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Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 66 Dad Loves Me Part 66 James hoo) It is the morning after Christmas and daddy and Marcus deepened their love together while Wally, Jim, Tim, and I deepened our bonds. Wally has been getting to know his new nephews and his new brother the last couple of days. Soon we will be having the party and some will be pleased as much as us that Wally will be staying indefinitely. Also Marcus and the twins will be meeting the rest of our extended family of friends. Paddy has already met my uncle and cousins but he has not been intimate with them. Jim woke up first and when he got up to use the bathroom it woke me up too. We were standing together at the toilet with our arms around each other pissing. When we finished doing what we had to, we reentered the bedroom and looked at Tim spooning Wally with his arm over him holding him close. We went to the kitchen and started the coffee. We also got out the oats and spices for breakfast this morning. I started making everything knowing if it was done before everyone was up, we could keep it warm. Jim and I talked a little about the schools here. There was actually two high schools so daddy would have to try to find a home near ours so we could go to the same one. I talked about the sports teams as Jim was somewhat interested in sports. Soon enough Wally and Tim walked into the kitchen and Wally had his arm around Tim. Just a few minutes later daddy and Marcus walked in holding hands. The adults all helped themselves to coffee to help fully wake up. When they were all starting their second cups, the oatmeal was done. We all ate talking a little about what all happened between all of us last night. It was always kiss and tell around here. After breakfast, I cleared the kitchen while everyone else went to the family room. It didn’t take long to finish. I joined the family rather quickly. It was 10:00 and we started telling everyone about all the guests that would be coming to the party. Wally had met quite a few when he was here over the summer. We told everything we knew about all of our friends. Marcus was quite interested in Dana, and when we told them about Randy being a total submissive, that got Marcus and Jim’s attention. Gary and JJ got the attention istanbul travesti of Jim and Tim as other teens. We didn’t know everything about Atlas and Ben as we had only been around them at the gym. We also mentioned to Wally that after the new year, we would take him to the gym and get him a membership. After they move here in the summer, we would take Marcus and the twins to get them a membership too. if they wanted. We told them in was an almost totally gay membership. We also told them about Walter and Oscar in the steam room sucking off most members. It was around noon and we all got dressed and went to the store that daddy ordered the party platters from. We also picked up a few things to have for dinners the next 2 nights (Saturday & Sunday). I already had tonight’s dinner planned. We also went to an appliance store and Marcus purchased a small room fridge to put the platters in. We got home and plugged in the fridge and put the platters in. Shortly after we got home the phone rang and daddy saw Mike’s name and went to the other room to talk with him. The rest of us sat just relaxing and Marcus and the twins were telling about some of their more intimate friends back in Milwaukee. Daddy came into the room looking rather disturbed. I asked daddy what was wrong. “Remember Mike telling us about his nephew that was having trouble and might be coming to stay with him? Well he just got a call from his sister and his nephew has died of an overdose of crystal meth. Mike’s sister was called into work a few days ago and when she got home in the evening, she found him sprawled on his bed, his eyes wide open, and not breathing. She called the paramedics but it was too late. The funeral will be after the new year. I hope there’s enough for dinner because I’ve invited him over. I didn’t think he should be alone. He needs his adopted family, us.” About 30 minutes later Mike pulled up. He came in and after all introductions were made and he told Wally it was nice to see him again, he started to break down and daddy and Wally went to sit next to him and held him comforting him. After he composed himself a little, he began relating everything his sister had told him about what was happening leading kadıköy travesti up to the overdose. I went to the kitchen and started preparing dinner. It took about 2 hours but it gave Mike a chance to get his grief out and relax a little. The twins helped get him out of his funk a little by paying lots of attention to him. Finally dinner was ready. During dinner we were talking about the party trying to keep Mike’s mind off his troubles. Soon dinner was over and Mike decided to go home. Wally asked if he’d like company for the night. They got dressed and Wally kissed us all goodnight and left with Mike. We watched a few movies. We chose 3 comedies to lighten the mood. After all the movies we decided to call it a night. The sleeping arrangement for tonight had me with Marcus again and daddy with the twins. Each night was always fun jockeying around who would sleep with who. Marcus and I had a wonderful night again and this time I made love to him. It was a lost like making love with daddy but there were some differences, for instance, daddy had more fur on his butt and if course daddy had a beard where Marcus didn’t. I still loved it and loved showing my uncle how much I’ve learned in about nine months or so and how well I do what I’ve learned. We started making out and soon enough Marcus said he needed to feel his nephew inside him. I said “I thought you were mostly a top?”—“I’ll admit I was more of a top growing up except with your grampa, but after I started having sex with my boys, I learned how to appreciate being a bottom. Almost every time I bottom, it is with my boys and now with you. I will probably bottom for your dad a few others. although I will still be mostly a top.” Marcus got on his hands and knees and I started rimming him madly. When I figured he was wet enough, I got up behind him and asked if he was ready. “Come on and fuck me boy. I want it tonight and I want you to give it to me.” Hearing him say that, I rammed my cock into his butt and started pounding away trying to give him what he wanted. After about 10 minutes he pushed me off and then told me to lay down and then he straddled me and lowered himself onto my cock. He rode me and jacked off for about 15 minutes. Finally bakırköy travesti he panted saying “I’m close baby. Please fuck me good and breed my ass so we can cum together.” Finally I felt my orgasm about to hit and I told Marcus so. I started panting and I grunted and started cumming up into his butt and at almost the same moment, Marcus said “Oh fuck.” and started shooting his cum all over my chest and belly. We made out for a few minutes and then he got off of my cock and we went and showered together and then we got back into bed and cuddled together and went to sleep happy and content. ADAM The boys were definitely more energetic than either Benji or Paddy alone and even more so together. They started feeling every part of my body and licking and sucking all over. We all started sucking and rimming each other getting ready for some fun. Their dad definitely taught them well and they knew what they were doing. I’m sure all their fuck buddies were pleased with their skills too. Tim got on his hands and knees and I got behind him and slid my cock into his willing ass. I made a few strokes inside him and then I held still while I felt Jim push his cock into my hairy ass. It took a few to get it together but we finally got our rhythm and were building ourselves toward amazing orgasms. We were all panting, sweating, and moaning. Finally Tim managed to say “Oh shit guys, I’m about to cum.” And with that he started cumming all over the towels we had on the bed. His ass spasming caused me to grunt and let my orgasm just happen and I started filling his ass. My orgasm caused my ass to spasm and made Jim cry out “OH HOLY FUCK!” and his orgasm hit him and he filled my ass. We each took turns taking showers and making out. The boys settled in on either side of me and Tim turned to turn off the light. I took the opportunity to ask “Do you boys ever play separately or only together?” Jim answered “We have played with some friends separately before, but it always seems better when we’re together, but there are guys that are not into 3-ways.” Then Tim commented “Their loss. However, there are many interested in sex with twins. Sometimes we get sexual with each other in front of them and sometimes they are the focal point.”—“Well, goodnight boys.” I was snuggled between 2 hot teens and felt everything was good. MORE TO COME…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. You can submit your donations by clicking on the link on the main page.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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