Daddy’s Girl Ch. 01

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It was late Wednesday evening and 18-year-old Victoria was in her frilly, girly, pink and white bedroom preparing for bed. She was feeling quite naughty as she looked at the items lying on the foot stool that she was planning to dress up in tomorrow when daddy left to play his regularly scheduled golf game – items that she had “borrowed” from her mother’s closet. From the time she was a toddler she had loved playing dress up in mummy’s clothes and shoes, but lately she had begun to feel an almost overwhelming and somewhat confusing compulsion to shed her young girl clothes and dress in the luxurious, sophisticated clothing seeming to call to her from her mum’s closet. She especially loved mum’s high heels – the higher the better, and the unexpected discovery she had made of the incredible shoes hidden way in the back of her closet was a temptation she couldn’t resist. She gasped when she first saw them, surprised that her very reserved mother even owned, let alone ever wore such wickedly sexy shoes. They were black leather with the tallest, skinniest heels she had ever, ever seen – at least 6 inches. The toes came to wicked points and they had very thin little ankle straps. She didn’t understand and couldn’t begin to explain the delicious feeling that washed over her body when she thought of wearing those shoes, of strutting around in front of her mirror in them, oooooohhhhhh she couldn’t wait!!! Along with the shoes she had pilfered a glorious thin, black wool crepe pencil skirt; a red, Italian wool and cashmere cap sleeve, back zip sweater with corset-inspired stitching and boning at the nipped in waist to create an amazing figure hugging fit. Mmmm, she just knew she was going to love the look and feel of those sophisticated pieces on her teenage body.

Because her nubile young body more closely resembled that of her tall, curvy, voluptuous Auntie Vivienne, as opposed to the slimmer, petite figure of her mother, from about age 15 she had been able to fit into her mum’s clothes and shoes. With her recent growth spurt mum’s clothes might now even be too small for her – something she would excitedly be testing tomorrow. She was already 5’6″ – all leg, as her father would often say – to her mother’s 5’4″ and her family told her that if she continued to take after Auntie Vivienne she could expect a last and final two to four inch growth. Victoria had initially been concerned about her height and weight, worried that she was far more curvy and developed than her schoolmates, until her adoring daddy told her that she was just perfect. That he was so pleased for her that she was developing the curvaceous, sexy body of a real woman – not the stick figures her girlfriends all wanted to emulate. Of course, daddy didn’t use the word sexy when he cuddled her on his lap and dried her worried tears, but she knew that’s what he meant. She so loved it when daddy sat her on his lap and tickled and teased and cuddled her, whispering silly little secrets in her ear. Of course she loved her mum, but she always was and always would be her daddy’s girl.

Lately though those times spent cuddled on daddy’s lap had taken on a new twist. She had begun to feel the unaccustomed sensation she sometimes felt when she and her friends secretly watched their parents’ “R” rated movies.

-Even though she had recently celebrated her 18th birthday, she was a bit behind the kids her age as she had had to repeat one of her early grade school terms because of her family’s frequent moves as her daddy climbed the ladder of success at his firm, going wherever he was most needed and learning everything he needed to be the high level manager that he now was. When they did finally settle for good in their current home, her overprotective mother decided Victoria should be home schooled, which further curtailed the normal socialization process. Leaving her, to her mind, much more naïve than her new high school friends – her mum finally capitulating and letting her have one year in “regular” school before heading to university. –

She couldn’t admit to anyone that sitting on daddy’s lap now created the wetness and throbbing between her legs that she experienced when watching the movie characters kissing and touching and….. fucking….ooh, that made her feel naughty. She thought that maybe daddy was having some of the same issues, as there seemed to be a new stiffness to his body when she sat on his lap and he Esenyurt Escort cuddled her, and he seemed ever more frequently to “accidentally” brush her in private places when he tickled her. He never got annoyed anymore when she squirmed on his lap and had begun to increase his tickling of her, which increased her squeals and squirms. There seemed to be a new quality to his voice when he whispered in her ear and the way he almost seemed to rub himself against her when he held her against him. For her part, while not fully understanding why, Victoria was thrilled with this and found herself coming up with excuse after excuse to plop herself on her daddy’s hard lap. Of course, her mummy had told her recently that she was too old to be doing this anymore, so Victoria was thrilled that her mum’s new job required her to do quite a bit of travelling, which would allow Victoria to indulge herself when mummy was away – as was the case this week.

Pushing these somewhat disturbing thoughts away, Victoria rose from the settee where she was currently sprawled to head down stairs to say goodnight to her dad. Glancing at herself in the floor to ceiling mirror across from her bed she thought briefly of pulling on shorts and a top as she was currently wearing her customary night outfit of tiny white cotton panties and matching spaghetti strap tank top; however, since it was such an unseasonably warm night and, after all, it was just her daddy, she decided she would go down just as she was.

