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Subject: Deans Bicha Chapter 27 I have been reading stories for several years, and I thought I’d try writing one, so this is my first attempt. It’s based a lot on my youth with respect to people (names changed) and places and even some events, though most of the sexual situations are fictional. If you are under legal age to read, or in an area which prevents this, please leave now. Remember this was the mid 1970s and HIV wasn’t a thing. Play safely today. Nifty is a wonderful service so please donate to keep it free. I appreciate constructive feedback/suggestions and can be reached ail Feedback is the Author’s only compensation. Deans Bicha 27 Wednesday Afternoon After Darin left I got dressed and called to talk with Randolph. He still thinks it better if he comes over to my house. I convince him I really want to meet his brothers, I.e. suck them off too. He reluctantly agrees telling me he’ll have to treat me badly to fool them into thinking I’m just his “tool”. He warns me it might be rough. I’m ok with that. Naive would be a better word in actuality. Thursday I slept in Thursday morning and mom and dad had gone to work by the time I got up. I spent the morning naked and hard in anticipation of meeting Randolph in the afternoon. He’d be home by 12:30. I arrived at 12:45. Almost immediately upon entering I knew why Randolph was reticent about me coming over as his older and younger brothers were all smiles sitting on the sofa in just their briefs. Their junk literally packed into tighty-whities, which were in stark contrast to their beautiful brown bodies. His younger brother was the first to jump up and greet me. I knew by his eyes he was going to be trouble. What is it with younger brothers I thought? “You must be Randy’s fag. I’m Darius.” My eyes nearly fell out of my head in shock at his crudeness. Circling around me as if I were a piece of meat he turned to Randolph and said, “Pretty skinny white boy you picked. Let’s see how good he sucks dick.” Grabbing me by the arm he pulled me over to the sofa where he hooked his badly piss stained briefs under his balls exposing his 12 year old man sized genitals. Sitting down next to his older brother, who hadn’t said anything yet but was grinning ear to ear, Darius grabbed the back out my head and shoved my face into his crotch. I instinctively opened my mouth to swallow his cock which turned out to be as big as my own, even though he was 18 months younger than I. Well, this is what I wanted. I swallowed him to his pubic bone. His short, kinky pubic hair tickled my nose. I couldn’t see any other hair on his thin but muscled gorgeous chocolate body, though my eyes were mainly transfixed on his dick. His hairless balls were still high in their sack and I couldn’t wait to see just how much spunk they produced. “Whoa. He swallows dick like a pro. You sure got yourself a keeper there Randy,” Ezekiel, the older brother, said. “But hold up little bro. A good cocksucker should be naked. Strip kid.” I stood up and kicked off my sneakers and pulled off my socks. My t-shirt was next. I unsnapped my cut-offs and lowered them and my briefs together, my boner poking me in the stomach. I stood back up proudly showing my erection, embarrassed as I was. “Not a bad looking dick for a white guy,” Eze said. “He’s sure anxious. What happened to your pubes.” I explained to their laughter. Impatient Dari grabbed my wrist pulling me back down on his hard rod forcing it to the back of my throat causing me to gag at the quick invasion. “Dari, wait a minute. Don’t be so rough on him,” Randolph pleaded with Darius. “Why? He’s just a honkey cocksucker and I’m just testing him out.” “Randy, let Dari have a go at him. He’s just turned 12 so he doesn’t have a tool (a reference used by their father). Be a nice bro and let him shoot his rocks off. Probably the first blowjob he’s ever had,” Ezekiel told Randolph. “I’ve had plenty of blowjobs the past few months,” Darius quickly replied throwing his head back as I continued to bob up and down on his hard brown shaft. “Bull. You know Papa said we had to wait till we was 12 to get us our own white boy. Whose been sucking you off?” I glanced up at Randolph who looked most uncomfortable where this conversation was heading. