Daddy and Babygirl Ch. 02

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*Daddy and Babygirl are both over the age of 18, this story is not suited for minors. Daddy and Babygirl are in no way related, they are lovers who have chosen those *pet names* for one another*


Babygirl was so tired she couldn’t possibly stay awake any longer. She managed to remove herself from the chair where she was so relaxed and watching a movie, and made her way upstairs to the bedroom. She undressed as she looked at herself in the full length mirror. Staring back at her was just a plain woman, nothing special, and yet still beautiful. She wasn’t perfect by any means, she could find several flaws in her body. What mattered most was her love for her Daddy, and she knew that.

She was certainly full-figured and had C-cup breasts that rested on her chest. She stood about 5’8″ with green eyes and jet black hair that fell just below her shoulders, the front framing her round, pale face. As she looked at herself, she smiled – she did have an amazing smile. Too bad it couldn’t get her out of more trouble with Daddy! She might have to work on that some more. She pouted her full bottom lip out as she batted her long dark eyelashes.

“How could Daddy ever punish me when I give him that look?” She was so focused on what she was doing she didn’t even hear Daddy come home.

“How about I show you, you naughty girl!” Daddy teased.

“Oh Daddy! I’m so glad you are home! I didn’t even hear you come in. I was just getting ready to go to bed Daddy, I was so tired. I was trying so hard to stay up and wait for you, but I didn’t think I could make it a moment longer!” Babygirl wrapped her arms around Daddy’s neck, kissing his cheek.

They looked so perfect together as she turned her head towards the mirror. His 6’+ figure towered over her and she loved how she had to look up at him. It always made her feel that much more submissive to him.

“Have you been a good girl today?” Daddy questioned her.

Babygirl looked Daddy in the eye and honestly answered “Yes Daddy, I have been a good girl all day!”

“Are you sure about that?”

She looks puzzled at Daddy as he questions her answer. “Of course I have Daddy, I promise! You know, I’m not always naughty when you are away… just sometimes.” Daddy and babygirl both laugh at her true comment.

“I believe you baby, I was just making sure you were telling Daddy the truth. You know what happens when Daddy finds out you’ve lied, right?”

She places both hands on her butt as she nods her head yes frantically. Recalling the time she had lied to him about being good, and he found out about it. Her poor ass was so sore for several days she could hardly sit! She knew better than to lie to him now, he meant business!

“Oh I remember Daddy, I’ve never forgotten. I won’t lie Daddy, I won’t!”

Daddy brushes the hair out her eyes with his hands as he leans in and places a kiss on her forehead. “I know baby, I know.”

Babygirl feels a sudden sense of relief as Daddy kisses her, letting her body relax.

“Well, since you tell me that you’ve been a good girl today, I suppose there is no need for a punishment tonight, huh? Too bad, Daddy was looking forward to warming up that ass of yours.” Daddy squeezes her ass as the last comment falls from his mouth.

Babygirl giggles and moans, she loves the feel of Daddy’s hands on her ass. Especially when it’s pain free!

“Maybe we could do something else tonight Daddy. Maybe I could show you how much I’ve missed you today Daddy! Please Daddy please?”

“Who am I to deny my girl from showing her Daddy some pleasure?” Daddy laughs as he lays back on the Kurtköy escort bayan bed.

Babygirl quickly kneels between Daddy’s legs as he rests against the pillows at the top of the bed. She undoes the button on his pants and slides them down along with his boxers. Pulling them off his legs along with his shoes and socks. She tosses the off to the side of the bed and crawls back up between his legs and begins unbuttoning his shirt. After each button, she places a kiss down Daddy’s chest and stomach until she reaches the end.

Daddy lets out a soft moan as she reaches the last button, and looks up at her disappointed that she has stopped.

“No worries Daddy. There is still plenty more to come!” she giggles.

She pulls Daddy shirt off of him and tosses it atop his pile of clothes on the floor. She places her hands on Daddy’s legs and runs both hands up and over knees, and up his thighs, until she reaches his cock.

Mmmmm she’s been dreaming of this moment all day! It was so hard waiting for Daddy to get home!

She pulls her hair to one side and she leans in and wraps her mouth around the head of Daddy’s cock. Twirling her tongue around it, making it nice and wet. She opens her mouth and slides a little more into her mouth. She can feel Daddy instinctively push his hips up to her mouth and she takes her mouth of him, teasing him.

