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My name is Leigh. Well my girl name, I am a cross-dresser. I just feel right to me and I guess that is how I am. All my stories are based on truth; but the places and names have been changed.

Friday night and I was ready to hits this clubs but I needed to stop at my Aunt’s old house on the east side of town first. Long story short: The family was selling it and my cousin had a plumber working at the house today and I was asked to check the house, make sure the plumber left everything in good shape for the carpet estimator to stop by tomorrow.

I slid into the driver’s seat of my car, and I mean literally slid into the seat. I was wearing a black stretchy mini dress with a long sleeved jacket and sinfully black nylons. When I got in the car, my dressed hiked up reveling my pink panties. I adjusted the hem of my dress to a more respectable level and situated my heels onto the pedals as I started the car. My perception of my own sexiness was heightened when I had to adjust to my outfits to do simple tasks, like driving a car with heels; not to mention the chance of being caught dressed like a girl, driving through town.

It was a short 15-minute drive to my aunt’s house but I already had three different fantasies about me walking in on the plumber, or maybe plumbers, plural and they had their way with me in the kitchen. A girl can dream right? I parked on the street and walked up to the house letting myself in the front door.

The house was an empty two-story home with three bedrooms and a full basement. My aunt had lived here for over 50 years before the steps became too much for her and had to move to a smaller apartment. I locked the front door behind myself and recovered the plumber’s key from the fireplace mantel in the living room. Since my cousin lives four hours away, he would mail contractors keys, so they could let themselves in, do what needed done and I reclaimed the keys for my cousin’s next visit.

As I walked through the empty house I imagined what it would be like if I could be a girl full time without all the pressures of my current life: career, kids, ex-wife, and bills. I checked the downstairs powder room and before I reached the stairs, I stopped to admire myself in the hall mirror. I could not resist smoothing my hands down the front and back of my new stretchy dress. I was getting horny again, I thought to myself it was a good thing I had a gaff on and I had masturbated about 5 times before I left the house or my smooth silky front would have a speed bump. Walking up the stairs in my tight stretchy dress was making me horny enough to need to rub one more out.

The upstairs hallway carpet had blown insulation tracked down its length, probably from the plumbers. Not a big deal but the carpets had to be “well vacuumed” for the carpet estimator or we would be assessed an additional fee for “dirty carpet” removal. I went to the spare bedroom and pulled out the Kirby. The giant polished aluminum vacuum my aunt had for years.

Just as I finished balıkesir escort vacuuming, I thought I heard a noise causing me to pause from winding the cord back to the machine’s handle. It freaked me out; I thought I heard the front door shut and the lock click. I stood motionless searching for any sound, anything to pacify my fears but all I could hear was my heart. I started to pull the monster vacuum back to the closet when I heard a questioning “HELLO” from the base of the stairs.

I completely freaked out, dressed like a girl in an empty house, alone. Who knows who it is or what they will do when they find a crossdresser. I feel I can handle myself but in a tight clubbing dress and heels, I was actually starting to panic. I started carefully descending the stairs, when I got to the first landing, I could see the intruder. He was looking up at me smiling and as I slowly arrived to the foyer, he offered his hand, helping me down the last couple of steps. He was a little taller than I was and seemed skinny but the definition in his arms eluded to a swimmers build was hiding under that polo shirt and khaki pants. His curly hair reminded me of David (the first person I gave a blowjob to in collage).

“My name is James; your cousin hired me to replace the floorings. I hope you don’t mind, he gave me the key and said to stop by any time after Thursday,” he said. I was beginning to relax a little bit; this person was not going to kill me. At least not, right away.

“I’m Leigh,” I offered as I extended my hand again. This time James turned it and kissed the back of my hand.

“Please don’t mention how I’m dressed to my family,” I said trying not to sound like I was begging.

James chuckled and said, “No problem.”

I caught myself biting my bottom lip involuntarily. James did remind me a lot of the first guy I let stick his cock in my mouth and it was hard not to daydream of days gone by.

I lead James upstairs to the first of three bedrooms. I helped hold the end of the tape measure as he first measured then made notes on his clipboard. As we moved from room to room, I could see him checking me out and when we talked, it was obvious he was having trouble looking me in the eyes not staring at my boobs. A few times, I stopped and turned to find his gaze on my ass or legs. I was flattered and I began flirting with James as we went through the house even going so far as to lay my hand on his chest when I laughed at his jokes. I admit I liked the attention and if he asked, I would have gone home with him.

In the upstairs hallway, James brushed the back of his hand across my ass and I pretended not to notice, but the next time we passed, I did stick my ass out a little intentionally rubbing my ass against his crotch. I still, could not get the idea of sucking his cock out of my mind. The idea of wrapping my lips around his cock, I could almost hear his sudden inhale as I sucked him into the back of my mouth. My balıkesir escort bayan mind drifted to the feel of his hands in my hair and the noises he might make as I draw his cock into my mouth.