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Darius teased his oldest sibling as he continued forcing his black beauty down my throat. “Well if you have been getting your dick sucked so much, let me have a go at this homo.” Ezekiel pulled me off of his 12 year old brother’s cock and forced my head down onto his mammoth cock. Ezekiel was turning 16 in another month and had a man sized dick. He would brag later that it was currently 8 3/4 inches and still growing. He would eventually top out at an astonishing 10 1/4 inches, beating out his father who had a very impressive 9 3/4 inches and Darius at 9 1/2 inches. Poor Randolph took abuse from the other men in his family when he stopped growing at 9 1/4 inches. Under normal circumstances where the average erect cock is around 5 3/4 inches, Randolph had a very respectable cock length. It seems their father took one look at his first born infant son and commented to his wife how according to the bible in Ezekiel 23:20 he had genitals like a donkey. By the tonsil destroying member invading my throat at the moment, I thought Ezekiel was aptly named. “Come on Dari, you really been getting sucked? Who from?” “Guys. I’d like to take Jamie to my room if you don’t mind,” Randolph pleaded attempting to change the direction of the discussion. “Well, I did just get me a whitey at school after my birthday. But I got me someone very close before that,” Darius said with a smile on his face. “Dari!” Randolph yelled out. Then trying to cover he added, “Um… Good for you. So Eze, can we go? Where’s Kevin?” Kevin was Eze’s newest tool and according to Eze loved to suck dick almost as much as breathing. “He’s got a doctor’s appointment, I’ll be using him tonight. Let me just finish up here.” With that Eze held the back of my head and started thrusting his hips up into my face. I was no longer giving a blowjob as I was getting face fucked. “Ahh, that’s sweet.” Looking back over to Darius, Ezekiel resumed questioning him about his alleged blowjobs. “So you got yourself a hot mouth to use before your 12th birthday for real? Spill.” “It’s someone closer than you think who needed to suck cock bad. Isn’t that right Randy?” “Shit, Randy. You know who it is? Has he been sucking you too? Come on tell me,” Ezekiel demanded. In the next few minutes despite Randolph yelling for Darius to “Shut Up” and Ezekiel in disbelief saying “Oh Shit” over and over, Darius told the story of how Randolph missed “helping his older brother out,” as their father called it, between Ezekiel’s first cocksucker moving and finding Kevin as a replacement. Darius hadn’t performed his younger brother “duties” on Randolph for several months since the tables were turned. “So, you see, I got me a home grown homo right here. Ain’t that right Randy boy?” Eze had stopped plunging his steel shaft down my throat as he listened. I was kneeling between Eze’s legs watching poor Randolph’s humiliation grow exponentially as his dirty little secret was revealed. “Holy Fuck! Are you really a queer?” Eze asked. Randolph couldn’t even look his older brother in the face and just stared at the floor. “He sure is. Come on, show Eze how you suck your baby brother off and swallow his jizz.” Recognizing defeat, Randolph dropped to his knees and swallowed Darius to the root. “Come on Eze, let’s see who can shoot off first then we’ll switch. That is exactly what we did. Eze fucked my face as Dari fucked Randolph’s. Darius was the first to shoot followed by his older brother a few minutes later. When we were done, Eze told Randolph to strip. With no fight in him and tears in his eyes, Randolph stood before his two brothers hard as nails having sucked off his younger brother. “Daddy would skin you alive if he knew you was a homo. Look at you all hard from sucking your LITTLE brother off. That’s just sick.” It never ceased to amaze me Giresun Escort how they could all justify a younger brother “helping an older bro out by sucking him off until he found himself a white boy,” but it wasn’t ok to suck your younger brother off. “You been sucking him off too?” Eze asked Randolph while looking at me with contempt. I felt as if he were blaming me for turning his brother gay. “Well?!” In a barely audible voice Randolph said, “Yes,” while nodding his head. “Then let’s see you two do it. Lie down top to tail and suck each other at the same time. First one to make the other shoot gets a prize.” We got into position on the living room floor and he yelled, “GO.” “Dari, go get the Polaroid camera.” Fantastic, more documented evidence of my and now Randolph’s homosexual activities. I wasn’t so worried about them blackmailing me, I just knew that Randolph was going to pay a high price. Darius returned and Eze took two pictures of us in a classic 69 position. Despite being scared of them, not to the extent of Dean, I could tell Randolph was enjoying giving as much as receiving a blowjob as I was. Less than 5 minutes later I shot my baby makers into