Dom Bottom Ch. 03

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We text during the week. I pass on two of my regular sub tops, telling them I’m not in the mood for their dick. I’m horny, but not for them. Diego, yes, we fucking exchanged names. Real names. He’s kept me on edge all week. I’m no better. The text are flirty and I find myself looking forward to the damn things. He’s ruining my game and I don’t mind. I do have to put him in his place.

“I woke up with my dick missing you.” I wake up to a picture of his mocha baby arm screaming for my attention. “I woke up missing you too.” He adds a kissing emoji. My cock chubs while my hole twitches. I imagine kissing those lips, feeling that cock slide between my cheeks, slowly fucking me good morning.

I shake the thought from my head. I go to pour myself my first cup of coffee. He messages me when he first wakes up, four in the morning. I wait till I have my first cup of coffee at six fifteen. I don’t trust myself till I do. “Funny how you think that’s still your dick.” I respond back. Then send a carefully posed picture of my ass from the night before. “You got to earn this, boy.”

He’ll respond during his lunch time. “You know no one care take care of that ass like I can.” He’ll send a carefully posed selfie in his car. “When you going to let me take care of the rest of you?” He asks that every day. I guess I should be flattered he wants more, but I’m not that guy. Still the idea lingers in my thoughts. “One night, let me take the lead. Let me show you some Puerto Rican love.”

My loins stir when I read that and imagine what he’d do to me if given the chance. “Be careful, you might get burned by this Mexican’s heat.” I send back. I never answer him otherwise when he sends that. I’ll send him a gym selfie later that day, and he’ll respond back with one flexing those long sinewy muscles. They’re not big, but I know they are hard and strong.

He goes to bed around nine, and I send a side picture of me with my ass in tight underwear that emphasize my plumpness. “Sleep well, boy. Be good and I might let you unwrap this again.” The truth is, I’m going to let him unwrap it as much as he wants, for as long as he sticks around. I find myself hoping he sticks around for a while.

He sends back two pictures, every time, both of him in bed. One of his head on his shoulders, sleepy. One of the head in his pants, excited “You’re the one who better rest up. I’m going to wear you out. Does this look like some little boy dick to you? All man here. Your man. Sweet dreams my spicy tamale.”

It goes like this all week. Finally I relent on Thursday. I don’t know what comes over me, but I do. I say it’s to prove him wrong, to see what he can come up with. That’s a lie. He’s gotten to me. In a moment of weakness, I send him the message. “Okay, baby, you get one chance. This weekend, you take the lead.” I expect to regret it as soon as I send it. I don’t.

“For real?” He sends back with a selfie showcasing that million dollar smile. “I’m going to make you feel real good. I’ll be over tomorrow right at eight. You be ready for some real Puerto Rican loving, my hot tamale.” I want to tell him to fuck off, but I can’t. I want him to fuck me, long, hard deep and dirty.

Friday comes around and he’s eager. I’m having second thoughts. He asked me to wear my robe and a jock. I was planning on wearing it anyways, so I oblige. He’s right on time. I watch him swagger up to the door. He’s got an extra pep in his step. I’m going to have to deal with that. I decide I’m not going through with it. I’m taking back control.

When I let him in, my inner beast awaken. I pull him by the shirt towards me, intent on kissing him hard and rough, but he blocks my lips with his hand. I make to move his hand away, but he pushes me off him. He looks at me with disappointment in his face. “I knew you weren’t serious.” He steps to me, lifts my head to his and kisses me, not hard, but slow, sensual, and deep. I’m left breathless when he breaks the kiss.

“I told you I was going to take care of you.” His voice is low and rumbly. “You told me I could.” He puts a finger to my lips before I can say anything. “Sshh. Let me lead this dance, Armond.” He takes my hand and leads me back to my bedroom. He sits on the foot of my bed and brings me between his legs. He lets go of my hand and pulls me to him, resting his head against my hard belly.

I relax into him. I let my hands move up to his head and cradle it against me. “You win.” I say softly. “You lead.” He looks up with me and smiles. He doesn’t say a word. He stands up, pulls a bandana from his pocket. He wraps it around my eyes, securing it behind my head. “Hey.” I move to take it off, but he stops me.

