going. Charles was very fit. His whole body was a sculpted example of good living, muscles hard and defined. His skin was tanned but not dark, giving him a very healthy look. Most of his body was smooth except for a downy pelt on his chest and a thick bush of black pubic hair.

If Chloe was stunning in her dress, she was fantastic out of it. She wore a black thing with no bra. Her breasts were kayseri escort bayan firm and perky, with large puffy nipples. She was as fit and tanned as her husband, her pubic hair well-trimmed.

We jumped in the tub and looked out at the setting sun. Chloe sat next to me while Charles cuddled up with Dea.

As we sat there, sipping our drinks and enjoying cigars, I felt a hand on my penis. Despite the water it was coming alive.

“Geez, Charles. Joe here has a major piece of equipment between his legs.”

“Chloe loves big cocks, Joe.”

“You don’t look so badly equipped, Charles.”

“I do alright.”

I put my arm around Chloe and started massaging one of her breasts as she did the same to my cock. Charles started putting the moves on Dea, who of course went along. Soon she was fingering her pussy as he kissed her.

“Looks like those two are getting ahead of us, Joe. Why don’t you scoot up so I can suck on that monster of yours?”

I got out and sat on the edge and Chloe went for it. Her hands pumped my cock expertly as she slid it in and out of her mouth. Charles stopped what he was doing to Dea and watched his wife.

“Go for it, honey. Suck that cock!”

I looked over and Dea was giving Charles quite the hand job. His cock looked to be about seven inches and thin. By his moaning I could tell he was enjoying himself.

When Chloe almost had me to orgasm I stopped her and motioned for her to get out and let me at her box. She squealed as she rose from the water and spread her legs.

“Charles doesn’t like to eat my pussy. But he’s got the greatest fingers ever!”

I took a few licks at her cunt, the chlorine not the greatest taste in the world. But I still gave her a tongue lashing that had her bucking her hips and crying out within minutes. Charles came over and kissed his wife while Dea took his cock in her mouth.

Before things got too out of hand I suggested we move into the bedroom. The ladies led the gentlemen, cocks in hand, to the king-sized bed. Charles couldn’t wait to mount Dea and had his cock in a rubber and in her like nobody’s business.

I took my dick in hand and rubbed it up and down Chloe’s slit. She put a condom on me and guided my penis into her pussy. Slowly I worked it into her. While Charles was banging away next to me, I took my time with his wife.

Her pussy was not as tight as I would have expected on so small a woman, but it still felt great. She squeezed at my cock, making its entrance a little tougher. If that’s how she wanted to play it, fine.

Without warning I started escort kayseri pounding into her, my hips pistoning up and down as I drove my cock into her. Chloe screamed with each thrust as the head of my cock pushed past her cervix on every entry.

“Oh fuck, Joe! Ram it into me!”

I looked over at Charles and his eyes were locked with his wife’s as they each copulated with a strange partner. They reached out and held hands.

Dea was screaming through an orgasm as Charles grunted like an animal, following her closely. Chloe was coming as I too came to climax and filled my condom with cream.

We removed the used rubbers and sat on the couch. Dea and Chloe had gotten into a 69, licking at each others privates like pros. I handed Charles another cigar and lit one for myself. We sat back and watched the show.

“You guys been swinging long?” I asked.

“About three years. Where’d you dig up that hottie so quick?”

“She works for the cruise line.”

We exchanged more small talk as the girls went at it. Chloe broke the silence. “Make me come you commie bitch! Yeah!!!” Charles and I smiled at each other.

He turned to me and asked: “Are you bisexual, Joe? You ever do it with guys?”

“Yes. You?”

“Sometimes. Chloe gets off on it sometimes.”

We reached for each others penises, stroking them to hardness. I reached out and kissed him. He took the kiss tentatively. Meanwhile, he started to jack me off like crazy. His grip was tight and his motions rapid.

The girls, having finished each other off, came over and sat on the floor beneath us. Chloe’s eyes were transfixed to her husband’s hand on my cock.

“Are you going to suck it, honey? Are you going to put that big, nasty cock in your mouth?”

“Do you want me to, babe? Do you want to see me blow this big dick like a jailhouse bitch?”

“Yeah, honey. I do.”

Charles leaned over and engulfed my cock in his mouth. He jerked the shaft as he bobbed his head up and down on my member. Chloe came over and started rubbing my balls, helping prime me to shoot sperm in her husband’s mouth. With her other hand she started fingering his ass.

“Suck that cock, honey. I want to see him shoot all over your face!”

Between his mouth and her fingers I could feel the sperm churning up from my testicles. I started humping my ass off of the couch, fucking his mouth. When the moment of truth came he took my cock out and I shot a thick load all over his face, just as his wife had asked. She then proceeded to lick and kiss my sperm off of his face.

We got cleaned up and gathered in the main room for a final drink. Then they left and I went out on deck with a final cigar and snifter of brandy. Dea came out with me and I thanked her for doing so good a job. Ramon also joined us and he too was thanked.

One more day of the cruise and then we would be docking at Long Beach. What could I do that last day to live up to the days preceding it?

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