Discipline in the Classroom

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My name is Anne, and at the time this all happened I was 18, and was at college. I was doing well, the subjects weren’t too demanding, and I was blessed with a good memory, so I was pretty much able to coast through the lectures, and still have a fair bit of time spare for daydreaming. I enjoyed day dreaming!

I’d been out with a couple of boys, and done a little kissing, fended off the obligatory fumble for my boobs, that was it though. Yep, I know, 18 and still a virgin! But in my daydreams I’d done so much more.

This particular day, I was one of a group having extra tuition for my exams during the lunch hour. The idea was that with the extra coaching we would all get really good grades, and boost the profile of the college. But I resented having to spend my lunch time indoors, listening to tired old lessons that I already knew, when I could be out lazing in the shade under the trees, letting my imagination run wild.

And the rest of the group just seemed extra stupid in the heat of the classroom, and I was finding them all so slow that I got frustrated, and shot my mouth off a bit, and the teacher, Mr. Rowe, got angry with me, and told me to report to him after school that night.

It was a bit of a shock, as I was NEVER in trouble normally, as I’d always been a “good girl” and teachers were Gods…people to be obeyed…. And Mr. Rowe was usually very quiet, almost serious, and it was something new to see him angry.

So, I was sat in the classroom, on my own, listening to all the noises of everyone going home, and I was feeling a bit scared. The school had gone totally silent, and I was starting to fidget nervously, wondering if I’d been forgotten, when the door opened, and in came Mr. Rowe, looking very serious. My heart started beating quickly, and I tried to look suitably repentant, confident of a telling off, but just that.

He turned and did something to the door, and then walked across to the desk at the front, and cleared the top of it, putting everything inside. Actually, not quite everything, because he took out something I had never seen before, a whippy looking cane, and put it on the top of the desk. It was an old fashioned desk, higher at the front, sloping downwards to the side where the teacher sat. Like a larger version of the old school desk.

He hadn’t spoken at all up to this point, and I just sat quietly, wondering what was going to happen.

He leant against the front of the desk, and looked at me. He looked for what felt like forever, and I started to get really nervous, and I felt as if I could hardly breathe, I was getting so hot!

Finally, he said “So, you don’t think you’ve got anything left to learn then Anne, is that it?”

I felt myself getting redder, and hotter, and I squirmed as I said “No! I mean, yes, I know there’s more to learn! I never meant that I knew it all, just…well, it’s all so slow…”

All of a sudden, he was in front of me, eyes boring into mine, and I was shoved back hard into my seat, as he grabbed me by my upper arms and said “So maybe we should just drop you from the exams then? Shall I ring your parents, say you won’t be taking any exams, because you know it all now, and don’t need to study like the others? Shall I? What do you say Anne? Is that what you want?”

I was pretty scared by now, and my stomach was churning. I knew my parents wanted me to do well so I had plenty of options open to me, and would be furious, so I started begging him not to do that, and promising to work properly, and not complain, etc.

“How do I know that you will though Anne? You’ve said that the others are too slow, and you think they ask stupid questions, well, that’s not going to change, is it? So, what else is going to change?”

I took a deep breath, and, still red-faced, I looked at him and said “I will, I’ll do whatever you say, just don’t drop me from the exams, please”

He turned and went back to his desk, and again leant against the front, looking at me. I just sat there, hardly daring to breathe, staring hard at the desk top in front of me, feeling sick.

After a long pause, he said “OK, we’ll see. I think, maybe its best if you have individual coaching for a while. Maybe then we can go quickly enough to keep you … satisfied!”

I looked up at him, starting to smile in relief, but something in the way he was looking at me made me think that maybe I wasn’t home free yet.

“Meanwhile, we have to consider the punishment for your lippiness today, don’t we?”

While he was talking, he’d picked up the cane, and was running a finger up and down the length of it, almost lovingly, it seemed to me. I must have gasped, or something, because he looked straight across at me and smiled, a cruel looking smile, and said “Oh yes, I find a little bit of pain aids the concentration wonderfully well, what do you think?”

