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DoggingI’d heard quite a lot of things about dogging, how filthy it could get, but I’d never tried it as I wasn’t even really sure where to go. My sexy owner next door was more than enough for me at first, but now I was craving even more.I went online, the usual sites, and researched/asked around where I could go dogging in the nearby area. I’d got talking to many regulars from the area and I’d come up with a reasonable plan. I’d finally just received my car, I knew it was about time to start my new adventures. The spot I wanted was around 30 minutes from my house, I set off around 8pm and made my way. I had to drive through a mostly secluded woodland, one main road going through it. I followed it through until my SAT Nav told me I had to turn onto more of a dirt road. At the end of the road was a car park. There was practically no light, it was almost fully surrounded by trees.As I pulled It looked empty, I parked my car and waited. After around 5/10 minutes several cars slowly started to drive through. One particular car stopped on the opposite end of the carpark to me. He turned his lights off, but then flashed them. Unsure of what it meant, I flashed mine back at him. He slowly creeped forward until his car was super close to me. I bahis siteleri rolled my window down as he approached. “Hey baby” he said “i don’t think I’ve seen you around here before”He was tall, Dark and handsome, Probably in his late 50s.He was staring at me, biting his lip. “Mmm yeah I’m glad I got you first, there would’ve been a queue for you” he said as I smirked. “So um, what now, do I get in yours?” I asked.“I’ve got a better idea” he laughed.By now there were probably 5/6 cars around, no doubt all eager horny men. My “Partner” turned his lights back on, illuminating the edge of the woodland. I instantly recognised what he wanted. So I got out of my car, undressed to my underwear and walked over to some of the trees. It didn’t take him long to follow, within minutes he had his cock inside me. He had such great stamina. He pounded my tight little hole fast and hard, as he rotated from passionately kissing me and moaning and growling in my ear. I could hear branches snapping around us, but I thought nothing of it. That was until I heard a loud “ohh fucking hell” coming from the dark. A few seconds later a man walked past us smiling, is cock still throbbing.”Thankyou” he said to us both”sounded like a big one” I laughed. “He’s canlı bahis good isn’t he?” The man asked. “Yes” we both replied, instantaneously. I turned my head to him, he smiled and then began kissing me again. “Is there anyone else out there” I asked him “probably a few baby” he moaned in my ear. His long, deep strokes were finally slowing down. I heard a muffled “I’m close” through his heavy breathing.He grabbed my cock and bent me over further. “Together baby” he cried out as he began to furiously wank my cock. I lasted around 40 seconds before I blew a huge load onto the floor, my entire body started to stiffen as I reached heaven. He wasn’t far behind, he shot a hot and creamy load inside of me moments later.“Thankyou sir” I said as he walked me back to the cars “sorry I didn’t he to suck you, I’m very good at that” “yeah? Show me” he replied. As he shouted out into the dark for any peering pervs to come out. He took my phone number from me and saved it into his phone as put me onto my knees infront on my car and he climbed back into his car. 3 figures were emerging from the dark, as they got closer I could make them out. One was short, middle aged with a pretty small cock. The other two seemed to know eachother, one was around canlı bahis siteleri the same age as my last “friend” and the other was atleast in his late 70s with a big throbbing cock in his hands. The 2 sexier guys got to me first, I immediately got to work on them. I took the biggest in my mouth and the other in my hand. They wouldn’t allow the third to join in, he was forced to cum from more of a distance. Both men had already been wanking a lot so they were already pretty close. I took turns sucking them until they were both ready to explode. I started to work their cocks super fast with both hands, one on either side of me. I was on my knees, tongue out and begging for cum. They really didn’t disappoint. The younger of the two came a lot, he practically covered my face all himself, but it was his friend who really turned me on. He gave me such a creamy, perfect load. Half on my tongue, half on my face. As he finished, he lifted my head up towards him. “Show me” he demanded. I stuck my tongue out, still covered in his hot mess. “good boy, now swallow”. I obliged. He smiled, kissed me on my forehead and they both walked away. The 3 cars drove away around the same time as I got back into my car. I just sat there, covered and filled with cum, happy. I played the night back in my head as I wanked off with my hand sticky with their cum. I recorded myself cumming naked in my car, glazed with beautiful cum. I sent it to my new friend with a message of ‘until next time’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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