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A tall woman of brown hair nibbled at the thin line of flesh cutting across the perfectly shaped scrotum, desperate to receive the blessing of warm sustenance from the young god with short-cropped blond hair and flawless chiseled physique. But the deity, whose golden skin was bathed with tiny pearls of glistening sweat, could not be swayed so easily. Eyes closed in total raptness, the paragon of all that is male carried on fondling the proof of his godhood with smooth steady strokes, indifferent to the ministrations of the woman kneeling before him.

     “I want you to cum in my mouth,” the woman reminded the god-pleading, as she pleasured herself, slipping a finger in and out of her wet pussy. “I want that hot fucking cum in my mouth so I could swallow all of it.”

     Bored to death, the film crew sat on the rented mansion’s kitchen floor smoking and sharing a bowl of chips. They have been waiting for about an hour for Tony Dean, the penis god, to make the money shot for a scene in the latest installment of the moderately popular Banghole Bitches series.

     The director looked at his watch. He would have to close the set for the night and continue the next morning. Just then, however, the well-endowed stud arched his back and clenched his butt tight. The boom operator and the cameraman came alive and positioned themselves away from the dick’s line of sight to avoid being hit by any stray shots. Grimacing as though he was about to give birth to a coconut sized turd, Tony uttered a long strenuous growl and unloaded-much to everyone’s disappointment-a pathetic smidgen of cum.

     Undeterred, pornstar Lulu Dickers, a series regular, put on a beaming face, grabbed the dick away from Tony’s hand and stuck it inside her mouth. Moaning, she lapped at the trickle of cum a few times, milking the arm-sized dick, desperate for more to come out. Eventually, she turned to the camera and smiled. She opened her mouth to show the froth of spit swirling inside it. When enough time has passed for the camera to capture the shot, Lulu then made a deliberate show of swallowing everything inside her mouth. Immediately, she again stuck out her now empty tongue for no other reason than to prove that-yes-the cute five-foot ten tall brunette, with perky medium sized jugs, really swallowed something that looked like a man’s sperm.

     “Ah…yeah, that’s-that’s no good,” the director said, eliciting a chorus of ‘fucks’ and ‘shits’ from the crew. “Look guys, we’re going to have to re-shoot that with Manny. Just leave everything, and find some place to sleep; we’ll start around four in morning.”

     “Well, that was fun,” Lulu said sarcastically, wiping spit from her mouth and chest with thick wads of baby wipes. She had just spent three grueling hours being pounded by two well hung studs. Her knees and elbows were red raw, and her butt and pussy, despite the liberal amount of lube she smeared on them, felt like it went through the meat grinder.

     “Nice fucking job Tony,” someone added, as everybody started turning off the portable studio lights.

     “Sorry Lu,” mumbled Tony, miserable, eyes red with exhaustion. He helped Lulu up from the floor then picked up a towel from the kitchen counter, wrapping it around his waist.

     “You okay?” She asked, softening.

     Tony smiled sadly, but did not answer. He looked at his watch for a moment and then gave Lulu a peck in the cheek. “See you in the morning,” he said. Tony walked out of the kitchen, head bowed, wiping sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand.

     Lulu was ogling Tony’s broad muscled back when she heard Manny Cruz approach, naked, his abnormally huge schlong swaying as he shuffled. The five-foot six Latino was the other stud Lulu had performed with that night in the threesome scene with Tony. At one point, Manny had stuck his massive dick inside her ass while she got pinned by Tony in the cunt. He took a nap somewhere after he unloaded nearly a quarter of a cup of spunk inside Lulu’s mouth.

     “What the hell was that about?” Manny asked-voice groggy, referring to the grumbling crew. He offered a bottle of water to Lulu.

     “Re-shoot,” she answered, taking a sip from the bottle. She picked up the towel from the floor and hanged it on her shoulder.

     “Am I in it?”

     “Yup,” Lulu said, rubbing the rims of her sore anus with a finger.

