Deep Dive (Part 4)

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Kate and I had been seeing each other for more than six months now.   After crossing paths for ten years, we’d finally become an item last summer.   From the outset, we’d agreed to an open relationship.  ‘Open’ in the sense that, while we would always be each other’s primary lover, there would also – especially in Kate’s case – be others.  I readily accepted this: she was the most intoxicating woman I’d ever known, and I was determined not to let her slip away.It was now January, and the weather was literally the worst on record.  Frigid temperatures, blizzards, relentless wind…  We were both getting cabin fever. As a freelance photographer, I’d always travelled extensively for my work.  Much of my time had been spent in the tropics, and I began thinking about where we could possibly go to escape the endless cycle of snow, freezing rain, and sleet.I considered the options.  The Seychelles: too far.  Mexico: too crowded.  Australia: too hot, now that climate change had taken hold down under.I thought about the year I’d spent in Bali back in my early thirties.  It had been a special time: lamp-lit nights with the sound of gamelan music playing in the distance, amazing food, friendly people.While living there, I’d become friends with Jean-Marc, a Swiss-French anthropologist studying Balinese culture.  We hadn’t spoken for years, but I managed to track him down via Skype.  He was still living in Bali, in the up-island town of Ubud.Jean-Marc was overjoyed to hear from me again, and immediately extended an invitation for us to visit.   He knew of a secluded, private bungalow that we could rent on the outskirts of town, and was happy to make the arrangements for us.  I jumped at the chance.Kate had never been to Asia, and at first seemed reluctant to travel such a long distance.  But as she started doing her research, she became more and more intrigued by Bali, and by the town of Ubud in particular.  The cultural capital of the island, Ubud is a town deeply steeped in Balinese art and tradition.Finally convinced, Kate agreed to come with me.  I splurged, and booked a one-month trip for mid-February._________________________We arrived at Denpasar airport after a 15-hour flight via Hong Kong.The climate felt thick: hot, humid, with the scent of spices, wood smoke and diesel mixing in the air.  It was still the rainy season, so there were fewer tourists about, and the pace was more relaxed than I expected.Kate – exhausted from the long trip but wide-eyed with excitement – gazed out the window of the taxi as we drove up into the hill country towards Ubud.  She looked a bit lost, but also tremendously happy.Slightly flushed with the heat, her hair was pinned up off her neck.  She wore a loose cotton blouse, comfortable silk harem pants, and practical sandals.  Although she hadn’t visited many tropical countries, she’d done her research for this trip, and looked every bit the seasoned traveller.  We arrived in Ubud late in the afternoon, and the taxi took us straight to the bungalow.  Jean-Marc had invited us to visit him at his house the next day, after we’d settled in.As the taxi pulled up the private drive, Kate stared, fascinated. The old, colonial-era house had been built into the side of a large valley.  Only one storey tall, it had a steep, pitched roof, and rested on tall wooden stilts at the front. It was shaded on all sides by a deep, open veranda.  In the far distance, rice paddies shimmered on the other side of the valley.  A small, winding river sparkled on the valley floor below.  There were no other houses close by.  For Bali, the place was incredibly private.  I pulled our bags out of the taxi, paid the driver, and stood there with Kate, drinking it in.  A stray chicken ran noisily across the pathway into the bushes.  Kate jumped, surprised, and then giggled.We walked to the house.  Built back in the early 1900’s, it was very traditional.  Well-worn teak plank floors glowed softly in the late afternoon sun.  There was a small, simple kitchen with a sitting area, an open living room, and a large bedroom with an antique four-poster bed.  A mosquito net hung down over the bed, suspended from the ceiling.  The home’s wide eaves shaded the huge wrap-around porch from the tropical sun.Outside, off the kitchen, was a large secluded courtyard.  It was enclosed by a tall stone wall covered in flowering vines.  