Reaching the door to the family room, Victoria saw that her dad had had the same thought about the heat, as he was sitting on the comfy over-sized sofa in just a pair of boxer shorts. As he hadn’t noticed her arrival yet, Victoria took a moment to admire her gorgeous 44 year old father. While many of her friends’ dads seemed old and paunchy, her father kept himself in impressive shape. He had the hard sculpted muscles of a man half his age, with thick dark hair and piercing dark eyes, and as he was quite the sports fanatic, he spent oodles of time outside and his skin was a deep dark bronze. She knew why all her friends always wanted to hang out at her house….so they could ooh and ah over her adorable daddy. She had to admit that she did a bit of that herself in secret, and couldn’t suppress a little sigh, which finally had her daddy looking over at her. He seemed momentarily stunned and a bit nonplussed to see her dressed, or more like it, undressed, to such an extent, but quickly recovered, smiled and said “hi, baby girl”….oh, God, why did hearing him say something that he’d said to her for years and years suddenly bring on the throbbing between her legs?

“Hi, daddy” Victoria responded “just came to say goodnight….I’m going to go to bed now”.

“Ok, sweetie, well come over and give us a kiss before you head back up.”

“Ok, daddy” said Victoria in her sweet young voice.

Reaching the sofa where her daddy sat, Victoria found herself standing with her feet on either side of his. As she bent forward to give him a quick kiss, he reached up and found her most sensitive spot on her side, sending her into a fit of giggles, making her lose her balance and fall forward, straddling his lap and pressing her firm, generous up-titled teenage breasts against his chest. This caused her daddy to issue a deep low moan and had Victoria looking up with concern and saying “I’m sorry, did I hurt you, daddy?”

Even though he had a quite pained look on his face, he smiled and said “no, baby, not at all.” Relieved, Victoria leaned forward and gave him her customary quick smacking kiss then wrapped her arms around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder for a quick cuddle.

It occurred to Victoria that she had never sat in this position on her daddy’s lap before and that it seemed to be causing the same reaction in him that it was causing in her. She felt her breathing quicken and the throbbing between her legs was becoming almost painful. Finally she understood her daddy’s stiffness as there was no mistaking the feel of his thick hard penis pressing against her virgin mound as her long coltish legs straddled him. She realized that her daddy’s breathing was also becoming quite labored and his hands were roaming all over the smooth flesh left bare by her scanty attire.

Recklessly emboldened by the turn of events, Victoria began to almost imperceptibly rock Esenyurt Escort Bayan herself against her daddy’s sex, then leaned forward placing her pouty teenage lips right next to his ear and whispered, “Can I tell you a secret, daddy?”

“Yes, baby” he whispered back.

“I like the feeling of your penis against me, daddy.”

He moaned again and she felt the hard protuberance between her legs jerk and surge against her with these words. She felt the hand on her hip tighten then gasped as she felt him begin to wrap her long, thick, silky chestnut hair, done up in a fetching ponytail, around his fist before tugging her head back, making her look at him as he said “you’re a naughty little girl, aren’t you?”

“I’m sorry, daddy” Victoria quickly replied.

“It’s ok, baby” he reassured “daddy likes naughty little girls….but if you’re going to be naughty, you need to use the right words….when you tell a man you like the feel of him, you don’t say ‘penis’, you say ‘cock'” ignoring Victoria’s shocked gasp he continued “and you don’t say against ‘me’, you say against ‘my pussy'” causing Victoria to gasp again at the nasty words.

Victoria’s whispered secret had obviously released something in her father, as he grasped her by the hips and began rubbing her overtly, deliciously against his big hard cock. Suddenly she felt one of his hands move around her back down to her ass, feeling one long strong finger poke lightly at her tiny hole before running up the crack of her ass saying “Come on, Victoria” he whispered, “be daddy’s naughty little girl and say it again the way I’ve taught you.”

Almost overwhelmed with the new sensations shooting through her body from the unexpectedly exciting feeling of that finger against her ass and as the rubbing between her legs seemed to hit a spot she hadn’t been aware of, causing her to shiver and moan, Victoria panted out “I LOVE the feeling of your cock against my pussy, daddy!”

“OH, GOD!” he moaned “daddy’s going to teach you to be the most perfectly naughty little girl! You want that, don’t you baby, you want to be daddy’s very own naughty girl?”

“Yes, yes, yes” Victoria panted, unashamedly rubbing herself against her father’s cock, reaching for something she wasn’t sure of but desperate to find.

Knowing that his baby girl had discovered her clit and would soon find release as she rubbed it against his cock, Victoria’s father, still grasping her hips, stopped the furious rubbing, wanting just a little bit more naughtiness before she came and possibly became shy and embarrassed with him. Gauging her innate sensuality over the last weeks and months and the way that she had been responding to him, he knew that soon they would have the intimate relationship that he had been leading her towards with the seemingly innocent lap play, but he knew he needed to lead her there gradually, which was almost as big a turn on as the ultimate culmination would be.

