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Subject: Dad’s Big Dick 5 DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between two men. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Author’s Note: This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for permission. If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic distasteful, then please leave now. Copyright 2018 jaywizetoo, all rights reserved. Please contact me at ail if you like. I welcome all feedback. * * * “Come out of there,” the big man growled. “If I have to tell you again, there’s gonna be trouble.” I was frozen with panic. I don’t exactly know what I had been expecting, but disobeying my dad hadn’t been an option; that much was certain. I crouched between two hedges, just a couple of houses down from mine, watching Mr. Hammond relax on his back porch. He sat in the half-light like some motionless statue, leaning back in his chair, one foot propped upon on the railing, smoking a cigar. He was wearing a tee shirt that looked as if it had seen better days. It stretched around a meaty chest with wide, flaring pecs and a slight bear belly, large arms that were probably once heartbreakers, and his face was covered in scruff, framed by a thick mustache. Dad had sent me out tonight with instructions to observe Mr. Hammond and report back on his activities. The son of a bitch had probably called Hammond the moment I sneaked out the backdoor, to warm him. It would be just like him to put me in harm’s way just to see me beat feet back to the house with an angry neighbor giving chase. Dad was always putting me in spots like this. Anything and everything he could manage to humiliate and demean me, he took great pleasure in doing. I’d felt like some idiot pervert, creeping out the sliding glass door in the evening air, praying that no one would be looking out a window, and thanking the stars above that no one owned those motion-detecting flood lights. I had moved from tree to bush to tree, making my way with as much stealth as humanly possible toward Mr. Hammond’s house. As I crouched there, the sound of his voice both terrified and thrilled me. A puff of cigar smoke rose into the moonlit air above the roof as I stood up slowly, poking my head above the hedge that shielded me. “Sir, I can’t come out. I’m… I’m not wearing anything.” I felt my face flush a deep scarlet. Even from where I hid, I could see the white of his teeth as he grinned. “You’re naked?,” he asked, “Why the fuck are you naked, boy?” He sounded amused, more than anything. I struggled for an answer that wouldn’t sound idiotic, or perverted. “I… I don’t know, sir. It’s just something I do. Sometimes. I…” Inspiration struck. Well, not really. “I’m a nudist, and I’m just… practicing.” I winced. Jesus, that was pathetic. Hammond laughed. “A nudist, huh?” I wanted to die. And I couldn’t understand why I was so hard. I’d never been more scared in my life. He took another puff of his cigar. “Well, a good nudist doesn’t mind being seen, does he?” Shit. I shook my head. “Then get your ass out of my hedge and come here,” he said, then he waited. I took a deep breath, then stepped out from behind the bush. I held my hands in front of myself as I approached Hammond’s deck. He didn’t move, but his eyes followed me as he released rings of smoke into the night air. I saw that he was wearing an old pair of sweats, and two battered-looking sneakers. I could already tell he had packed an impressive set of… something into the thinning material, as he still had one leg propped up on the deck’s railing. Even with a lit cigar hanging from between his teeth, I could see the amused smirk. It made me blush again, and my cock strained behind my hands. “Well I’ll be damned,” he observed, “you are all kinds of naked, aren’t you, kid?” I didn’t answer. I had never felt quite so exposed. Even when I had left my clothes at another neighbor’s house the night my father had offered my ass to one of his friends, I hadn’t felt this nude. He leaned back in his chair, watching me. Beneath the stretched fabric of his sweats, something solid and heavy moved as he spread his legs further, reaching up to clasp his hands behind his head, those big guns flexing in the light of the house windows behind him. “Drop your hands to your sides, kid. You’re out here naked, sneaking around my house; the time for being modest is past, don’t you think?” I couldn’t find a flaw in his logic, and in any case, my eyes were locked on his crotch, and on the beer belly and heavy pecs hidden beneath the Steelers tee that held it all in. Even his ball cap looked beaten up and faded. Clothes for relaxation, clearly. But they had me close to cumming into my hands. I obeyed, letting my hands drop uncertainly to my side. My cock sprang, hard and quivering, from my groin. Behind Hammond, I could see a shadow pass by the lit windows; his wife, no doubt. He could feel my face flush again as I imagined her opening the back door and seeing me there. He must have noticed the shift in my eyes, because he chuckled. “She won’t come out here. She hates the smell of cigars, and this is my time. Now get up here, kid. I want a closer escort look.” I padded up the stairs of his deck, feeling more exposed and unsafe with every step. I wondered if dad was in his room watching me, his thick cock in one hand and a