An ancient outdoor shower was built into the far corner.The place was more than I could have wished for.Standing on the front veranda, staring far down into the valley, Kate looked mesmerized.  I took her by the hand, and said, “Jean-Marc said there’s one more thing…”Leading her down the steps at the front of the house, we walked along a narrow path densely bordered with high vegetation.  There was a clearing up ahead.  As we stepped out into the open area, Kate gasped in surprise.  A small, spring-fed infinity pool had been built into the hillside, overlooking the valley.Kate squealed, clapping her hands with delight.  She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me._________________________Bags unpacked, I introduced Kate to the intricacies of Balinese plumbing.  While the bathroom had been updated with a western-style toilet and sink, it was the traditional outdoor shower that caught her attention.“Jesus,” she said, drinking it in.“Want to try it?” I asked.“Oh yes please,” she responded eagerly.She scampered into the house, and came back a few moments later, now wrapped in a bath towel and carrying a small bar of soap in her hand.Stepping up to the shower, she let her towel drop to the ground.  Her lithe body glowed in the setting sun.  She had wonderfully firm breasts, a taut ass, and a willowy waist.  Even after six months, I couldn’t see her naked without getting intensely turned on.Reaching out, she twisted the old-fashioned brass lever.  Water began flowing generously from the showerhead.She stepped in under the water with a sharp intake of breath, her nipples immediately hardening.  Turning to face me, she said, “Join me?” I stripped off my clothes and walked towards her, my stiff cock bobbing in front of me.  She smiled at me coyly, and then turned away, soaping her breasts and shoulders.Stepping up behind her, I placed my hands on her hips, and slid my shaft up against the crack of her ass.  She sighed happily, handed the soap to me, and then leaned forward slightly, placing the palms of her hands against the wall.“I’ve been waiting for this since we got on the plane,” she murmured, bouncing herself playfully back against my cock.  She shifted her legs slightly apart, and leaned over further.  I stepped back to look at her from behind.  The bud of her ass and her glistening pussy were on full display.     I started soaping her at the top of her ass cheeks, and then worked my hand patiently downwards, swirling a thumb gently over her asshole, then moving lower still, down over the slit between her legs, and then up the other side, to her clit.“Yesssss,” she hissed.  “Like that…”I massaged her nub with two fingers, and then began working my way back down again.  I fondled her labia, and – just for a second – slipped the tip of my index finger into her cunt before sliding my hand back up to her rear.  She shuddered with excitement.I gently soaped the puckered bud of her ass, stroking it with the tip of my finger.  I watched it gradually relax, opening up to me.  Easing my finger in part way, I began gently fingering her ass as she groaned audibly.  Once or twice she thrust herself backwards, trying to push my finger deeper inside.Teasing her, I stopped, and slowly pulled out.“Noooooo…” she groaned, waggling her ass from side to side in frustration.Taking my cock in hand, I moved it up against the lips of her pussy, and began sliding the tip up and down her slit.She shifted her legs farther apart, quietly humming to herself. I pressed the head of my cock against her opening, and slid easily into her cunt as she pushed back against me.  She stopped when I was half way in.“There,” she breathed.  “Now you do the rest.”  One of her hands moved down and began fondling her clit.I thrust forward, smoothly burying my cock in her up to the hilt.  I stopped for a moment, breathing hard.“Fuuuuuukkk,” Kate warbled, her ass and legs quivering.  “Ok… ok…” she mumbled, gathering her thoughts and steadying herself.    I began gently fucking her from behind, as her fingers fluttered lightly over her clit.“Yes… yes…yes…yes…” she chanted, matching my thrusts with her own backward movements. We settled into the steady, familiar rhythm of slow-fucking – moving together, pulling away, moving together again, both of us groaning with pleasure.Finally, unable to hold back any longer, I silently came, spurting warmly inside her.  