     “Shit.” Manny has three kids by his current wife, and another two by his ex. When he is not on the set fucking, arcane izle he goes to work as a clerk for some electronics store.”I’m gonna have to call the wife. What time is it any way?”

     “Do I look like I’m wearing a fucking watch?” Lulu snapped.

     “Whoa there!” He said raising his hands, chuckling. “I’m not the Mr. Hot Blond Stud who came in late, then took his time to shoot his jiz. Take it….ow!”

     Lulu pinched his nose hard. “I have to take a shower but I call dibs on that master bedroom so don’t even….” Lulu did not finish for everyone seems to be running outside.

     “What’s going on?” Manny asked. When no one bothered to answer, he and Lulu followed the hurrying throng.

     A crowd has gathered around the lighted fountain in the middle of the mansion’s garden. Lulu pushed her way through the crowd. When she finally broke through, she saw Tony’s body floating face down in the pool that has turned bloody red. Warily, Lulu grabbed Tony’s right arm and tried to turn his body over but the lubricant she had used earlier caused her hand to slip. When she finally managed to turn him over, with some help from the crew, Lulu nearly choked on the vomit that was rising from her gorge. The left side of Tony’s chest, Lulu saw, had a hole the size of a quarter. *     *     *      Lulu took refuge in the bathroom upstairs after a platoon of uniformed cops paraded into the mansion. She had been pretending to take a piss for two hours. Every fifteen minutes or so during those hours, she would get up from the toilet seat, light up a smoke, pace around the large bathroom, then sat back down again. After going through the exercise in futility for the eighth time, Lulu picked up the nearly empty pack of smoke on the floor again and took out a stick, hands trembling. She was about to light the cigarette when she heard someone coughing behind the door.

     “Hey Lu?” a voice asked, knocking twice.

     Lulu stiffened as though the words carried a charge, passing through her bare feet and running all the way up to her chest. She had been agonizing over this particular moment. She squinted up at dressing mirror with a growing urge to break it with her bare hand then jam a sharp piece of glass into her throat. She was desperate not to meet the man behind the deep voice.

     When Lulu did not respond, the voice said, “I’m-I’m going to wait outside, alright?”

     “It’s okay, I’m almost done,” Lulu croaked, hurriedly grabbing some toilet paper and dabbed it at the corners of her eyes. She looked at herself in the mirror and shook her head. There was no way she could hide her tear streaked puffy eyes. She took a step back and turned to check her profile, worried that the white t-shirt and denim skirt she had put on a few moments ago was not modest enough. She wished she had brought better clothes. After wiping the few streaks of mascara running down her face, she steeled herself and stepped out of the bathroom.

     “Hi Charles,” she said, sensing the familiar deep hollow inside her stomach. She tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear then hugged herself. Though she had not laid eyes on him in the past three years, the tall heavy set cop, with a boxer’s face, complete with a broken nose and deep penetrating blue eyes, could still make her weak in the knees.

     Detective Sergeant Charles Hershey kept silent. He did not even look up to meet her eyes. Instead, he took out a thin a recorder and notebook from his pocket.

     “Ah, look,” he said. “I have to do this. Let’s-ah; let’s sit over there.”

     Lulu followed her ex fiancé towards the open balcony outside the master bedroom. She was glad he was facing outside at that moment; otherwise, he would have seen her face fall apart. She ran her hands down her flat stomach and tried to compose herself. She could not really blame him for giving her the glacial treatment.

     “Okay, just-ah stop me if I got something wrong,” Charles said after he and Lulu sat opposite each other, across a glass coffee table. “You guys closed the set around ten this evening, with everybody pissed off at Tony for screwing up the-ah-the last shot. Tony went out to the garden near the fountain for some reason, then this Lenny Mathers-the boom mike operator-saw him turn and then fall face down on the fountain pool. Nobody knows whether Tony has any enemies; in fact, nobody seems to know anything about the man’s life. Is that about it?”

     Lulu nodded. “I never heard a shot though,” she added.

     Charles aşk kumardır izle remained silent. He wrote something down on his notebook, still refusing to meet her eyes.