pair of binoculars in the other. The thought made me even harder. Hammond reached out as I drew near, and his rough, strong fingers closed around my cock. My breath caught in my throat.z “Nice piece, boy. Little small yet, but you’ll grow, I wager.” “Thanks, Mr. Hammond,” I said. My manhood throbbed in his hand. I suddenly felt a lot younger than I was. He was a big man. I could tell by the length of his legs that he was tall. Tall enough to make me feel like a damned adolescent. He squeezed and pulled me closer. With his other hand, he reached out and clasped my right wrist, moving it toward his crotch and holding me firmly there. My fingers closed around what felt like a baseball bat through the faded sweats. “Like that, kid? New toy for you to play with. Why don’t you take it out and get to know it a little?” I sank to my knees, watching Hammond’s face for any signs of trickery. He was actually a handsome man, underneath the stubble of several days worth of growth. The years had not been particularly kind to him, but I still saw enough of the hard-bodied stud he used to be to feel that familiar warmth between my legs. The same sensation my gym teacher had given me on many occasions. The thick, powerful muscles of his youth were still there beneath a furry layer of padding. I reached forward and pulled at the waistband of the sweats, tugging them down. He braced his hands on the arms of his chair and lifted his ass slightly., enough for me to slide the sweats down over his tree trunk thighs. It was an unmistakable invitation. My jaw dropped. Hammond’s cock hung straight down like a huge horse’s dong, framed by two enormous, swaying balls. Even half hard, it dropped under its own weight. Hammond settled back in his chair, then, reaching down to lift the massive organ in his hand, bouncing it on his palm to demonstrate its heft. I felt his other hand on the back of my head, drawing me forwarded and holding me firmly in place. He guided the swollen head of his cock to my lips. I started to open my mouth, but he stopped me. “Don’t open your mouth until I tell you to, kid.” I nodded. He began exploring me with his cock, running the bloated head beneath my chin, over my cheeks, along the bridge of my nose. I shivered at the sensation of his soft, hot flesh against mine. He took his time, too, teasing me with it as he hardened, until that leaking slit pressed against my closed lips. He moved about, coating them in salty-sweet precum, round and around, until they felt soaked in his slippery fluid. “Open. Just a little,” he said softly. My lips parted and he nudged just past them, holding himself there, motionless. I licked at the slit lightly, his flavor filling my senses. Almost as soon as I would lick him clean, another large pearl of clear liquid would form. Hammond’s breathing deepened. His fist tightened in my hair, and he pulled me forwarded again. About half of the wide head was now inside my mouth. “Don’t move,” he warned, and I obeyed. His breathing quickened. He wasn’t even masturbating himself, but the shaft and head began to pulse, and the hole gaped against my tongue as he began to fill my mouth with hot semen. My eyes widened. I had never seen a man cum that quickly, and I gulped greedily. His orgasm seemed to last for a full minute. Every time his flow began to flag, I would swallow, only to be rewarded with a fresh, warm mouthful. He breathed rhythmically, his eyes screwed shut as he calmly fed me that sweet bull cum, slow spurt after slow, delicious spurt, waiting for me to swallow before continuing. At last he appeared to slow that steady deluge of rich batter, and pulled slowly from my lips. As he did, one last white stream of potent sperm landed upon my upper lip. I captured it with my tongue as Hammond looked down at me, his breath returning to normal, bit by bit. “Good boy.I like a cocksucker who enjoys a good long cumload. I’m gonna keep you happy, kid. I can cum all the time. Always ready to go. My wife likes to spend the night drinking me. Once I get going, I can cum all night, over and over again. Never run dry.” “Wow,” I whispered, but I knew he wasn’t lying. His huge cock was still hard, jutting forwarded and bouncing with each beat of his heart. He beckoned for me to rise with his finger. “Get on my lap, boy.” I got up from my knees, lifting one leg to straddle a large thigh. He shook his head. “Straddle me. You’re gonna sit on this big mule cock so I can feed you more of what I got down there. My eyes widened and I looked into his eyes. He sensed my hesitation and grinned. “You’ll do fine. You’re gonna love this, buddy. Bet your dad’ll enjoy watching it too.” His eyes flicked over my left shoulder. I looked behind me. Dad stood perhaps 20 feet away, leaning on a nearby fence. The asshole hadn’t even bothered to hide himself. I lifted my other leg and settled over both thighs, the massive, wrist-thick monster now pointing upward at my exposed hole. I was suddenly self-conscious. It was one thing to follow dad’s instructions and end up in this lewd experience with a neighbor. It was quote another to know that he was standing there with that izmit escort bayan smug smile like the raging prick he was, watching the whole thing happen. Hammond spit on his dick, leaning back and watching me. “Don’t look at him, kid. He’s just here for the show. Sit on my