When we came to measure the basement stairs, James was a few steps lower than I was and I had sat on my heels to speak to him. Evidently, I was not 100% lady-like because he was blatantly checking out the pink thong I was wearing under my mini-dress. I knew then something was going to happen before James left the house.

James excused himself to the kitchen where he was making notes on his clipboard. As I walked towards him I made sure, I swayed my hips as I walked with perfect poise towards him.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice you checking me out. You have wanted to get your hands on me since I first walked in haven’t you?” I asked is a soft voice.

He nodded in agreement.

“Well I’m right here…”

James walked across the kitchen, pulled my body against his, and pressed his lips to mine in a deep romantic kiss while his hands wandered over my smooth dress. Once his hands had a firm grip on my ass, he slipped his tongue past my lips. I followed his lead, letting my tongue find his, letting him guide me to the edge of the counter where his kissing became more passionate and desperate. His mouth moved to my chin, then kissing down my jawline he paused at my ear and whispered, “Fuck, you’re hot!” before moving to my neck. The pressure of his mouth on my neck, a little sucking, maybe some biting, the firm grip he had on my ass, all of it together I could feel his intensity; I let myself give up what control I had and I actually involuntarily moaned as his mouth worked it’s magic.

Until now, my hands were just tracing his sides. He took one of my hands and guided it to his crotch. I began tracing his cock through his pants while he bit and sucked gently on my neck. My head tilted back and my eyes closed allowing him to do as he pleased. He moved back to my mouth and kissed me then slapped me hard on the ass; his mouth muffled my surprised yelp as we continued to kiss.

We turned so he was leaning against the counter then he ordered me to “Take it out”.

His hands were exploring my dress as I pulled on his belt and found his zipper. As his pants fell to the floor he took, my head in both hands and guided me to the floor. Kneeling I pulled his boxer briefs down releasing his hard cock. It bobbed in front of me for a moment. This is the moment I find the most arousing; having a man’s cock hovering right in front of me waiting for my mouth to swallow it. Normally I would take my time, but today it was not at my pace.

James let out a low growl as he pulled my face towards his cock impaling my mouth on his shaft until I gaged. I saw stars and my eyes began to water at first then he managed not to shove it in so far and set a manageable rhythm. He was controlling my head with measured thrusts bobbing escort balıkesir me up and down on his shaft.

“Make a little noise sissy boy,” James demanded through clenched teeth.

His comment startled me and my eyes went wide for a moment but I complied and began making deep moaning sounds as he continued to move my head back and forth as if I was an adult toy. Now and then, he would push in deep where his balls would push up against my chin but as soon as I showed any sign of distress, he pulled back and let me catch my breath. He even asked if I was doing ok, all I could did was nod yes. James switched to holding my head still and thrusting his hips towards my face. I should not have liked this but I caught myself moaning deep as I let his cock fuck my mouth. I even tried to keep my eyes open, I wanted to see his cock slide into my mouth and watch his abs flexing as he thrust into me.

“You fucking love that cock, don’t you sissy boy?” James grunted.

I was really getting into his rhythmic thrusts. The head of his cock sliding along my tongue then curving to the roof of my mouth and sliding back until just before I gagged, only to have it retreat to my lips and start the journey over again. I moaned even deeper as his cock worked my mouth, then something changed. I had my hands on his thighs to balance myself and I felt his thrust begin to tremble, his cock became even harder, and he began bucking my face erratically. His cock was entering my throat on every other thrust and the noises he was making were coming from deep in his throat, animal, lustful noises.

“Fucking take it bitch, fuck yea, you little cunt, look at me” James hissed.

I looked up as James cock stopped thrusting; his legs began to tremble as his cock shot the first of his cum to the back of my throat. I closed my eyes as I tried to swallow, I could feel his meat swelling and relaxing as it pumped his seed past my lips. James yelled at me to look at him, he wanted to look into my eyes as his seed invaded my mouth and slipped down my throat. His hand went to my throat so he could feel every movement of my throat constricting and relaxing, like a snake swallowing its meal.

James cock was dry but he held onto me so his cock could not slip out, he wanted me to hold it. Therefore, I knelt there slobbering on his cock as it relaxed.

“Fuck you really get into sucking some dick don’t you, little girl,” James gasped as he stood there with is head looking towards the celling.

James pulled up his boxers then helped me up off the floor. I straightened my dress and got some water while James straightened himself out. James pulled me tight to him, kissed me on the cheek.

We made small talk as we walked to the front door.

“Hey, if you are ever looking to a good time, me and some of my friends get together on Saturday nights. We normally have a couple sissy boys like you there, nothing formal just some head and maybe some fucking. Interested?” James said as he handed me his card with his cell written on the back.

“I’ve never had group sex before,” I said smiling.

“Well this would be a first for you, oh and by the way; I took $200 off the estimate for your cousin for…your assistance today,” James smiled as he walked out to his truck.

I locked up the house and could not stop smiling the rest of the night.

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