     “I was inside talking to Manny Cruz…”

     “I know,” Charles cut her off.”One of your people left a camera on. It had you and that Manny guy from the time the victim left the kitchen until the time he was shot.”

     Flaming coals slid slowly down Lulu’s cheeks. She did not dare ask Charles if he watched the rest of the tape.

     After a pause, he said, “You and Tony, were you two….?”

     “No Charles, I don’t see male performers off the set,” she said bristling. Calming down suddenly, she said, “Well, except Manny Cruz. He-he and his wife ran my website.”

     Charles pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes, tired. He was not particularly embarrassed for asking about her and Tony. “You got anything else to add?”

     Lulu shook her head. She cleared her throat hoping to expel the sharp pain in her chest.

     “Well, forensics won’t be coming in with their report until the day after tomorrow, at least,” Charles said, putting back his recorder and notebook back to his coat pockets, eager to get away from her as far as possible. “We’ll call everybody back then for a full interview at the station.” He looked up finally, and nodded. He did not say goodbye as he walked out of the room.

     Lulu did have something to add however. But whether it was because of the carousel of conflicting emotions she felt or the utter hate and disgust she saw in his eyes, Lulu decided not to tell Charles the few things she noticed about Tony the past few weeks. *     *     *      Former Detective Laura Loeb Dickers began her career in hardcore porn, in a way, by accident. A week after Charles stumbled into a dirty back-alley and caught her sucking her informant’s dick, Lulu quit the force and started dancing for some roadside strip club. A year later, Lulu agreed to do a private show in a hotel room with a male stripper for some rich couple. The private show ended with the four of them fucking on the carpeted floor. The husband had secretly taped the whole thing, as it turned out, and uploaded the video to his website. Lulu did not find out about the tape until a week later; that is after a certain Bob Krantz called her at the strip club asking if she would be willing to star in his latest video.

     Four hours after she left the mansion, Lulu parked her car in front of a decrepit four storey building were Bob Krantz rented an office at the top floor. Someone had told her once that Bob used the place mainly to audition anyone who answers his ads. She had never been to the place. In fact, as she stepped out of the elevator and headed towards the door with a not so modest sign announcing Fine Butts Production, Lulu realized she had never met Bob in person. Her transactions with Bob were always through phone and emails. Opening the door to his office, Lulu, despite herself, felt a sick sense of anticipation.

     “Yeah, that’s it. That’s it!” Bob was sitting on a high backed chair facing the window, his mostly empty desk hiding whoever was sucking his dick. Bob was wearing a dirty v-neck t-shirt so low it exposed the mass of dark curly hair on his wide chest.

     “Hey Bob?” Lulu asked to get his attention. She stared with some odd fascination at his completely bald head, which glinted in the light of the open window.

     “Holy, shit! Ms. LuLu Dickers herself, in my office!” Bob exclaimed after suddenly turning his head in surprise. “How you doin baby-you guys wrapped up already?” He did not wait for a response, but instead looked down. “No, don’t stop. Keep sucking.”

     “I need to talk to you Bob.”

     “Yeah, what about?”


     Bob glanced back up again, raising an eyebrow. “Why do you want to talk about him?” Bob asked-eyes curious, but with a hint of menace in it.

     “Oh, I don’t know Bob.” Lulu sensed she hit a nerve. “Tony’s been asking a lot of questions about you. I just want to know what’s going on, that’s all,” she said, deciding not to tell him about Tony’s murder as yet.

     “Jesus, what fucking business is it of yours what Tony wants with me Lu?” Bob said, chuckling. Whatever joviality there was on the chuckle, it never reached his eyes.

     Lulu gave herself five seconds to shore up her nerves, then said, “How about this Bob. I aslında özgürsün izle heard you have been dying to stick your dick inside my pussy for some time now. So, why don’t we do that Bob. You fuck me any way you want and then you tell me why Tony’s been asking about you. Okay?”She realized, of course, that Bob might have no idea why Tony had him on his sights. But after seeing his reaction to her mentioning Tony’s name, her gut feeling told her that Bob knows something about it.