“Patience Daddy, isn’t that what you always tell me?” she smiles at him.

“Careful there my girl, you’re treading on thin ice.” Daddy warns her with a smile.

She wraps her mouth around his cock once more and licks at the underside with her tongue as it slips further and further into her mouth. She uses one hand to cup his balls and gently roll them around with her fingers as Daddy’s cock hits the back of her throat.

Not wanting to gag on Daddy’s cock she pulls back a little and uses her other free hand to grasp the part of his cock that doesn’t fit in her mouth. She continues to work her mouth up and down his shaft as her fingers work his balls.

Daddy’s cock is getting so hard now, and he wants more. Although he is thoroughly enjoying her ministrations with her mouth and hands, he wants to feel her throat clenching around his cock as he slams it into her mouth. He wants to hear the whimpers she makes as she tries not to gag at the intrusion.

With that thought Daddy grabs a hold of her hair and flips her over his leg so she is laying on her back beside him. Daddy sits up and straddles her face.

“Daddy I wasn’t done yet!” she pouts.

Daddy slaps her mouth with his hand. “Don’t talk back to me young lady, or you’ll be sorry! Daddy is ready to use your mouth for his pleasure and you’re going to open up and take it or I’ll just force you. Your choice.”

Babygirl closes her mouth and makes a humph sound as she looks away from Daddy. She feels the instant sting of Daddy’s hand connecting with the side of her face and just as she opens her mouth to protest Daddy shoves his cock deep into mouth.

She tries to back away from him, but cannot because her head is now resting on the bed. Her hands are trapped under Daddy so she cannot push him away. She thinks to herself how sneaky he was to plan it that way!

Babygirl decides she has no other choice, and not wanting to upset Daddy she relaxes and just accepts his cock into her mouth. She uses her tongue to lick at his cock as it slides back and forth in her mouth. Daddy pushes his cock deep into her throat and looks into her eyes as they tear up from her gagging. He thinks how perfect she looks at that very moment and how lucky Escort Kurtköy he is to have such a good girl. Even though she has a naughty streak as well, ha-ha.

Daddy pulls out of her mouth and moves further down her body until he is resting between her legs. He leans in and kisses her passionately until she is moaning and lifting her hips to him. He slides his hand down between them and rubs her pussy, noting how wet she suddenly is as he flicks his finger across her clit. Babygirl moans loudly into Daddy’s mouth.

He brings his hand up to her mouth and she quickly pulls his wet finger into her waiting mouth. Sucking off all her wetness from Daddy’s finger, just as she was sucking at his cock moments before.

“Please Daddy, please fuck me. I can’t wait any longer!” she begs.

Just as she gets out all her words Daddy thrusts his cock into her wet and tight pussy in one hard push. Babygirl lets out a moan/scream as she wraps her legs around him, pulling him into her close. She squeezes his cock with her pussy and leans up to kiss him.

Daddy slowly pulls his cock back until it is almost out, and then quickly thrusts it all back in. Daddy continues teasing her for several moments until she is begging him to fuck her hard and use her.

Needing no more invitation, Daddy starts fucking her crazily. Her tits bouncing with each thrust he hits her with. What a nice sight that is! Daddy can’t control his desire any longer and really starts banging her harder. Not caring how gentle he is, he bites at her neck and her tits, pulling her hair back so her neck is completely exposed to him.

“Daddy please that hurts, oww Daddy please no!” she begs.

Daddy ignores her pleas and fucks her harder. She sees that look in his eyes and knows that he will not stop until his desire is finished. He is raping her, the way he wants to. She loves when he does this to her! She feels so owned by him, she feels like she is fulfilling her duties as his babygirl. Allowing him all his pleasure from her pussy.

Daddy lets out a low growl as he thrusts into her pussy one last time. She can feel his hot cum coating the insides of her pussy and she kisses him softly on the lips just before he collapses on top her.

Daddy stokes her hair for a few moments as they both regain their breath and strength.

“Good girl, good girl!” Daddy says.

“I love you Daddy, thank you for using my body,” babygirl coos.

“I love you too baby, you are amazing. Daddy is so happy to have you,” as he kisses her forehead again.


“Yes baby?”