“Trust me.” He takes my hand and guides me to the side of the bed. “I’m going to make you feel real good.” He unties my robe, slides his hands across my warm skin. He gaziantep escort rests them on the small of my back, instead of my ass, to my surprise. “Do you trust me, Armond?” I nod. He takes a hand and lifts my chin up. I can feel the brush of his lips. “Say it, Armond.”

The words catch in my throat. Then I say softly, “I trust you, Diego.” His lips press against mine. I’m lost in the kiss. He pushes my robe off my shoulders, it falls to the floor. He moves me to the bed then lays me down, breaking the kiss. “Diego?” I reach up for him as he pulls away. He takes my hand, eases my fear. He lays my hand back down on the bed, then I feel the back of his hand move across my chest.

I hear him grunt as he watches me react to his touch. “Don’t worry, baby. I got you.” I can hear him undress. My senses are heightened. This is why I do this to my tops on occasion. It drives them wild. It used to drive me wild back when I let my tops take control. “You okay, baby?” He asks, he touches my face gently. He climbs on top of me, his hard cock resting against mine in its pouch. “You’ve taken me for a ride, let me take you now.”

I feel the press of his smooth toned body against mine, he spreads my legs open and settles in between. He kisses me. Soft. Just lips. My legs intertwine with his, an old instinct, and my hand goes to his back, feeling taunt hard muscles he got from hard work. He gives me another soft wet kiss. I go for more, but he backs away. “Tell me, Armond, do you want me to be your boy or your man tonight?”

I can feel his lips are just close enough to touch. He anticipates my move to kiss, turning his head to the side. “Tonight, I want you to be my man.” I finally relent. I’m rewarded with a kiss. His full lips are so soft. His tongue slips into my mouth. I allow him to set the pace, the tempo, enjoying the feel of his body on mine as he slides his cock along mine. I fight the groan in my belly from escaping.

His lips leave mine. “Let go, baby.” He begins by doing slow intricate circles on my neck. I stifle a gasp, but my nails dig into his back. “That’s it.” He murmurs softly. “Let me know what feels good.” He returns to his work, tasting the sensitive skin. He moves down pressing his lips, caressing my skin.

He moves down slowly, his hands gliding over my sides. He takes my nipple in his mouth, a soft kiss then flick with his tongue. I can’t fight it anymore. I let out a low moan as his tongue dances across my nipples. I expect him to latch on, but he just continues slowly toying with my nub. “Oh, fuck, Diego.” I finally gasp. I find his face with my hands and run my fingers over his close cropped hair. He kisses his way to the other side, his hands still petting my sides with delicate touches.

He moves down to my stomach. His makes slow deliberate designs with his tongue. I want to tear off the blindfold, pounce on him, but I won’t, I can’t. That’s when I realize I’ve been moaning his name. “Diego, fuck, oh, my god, Diego.” My fingers are on his shoulders, squeezing hard every time he finds another sensitive spot.

His left hand finds my dick, trapped in the cloth confines. He gives it a light squeeze, then runs his hand slowly along my length. I let out a gasp when he replaces his hand with his mouth. He sucks on my cum soaked jock. I’m digging into his skin. He takes my hands from his shoulders and restrains them by my sides. He finds my tip and mouths it. I arch up into him. He lets out a low growl of amusement.

He teases me for a few minutes before pausing to give me a moment to catch my breath. I’m panting. I can feel his breath on my skin. He’s hovering just above my body, like a viper ready to strike. I’m lost in a haze of pleasure. He releases my hands for a moment, slipping his arms under my legs. He places my thighs on his shoulders and then intertwines his hand with mine. “Just enjoy the ride, baby.” His voice is low, hungry, deep and reassuring.

I only have the briefest of moments to prepare before he strikes. I first feel the warm press of his mouth on the sensitive skin where my thigh meets my groin. I struggle as my body jerks and twists. His tongue laps in long slow precise strokes. He holds my hands down, ignoring my pleasurable dilemma. My body is overwhelmed with sparks and blasts of orgasmic joy. My mind is clouded in sexual lust. I feel a soft wet kiss on my inner thigh giving me the briefest reprieves when I feel him on the other side resuming his casual tasting.

I’m not sure how much time passes when he finally grants me a true moment of rest. I’m trying to catch my breath. My muscles tremble with weakness as they finally relax. I feel him lower my legs, and climb my body. His lips graze over mine. I lean in for a kiss. He pulls back. I groan in frustration. He hovers his lips again over mine. I press my hips against his, feeling the length of him slide against my groin.