Randolph’s mouth, him blasting off seconds later. Darius told us not to swallow until Eze had captured on film our mouths stuffed with cum covered cocks. “Congratulations Randy, you sucked his balls dry first so you can skip the second round. Dari, you can go first, then he can do me again. “Yes,” Darius shouted excitedly. He practically attacked me pushing me to the floor and straddling my head. Seconds later he began thrusting his hips wildly as his man cock pummeled my throat. I laid there enjoying his big boy toy sliding in and out of my mouth awaiting his sperm deposit. “Take this you cocksucking white queerboy.” Not too long ago I would have been insulted by his comments, not so much now. Darius had an adult sized dick but a child’s staying power. Barely 3 minutes into my mouth battering he began to shout out, “Here it comes. Swallow my spooge you fag.” His full sized balls produced 8 full shots of thick, warm, sweet cum which coated my teeth and tongue. He extracted himself from my mouth as he began to shrink coming down from his orgasmic high. “How’d you like my chocolate sauce?” He asked smiling broadly. I sheepishly said it was good to which all three laughed causing me to smile too. Ezekiel wanted his turn now and I was to do all the work unlike with Darius. Lying down on the floor, Eze pulled me down on top of his groin and instructed me to start licking his balls. I must have spent 15 minutes licking, sucking, and nibbling Ezekiel nuts. Darius was jealous that he hadn’t had me do that to him so he ordered Randy to “wash my sack nice and clean with your tongue.” As I sucked off Eze for the second time, Randolph bathed Darius’s balls. At one point even Eze had to tell Dari to be quiet cause he was moaning so loudly. “Oh, Fuck! Chew on my gonads. God, that feels awesome. Keep working that hot mouth on my nuts so I can blast off,” Dari continued to shout as he pumped his own cock. I had stopped my tongue wash on Eze and he and I laughed at Darius squirming around on the floor. After a few minutes of watching Dari and Randy, I plunged my mouth back on Eze’s black beast and sucked for all I was worth. “Oh shit boy, suck my big black cock you fag.” Between the sounds of me gagging and his balls smashing my chin we were almost as loud as Darius’s grunts and groans. Drool was running down the sides of his dick into his pubes. Ezekiel had a thick dense batch of tight curly pubes above his baby maker. They weren’t long being so curled and they smashed into my nose as I bobbed up and down on his rigid pole. A few short minutes later he began thrusting up to deposit a dozen shots of black elixir into my mouth. There was so much cum from his almost 16 year old balls that a portion ran down his shaft into his nest of black hair. “Clean me up boy and eat that jizz out of my bush,” he ordered. Remember nobody did any manscaping back then and I got a mouthful of wiry pubes as well as the last of his boy batter in my mouth. Laughing, he told me to swallow those too when I attempted to pick them out of my mouth. Randolph was doing the same. “Ok guys, what’s next?” Darius asked pushing Randolph away finally. “Let’s take a break and get something to drink, Eze suggested. The four of us heading into the kitchen and grabbed some Cool-Aid and some snacks. Eze and Darius pulled their briefs back up so only Randolph and I were naked. We talked about regular boy stuff at the kitchen table for a bit. I couldn’t believe I had given 4 blowjobs thus far. How neat? I don’t know why Randolph was so worried. Suddenly, Eze’s eyes lit up and he said he had an idea looking at me. Oh no! Maybe it’s time to worry? He wouldn’t tell us, even Dari, what it was and made us go into the living room. We heard him make a phone call but we were unable to hear what he said or to whom he was talking. Returning to the living room Eze said, “Listen Randy, here’s your prize from earlier. Put your shorts on. You play it straight for the rest of the afternoon. I don’t want nobody knowing you’re a cock sucking faggot.” I could tell those words hurt Randolph and wanted to scream at Ezekiel to shut the fuck up. With tears in his eyes Randolph started to pull on his clothes. “What’s going on Eze? Why ain’t he staying naked?” Darius asked. “Cause we got company coming over. You want them to know Randy’s gay? They might think it runs in the family and that me and you is gay too. Do you really want that?” The shocked look on Darius answered that question. “Didn’t think so. So just keep your mouth shut about him. Got it.” That ended any further discussion and Randolph visibly relaxed knowing he was safe from further exposure, at