Donna Degraded

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Pat walked into the bar for after work drinks and joined his coworkers; his friends constantly commented on the sexy women in the bar. “Donna has them all beat, my wife makes them look like little boys!”

They told Pat that his wife was attractive but that it was difficult to tell the way she dressed. Soon they were heading home except for Carla, a very sensual Latin woman of thirty nine with long black hair and big brown eyes and a D cup breast the same number as her age. “Oh, this song is my favorite, let’s dance Pat.” They glided across the dance floor; Pat held the beauty close to him and gazed in her eyes. The 22 year old Pat was 5’10” tall, just two inches more than Carla; he had brown hair and eyes. The song ended and they went back to the table.

“You know, they are right, your wife is beautiful but it’s hard to tell the way she dresses.”

“I know, I wish that you could give her lessons on how to dress, you are so sexy. I would give anything to get her to dress sexy like you, so that I could show her off; I want everyone to see her body!”

“It is not only her clothes but the way she acts as well, she is so uptight, how is she in bed? Does she like sex?”

“To tell the truth, she is cold. I wish she would let go and have wild sex.”

“Poor Pat, come home with me and I will show you what you are missing!”

“Don’t tempt me, I need hot sex.”

She put her hand on his lap and said, “I don’t tease, you are getting hard already, let’s go to my place.”

They entered her apartment and she stripped and he was drooling, Carla got on her knees and felt his stiff cock. “Take your fucking pants off, I want your cock in my mouth!” Pat wasted no time disrobing. She was sucking furiously, Carla let his 8″ cock plop out of her mouth and pushed him back on the sofa and straddled him, placing his hard cock into her hungry pussy. It did not take him long to cum, he was not used to this passion. Then she sat on his face and ordered, ” Eat my cunt, and clean it all out. Yes that’s it!” After she reached orgasm, she lit a cigarette and asked him how he liked it.

“Great, too bad you can’t come home with me and show Donna how it is done.”

“Well if it is so important to you, I could be of help. I have a friend that has all kinds of stuff that we could give her to lose her inhibitions. We could get her to do anything that we want. Your sweet little wife would become our fuck slut!”

“Do you really mean it, my cock is getting hard again just thinking about it.”

“Sure, for you anything, tonight I will see my friend and take care of everything. Tomorrow is Saturday and we will have plenty of time to have fun with her. Call me and we will set it up.”

Pat was so excited on the drive home; now everybody will see what a beauty his wife was. He could hardly wait for others to see his blue-eyed 5’4″ blond wife and her pert 34 C-cup tits. He even wanted to show off her slender legs and blond pussy.

When they went to bed Pat was aroused, he kissed his wife, and sucked her tits while fingering her pussy. She was slightly moist but not sopping wet like Carla. Donna hardly moved when he fucked her. This bitch will change tomorrow he thought. The next day Donna was at the store and he called Carla.

“I’ve got the stuff; just tell her that a friend from work is coming to visit and I will put it in her drink. Then it is party time! Oh by the way, I am bisexual and will fuck her myself before we take her out and show her off. I will teach the bitch how to fuck!”

“Thank you Carla, this is going to be awesome. My cock will not stay down. See you later.”

“Let it stay hard baby, Carla knows how to take care of it. We will let her watch us fuck!”

At 4pm., Donna answered the door and was surprised to see Carla standing there in shorts and a tank top that displayed her ample bosom. Her high-heels made her look much taller and her black hair went half way down her back and glowed in the sunlight.

“Come in Carla, it is so good to see you again, you look stunning, I haven’t seen you since the Christmas party!”

“You remembered my name, how sweet,” Carla took the 21yr. old wife in her arms and kissed her full on the lips causing her to turn crimson in obvious embarrassment.

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“Sure, whatever is handy.” Donna called Pat to come downstairs and returned with three ice teas. The trio sat on the large sofa and Carla discussed work, which was the pretext for her visit.

Carla finished her tea and asked for more. While the unsuspecting wife went to the kitchen, the Latin beauty poured a white powder in Donna’s drink and stirred it well.

“What is that?” Pat questioned.

“It is two things, one will make her horny as hell and the other will get her high. Watch the change in her as she drinks her tea. In twenty minutes, you will be watching me fuck your sweet wife.”

The pretty blond brushed back her shoulder length hair and served Carla her drink.

They talked and drank, Donna’s face bayrampaşa escort became flushed, and her hand kept going down to her crouch touching herself. Carla told Pat to go to her car and get a small black suitcase from her trunk. When he returned, he carried the case and helped Carla lead Donna to the bedroom.

“Wh- what are you doing?” the worried wife stuttered.

“I’ve been watching you bitch, you can’t keep your hands off that pussy, do you have a problem?”

“I…I…don’t know what’s wrong, I feel so hot!”

The buxom beauty told Pat to take her clothes off while she disrobed. Both women were naked and Carla kissed her passionately pressing their tits together; the dominating sexpot inserted two fingers in the blond pussy. “You are fucking soaked, I turn you on, don’t I. What a nasty slut you are. I want your husband to sit in that chair and watch me fuck the shit out of you!”