“Well… ummm… I was sort of kind of wondering. Well you know. See I’ve been wanting to umm…”

“It’s okay baby, just tell Daddy what you want, you can say it,” he says reassuringly.

“Well Daddy,” she whispers softly. “I wanted you to.. you know. Umm.” She takes Daddy’s hand and moves it to her back, then pushes his hand down until it resting on her ass.

Daddy gives her a hard slap on her ass, causing her to gasp. “You want me to spank you?” Daddy slaps her ass again hard. Then slides his finger along the crack of her ass and down to her pussy. Getting his finger wet from her juices he slides his finger back across her asshole, pushing slightly against it causing her to shiver. “Or do you want Daddy to fuck you?” he questions.

“You know Daddy!” she whispers.

“No, you need to tell me, otherwise I’ll stop and we can go to bed,” he replies.

“No Daddy, please don’t stop! I don’t want you to stop,” she begs.

“Then you need to tell Daddy what you want!”

“I want you to … Kurtköy Rus Escort I want you to … to… to fuck my ass Daddy!” she says as she buries her head into his chest from embarrassment at having to say it.

He lifts her head by her chin and kisses her lips. “That wasn’t so hard now was it,” he teases.

“Yes Daddy, it was terribly hard.”

“This hard?” He asks as he pushes his growing cock at her. They both laugh.

“Please Daddy!” she begs silently.

Daddy guides babygirl up onto her hands and knees as he kneels behind her. He rubs her back and strokes her hair reassuringly. Without notice his cock is buried in her pussy and she pushes back onto him. After a few thrusts his cock is good and wet, and hard again.

Daddy pulls out and places his cock against her tight little hole. Rubbing the tip back and forth, making it wet from her juices.

“No Daddy, I changed my mind. I don’t want to. No please,” she begs as she tries to pull away from him.

He wraps his hand in her hair and pulls her head back so she is looking at him. “Open” he says as he spits into her mouth. She is so turned on every time he does that. As she closes her eyes and opens her mouth, Daddy’s spit slides into her mouth. She is so caught up in the moment that Daddy pushes his cock hard against her hole and slips the head in.

“Owwww Daddy!”

“Shhh you’re okay, just relax, yeah, good girl, mmm, you’re such a good girl,” Daddy coos.

As he feels her relax her ass a little more he takes the opportunity to push a little further into her waiting hole. She is so tight, he can hardly stand it.

“Ohhh baby you feel so good!” Daddy moans.

He kisses her shoulders and neck and uses one hand to slip underneath her and pinch and pull at her tits. She starts moaning and instinctively pushes back against Daddy’s cock. Daddy’s cock slides the rest of the way into her as they both moan.

Babygirl pulls forward and pushes back against Daddy, showing him she is ready for him to fuck her and use her ass for his pleasure. Needing no more encouragement, Daddy slowly starts pumping his cock in and out of her ass.

They take it slow for several minutes, really feeling each other. Daddy lands a hard smack right on her ass and she jumps and pushes back against him for more. Daddy thinks to himself, if she wants it rough… she is going to have it rough.

He tightens his fist in her hair and spits on her face again as he starts to thrust his cock harder and faster deep into her ass. His balls hitting against her clit with each thrust. She reaches up and plays with her tits as Daddy picks up the speed in her tender ass.

Before long they are both moaning and babygirl is squirming underneath him. She clenches her ass around his cock as he thrusts inside her, making it even tighter for him. Daddy lands several blows against her ass as she begs for more. He sees his handprints forming against her pale skin. What a beautiful sight, her ass should always have his handprint on it.

The sight is too much for Daddy along with her squeezing his cock in her already tight ass. Daddy really picks up the speed and you can hear his body slapping against hers.

Daddy takes his fistful of hair and jerks her head up hard as he grunts and pulls out, cumming all over her burning ass.

Daddy leans in and kisses her cheek and whispers in her ear … “Go get cleaned up, and be back in bed in 15 minutes, or else.” Babygirl giggles and says “yes Daddy!” as she scurries off to the bathroom for a quick shower and gets cleaned up.

She walks back into the bedroom wrapped in her towel, and drops it by the side of the bed as she crawls in next to Daddy. She lays her head on his chest and he wraps his arm around her, stroking her hair.

He kisses her head and hugs her.

“Goodnight my good babygirl.”

“Goodnight my wonderful Daddy.”

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