Delivering an Affair

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(Author’s Note: **UPDATED October 11, 2020** I take constructive criticism seriously and have changed the ending to this story after a few notes from various comments. As always, all individuals are 18+)

I am pulling one of the steps to my dress up when my phone buzzes. It’s the notification for the door alarm. I cross our master bedroom to the window and peer down to see him. James is lifting the door to the back of his brown truck and starts stacking my boxes on the edge of the truck. I have three total today, which means an extra two minutes with that tatted up, hunky man. I watch him jump down from the truck and lift the first box upon his shoulders. He’s so tall and muscular. Both of his arms are inked from wrist to shoulder. How much further down his body do they go? Where else has he tattooed?

James doesn’t need to know I’ve waited all morning for him to arrive or that I tried to time his delivery to when I just got ready for the day. I will let him get the first box to the porch before greeting him at the door. I wonder if this sheer, yellow sundress is too obvious. My nipples are hard and poking through the material. I’ve wanted this man for weeks and today… I’m going to have him.

It’s nearly ninety degrees today and the hot air hits me like a wall when I open the door. James is halfway up the driveway with my second box. I lean against the open door, watching him set the second box next to the first with a grunt. His eyes fall on me and take me in. They linger on the curve of my hips and up to my breasts which may fall out at any point. He meets my eyes with a cheeky smile.

“Good morning, Mrs. Evans,” he says with a nod.

“Hi, James,” my voice curling around his name in a purr. “Could you bring the next box inside?”

He gives me another nod, walking backward toward his truck to watch me bend to pick up one of the boxes. I know he’s drinking in the sight of my breasts and the valley between. I think about wrapping them around his cock and spitting on it while he fucks my tits.

He’s coming up the drive with the last box when I bend down for the second. I make sure to be facing away from him so the back of my sundress rides up and he can see my puffy pussy lips outlined by my panties. This is the most forward I have ever been. He’s either going to drink more than just water when he gets inside or think this is all just a happy accident.

The groan that comes from his lips when he crosses the threshold and into the cool air of my house makes my clit throb. He gets the box down on top of the other two and I stand there staring at his closed eyes. He’s soaking in the cool air and I am soaking in the sight of him. James towers over my five-foot-five frame. His curly dark hair is slick with sweat on his forehead. His jaw is covered in light stubble and his lips are plump and rosy pink. The fact that he’s in my house and standing a few feet from me and how sexy he looks in his brown uniform all has me quivering with excitement.

“Do you want some lemonade? I made some earlier this morning and I can’t imagine that truck is very cool.”

“It’s wicked fuckin’ hot in there,” he says in agreement and I give him a smile.

When I lead him through the living room and back towards Escort Ankara the kitchen, I make sure to add a bit more sway into my hips. His shadow looms over me the entire time and I swear he could throw me around this room if he wanted to.

“Busy today?” I ask, pulling the pitcher of lemonade from the fridge and the ice cube tray from the freezer.

“No, not really,” he says, sitting against the breakfast table in the corner. “You are my last stop before lunch.”

“What’s for lunch?” I ask, trying to swallow the butterflies in my stomach.

James only hums in response.

I turn to get him a glass and to hide the blush creeping onto my face. I stand on my tiptoes and grip the side of the counter to reach for one of the cups just out of reach. Stretching as much as I can to inch the cup only pushes it a few inches deeper into the cabinet. I don’t hear him cross the kitchen, but I smell his deodorant and sweat. One of his tattooed arms reached over me to retrieve the glass and I breathe out a quiet thank you. When I come down off my tiptoes, I accidentally press back into his chest. He’s standing closer to me than I thought, but moving away would push me back into the counter. His other hand comes onto my arm to steady me and he holds the glass out for me to take.

Neither one of us moves.

I am buzzing with excitement at his touch, both on my arm and against my back. He is radiating heat against my back in the coolness of the kitchen. Every inch of his chest that touches me sets my skin on fire. My heart is hammering in my chest and my mouth is dry.

For six months, James has been delivering my business materials to me on Thursdays. My materials come in by UPS, but I ship out orders via USPS; so, I only ever see him once a week. Slowly, James and I would converse about my business. He would ask me some questions, note the size of the packages, or just express genuine curiosity. I even showed him some pieces one rainy day in April and I think that’s when my crush on him started. My husband never asks about the business, but James has always shown interest and even a little support.

“Is Mr. Evans home?”

His voice is a whisper in my ear, pulling me from my thoughts. I stand frozen and James slowly sets the glass down on the counter. His right hand comes up to my shoulder and slowly moves my blonde hair to the side. His other hand touches my hip and he guides my body against his. All of him is hard muscle, yet I curve into him like butter.

“Did you flash me earlier?” His voice is deep against my neck.

His lips are soft on my skin.

“No… I’m mar—”

“Married. Right,” he says as his hand drags the hem of my dress up my smooth thighs. “I don’t see you stopping me, Missus.”

“James…my husband…”

“Doesn’t need to know,” his fingers turn into my thigh and up towards my slit. He can feel how hot I am for him. “how ready his wife is for me to fuck her.”

His hand finds its way into my panties and his fingers skim up my slit and tap on my clit. My knees buckle. I grip the counter, bracing myself with both hands. James’ free hand slides up my arm and across my shoulder to my neck. James growls quietly when his finger touches the pool of Ankara Escort wetness dripping out of my hole and forces my head back against his chest.