least for the immediate future. Looking around the room, Eze spotted the camera and pictures they had taken. He picked them up and went to put them away. He also ordered Randy to go wash his face and pull himself together. They left the room and were gone for longer than I thought necessary. Meanwhile, Darius asked me all kinds of embarrassing questions: – How’d I know I was queer? – I just knew. – Was Randy the first person I sucked? – No. – Who was? – My neighbor. – Do I still blow him? – Yes. – Anybody else? – A few. – Who? – His brother and a kid at school. I figured it best to limit all the people I had given blowjobs. Could I even name them all: Dean, Dale, Jeff, Matt, the older Archer twins, farmboy Raymond, Philip the maintenance kid at school, Robby, Richard, Randolph, and now Darius and Ezekiel. Was that everyone. No, Donny, How could I forget Donny? How many was that? Fourteen. Really?! Wow. Soon to be 15 tomorrow when I meet up with Darin. The thought of all those cocks had me hard as nails again. As I was contemplating all this, Eze and Randolph returned. Randolph looked much better. His face was cleaned, he seemed happier, and like his brothers he was now wearing his well worn and over stuffed briefs. I wonder why the change in him. Just then the doorbell rang scaring the shit out of me since I was the only one unclothed. “Why don’t you answer the door Jamie?” Eze suggested. “Me? I’m nude with an erection?” I said as if they didn’t know that. Darius was laughing his ass off as I made my way slowly to the front door after Eze confirmed that’s is exactly how I should open the door. FUCK. How do I get myself in these situations? Anybody could be on the other side. I prayed that it was at least whoever he called. What if it were a neighbor lady or something? Reaching out to the door knob, I expressed my concerns to which I was told, “sucks to be you.” More laughter, even a smile by Randolph who knew my secret desire for being put into humiliating scenarios. Ok, here goes nothing. I closed my eyes for a second and flung open the door. Hearing gales of roaring laughter, I opened my eyes to see three gorgeous teenage hunks standing on the front stoop. Not waiting for an invitation, they walked past me into Giresun Escort Bayan the front room. I quickly shut the door and turned to face them. There was no chance of my dick going down now. The six of them all greeted each other then Eze introduced me to his cousin, Tyshawn, and two other friends Andre and Mervin. I wasn’t nervous about being the only white kid in the room. I was nervous because I was the only naked kid in the room. And I had a boner too. Tyshawn was 17 and solidly built at 5’8″ and 180 pounds of muscle. Not bulging weightlifters kind, but with a solid, sturdy frame. His close cropped hair was unusual for the 70s and was he ever drop dead good looking. I immediately wanted to lick his body from head to toe and back again. He had a killer smile and was the only one of the three who didn’t look as if they wanted to have me for lunch. Andre was a bit shorter and thinner with freckles. Freckles? He was very light skinned for a black person. I found out later his momma was white. The was totally unheard of in those days. His parents never married and he lived with his dad now. He saw his mom often, but was teased too much growing up about being an illegitimate n—–. My heart almost broke when I found all this out. But for now, I couldn’t wait to wrap my lips around his cock. Mervin was Jamaican and tall and skinny at 6’4″. He spoke with a Caribbean accent which I lover the instant I heard it. Growing up in my lily white town I wasn’t exposed to many other ethnic groups or races. Eastford was more mixed as it was just over the river from the city. Seeing these three, I wanted my parents to move. I had not heard the saying, “Once you go black, you never go back.” At that moment, I would have been fine with it. Eze made the introductions. He didn’t use my name, he just called me Randy’s tool, which made them all laugh. I could see Randolph forcing his laughter. Our eyes caught for a second and I gave him a head nod to say I was ok. “We’ve all used him, so who wants to go first?” Eze asked the newcomers. Tyshawn stepped forward stripping down quickly and unlike the rest of them was wearing short, fitted blue boxers with white piping on them. Randolph had given me his yellow boxers previously but today he wore white briefs like his brothers. To see Tyshawn in boxers looked strange, but very, very sexy. I automatically dropped to my knees as he lowered his shorts approaching me. I noticed out of the corner