She began rapidly grinding her clit with the heel of her hand.  “Don’t stop… not yet… don’t… don’t…” she pleaded, on the verge.  I started thrusting forcefully into her, still light-headed from my orgasm. Her legs stiffened, and she slammed almost violently back against me, wailing as she came.  I could feel her muscles contracting, squeezing my cock again and again.Her hand dropped away from her pussy.  She put it back on the wall to support herself, her legs shaking slightly.As I starting pulling out, she whispered, “No… stay.  I want to feel you grow soft…”We stood there, motionless and gasping for breath, as my shaft gradually relaxed inside her.  It was glorious._________________________After a long, deep sleep, we woke in the morning to the sound of roosters crowing in the distance.  Cicadas droned in the trees beside the house.  It was going to be a hot day.After showering and dressing, we ate a light breakfast of honey, fruit and yoghurt prepared by the bungalow’s caretaker.  We called for a taxi, and drove to Jean-Marc’s house on the other side of town.Driving through the centre of Ubud was an eye-opener for Kate.  The streets were crowded with Balinese dressed in both traditional and western clothing.  Tourists, children, chickens, dogs… it was pandemonium after the quiet seclusion of the bungalow.  We loved it.Arriving at Jean-Marc’s, we paid off the driver, and got out of the taxi.He lived in a type of house that had once been common in Bali.  Large, with a palm-thatched roof, it was open on all four sides to let the breeze pass through.  Looking at the house was like gazing back a century to a much simpler time.Jean-Marc bounded down the front steps, arms spread wide in greeting.  Excited by our arrival, he bear-hugged me, and then turned to look at Kate.“Ahhh, Kate,” he said, with a strong French accent.  He stood back and admired her. “Bienvenue!  Welcome to my home.”  He clasped her hands in his, and chastely kissed her on both cheeks.  Kate looked dazzled.Jean-Marc was much older than us – probably now in his late sixties.  Silver haired, with a healthy girth, he looked much as he did when we’d first met years ago.  Life in Bali obviously agreed with him.When I’d worked in Bali, Jean-Marc and I had come to know each other well.  We were naturally drawn together by our interests: he, studying the traditions of Bali; me, photographing them.  He had become like an old, favourite uncle to me.After I left, we’d stayed in touch by email, if only sporadically.  But we hadn’t actually seen each other in many years.Stepping up to his house, we sat down on the front veranda under the generous eaves.  His cook brought out a tray of black tea flavoured with ginger.For more than an hour, we brought each other up to date on our separate lives.  Kate listened patiently, gazing around, drinking in the sights and sounds of Balinese daily life._________________________Around noon, a young, lithe blonde woman walked up the path towards the house.  This must be Michelle, I thought.  Jean-Marc had mentioned that she’d been visiting for the past six weeks.“Ah!” said Jean-Marc, standing to greet her.  “Finally!  Michelle!  Where have you been?”The girl, about 18 or 19 years old, stepped gracefully up the stairs and gave Jean-Marc a perfunctory kiss on the cheek.  She turned, smiling shyly at Kate and me.“Kate, Julien – please meet my niece, Michelle,” Jean-Marc said.Dressed in a simple white cotton dress, she was extraordinary.  Of medium height, she had exquisite legs, and a fashion model’s body.  I was immediately reminded of my first girlfriend, Margot.  Her shape was almost identical.  Michelle’s face was simply perfect: light brown eyes, a pert nose, and full, expressive lips.  Her long blonde hair cascaded down around her shoulders.  There was something both completely innocent and incredibly sexy about her.  I was immediately smitten.She shook our hands in greeting, her eyes looking down at the ground.  “Hallo, Julien.   Hallo, Kate,” she murmured in halting English.  She sat down with us on the veranda, long legs crossed, her arms gathered together under her extraordinary breasts.Aside from “Hi,” Kate hadn’t said a word.  She sat silently, observing Michelle carefully.  I knew Kate well enough to realize that she was also completely taken with this young woman.Damn, I thought to myself, partly in dismay, and partly with excitement.  