cock, buddy. I’ll be daddy for a little while, how’s that?” I followed his advice and lowered my ass, using the big man’s broad shoulders to support myself, until I could feel the broad, slick head between my cheeks. Hammond wriggled his hips as he tried to push himself inside me. Dad had actually loosened me up over months of nightly visit to my room, meetings in our darkened basement “gym”, in showers both public and private, over dinner table ass rapings and a hundred other opportunities he had found to prove his dominance over me. Even so, I was tight as I struggled with the massive head of Hammond’s rod. Dad’s deep voice reached my ears from halfway across the yard. “That’s it, sport. Sit on the nice man’s dick. Show him what daddy’s taught you, baby.” His sickening, patronizing tone made my grit my teeth. But something about that voice; about the stark, unashamed lewdness of it, made the desire within me intensify. My face flushed again and my legs weakened. Hammond’s huge head widened me until it popped inside, passed the stretched ring of my anus. I sunk down further on the wide shaft, more smoothly than I had expected. The man’s never-ending flow of precum had aided in lubricating me. When had that happened? The big man gasped as his tool disappeared inside me, inch by slippery inch. His head fell back and his mouth open. “Fuuuuck,” he hissed. The sensations were electric. I could almost feel every vein and contour of his thickness burrowing deep, my guts spreading to make way for his battering ram. At last, I settled upon his thighs. He was fully in me, those heavy, lemon-sized balls wedged firmly in the crack of my ass. “Oh… oh fuck, Mr. Hammond!” I gasped, “You’re gonna split me in two!” Dad actually moved closer, leaving the fence behind him. I would have done the same if my boy had taken a monster that size up his tight little ass. “Goddamn, kid, that feels fuckin’ fantastic. Now ride it. Ride that horsey till you cum, baby boy.” I watched Hammond’s wife walk past the shaded window again, as I began to rise and fall, slowly at first, the width of him pulling at the stretched ring of my ass with each withdrawal, and pushing it back in with each deep plunge. I suddenly imagined other men, and even some women, peering out their windows at the lewd sight; a young boy astride a scruffy, hairy linebacker of a man, his sweats pooled around his ankles and his legs spread, the impossible wide root of his cock impaling the smooth, muscular teen ass, illuminated only by the bright moonlight that had just appeared from behind the clouds. Together, we found a smooth, erotic rhythm, Hammond pumping upwards into me and me arching my back as I sat on him again and again. “Fuck yeah, kid. Take that cock. Better than your daddy’s, ain’t it? Don’t imagine he fills you up like this, does he?” Dad was close enough now to hear that, but he only smirked in that way he knows both annoys and excites me. “No sir, he doesn’t,” I answered. I leaned forward and Hammond reached one big mitt behind me head, pulling me forwarded against his wide chest. His huge pecs mashed against mine as his lips devoured me. His tongue snaked past mine and filled my mouth. He tasted of cigar smoke and beer, and… something else… something I’d tasted before, on my dad’s dick those nights he would sneak into my room after he’d finished with my mom: pussy. Hammond had been eating our his old lady, and now he had is meat stuffed inside an eighteen-year-old ass. What a fucking stud, I thought, as my tongue squirmed against his. Our mouths made wet smacking sounds as he bred me there on his deck. As we kissed, he held me head tightly, until I was almost faint from inhaling the warm air from his lungs, passing it back and forth between ourselves until we seemed to be one living organism. From the corner of my eye, I saw dad move past us, reaching down to slide a footstool over behind Hammond’s chair. Slipping his own shorts down to his ankles, dad got on the stool facing me, and Hammond and I both watched it bob and sway. God, dad’s cock was beautiful. Crazed with lust, I broke our deep kiss and sucked dad’s cock into my mouth; the cock that made me. Hammond wasted no time as he continued his long, rough thrusts into me, and sucked dad’s big ballsack into his mouth, the stubble-covered cheeks hollowing as he began nursing on them. I was impressed that he could fit both nuts into his mouth. Dad growled as two mouths pleasured him, his thrusts quick and deep in my throat. Hammond sucked and licked at those mighty testicles like a man starving. Damn, for a married man, he sure knew his way around a man’s body.. And around a boy’s. All three of us moaned and grunted, though we did so as quietly as possible. It certainly wouldn’t do for us to be caught, even though the thought secretly thrilled me. “What do you think, Bill? You enjoying my boy’s ass?” Dad thrust savagely into my throat, his fist tightening in my hair as he skull-fucked me. Then the door opened. I noticed immediately as I was looking in that direction, while dad and izmit sınırsız escort Hammond both faced away from the house. I saw Mrs. Hammond’s face, and our eyes met. Her registered shock, then anger. But she said nothing. She just stared as her husband’s face was buried between my loser dad’s thighs, his mouth stuffed full of a strange man’s nuts. I felt a