of my eye Andre and Mervin getting undressed. His dick was filling up with blood and looked to be around 7 inches. He was related to Randolph by their moms, so he unfortunately didn’t have the same long dick genes Eze, Randolph, and Dari had. Regardless, I put my hands on his hips and pulled him into my mouth. I felt his hand on the back of my head. He wasn’t so much forcing me, as if I needed to be forced, as he was just holding on. This was heavenly. I concentrated on the task at hand, or mouth as it were. I didn’t hear the guys comments, just their laughter. All too soon, Tyshawn started swinging his hips back and forth. His cock swelled and his balls retracted then he began filling my mouth with his hot seed. It went down my throat smoothly. Extracting himself from my warm oral cavity, he stepped back and thanked me. No wait, he was talking to Eze. He was thanking Eze for calling him even though I did all the work. Andre stepped up next and shoved his hard dick into my mouth so fast I never even had a chance to see what it looked like. He fucked my face hard and fast. This was totally the opposite of Tyshawn. He lasted a little longer than Darius had, though not by much. His cum shot down my throat causing me to choke some. He too pulled out and thanked Eze. Mervin grabbed me by the hair and smashed my face into his groin. He had one of the largest cocks I had seen up to that point: 9 1/4 inches and thin like him. Of the six, he was sadly the only one uncut. He began pounding my throat worse that anyone I had sucked. He loved my gagging and how my eyes and nose were watering. I barely heard Randolph telling him to ease up. Mervin’s response was, “Hell what for? This is how you use a white bitch. Making him gag is the greatest sound there is.” Tears and snot were running down my face. My arms were flailing about in an attempt to extricate myself from him. He held on tight and wasn’t going to let up until he deposited his sperm into me. His Jamaican spunk flooded my mouth spilling out the corners and running down my chin. I dropped to all fours coughing and gasping for air when he released me. Randolph came over to see if I was ok, luckily not showing too much concern to tip his hand. After all, I was nothing more than his “faggot tool to get off with.” When I was finally composed I looked around and saw Darius talking quietly to Eze who was nodding his head in agreement. Moments later I was surrounded by the six of them. Randolph gave me a sympathetic glance before he grabbed his member in his fist and began stroking away. Darius told me to sit down, tilt my head back, and open my mouth. I was about to partake in my first bukkake, not that we knew the word. Eze was the first to shoot, the first two across my cheeks, then two in my mouth, the rest splashed across my chin. Darius, Tyshawn, and Andre all jockeyed for position to blast off at the same time. It felt as if a quart of cum covered my face. By now, I could only breathe through my mouth as both nostrils were plugged with spunk. With my right eye glued shut I saw Randolph approach and fire off his load. Having not come himself for awhile, his load was the largest and he was wildly cheered on by the rest of the group. Mervin blew only a few shots as he hadn’t had enough time to recharge yet. “Randy, since he’s yours, why don’t you feed him all that spunk with your cock,” Eze more than suggested. Randolph didn’t look pleased but approached me to keep up appearances. “Wait, let me get a picture of this.” Exe took off for the other room and returns 30 seconds later with the Polaroid camera. There were only a few more pictures left in the cartridge and Eze used two to capture Randolph’s dick smearing around six loads of teenage sperm across my face and feeding it to me. The guys were having a laughing attack over this. “Those are awesome pics Eze,” Mervin said. “Yeah, we gotta take more. One for each of us.” Andre suggested. “Besides, It’ll keep the white boy inline.” The threat was obvious. Keep sucking them off or the pics would be made public. I really needed no other motive as I was happy to suck their big black cocks anytime and anyplace. “Sorry. This film’s expensive. These are just for Randy to keep as a souvenir,” Eze informed everyone. Then Mervin looked at my ass as he asked Randolph, “Have you tapped that cute rear-end yet?” Randolph stuttered, “No, not yet.” Everyone agreed they’d like to “do me” at both ends. Luckily Tyshawn saved me as he said, “Sorry. No time today, we gotta split. The old lady told me to finish cleaning out the shed in back. If it ain’t done she’ll whip my hide.” Turning to Andre