“Say it for me, Armond.” His lips barely touching mine when he says the words softly to me. “You know what I want to hear.” I know what he wants to hear, but I resist. I grind hard against him. He presses me down, refusing to give me any quarter. “Come on, Armond.” He presses hard against me.”

I struggle with the words. I want him to keep on, but don’t want to admit it. I lick my lips, trying to taste him there. My body is begging, no screaming for him to continue. I run my hands over his back, but he stays resilient. I take a deep breath. I can smell his cologne. My mind and body wage a war. “You’re my man.” I finally say, longing dripping from my voice.

“Not yet, but I’m going to be.” His deep voice exudes pride. Before I can respond, he kisses me, tempering the burning fire in me. I’m kissing him with a rushed need, but he brings me back under his control. I’m grasping him, holding him close, fearful he’ll stop. He presses his need into me. I want him in me. He pulls back, his lips skim mine.

I’m lost in the tender moment. He then flips me with ease, his chest to my back, he nipples my ear, his cock slides along my quivering hole. I push back, trying to guide him in. “Not yet, baby.” He growls in my ear. He moves my hands above my head. “Keep those there for me, will you, baby?” He kisses the back of my neck, releasing a gasp from me, cutting off any words I was about to say.

He slowly kisses down my back. My skin crawls with tiny explosions of orgasmic jolts from his trail of kisses down my spine. I feel his hands glide lovingly over my ample mounds. His breath is hot on my skin. I feel the goosebumps rise with anticipation. He spreads me open. He pauses. I quiver with anticipation. Just when I can’t stand it anymore. He licks me. From bottom to top in one glorious long luxurious stoke.

I fist the pillows while releasing pent up moans and groans. He slowly traces my outer ring. I know the flavor of passion fruit is exploding across his tongue. He’s running his tongue slowly across the smooth skin, refusing to give into the urge to feast. His tongue is massaging caressing me, opening me up. Then I feel the light press. He’s in, playing with my warm insides.

His tongue darts in and out quickly. I gasp. He pulls back, blowing cool air on my skin. I feel a tender kiss on my hole, then runs his long thumb up and down it, testing my readiness. I push back, sliding onto his finger. He begins adorning my cheeks with kisses while his thumb slowly wiggles in me. My bottom lip trembles when he touches my spot. My cock is screaming. I’m whimpering for his cock in me.

He pulls his thumb from me to my dismay. He tugs down my jock, releasing my swollen cock. He glides his body up mine, covering my body with his. His tongue runs across my ear. I grind my ass against him, trying to slip him in, but his lengthy cock has the tip just out of reach. “Easy, baby.” He soothes in my ear. “You’ll get the good stuff soon. I’m going to take off this blindfold, but I’m still in control. Okay?”

I grunt my acknowledgement, my words lost from the sexual animal he’s drawn out in me. It’s taking every bit of control for me not to toss him off me and pounce. The blindfold slips from my head. I blink, adjusting to the low light he’s bathed the room in. He turns me onto my back, our eyes meet. Mine are full of hunger and desires. His are full of lust and longing.

His hand brushes my face adoringly and then he kisses me, sharing the taste of passion fruit that lingers on his tongue. My arms go around him, holding him close with need and desire. He turns us so I am on top of him. I straddle him, feeling the familiar poke of his excitement behind me. “Suck me.” He requests softly. I try to move down him, but he holds me still, then adds, “While I suck you.”

He lets go with reluctance. We maneuver to lay side by side. I’m face to face with the mouthwatering prize dripping with excitement. Before I could sample a morsel, I feel his lips surround my head. His tongue methodically studies my cock head. I center myself, stealing myself against the rapture he’s inflicting. I take his thick cock in hand and bring to my hungry mouth.

I make sounds of satisfaction. His precum coats my lips as it brushes past. My tongue welcomes him, guiding him in. My mouth stretches easily around him, hugs his thickness. I pull him down my throat. My nose rests in his balls when his hand finds my hole and begins to methodically strum it. I fight to contain it, but an explosion of sexual craze overcomes me and I’m impaling myself on his cock. I’m gorging myself on his divine meat and gulping down his sweet essence.

I can feel the heat in me rise from his casual exploring of my cock and ass. His mouth moves in contrast to mine, slow and steady. I feel his tongue slide around my cock, and I can barely stand it. His cock is buried deep in my throat, my hands are on his ass, fingers digging into the firm flesh. I’m doing my best to control my impulses, but he’s purposely breaking down that resolve. I find that I am liking it.

