Deborah & her mom (Everyone loves raymond)

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Deborah & her mom (Everyone loves raymond)Deborah knew that her mom was expecting her. She had driven over a hundred miles to be with her for a weekend while Raymond watched the k**s. It had been more than six months since her divorce and Deborah was concerned over her well being. Her mother was now living in a condo amidst a senior community. The place was beautiful. As she drove in the driveway her mom came out to great her. Deborah was shocked to see how beautiful her mom was and most of all so happy looking.”Finally you made it,” came her mom’s loving reply as she hugged Deborah.”You look so good mom…so happy.” Replied Deborah as she pulled back to look her mom over. Her mom had lost weight and even colored her hair a deeper red and styled it. She looked twenty years younger.”Thank you honey. This place does wonders for you believe me,” whispered her mom as she winked at her. Deborah couldn’t help but smile.They grabbed Deborah’s bags and went into the house. They spent the day catching up with each others events in their lives. That night Deborah’s mom made a fancy dinner and drinks that had Deborah fairly tipsy. As they sat by the fireplace Debs mom near her she asked:”Honey how are things going with you…really?”Deborah’s bit her lower lip and looked away. How could she tell her mom that her life was a series of sexual interludes with everything from a sex romp with her brother-in-law to a****ls. That her life was now so different so far from the norm.”Well mom I cant begin to tell you the changes in my life.”Debs mom filled her glass again and looked at her with a serious glaze.”I think I know what your going through. In fact I would say that I know exactly.”Deborah sat very still not believing that her mom could possibly know. Her mom continued.”Honey the women in our family have a curse. No not your regular type of curse but one nonetheless. A sexual curse that we all seem to bear. You see we all went through a series of sexual adventures about your age and some even younger that were in a matter of speaking rather unique. We never out grow this curse but rather learn to live with it. Your father knew about mine and ignored it as best he could but eventually left me for a normal woman. So I know that about this time you are experiencing urges that are far from normal aren’t you?”Deborah’s mouth hung open and soon she was crying in her moms arms.”Oh mom its just to unbelievable to explain.” But she did. All of it. By the time she was done her mom hugged her tighter.”Its kaçak iddaa as I expected honey. But don’t worry. We all stick together and we all care for each other. In fact I have never had so much fun in my life. I went through all that you have gone through too! Come with me baby I want to show you something.”They went upstairs to her bedroom and her mom pulled down a large photo album.”Here honey look at these. Now don’t be to shocked. “Deborah sat down on the edge of the bed and opened the huge book. The first page was a large photo of her mom naked and spread wide showing her body to the full. Beautiful perky breasts and a very wet open cunt. Deborah’s eyes widened in surprise. Her mom was incredibly hot. The next page was her mom in a series of sexual encounters with men and women. As she went on she realized that her mom was as sexually active as she was if not more. Some showed her with a dog and a horse taking the horses cock to the full inside her pussy.”Oh mom you do know what I’m going through…” Came Deborah’s soft voice. Her mom put her arms around her and kissed her cheek.”Of course honey. Look at the last page baby.” She instructed.Deborah flipped to the last page and noticed that it was of the very room they were now in. Her mother was on the bed and was fucking the bedpost deep inside her cunt. Cum was running down the post and her face was a mask of pure pleasure.”Do you like that shot?” Asked her mom as she refilled Deborah’s glass and noticed that Deborah was already pretty hammered.The very bedpost was right next to her and she noticed its thickness and length and the round head of it. How could her mother take all that inside her? She reached out and grasped the girth of it feeling the hardness and the length of it.”God mom you really fucked this?” Asked Deborah as she ran her hand up and down it.”Yes baby I did and it felt so wonderful. I know you can too. Your body is like the rest of the women in our family. We can accept anything. Our cunts stretch nicely to accommodate whatever we wish. I’ve no doubt that yours can to.”Deborah knew that it was possible and the more she thought about it the more she wanted to try. Her body was betraying her again and this time it was with her very own mother. But it was different this time. Here was a woman who knew what she was and accepted it. Her pussy felt tingly and wet. She was very aware of her mother next to her.”Deborah darling why don’t you take off these clothes and let me see how my baby has grown up.” Came her illegal bahis mothers whisper in her ear.Deborah