I couldn’t think of anything to say. I know I must have looked a sight, with my mouth hanging open, and my eyes wide with fear now, Ümraniye Grup Escort and scarlet face… I came to my senses a little, closed my mouth and chewed on my lower lip for a minute. I was trying to think, and wondering if he meant it, and all I could think was that I HAD to do what he said, because he was the teacher, and I needed to take my exams, and I just couldn’t think any further, my mind was a whirl!

“Well?? Are you coming up to take your punishment, or am I calling your parents? This is YOUR choice Anne, you got yourself into this, and I suggest you decide quickly which way this goes now. DECIDE!”

I shot up, pulling at my skirt, which suddenly felt far too short, and wishing that the earth would swallow me. As I walked towards him, I wondered how much it would hurt, and whether I would cry, or scream, and – horrors! – What if it hurt so much that I wet myself? This was not a good time to have an over-active imagination, like mine! I licked my lips nervously, and swallowed, and I tried to hold my head up and look him in the eye, but I was too nervous, and I had to look away. It seemed an eternity till I reached his desk. He stood there, smiling, and pulled the chair to one side.

“Right, come around here, and I want you to lean forward over the desk, putting your legs against the inside of the desk’s legs, and grabbing hold of the legs on the other side”

I tried to do as he said, but it was quite difficult, as the desk sloped quite steeply, and I had to really stretch to get anything approaching comfortable, but it meant my boobs had to clear the edge of the desk, or they were painfully squashed underneath me. And I didn’t like the way I had to spread my legs, as my skirt felt as if it was even shorter, and I was sure my knickers were nearly on view.

“Stop fidgeting and just stay in that position until I say otherwise” he said, in a voice much harder than I was used to hearing from him. I wished he would hurry up and get it over with.

Then, the lights started going off, and I wondered why he was doing that. Soon the only light left on was the one above the blackboard, behind me, and the rest of the room was in darkness. The only thing I could think of to be glad about was that this room had no windows and no glass in the doors. At least no-one could see my humiliation. Not, that there was anyone left in the school anyway, by the sound of it.

I jumped when I suddenly felt a hand on my lower back and another on the back of my neck.

“That’s quite nice, now just stay like that. Comfy, are we?”

I closed my eyes, and felt myself blush as I replied “Yes Sir”

“Good. Ah, now, this’ll have to go…” and to my horror I felt my skirt pulled up!

“I don’t want anything stopping you feeling the full effect of my friend, so…” and my knickers were pulled up tight between my bottom cheeks, like a thong. I wanted to scream, and run away, and then I’m sure my heart stopped, as his hand brushed against my pussy, and my knickers were shoved in tight there too! That was too much, and with a shriek I started to stand up. But I was slammed back down onto the desk by a hard shove on the back, and then there was a warm weight on me, and I felt hot breath on my neck, and Mr. Rowe was stood between my legs, laying on me, holding me down.

“So, changing your mind are you? What’s your parents’ phone number?”

I felt tears squeezing out from my tightly shut eyes, and I stifled a sob, as I whispered “No, I’m sorry, I’ll stay still, I promise. PLEASE don’t call my parents”

There was silence for a while. It was long enough for me to start to sweat with the strong warmth of him against my back, and for the feeling of him pressed against my bottom and my now slightly exposed pussy, to start to make me feel very odd, and I began to wish he would press harder against me….It was very disturbing, and my breathing became much quicker, and I suddenly realised I was wriggling, and pushing back towards him! I froze, hoping he hadn’t noticed.

“Seems like maybe you do know more than I’d thought” came the voice in my ear.

Suddenly the weight was gone, and I’d barely had time to draw breath, when there was an almighty stinging pain across my bare ass.

“Oww, Christ!” and before I could move the hand was on the back of my neck again, pressing me down.

“Stay there, and don’t you dare move! You’ve promised to take your punishment, I expect you to honour that promise. And you’re not a baby, so stop sniveling!”

I grabbed hold of the legs of the desk more tightly, and shut my eyes harder. I braced my legs against the desk, and tried to shut out the pain, and the swishing of the cane as it fell. But it was impossible. He seemed to be deliberately taking his time, allowing me to feel each blow to the full. He would send one against first one cheek, then the other, and then there would be a lighter, stinging blow to the top of my thighs, making me jump and bite my lip. Then there’d Ümraniye Manken Escort be full length ones across both cheeks, now straight, now at an angle.