Victoria felt herself being pushed away from her father’s lap and felt a rush of disappointment when he said “stand up, Victoria”. Understanding the sulky little pout to her luscious teenage lips he added “don’t worry, baby, we’re not quite done yet….daddy’s going to be a little naughty now too.”

With that he reached his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers and quickly pulled them down his legs, pulling one foot out and kicking them across the room with the other. This completely unexpected turn of events had Victoria gasping as her eyes took in the sight of the first real penis…oh, God, cock!….that she had ever seen. It was HUGE…it had to have been at least 9 inches and was amazingly thick and hard. As she stared at it, almost transfixed, it seemed to twitch and jerk of its own accord, and seemed, unbelievably to grow even larger. Seeing the expected fear come into her eyes, he whispered, “don’t be afraid, Victoria, you know daddy would never hurt you…right?”

“Yes, daddy,” Victoria hesitantly replied.

“We’re just going to play a little bit more before I tuck you into bed…and nothing we do is going to hurt, ok, baby?” Thankful that his masturbation session earlier in the evening would help him keep that promise, he waited for her response.

“Yes, daddy.”

“Good girl, Victoria….ok, one more thing….take off your top.”

“Daddy, I… I… don’t think….” Escort Esenyurt Victoria began to stutter before he sternly cut her off

“Do it, Victoria, and take the band out of your hair!” noting that that seemed to excite her as much as when he had pulled her hair earlier. Oh, yes, just as he had hoped, his naughty little girl was going to be up to some of the rough play that he enjoyed!

Quickly, before nerves and embarrassment got the better of her, Victoria peeled off her tiny tank top and drew the band out of her hair, tossing her head so that her waist length, silken tresses flowed down her back as well as over one shoulder, partially covering one perfectly formed round, high pert teenage breast, a furiously aroused nipple peeking out between the strands. Not understanding that the sight of her perfect Lolita’s body was close to pushing her furiously aroused father over the brink, causing him to break his promise and shove his huge hard twitching cock into that 18-year-old virgin pussy, Victoria gasped as she was once more pulled back onto her daddy’s lap, this time only a thin cotton barrier between his hard cock and her soaking wet pussy. All the previous sensations returned as he began to rub his cock between her incredibly engorged pussy lips and against her throbbing clit through her little panties…groaning as her overflowing juices enveloped his rigid member. As she leaned forward, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck and began almost instinctively to rub her breasts and silky hair against his chest and equally aroused nipples, she felt him slip his hands down to her ass cheeks, slipping his fingers under the elastic of her panties and pulling her cheeks apart as he continued to rub himself against her little nub. The feeling of her daddy’s fingers insider her panties, one finger ever so lightly teasing her tiny puckered asshole, the nasty things he was whispering in her ear and the sensations created as their naked chests rubbed against each other was too much for young Victoria and brought her quickly to the brink of her first ever orgasm as she rode her gorgeous daddy’s cock.

Feeling the quakes begin he whispered in her ear, “That’s it, baby girl….cum for daddy”

“Oh, God, oh God, daddy….”

“Yes, Victoria, yes naughty girl, cum all over daddy’s big hard cock…..cover daddy with your pussy juices, baby girl” and with that, Victoria’s back arched back as she screamed out her release before collapsing on her daddy’s chest.

Moments later Victoria felt her daddy begin to stand and instinctively wrapped her long, teenage legs around his waist as he began to carry her up to bed, not realizing when they reached her room and her bed, it was all he could do to keep from tearing off her little panties and taking her as he was all but shaking with the need to do. There was one thing that he wouldn’t deny himself though, and laying her on the crisp cotton sheets, the covers already having been turned down, he said “Victoria, pull the covers over yourself then take off your panties and hand them to me.” No sense in taking the chance of tempting himself beyond reason with the sight of that sweet young little pussy, lips no doubt thick and full from her recent orgasm. When Victoria complied, he decided at this point there was no reason for reticence, and wrapped the soaked little panties around his massive hard on….he may not be cumming inside her tonight, but he would certainly cum inside her panties…and this time a pair that were soaked with her juices. Continuing to stroke himself with her little panties, he leaned over, kissed her lightly on the lips, winked and whispered….”good night, naughty girl” and prepared to head down the hall to finish himself off in the comfort of his bed, titillating himself with the anticipation of the nights to come when she would be playing in that bed with him.

Turning towards the door his gaze fell across the clothing that Victoria had laid across her footstool. Pieces that his wife used to wear for him, knowing how easily seduced he was by a sexy 50’s-style dressed vixen…and the shoes…..Oh, God, he hadn’t seen those in ages as his wife had lost interest for some time now in seducing her husband…wonder of wonders that his thoughts had turned to his teenage daughter! Understanding dawned as he recalled Victoria’s penchant for playing dress up, and the thought of his gorgeous teenage sex kitten dressed in his ultimate fetish fantasy clothes had him jerking furiously on his big thick cock, no longer able to hold back, cumming furiously, thick white hot streams shooting out to cover his chest and belly as he anticipated the naughty, kinky pleasures tomorrow would bring………

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