My cock slides from his mouth and his falls from my mouth with a loud pop as he moves me back to the head of the bed, gingerly laying my head down on the pillow. There’s a casual brush of my hair from my eyes by him as he takes up position between my legs. Our eyes lock as he lifts one leg then the other up over his shoulders.

He watches my face, seeing the lust as he rubs his cock over my hole. He pulls lube and a condom out, never breaking eye contact as he slips it on and lubes up. I feel the press of him and I exhale the breath I didn’t know I was holding. He slides in me at a snail’s pace. He pushes deep into me, filling me and my need till his hips are pressed against mine. My eyes roll back in bliss when I feel all of him inside of me.

His eyes never leave mine. He leans forward, folding me in half. He rotates his hips slowly to bring me back to him. Our eyes connect and he begins his slow grind. He’s taking his time, drawing out the pleasurable madness. My hands are caressing his face. He knows he has me. “Who am I?” He asks in a low growl. “Tell me Armond. I want to hear you say it.” He rotates his hips again for emphasis.

I groan before finally refocusing. “Diego.” I respond breathless. He long dicks me, hard, showing his disapproval of my answer. I grunt then relock eyes with him. “You’re mine.” I growl with fierceness. “You’re my man.” A smug grin expands across his face. He leans in, kissing me. He speeds up his gentle thrusts into me. My arms surround him. I moan into the kiss.

He keeps a steady rhythm going, occasionally gyrating his hips. I’m lost in him, in the moment, in the feel of his cock sliding deep inside me and the feel of his body intertwined with mine. My juices are slicking us up as he moves across my cock with each thrust. Beads of perspiration bead on his sex hot skin. I can barely focus on the imminent eruption he’s about to unleash from me.

I see him, above me. The sensual sexual energy exudes from him. The last vestiges of my restraint burn away. He unhooks one leg, moving me to my side, letting him reach deeper into me. Our eyes remained locked in silent conversation. His cock throbs with the impending climax. He’s close. I’m close. Neither one of us can hold back, nor do we want to.

He moves to spoon me, lifting my leg with one arm, the other sliding under me to hold me close, his cock never leaves me in the move. My head turns for a kiss. His pace quickens. The sound of our pounding flesh is barely audible over our sounds of sex. I can feel him swell in me, his cock pulse in anticipation.

Our moans and groans become whimpers as we inch closer and closer climax. His hold tighten around me. His cock stretches me further as it prepares to unleash its load. My own dick is ready to explode. He breaks the kiss to nuzzle his cheek against mine. “I can’t hold back anymore, baby.” He says softly, voice cracking from lust. “I’m going to nut, Armond, I’m going to blow.”

“Do it, Diego.” I growl, not wanting it to end, but ready to catch the magnificent high we’ve been chasing. “Shoot that load, baby, shoot it.” The command sets him free. I feel the pulse of his cock as he fills the condom in me. He howls his in triumph. Finally catching that elusive euphoria. He comes down, biting the soft of my neck, careful not to break or mark the skin. This triggers my own cock to shoot, blasting load after load forth. Spasms of charged sexual energy overtaking my body.

We lay, still pressed together, basking in the rapture of our excitement, his cock still resting in me. He holds me tight to his chest, the tenderness not lost on me. I relax against his heaving chest. He lovingly kisses the side of my neck. I mumbled incoherently encouragement to continue. I can feel him slowly soften in me. We stay spooned till he finally slips from me. I turn in his arms so I can nuzzle his chest.

“I like what we did before.” He says softly. “I just want to do that for you every now and again.” I look up to say something, but his mouth is on mine, preventing any response. I’m still lost in the kiss when he stops. “Armond, don’t fight it. We both know neither one of us is going anywhere.” He pulls me close. “So just fucking enjoy it and boss my ass in bed whenever you want, you sexy bastard.”

I give him a wry grin, relishing in the press of him against me. We’re both half hard again. I release the hesitation and fear in me. “Fuck it, Diego.” I look into those warm eyes. “I’ll let you be my man.” He stifles a laugh at my words. “Just you for now,” I kiss him, “only you, my man.” His eyes brighten at my words. “Let go get cleaned up so we can do that again before bed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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