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Subject: Crushed By Tim: 18 Tim was on sitting my chest, his knees by my ears, his shins on my shoulders his hands locked into mine. He was heavy, muscular, powerful. I struggled under him. His grip grew stronger until he had my hands bent back and stretched wide on the bed. Only my legs were free, I tried to scissors him but he forced my legs down by my shoulders. His balls were on my face now. I was so hard with excitement. My 20 year old dominator, on top of me again, breathing heavily, full of testosterone and aggression. His balls in my mouth, beefy, hairy, full. He held my ankles tight and split my legs wider. I screamed. ‘Submit..Submit’. ..”fuck yes Tim aag yes’. ‘say it, say please’ ..’please Tim’…’say pretty please’…’pretty please’ My pulse was racing, my body struggling to satisfy his demands. My voice breathless and muffled through his balls. Tim was in his element. He’d found a new way to punish me. My hamstrings bore the brunt of his force and he was relentless, until finally, he accepted my submission and let my ankles go. ‘Dont fucking try that again’… He was sitting on my upper chest now, as high as he could. I was in his crotch. He gripped his thick cock and pressed it down over my face. It covered me and passed over my forehead. He slapped me with it, spat on it and grinned. He sat on my face. I was buried under his crotch. It was wet, his crotch hair spiked out from under his balls to cover me. I was exhausted Hatay Escort under him. I felt him moving on top of me. He pulled back off my face and for a moment I had fresh air. He was wrestling his cock, it filled his fist, thick veins popping an almost angry head jutting out above his grip, desperate to explode. With his free hand he grabbed my cock and it welcomed his firm grip. I felt a jolt, as though an electric pulse came charging from my balls, radiating through my cock into his fist, and through to his cock head. We were both aroused, experiencing that chemistry, that spark of orgasm, that only happens with deep attraction. I felt my body weaken, my head tingle, my throat dry. He grinned confidently ‘you would love that, I know you would’. Before I could cum into his fist he was off my cock. All that was left was the physical memory of his rough warm hand, gripping me hard. Tim had brought me to the peak of orgasm and then denied me that pleasure. I knew that look, that glint in his eye, he was looking for new ways to exert his power over me. He kept me there, pinned under him and forced me to watch him jerk off. He was a stunning sight. Massive bulging legs pressing into each side of my head, I could feel their warmth and the bristle of his leg hair. I could see the outline of his folded strong calf muscles and the mountainous bulge of his impressive thighs. He was sitting on me, just below my chest. Hatay Escort Bayan His balls resting on my torso. His crotch was menacing, thicker hair there, a veined thick cock surging out and up, bigger than most lads, certainty oozing power. The outline of his abs, almost obsured by his thick cock. As he breathed a six or even eight pack. Perfect, every ripple clean and shapely. His pecs were neat and firm, dead hard and he made them bounce. His broad thick shoulders and heavy muscular back were imposing and ensured he was impossible to shift. He cracked his nuckles, as he always did to signal punishment was on the way, and he briefly admired his flexed bicep. I could almost feel him grip his cock it was so tight. The veins in his hands arms and cock thickened vigorously while he pleasured himself. It was like he was riding me , bouncing up and down on top of me, shaking the bed , stroking faster, harder, sweating, grunting, the whole bed shook, it was hot, sweaty, smelled of Tim, he grunted and clasped his second hand over his cock to control the fountain of creamy cum, spurting through his fingers. I was so hard, so raw, so needy to release my load. His cum smell only added to my hunger for him. Even his come down was erotic. He was covered in his own slimey body sweat and it only served to enhance his perfect physique. He still clutched his cock, jolting intermittently experiencing ongoing micro Escort Hatay orgasms. Each time he would cast a cocky stare at me. It said ‘ look at me, look at my perfection, look at my pleasure as I dominate you’ I studied his perfect wet abs dancing to the drama of his orgasm and suddenly he was pushing his body weight down on me. His hand, thick with his fresh warm frothy cum, covered my mouth. He plugged my nose with his other hand. It smelled of fresh cum too. For a moment I couldn’t breathe. I heard him order me to lick. As I did he freed my nose. I knew the taste of his hand well, he used it to submit me frequently and it was a mix of sweat and his unique essence. I’d tasted his cum before too but never like this. It thickened forming a seal between his hand and my mouth. Tim wasint asking me to lick him. He was ordering me to clean him up and to do it, while he while he controlled my mouth. He wasn’t satisfied until I worked over every inch, between his fingers, over and over, until all of his sticky cum was inside my mouth. He kept plugging my nose to slow me down, taking pleasure as I struggled to service him. It was exhausting rather than painful for me. It was incredibly orgasmic too, being so close to his rough muscular body and so dependent on him. Any energy I had was spent on my desperate erection. His weight, his heat, his smothering hand, all drained me and I felt an elation, a kind of orgasm under him. He lay flat over me and split my legs wide with his, I couldn’t kick out, even if I had energy, his hands stretched my arms wide down the side of the bed. His cock felt warm and hard on my chest. His face was down to the side of mine. I’m sure we both knew we wanted to kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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