     The fat bald man stared at her for a long moment without saying a word. “It’s that important, huh?” he said, abandoning the charade of cheeriness he had put on earlier.

     “Yeah, it’s that important,” she confirmed.

     Bob instructed, not too harshly, the sallow skinned girl with stringy blond hair, who had been sucking his dick the whole time, to check his office later for a possible spot in one of his production. As the girl hurried out of the office, Lulu got the impression that Bob would be waiting until the pigs fly before he will ever see the porn starlet again.

     Alone in Bob’s grimy office, standing in the middle of the stained linoleum floor, Lulu could hear her heart hammering-partly in fear, partly in excitement. Bob did not get off his chair. He kept stroking his cock. He leered at Lulu’s every move as she strode to the side of his desk. After dropping her heavy purse on the floor, Lulu removed her tennis shoes, wriggled out of her denim skirt but kept her top on. She gave Bob a full minute to stare at her unshaved pussy then leaned over, hands flat on the desk, feet spread apart.

     “That’s a nice looking pussy, Lu,” Bob said, snickering as he got off his leather chair. He waddled his way behind Lulu, repeatedly rubbing the tip of his penis with his thumb. Like Lulu, he only had his top on.

     Lulu kept silent, staring coldly at a peeling white paint on the far side of the wall. She loosened up a little, bracing herself for the oncoming onslaught, as soon as she sensed Bob standing behind her.

     “I heard you like it rough, Lu. Is that true?” Bob said, kneading and teasing the rosy velvet lips of her pussy with the tip of his cock, while his soft pudgy hand caressed her left butt cheek.

     “Look, let’s cut the shit …argh!” Lulu screamed as Bob slammed her head down flat on the table then rammed his dick inside her pussy. Bob pushed himself so hard the heavy hardwood desk moved a few inches.

     “We can talk all we want about Tony babe,” Bob growled, rubbing Lulu’s face on the table. “But first you got to answer me: do-you-like-it-rough?”

     “Sure Bob,” Lulu answered through gritted teeth, “I like it rough.” Bob gave her a few more violent shove, the edges of the table now cutting through her skin and into the bones of her pelvis. She allowed a few minutes to pass, making sure Bob was thoroughly absorbed in the moment, then asked, “The question is Bob: do you?”

     Lulu twisted her head suddenly, grabbed the hand holding her down, and bit it down to the bone. Bob screamed and tried to get away. Lulu did not let go of the hand. Instead, she pressed her side at the edge of the table and pushed back. Both of them fell to the floor, their feet tangling. Lulu felt her hair being pulled back harshly and was forced to let go of the bloody bitten hand. Instantly, she reached for Bob’s throat and squeezed. Bob started to choke. When he let go of her hair to free her hand from his throat, Lulu rolled herself from on top of him and crawled towards her purse. Before she could reach it however, Bob manage to grab her left foot and pulled. Bracing herself on the floor, Lulu kicked down hard until she felt the ball of her foot hit his nose.

     “A-aw! You fucking bitch!” Bob screeched, lying on his back and cupping his broken and bleeding nose.

     Purse in hand, Lulu stood up, turned and looked down on Bob. She felt the side of her face, which had become tender, and wiped the blood from her mouth. Her hand was still shaking when it reached inside and pulled out a police issue tactical baton. Amidst the cacophony of her heart, and the heaving of her chest, she failed to notice that her groin had begun to warm and throb.

     “Hey, come on Lu,” Bob said when he heard the baton expand with a loud thwack. “I was just kidding around-you know, spice things up a little.”

     She did not respond. Lulu took a few steps closer to Bob and raised the baton on her side, flesh burning, eyes turning glassy. She felt her pussy sprang to life, begging, screaming to be touched.

     “Lu stop fucking around with that….”

     Lulu did not let him finish. She whipped the baton down fast. The steel shaft hit Bob’s right forearm and broke it with a loud sickening crack.

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