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Cuckold with Librarian wife 2In the morning we were reflecting on what had transpired and realized that all three of us came at the same time when Kate gave Jon using that oral sex technique. At that point we thought me need to make this happen. Kate and Jon were texting during the week and Jon was hesitant. He is the typical Irish Bachelor whose was never married and basically masturbated to fantasies. He showed her a few old photographs that they were both in by chance when they were younger. He told her earlier how much she was a sexual fantasy of his…but by the end of the week she took charge and he decided to come over Saturday at 6pm. Saturday I was a allowed to groom her…we have a large Spa type bathroom but without the jacuzzi that Jon has in his. I gave her a massage with aphrodisiac sensual lotions and shaved her pubic area how she likes it. and picked out her favorite tank to and shorts for her outfit. Jon arrived with a gift and a really nice Red Zin. I took the wine and prepared it for us to drink. Kate was thrilled for the gift…when she opened it he had bought her a cream colored silk slip with spaghetti strap that hug low with matching lace panties. Kate was excited and went into our room to change. Jon offered me a boner pill that we both took with our wine and he said “Here is to a long nite” We silently waited for Kate to come out and show us her new outfit. Jon and I were staring right through it and she suggested that we take our wine to the couch . When we sat downJon put 3 THC candies on the coffee rus escort table and we each took one. He said “to calm the nerves. When Kate reached over to pick up hers she offered a perfect down blouse of her left breast and nipple that was erotically swelled. We sat in silence for awhile sipping our wine and letting everything take effect including the sexual tension that was heavy in the air. She then said to me..”I know you want to see this!” So she started running her fingers over Jons hard on through his pants…he was caressing her breasts through her top…when she could feel him really hard she asked him to the of his pants. I watched as she unclothed his hard cock and there it was ticking up and curved to the left. with that she said “I want to play with that” She bent over are started rubbing it over her breasts that were now bare and then she began he pretend blow job. I watched as she kissed his cocked and rubbed it all over her cheeks..then licking his shaft and pretending to suck it…after awhile I could see that he had pre-cum cumming out and she told me to move over so I could have a good look. Took off my pants and was so hard but she didn’t reach for it but continued her foreplay with Jo’s cock. Then she started to put her lips over his cocked and suck offie and his cock did bob in to the upright position after each suck…Then she reached over and took my cock in her hand and then started doing to me when she had done to Jon’s …then she went back and forth at one point rus escort bayan she said “The first one who comes can fuck me later. When she put both our cock heads in her mouth for a second I was ready to blow…Jon had bent under to suck her breasts and she started putting her lips over my head and doing what she had done to Jon and I started cumming and Jon said I just came sucking her awesome breasts…At this Point started making her self cum rubbing Jn’s large load over her breasts…we watcher her cum for about 5 minutes of bucking and humping…I stoked her hair and Jon had his had on hers grinding her clit…After this we all just melted down into some silence and enjoyed the afterglow…after which we went back to sipping our wine in silence…I put on some music “Fomentera Lady” from the Islands CD by King Crimson. The candies had taken effect and the music was really intense..Kate got up and went into the shower for a minute. Jon and I were just in a weird quite till she got back with my favorite tan top that I picked out for her for the night that she had wiped Jon’s big cum load off her tits with the top and gave it to him as a gift. (He told her once that he would love one of her tops for mastubatory purposes. Finishing her wine she bent over to me and said I think that was a tie but I have fucked you a thousand times and it is really exciting to me to think of Jon fucking me for the first time…you OK with that? Then she moved over class to Jon and said “I am not promising bayan rus escort you much as we haven’t been able to have intercourse for a couple years because of dryness so all you might get it to get your cock head into me only…and I would have to help with Lube. Then she said to him…I love this outfit you bought me since you were so nice you can start anyway you want. He began to lightly touch my wife’s breasts though the silk and used the silky material to excite her …after awhile I just watched and he felt her up and sucked her nipples for a long time. Kate was getting really turn on…so was I…and I liked and so was Jon…Kate moved over on top of his cock and used it to bring herself to he first orgasm of this session rubbing his cock on her clit…Then she said “I need some Lube because I wan to fuck him…SO I drissled some Lube on his cock head and a thin line of it on his shaft. I has inches away watching this action. We took our time and slowly Jon got his cock head into her opening and kate was just having sexual leg spasms. I used more lube a few more times and slowly he had gotten in and she was bucking into a very long cluster orgasm…I guess Jon came inside her…She stroked me off for being the big helped and I came on her mound and some on Jons cock that was sliding in and out. We collapsed on the couch and really didn’t know what to say. We finished the bottle of Red ( Looked it up and he paid $40 for this ancient vine zin. Kate looked at me and said I know you got your wish and got to have a MMF…then she said to Jon “I know you got your wish because you said you have been wanting to fuck me since we were 15…”Tonite I think I had 9 orgasms but next time I get to choose a wish from both of you…I need to think about what I want” I wanted what she will wish? Any guesses?

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