rush of perverse pleasure as I watched her watch us, though I should have been petrified. After all, I’d tasted her cunt on her husband’s tongue. She had nothing to complain about. He had obviously satisfied her first. And fuck her, anyway, I thought. Suddenly, dad’s balls popped out of Hammond’s mouth, and he made a noise of surprise. “Oh, fuck…” Hammond hissed. Dad laughed, but was too close to nutting in my throat to stop now. Apparently, the same was true of Hammond. I felt his huge organ flexing inside me as his climax approached. I came too, splattering Hammond’s belly and beefy chest with my teenaged cum. The door slammed. Clearly she wasn’t happy. Hammond let out a guffaw as well, now. “Don’t worry,” he said, “She’ll get over it. Secretly, I think she’s into it. And if she isn’t, fuck it.” He shrugged. I was glad he agreed with me. Dad gasped next, “Swallow your dinner, sport!” He held my head as his hips jerked a few more times, emptying the last of his ball juice down my throat, before pulling out and wiping his cock on my cheek. Hammond’s pace quickened even further, and his breathing deepened. He was close. Very close. It occurred to me then that this is what he had wanted all along; to be caught. By his wife. Hell, the two of them probably got some sick thrill from him using me on that darkened deck like some trashed, under-age rent boy. With a loud grunt (now that he didn’t have to bother being quiet), Hammond bucked upward, driving that massive organ in to the hilt and holding it there. I could feel every thick gush of his straight cum splashing against my insides as the arm-thick meat widened and pulsed in time with each lurching contraction of his churning balls. I looked down at his scruffy face, and his torso, covered in sweat that matted down his fur. He was sated, but suddenly looked annoyed. He put a huge hand on my chest and pushed. “Get off me, faggot. This ain’t a romance novel. You got my cum in your snatch. That’ll hold you till your dad gets you home. Maybe he’ll turn you over and feed you from your own slut ass. His cock popped out of me and I squeezed my legs together to stop the huge load from running out onto the wooden deck. I backed away, looking from my dad to Hammond as I did. I felt hot liquid running out of my ass and down my thighs, despite my best efforts. Just as I turned away from them, Hammond spoke. “Hey, kid. On second thought, you don’t wanna mess up your dad’s floor with that ruined hole, do you?” I looked back and shook my head. Hammond rose from his chair and both men walked over to the edge of the stairs. It was only then that I realized they had actually planned this. Each man held his heavy cock in his right hand. I curled my toes in the cool grass and watched them both. “Stand still, sport,” Dad said. The two men squared themselves in front of me, then they took aim. Twin jets of hot, golden piss shot from the swollen heads and impacted on my bare chest. My cock hardened again instantly. Dad and Hammond were easily five feet away from me, but the scalding liquid bridged that gap with ease. They moved the streams all over my body, drenching me in salty piss from head to toe. Eventually, dad focused his aim on my lower half, while Hammond seemed determined to get as much of his pissload into my mouth as possible. I swallowed and swallowed, greedy for the big man’s amber piss, savoring its strong flavor. The streams seemed to go on for minutes as I let them cover me in it completely, the grass beneath my feet turning muddy from the sheer volume of it. At last, the men began to run out of steam, and I was left standing there, dripping. Dad passed me, heading for our house, and Hammond stuffed his thick hose back into his sweats, turning then to head for the back door of his house (and his undoubtedly still irate wife). Dad called back over his shoulders. “Don’t walk back into the house until you’re dry, sport. Won’t take long in this breeze.” He smirked once more, and then continued on. Fucker. Ten minutes later, covered in the two men’s dried urine, I walked naked through the open glass patio door and into my house. Dad was waiting for me, as I knew he would be. He stepped out from behind me in the shadows of the family room, and clapped a hand over my mouth, twisting my body roughly to the side and bending me over the leather ottoman in front of our couch. His cock slid into me without stopping, greased by Hammond’s inhumanly large cumload earlier, and I moaned into his hand. He began buggering me with smooth, forceful strokes, his tongue emerging to lick the remnants his own piss off my neck and ear, all the while whispering filthy, incestuous words to me, as if to hammer home the significance of the rape. “That’s it, sport. Fucking take daddy’s big cock, boy. You want dad’s load, you faggot slut? Want daddy to breed your worthless hole, kiddo?” I nodded, thrusting my ass back at him. Fuck yes, I needed it. Daddy came inside me, hard and deep and animal-like, rutting like a stud boar, emptying his paternal nuts into his own flesh and blood. When he finally finished, he rose to his feet, leaving me spread-eagled on the foot rest, and said, simply, “Go shower. You smell like a fucking sewer.” Fuck, I loved that man. * * *

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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