This may get complicated._________________________As Michelle listened quietly, Jean-Marc explained that she had arrived from Switzerland for an extended visit back in early January.  Michelle’s family lived in Geneva, and she was studying fine arts at the University of Lausanne.  She would be in Bali for one more week before returning home to resume her studies.Jean-Marc then told Michelle about us.  She was already vaguely aware of my background, but knew nothing of Kate.When Jean-Marc mentioned Kate’s work in the fashion industry, Michelle perked up visibly.  Leaning forward, she asked, “What do you do, as a styliste?”Kate described her job at the high-end salon where she worked, and talked about her work on fashion and film shoots.Michelle was fascinated.  “So, you… you cut hairs?” she asked.Kate nodded, smiling at Michelle’s slightly mangled English.“Ah,” Michelle responded, unconsciously running her hand down her own blond tresses.  Her hair was beautiful, but could use a trim.Kate immediately intuited what Michelle was too shy to ask.“Your hair,” said Kate.  “Has anyone cut it since you’ve been here?”“Non,” Michelle responded, looking embarrassed.“Well, it still looks pretty good,” said Kate.  “But would you like me to give it a quick trim?”Michelle broke into a broad smile, looking from Kate to me, and then back at Kate.  She nodded eagerly.“How about tomorrow, at the bungalow?  Around ten o’clock?”“Bien sûr!” Michelle responded excitedly.The ice now broken, Michelle visibly relaxed, and her painful shyness evaporated.  She became almost animated as the conversation progressed, and seemed quite taken with Kate.  Kate looked at me and smiled, happy that she’d managed to draw Michelle out of her shell.  The three of us were now getting along famously, and Jean-Marc looked pleased.When we left late that afternoon, Michelle kissed me warmly on the cheek, and gave Kate a big hug._________________________“Lovely girl,” Kate remarked, as we drove away in the taxi.  “Just stunning.”I looked at her.  “How stunning?” I asked.“Really stunning,” Kate replied.  She squirmed slightly in her seat and smiled, appearing lost in thought.“Don’t get any ideas,” I warned.  “She could be your daughter.”“Well, maybe… if I was 40 years old,” Kate said almost testily, and then smiled.  “But I’m not.  Not yet, anyway.  Besides, she isn’t a child.  She’s 20!”“She’s 19,” I corrected.“Mmmm,” Kate replied, looking distractedly out the taxi window.We arrived back at the bungalow as the sun was setting over the valley.  The moment we stepped inside the house, Kate wordlessly stripped off her clothes, grabbed me by the hand, and led me to the bedroom.  She then proceeded to fuck me silly for the rest of the evening.  _________________________The next morning, just before ten, there was a faint tapping at the front screen door.Still recovering from jet lag and last night’s exertions, Kate lay drowsing in bed, tangled up in the sheets.  I was out in the courtyard, getting dressed after showering off the lingering smell of sex.  “Shit,” I heard Kate mutter, suddenly awake.  “She’s here.”  She jumped out of bed and wrapped herself in a thin silk sarong.  Ruffling her hair, she shook her head to clear her thoughts, and stepped to the door.“Michelle?” she called out.“Oui…” Michelle replied, in a small voice.Taking a deep breath, Kate pushed open the screen door and stepped outside.  I could hear them quietly greeting each other.A moment later, they walked into the house.Michelle, her blonde hair pulled back into a casual ponytail, was wearing a sheer, sleeveless sundress that stopped just above her knees.  Her long legs were clearly silhouetted by the sunlight behind her, and I could vaguely make out what looked like white cotton panties in the gap between her legs, Her full breasts pushed out against the top of her dress, the outlines of her nipples clearly evident.  I stared, unable to pull my eyes away.  My cock stirred slightly.  I fought it back down.”Julian?” Kate said, snapping me back to reality.  I looked at her standing behind Michelle. She waggled her eyebrows and smiled at me, as if to say, “You see?” I did.  _________________________In the kitchen, after a brief chat about what kind of cut Michelle wanted, Kate asked her to sit, and then went off to the bedroom to get her grooming kit.  She came back, put the kit down on the wooden table, and said, “Back in a minute – just need a quick wash before we start.”  