and Mervin he said, “Come on guys, let’s go.” I found it difficult to believe he was scared of his mother until Randolph later explained that no matter what, you obeyed your parents or suffer the consequences of an old fashioned ass whipping. Where his mama would only use a hairbrush his daddy might just as easily use a belt or strap. “Ok, but I gotta piss first,” Andre told us. Darius lit up like a Christmas tree at that comment. “Hey guys, come here,” he said with a smile on his face. He gathered them around and whispered something. Randolph was the first to exclaim, “What!” However, Eze and Andre apparently thought it was a fabulous idea. Tyshawn said “whatever” and Mervin just shrugged his shoulders again. I had no idea what was happening as Darius dragged me into the bathroom and told me to kneel down in the tub. It was an old fashioned claw foot tub so the six of them could all crowd around me fairly easily each holding his cock pointed at me. “Fuck, Escort Giresun I think I’m about to get p…” That was as far as I got with that thought as their bladders released hot golden piss on me. “Sit down fag boy,” Darius directed. I guess I was still too high for them to take aim. Even Randolph was there and I was glad for him because I didn’t want his secret out any more than he did. He was actually the closest to my face and told me to open my mouth. I looked at him in shock then followed his orders. The next thing I know, he’s peeing directly into my mouth. With my head tipped back and mouth open it was very difficult to follow Eze’s command to swallow. The six black boys were using this skinny white boy as a urinal. “This is so fucking cool. You got yourself a keeper here Randy,” Tyshawn complimented his cousin. A meek “thanks” was his only reply. When all six bladders had been emptied on or in me, Eze told me to remain where I was to drip dry. The brothers showed the other three out and I could hear their laughter, no doubt at my expense, before the front door closed. Eze, Randolph, and Darius returned to the bathroom. “That was some afternoon, huh?” Darius couldn’t believe how things had turned out. “I might just have to get me my own piss pot too,” he gloated looking directly at Randolph. “NO,” Eze shouted at his youngest brother. “It’s bad enough you been using him as a tool, you ain’t gonna use him for any sick shit. You got that?!” “Yeah. Sure. Whatever you say Eze. Chill.” Darius was definitely afraid of his oldest brother. Eze wasn’t convinced Dari was gonna follow his instructions, but gave him the benefit of the doubt for now. “You better not. He’s still our brother, no matter if he’s a homo. That don’t give you the right to treat him like whitey here,” he reaffirmed as he looked at me. “You got yourself your own boy or use this one for your preverted crap.” “Ok Eze, I will. No worries,” Darius tried to reassure Ezekiel. I would gladly take abuse from Darius in order to protect Randolph. Sensing things were easing up on me, Randolph took the opportunity to say I had to be home soon and should get cleaned up and leave. We were all aware that our time was limited in order to avoid parental interference. Though their daddy would make sure everything we did looked on the up and up to avoid suspicion from my parents. Sound familiar? “Dari, go get his clothes,” Eze said. Dari not wanting any further lecturing left hurriedly returning within a minute with my t-shirt and shorts. He handed then over to Eze. “Where’s his shorts?” “He don’t need ‘um. Besides, they’re nicer than mine so I’m keeping them,” Darius told us. Wonderful, I knew I shouldn’t have worn my briefs. I’ve just lost another pair. “Ok. Here dry off with this,” Eze said as he tossed me my t-shirt. “What? Can I at least shower real quick first,” I asked. “No. You go home stinking of our cum and piss,” Eze spat out at me. I’m sure he was taking his anger out on me for the fact that Randolph was gay. “Eze, Come on. He needs to clean up,” Randolph pleaded. “What if his parents get home first?” Eze considered this for a bit until he asked if I had enough time to ride home and shower before them. It was only 3:30 so I had plenty of time. “Yeah, if I hurry,” I lied. By now I wanted to get out of there. I enjoyed all the sucking, but the facials and piss play was a little too much. I’d eventually come to love those activities but not at 13 years old. I went to wipe my face with my shirt only to be stopped by Darius this time. “No, leave that on your face. Just dry your body off. I think you should be proud you got marked by us.” While a lot of the six loads had been washed away by pee, a good amount remained, especially