put the book down and stood before her mother who sat before her staring in what could only be pure lust. Deborah couldn’t believe she was doing this. Couldn’t believe she was hot for her own mother. But that made it even more erotic.She began to strip slowly, sensually. Teasing her mom as she watched in rapt lust. Soon Deborah was completely naked and standing before her mother excited in every way. Her nipples were puffy and huge and her shaved pussy was very wet and swollen. Her clit peeked out like a tiny cock.”My, my what a beautiful girl. So hot and so very wet. Come here my baby girl.” Commanded her mom.Deborah stepped slowly toward her mom and soon her mother’s mouth opened to accept her nipple and began to suck it. Deborah groaned with pleasure. Her mother stroked her buttocks and slowly slid her hand between her cheeks to rub up and down over her asshole and pussy slit. She spread her legs a bit to let her mom gain more access and she was rewarded when her moms finger slid wetly into her cunt. Debs mom pumped fast and deep making Deborah moan loudly. Her mom pushed her onto the bed and quickly began to kiss her hotly their tongues entwined.Deb’s mom spread her legs wider and began to slide two then three fingers deep into her sopping cunt.”God Deborah your pussy is so wet so hot. Your just like your mom honey you can stretch that cunt nice.”And her mom proceeded to show her. Four fingers and soon her hand slid inside her drenched pussy making her cum loudly.”Ugnnnnnn…..ohhhhh mommy….” Cried Deborah as her moms fingers wiggled and moved deeper inside her. Hot pulses of cum spurted from her cunt with each new thrust.Her mom reached to the bedroom dresser and found a tube of KY jelly and began to rub the jell over the bedpost from top to bottom of which it had to be at least twelve inches long. She positioned Deborah in a squatting stance over the bedpost and guided her down.”Now relax baby it will take a little doing to get the head of it past your pussy.”Deborah let her mom take control for she wanted so much to fuck it like her mom did. She was guided downward till the round knob of the bedpost touched her cuntal opening that was dripping wet and wide open. Her mothers finger opened her more as she went down onto it feeling the hardness stretch her wider that she had ever gone before. At first she was afraid that it would tear her but her mothers fingers rubbed bahis siteleri around her cunt lips helping.”That’s it baby. Slowly and careful. You have the head almost inside and then you can fuck it nice and deep for me.” Her mother was rubbing her asshole to sending a finger inside making Deborah close her eyes in pure bliss. Suddenly she felt the post head pop past her entrance and felt the hugeness of it enter her womb. She cried out as her mom guided her further down sending the hard post deeper inch by inch.”Get used to its size darling let you cunt wall relax. Then start fucking that beauty.” Came her mother’s sexy voice.Soon she began to fuck it slowly feeling it stretch her with every stroke. Deeper it went till half had disappeared inside her and she felt more full than anytime before.”Ohh baby that’s so hot just keep fucking darling. Take it all.That’s right baby… that’s it let it slide inside you like that…” commanded her mom as she began to suck Deborah’s nipple again sending her daughter into another bout of orgasms. The cum was starting to run down the post to the bed.Inch by inch disappeared till Deborah felt the sheets of the bed beneath her. All twelve inches was now deeply imbedded inside her stretched cunt. Her mother’s finger found her large clit and began to pull it and rub it making Deborah begin to fuck with new energy. The post made her cunt make wet sopping noises with each fuck motion. Her ass flew faster and faster up and down on the post feeling it open her up.”Ohhhhhh goddd, Ughnnnnnn…mommy its so good.” She cried out in orgasm as the post sunk deep inside her over and over again. Her mother sucked her clit and ran several finger inside her ass feeling the hard post fly past the thin membrane that separated her asshole from her pussy. Hot squirts of cum shot from her pussy drenching her mothers face. Yet her mom did not stop as she licked and sucked bit and chewed her clit. Debs mom now had four fingers deep inside her daughter’s ass and was shoving them in and out with the same rhythm of her babies fucking. Deborah couldn’t take much more as the post sunk even deeper till she met with the headboard of the bed.Her moms fingers slid deeper also sending her into an almost c*** like orgasm that wet the entire bed front.”Ohh Deborah that’s it honey cum for mommy. Fuck it baby, fuck it…” Her mother instructed.Deborah obliged and fucked faster and harder feeling her cunt and ass filled with pleasure. Soon her mothers hand slid inside her ass and she cried out in pain and with pleasure as another huge cum overtook her.That weekend her mother taught her how to handle her curse. She spent a loving weekend fulfilling all her mothers’ needs as well as her own.

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