Like I weight nothing, James walks me over to the back patio doors. We have a privacy fence up and the sun is glaring up off the pool water. He frees both my tits from my dress and presses me up against the glass. He coats his fingers in my juices before forcing two of them into my pussy.

“God, you are a tight little bitch,” he groans, biting where my neck curves into my shoulder. “You’ve waited too long, baby.”

“I didn’t know you wanted me,” I plead, pleasure rolling over my body.

Here I am, exposed to any neighbor mowing their lawn, with the delivery driver’s fingers knuckle deep in my cunt. The risk, the idea of being James’ naughty slut has my pussy hungry for more than just his fingers.

“Does this feel like something that wants you?” he asks, pressing his hand into my hips.

I can feel his cock, which is bigger than my husband’s, against my ass. He starts to rub it left and right across both of my tight ass cheeks and then up and down my crack. I moan in part to his fingers, but also to the knowledge that he’s about to put every inch of that monster inside me. He’s about to fuck me better than any man ever has.

“Does it?” I ask with a grin, followed by a moan as he slaps his hand against my ass.

His fingers curl inside me, stroking the sensitive spot deep within me. It makes my knees weak and I moan. His breathing gets more ragged in my ear as he senses my closeness to an orgasm. James puts his hand against my face, pressing my cheek against the warm glass of the patio door. He bends to get a better angle with my pussy and starts rapidly moving those fingers in and out of me. I am drooling and moaning, hands keeping me braced against the door while the juicy sounds of my cunt fill the room. I explode in a squirting mess, juices spraying all over the kitchen floor, up the patio window, and down the inside of my thighs. ?

“I knew I could make you cum harder than your husband ever has,” James says with a grin.

Out of the corner of my eye, I watch him suck both of his fingers into his mouth and lick my juices clean. He hums with hungry and spanks my ass again with his free hand. I try to gather my brain, leaning heavily into the door. James pushes his cargo shorts down and frees his throbbing cock from his boxers. His cock is huge with hanging balls full of cum I want him to pump me full of.

“I’m beginning to think you’re a naughty slut for all your delivery drivers,” James says, pulling my hips back so I’m perpendicular with the door.

“Do you know what I want for lunch?” I hiss, lifting my leg and gripping the corner of the counter with my toes.

James lines his cock up with my pussy and nudges a fraction of an inch against the tightness.

“What do you want for lunch, Mrs. Evans?” he breathes, his hand coming around to fondle my tits.

I tilt my head to arch my back and meet James’ warm blue eyes. His eyes burn into mine and my lips pull into a sexy smirk. I bite my bottom lip, shaking my ass at him and nudging the head of his cock a fraction of an inch deeper into my cunt.

“A Ankara Escort Bayan big load of cum.”

James had spent so much time rubbing his cock up and down my dripping slit that his cock was slick with my juices. He rams into me as the last word leaves my lips and opens my pussy up as wide as she’s ever been. The moan that escapes my lips is sure to alert the neighbors, but James feels like Heaven.

His cock touches deep parts of my insides. He fills me with every inch until his balls press against my clit. He slides his hand down my leg and strokes my clit while his other hand twirls into my hair and pulls it back.

“You have a fantastic pussy,” he says, somehow thrusting deeper into me.

“Your cock…is so… fucking… big…” I say between thrusts.

“Whose pussy is this, Mrs. Evans?” James asks.



“Yours, baby! It’s your fucking pussy, James!”

He pulls his cock nearly all the way out so just his head is gripped by my tight walls. Light strokes tease me and make me pant with desire before James launches into a rough fuck of my hole. His grip on my hair is tight, forcing my head back and his cock into me. He spanks my ass until it’s red and each hit makes me bite my lip.

“You’re so much better than he is,” I say, my tits swinging and hitting the glass. “You fuck me so good.”

“I want you to cum on this cock,” James orders, moving his hand from my clit to my hip to thrust faster. He jackhammers into me like a machine.

“Please. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck!”

“That’s it, baby. Cum on this dick. Let me feel you cum on another man’s cock.”

I plow into an orgasm that shatters every nerve in my body. James is quick to catch me around the waist as my knees give out, his cock never leaving my hole. He swings me around to the kitchen island and forces me face down on the granite countertop.

“How often do you fuck your husband?”


“How often do you let your dipshit husband fuck this pretty little pussy?”

My brain scrambles for an answer as his cock strokes my g-spot.

“Uhm… a couple of times a week… I don’t know…”

“I am going to use this little pussy and flood it with cum,” James says, his balls slapping loudly against my cunt. He keeps his hand against the side of my face as he plows me, grunting louder and louder as he pistons into me. “You’re going to keep it inside you until he gets home from work and make him lick your pussy like the little bitch husband he is.”

I stand speechless while my body tingles. James grunts again, gripping my hips tightly before pressing so deep it hurts. His cock jerks and I am flooded with the big load of hot cum pumping inside me. He wraps me up in his arms as he pumps into me, kissing along my shoulder and neck.

“I see you once a week and leave with the hardest cock ever,” James murmurs, stroking the side of my full breasts as they squish against the countertop.

“I’ve jerked off so many times at the thought of your pussy on this cock.”

“I hope today isn’t the only time,” I say, whimpering as James’ cock slides out of me.

I quickly press my fingers against my hole to keep his cum from leaking out. He gently pats my ass with praise. He puts his shorts back on, pours himself a glass of lemonade, and heads for the door.

“I’ll return this next week,” he says, tilting the glass in my direction. “Then you can tell me all about your husband. Thanks for the lemonade, Mrs. Evans!”

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