Michelle nodded, watching Kate walk away.  I noticed that Kate had positioned the kitchen chair in such a way that the shower was visible from where Michelle sat.   I sat across the table from Michelle, making small talk.  The sound of running water started outside, and I could see Michelle glance toward the shower in response.  She froze.  I followed her gaze, and watched Kate, now completely naked, step into the cascade of running water.  Turning sideways to us, she began soaping her body.  Acting as if she had no idea that we were watching, she slid her hands up her thighs and across her stomach to her chest.  Slowly massaging the soap onto her breasts, her hands stopped briefly at her nipples.  I could swear that she pinched them gently before moving back down her belly and then slowly, almost sensuously, in between her legs.Turning her back to us, we stared silently at Kate’s perfect, bare ass.  She bent over, still soaping her crotch as we watched her from behind. We could see the occasional flick of fingers between her labia as she washed herself.   Michelle watched Kate intently, sitting as still as a statue, hardly breathing.   Standing back up, Kate sluiced off the remaining soapsuds and turned to face us head-on, her eyes squeezed tightly shut in the running water.  She flashed her exquisite, small breasts and neatly manicured pussy before turning around to shut off the shower.  She wrapped herself snugly in a bath towel.Kate walked nonchalantly back to the kitchen, still wearing the towel, and said to Michelle, “I’ll be right back.”  Michelle nodded mutely, looking almost shaken by what she’d just seen.  Kate stepped into the bedroom, and thirty seconds later came back wearing a short, white slip dress.  It was evident that she was buck-naked underneath.  No panty line.  No bra.  Nipples hard.  I heard Michelle take in a single, deep breath.Kate led her over to the sink and placed a towel around her shoulders.  Bending Michelle over the basin, Kate began gently washing her hair.  I watched them from behind.  Michelle’s dress rode up the back of her gorgeous tanned legs, draping itself seductively over her ass.  Kate’s slip dress, already quite short, flashed the occasional tantalizing glimpse of her hazel-coloured bush as she leaned over Michelle.Kate rinsed and towelled Michelle’s hair.  I watched as she repeatedly brushed her left breast – deliberately – against Michelle’s bare shoulder.  Every time she did it, Michelle seemed to shiver.Sitting the girl back down in the kitchen chair, Kate began the methodical process of cutting her hair.  Feeling like a third wheel, I left them to their business, and went out to read on the veranda.Thirty minutes later, they walked out the front door.  Michelle’s hair was now freshly cut, and already almost dry in the warm breeze.  She looked both very happy, and very distracted.They spoke briefly, and then chastely kissed each other adieu on both cheeks.  Michelle waved at me, and then walked up the path towards town, looking slightly unsteady on her feet.I turned and looked at Kate.  She was watching Michelle intently as she left.“Well that was interesting,” Kate murmured, half to me, and half to herself.“Hmmmm?”Kate looked at me.  “That’s one very conflicted girl right now…” She sighed, and then changed the subject.  “Let’s go for a swim,” she said, as she turned and walked back into the house._________________________Ten minutes later, we were down in the small infinity pool, drifting lazily in the cool spring water.  Once again, the day was turning hot and humid.  Rain clouds were building on the horizon.Kate, taking the travel book’s advice about dressing conservatively in Bali, wore a modest (for her) black bikini.  It showed off her attributes, but not in a way that would shock anyone.  I wore my standard khaki shorts.After a few minutes of floating on our backs, Kate quietly swam over to the valley side of the pool and rested her arms on the edge, gazing down into the dark green jungle below.  The valley ran for miles in both directions, with rice terraces fading off into the haze as far as the eye could see.  The pungent smell of cooking fires hung faintly in the air.I swam over behind Kate, put my arms around her, and held her close.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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