above my cheeks and nose around my eyes and forehead. “Good thinking bro,” Eze complimented Darius. “See, that’s how you should be treating him,” Eze told Randolph who looked miserable. I wiped off the majority of their pee from my arms, legs, and torso and stood up. I dried each foot and stepped out of the tub. My t-shirt was more wet than dry and the light blue color really showed the darker wet spots. I held out my hand for my shorts. Instead of handing them to me Eze tossed them into the tub where they landed in a puddle of piss. “Wipe that tub out, then you can get dressed.” Marvelous. I knelt down and using my shorts this time mopped up whatever pee hadn’t gone done the drain. Now what was I going to do? “Now you can get dressed,” Eze told me. Darius high-fived his brother and they had a good laugh. “I can’t wear this stuff home. They’re covered in piss,” I shouted. “Listen fag. Either you wear them or go home naked. I don’t care,” Eze yelled back. Randolph said I could borrow a pair of his shorts, but Eze and Darius both over ruled that idea. I painfully put on the urine soaked clothes. They smelled and looked gross. “Don’t you look like the dirty whore you are?” Darius teased me. “Not quite yet,” Eze replied. “Lower your zipper,” he ordered me. I obeyed. “He’ll just pull it back up soon as he rides away. I think we should make him ride home nekkid,” Darius suggested. “No. He’ll get caught for sure. We need to be a little more subtle than that. Let me think.” Eze stood there looking me over for a minute then exclaimed, “I got it. Take off them shorts.” Eze took the wet shorts and pulled out pair of scissors from the bathroom cabinet drawer. He started cutting away the bottom of the zipper. Darius was grossed out and said he could never touch them drenched in everyone’s piss. It was tough but Eze got through the zipper eventually and kept cutting downward until he was satisfied. Finally he stopped and threw them back to me telling me to put them on. I now had a gapping hole from the button at the waist to my butthole. My entire junk was exposed with practically no way to cover anything. Darius thought it was brilliant. Randolph shook his head slightly as if to say that’s too much though he kept quiet. “Go home homo. I gotta wash my hands,” Eze told me turning on the water. I headed for the door with Randolph following me outside. Darius looked disappointed but turned back when we heard Eze call him back inside. My dick and balls were hanging out the front of the destroyed shorts. Unfortunately, I had chosen a shorter t-shirt which barley came to my waist, thus providing little coverage. It was going to be an interesting ride home. I told Randolph I’ll just ride really hunched over. More difficult than it sounds because at that time I had a 5 speed banana seat bike with high handle bars. If I had had a ten speed bike with racing handle bars (my father hated those) I don’t think anyone would have noticed. The thought of riding home in the daylight exposed, covered in cum and piss after having swallowed 7 loads of black boy batter was most humiliating. Predictably I became erect. Fuck me. Randolph laughed and said, “Looks like you’re enjoying yourself now.” “Yeah. I did mostly. The bathroom was a little intense. Wish it were just you though.” “Me too,” he said. “Hey, you gonna be alright? Your brothers aren’t going to bust your balls too badly are they? I mean Eze seems upset with you being…, you know…, gay and all.” “Heck no. I’ll be fine. Remember when I went to wash my face. Eze told me he was ok if I was gay. He’d keep Dari in line. He doesn’t want to see me hurt. He’s a good big brother. I’m just sorry he’s taking his anger out on you.” “Better me than you. I don’t live with him. And I just don’t have to come over here so I can stay away from Darius,” I explained. “Now that’s the brother you have to watch out for.” We both chuckled at that. “I got get home and clean up. Thanks. Talk to you Sunday. I’ll tell you all about tomorrow’s campout with Robby and Saturday at Dean and Dale’s house. Now those should be interesting.” “Have fun and good luck,” Randolph smiled at me as I rode away, my hard on poking out of my shorts. To Be Continued… Author’s Note: Jamie’s first day Dean free. Somehow he escaped from getting gang raped by 6 black beauties. This time anyway. He won’t be so lucky next time. Or maybe he will be… (that chapter is a bit in the future). Next Chapter – Jamie has some adventures before he and Robby camp out again. And they meet up with farm boy Ray and his older brother for some fun too.

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