I tried to imagine what the pattern of red wheals would look like, and wondered if I’d be able to sit down.

Then, I felt a hand on my poor hot botty, stroking it, and kneading it. I held my breath, wondering what was to come. I soon found out. I shrieked as the hand left, and then returned at speed, catching me a resounding crack across the already tender right cheek.

“Shhh…Nearly done…” whispered the voice from behind me. And the other cheek was slapped hard.

The shock from these blows was somehow different, and I don’t know when the realisation dawned, but I realised I was enjoying the blows. I felt ashamed, but that didn’t stop the feelings washing over me. I started to arch my back, as much as I could in my position, and I couldn’t stop the little moans, and sighs that I gave whenever his hand made contact. He started to squeeze my cheek after a blow had landed, or stroke the hand down a little way after the slap. And I felt an itching starting in my pussy, the like of which I’d never felt before. It got more intense, and I started to wriggle against the knickers that were pressed against me, until I thought I would go mad with the irritation. I was bucking my hips down, in an attempt to rub the material against the itch, when I suddenly realised the spanking had stopped. I was horrified! I just stayed there, legs open, eyes shut, not daring to breathe, praying that Mr. Rowe hadn’t noticed my lewd behaviour.

“I think that’s enough, for now” he said. “Let me just put this straight…” and I felt him pulling my pants out from between my presumably glowing bum cheeks. He put his finger under them, and ran it all the way down to the front, and the feeling of it brushing against my pussy lips made my legs wobble, and I felt sure I was going to wee myself!

“Oh, what’s this? Anne, you’ve got wet knickers! Oh dear, you liked that did you? Does your boyfriend spank you before he fucks you? Is that how he makes you come?” And all the time, his finger was pressed against me, making me want to rub myself against it.

“I don’t have a boyfriend, and I haven’t ever been fucked!” said a voice, which I barely recognised as mine; it sounded so… strained.

“But you liked this?” he queried, and I felt another finger slide under my knickers, and he started stroking them up and down my lips, the knuckles just probing between them, rubbing my tender insides, up and down, slipping easily through the wetness there.

“Oh God yes” I whispered, unwilling to admit it, but desperate for him not to stop. “Yes, I did, I’m sorry Sir.”

A deep chuckle. “Maybe I should let you off this time. Although, it’s hardly a punishment if you enjoy it, is it? What else should you do to make up for your behaviour, do you think?” he asked, in a softer voice than I’d heard him use all night.

I didn’t know what to say, so just stuttered that I didn’t know. Meanwhile, his whole hand had crept into my panties, and he was stroking me gently, and probing lightly between the lips, which were all puffed out, allowing him such easy access. One finger found my clitty, and I gasped at the thrill that ripped through me, and pushed hard back onto his finger. All of a sudden his hand was gone, and before I could stop myself I cried out in dismay, but then I felt him standing between my legs again, and my pants were being peeled downwards.

“Come on; let’s have these out of the way, shall we? I am going to have to give you a little bit of attention, I think, and then we can talk about what you should do for me, by way of a proper apology….”

I didn’t have time to wonder what he meant, as my knickers were down around my ankles now, so I stepped out of them, feeling a little scared, and very shy, but wanting so much for him to touch me again.

“I think we should let you be a bit more comfortable for this, so stand up and turn around, and lets see if your bottom will let you sit on it” he said, and I slowly eased myself off the desk, finding that as well as being a little stiff across the back, I was very reluctant to face him now, nervous as I was, and with no knickers, and it being so very obvious that I was desperate for him to touch me, down there, where I had never been touched before. What could he think of me? That I was some sex-mad slut that did this all the time? He must, surely, and I couldn’t bear to think of him seeing me that way, but what else could he think, given the way I so obviously wanted him to carry on?

So, it was only slowly that I turned around, and with my face flushed, and looking at the ground.

“What’s the matter Anne?” came the soft voice, and his hand was under my chin, tipping my head up, making me look at him.

I closed my eyes, and shook my head a little, “Nothing, it’s just…”

Just what? What could I say? Dear Ümraniye Masöz Escort Sir, I’m a silly scared little virgin, but please don’t stop or I think I’ll die? Oh, and please don’t laugh at me, and send me away, because that would kill me too? Hardly!

“Do you want me to stop doing this?” and his hand was back between my legs, stroking gently, but insistently, and now a finger was searching for something, and then, making me gasp and my eyes fly open, was up inside me a little way, and I had to grab hold of his shoulders, or I’m sure my legs would have given way, and dumped me in a heap on the floor!

Muscles I never knew I had were gripping tightly onto his finger, as he worked it in and out, only a little way, but enough to have me babbling frantically to him, telling him all the things that a second ago I would rather have died than say, about being a virgin, and please don’t stop, but please don’t hurt me, oh but PLEASE don’t stop!!

His free hand went to my hair, stroking it, and pressing my head against his shoulder

“Shh, I know, it’s alright, don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you. Relax, I’m not judging you, I know it’s all new, and scary, but I promise you if you trust me, you’ll enjoy it..” his voice was soothing, and I somehow felt safe, and warm, and I snuggled closer to him, breathing in the smell of him, and even daring to let one hand slide from his shoulder, across and down his back, revelling in the feel of the strength of him, the heat of him, through his crisp shirt. And all the time, his finger was just inside me, moving slowly in and out, just a little way, but driving me wild, and I started to push down onto it, wanting to feel more, no longer caring whether it hurt, I just wanted to feel that finger all the way in me!

“Ah no, not yet, I’ve got something much better to take care of that later” he murmured, as his hand left me, and I groaned in frustration.

My hair was grabbed, and my head yanked back, and then his lips were on mine, stifling any further protests. Hot and insistent they crushed mine against my teeth, till I opened my mouth, and I felt his tongue darting in, flicking over my tongue, and then pulling back a little, and running over my lips, then darting back into my mouth. I couldn’t help but respond, pressing hard back against his mouth, tasting his lips and tongue with my own, whimpering with pleasure. I drew his tongue into my mouth and sucked it, hard, and then as he started to draw back, I drew his bottom lip into my mouth, and sucked that.

“Oh, you like to suck, do you? Do you want something else to suck on baby? I can give you something you’ll really enjoy sucking, but first, let’s just see…”

His fingers were briefly in my wet pussy again, two of them, stroking along the length of my lips, inside, all wet and slippery, then they were gone again, and his lips were back on mine, my head still pulled back. I opened my mouth to his kisses, and then his mouth was gone, and something long and hard was in my mouth, and his breath was hot in my ear, as he commanded “Suck hard, Anne, come on, show me what you can do! Wrap those lips around my fingers and suck them dry! DO IT!!”

I nearly choked as I realised he had his fingers, the same fingers that had been teasing my soaking wet cunt into its present wanton state, in my mouth!! All wet from my juices! I gagged, and tried to pull my head away, but he just forced his fingers deeper into my mouth, and held my hair in a grip of iron, so I couldn’t escape.

“No you don’t, you do as I tell you!” he said, “Think of it as a steep learning curve, and I’m sure I’m going fast enough to keep you busy! Now suck my fingers, or am I going to have to show you what a real hard lesson can feel like? There will be no promises not to hurt you then, trust me on this Anne.”

He was using his hard voice again, and his fingers were fucking my mouth as he spoke, the same way one had fucked my cunt a little earlier, but this was rough, and it seemed my feelings were of no importance, it was just my obedience that was required.

So I sucked, reluctantly, and not without a few retches. The taste was unusual, to say the least. I had heard it described as “musky” before, without knowing really what that meant. (Hey, I might have been a virgin, but I did read about sex, y’know!!”)

Well, now I was getting first hand experience of what it meant. Once I had accepted the fact that there was no way around it, and had managed to ignore the fact that this was my pussy juice I was tasting, it wasn’t actually too bad. And the fingers filling my mouth were strangely exciting, and I began to suck in earnest, and then I started to run my tongue around them, feeling their strength, and all the little changes of skin texture. I forced my tongue in-between them, caressing their lengths, even daring to graze them with my teeth, then becoming bolder, wrapping my lips tightly around them I started to move my head backwards and forwards myself, flicking at them with my tongue as I did so. I even dared open my eyes, and look up at him, seeking his approval. He smiled as he caught me looking at him, and nodded slowly

“That’s a very good girl, I think that’ll do for now. There will be more lessons in sucking later! Have you ever seen a man’s cock?”

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