Pat sat down and Carla pushed the confused wife down on the bed. The sensual beauty opened the case and took out a 12″ black dildo and strapped it on. “We don’t need any lube; your cunt is hungry for this big black dick. I am going to fuck your slutty cunt better than you have ever been fucked before. Spread your legs wide baby.”

The large dildo was shoved up her tight little pussy. The little wife wrapped her thighs around her new lover and humped back hard. “Yes, that’s it, take it all up in you, good girl! Feels good doesn’t it? Tell me how much you like my big cock. Talk to me slut.”

“Yes!!! Fuck me with your big cock, I love it, fuck me; please don’t stop, I am going to cum, yes!” Donna’s cunt tightened its grip on the dildo as she reached orgasm. The voluptuous vixen withdrew the cock from the sopping cunt and brought it to her ruby red lips and demanded, “Suck my big cock, and lick up all the juice.”

The cute blond parted her lips and accepted the cock in her sweet little mouth and licked and sucked up all the love juice. “Shit! Look at her gobble that thing up! She never gave me a blow job.” Pat stated.

Carla glanced over at him and said. “Don’t cum Pat; soon I will call you over here and she will give you a blow job.”

Carla pushed her big tits in the sweet face and demanded. “Suck those big tits, yes!” Donna nursed on the huge tits with fervor. The seductive beauty then moved her pussy to the younger girl’s face and ordered. “Lick my cunt, stick your tongue as far up my hole as you can and wiggle it all around, good girl, now suck, yes, so good; don’t stop, fuck me with your tongue. That’s so fucking good; I am going to cum all over your sweet face! Yes.”

Donna was gasping for breath as Carla lifted her sopping cunt from her face. Carla motioned with her hand for Pat to join them. She grabbed his stiff cock and sucked on it; she let it slip out and kissed all over the shaft. “Are you watching this you dumb cunt? Your husband tells me you never give him head. Well, I just demonstrated how to suck a cock. Let’s see what you have learned.” The sensual Latin guided his dick to her lips. Donna willingly sucked his cock.

“That is enough; now I want you to watch me fuck your husband. Watch and you will see how a real woman fucks.” She lay next to the young wife and told Pat to fuck her. Pat was so hot that he shot his load in a few minutes. Then Donna was made to lick and suck them both clean.

The young disorientated wife was trying to compose herself and make sense of all of this in her mind. Why was she doing all these vile things? Why did she feel this way? The blond girl was confused and could not figure out what had happened to her.

Going through her closet, Carla said that she had nothing sexy to wear and that they would have to buy her new clothes to go out on the town. They put on a dress that went below her knees as they all did and Carla told her not to wash her face, the pussy juice was sexy and made her face glisten.

They got in Pat’s car and drove. “Where to?” Pat asked.

“Let’s go down town, we can buy her some slut clothes at one of them cheap stores where the street walkers go; then we can go to some dive and have some fun.”

“But I wanted to show her off to the people that I know. I want them all to know what a body my wife has.”

“We can do that next week. This will be a trial run; we will do it with strangers first and then perfect our act. By next week we will know exactly what to do.”

“You are not only beautiful and sexy but you are smart too.”

They parked the car in a parking lot with dingy shops in a bad part of town. The entered a gaudy store that smelled stale and looked cheap. Most of the clientele looked like street whores. One of the sales ladies noticed the far away look on Donna’s face asked, “What’s the matter with her?”

“Oh, don’t worry about her, she’s a nympho; all she ever thinks about is sex, men, women, it don’t matter to her, she is always hot and horny.” Carla gazed around to see if there was a reaction to her statement; she wanted to see if there was escort bayan istanbul anyone that would be interested in the little wife. She spotted a heavyset black woman about fifty with huge tits and lust in her eyes.

Carla picked out a short skirt, flimsy blouse, stockings with garter belt and high-heels. They walked over to the black saleslady and Carla asked “Do you have a private room where my little slut can try these on?”

“The changing rooms are too small but we could go to the storeroom.” She offered.

She introduced herself as Candy as she unlocked the storeroom and led them inside, she locked the door behind them for privacy, she said. Carla instructed Donna to take everything off and try on her new outfit. Candy got wide-eyed and licked her lips as she glared at the nude young blond.

“I can tell that you like her Candy, why don’t you play with her, do anything you like and we will watch!” Carla urged.

Candy walked over to the frightened young wife and kissed her passionately, her long tongue darted in the mouth of the startled blond. The contrast in color and body types was arousing. Candy sucked on the rubbery nipples and worked her way down to the blond honey pot. The long tongue worked its magic. Donna was moaning in ecstasy as the long tongue snaked its way inside the hot cunt. The wife was trembling to orgasm.

“Your turn honey, Suck on these.” Donna eagerly nursed on the huge melons, she went back and forth as Candy hand feed her hungry lips each nipple. Candy pushed down on her shoulders until the white girl was on her knees. “Eat your Candy little girl, all little girls love candy and this Candy is so sweet. Suck my pussy lips, suck my clit, and stick your tongue in my cunt, yes that’s it, lick and suck, Oh yeah baby, do it!” She grabbed a fist full of blond hair and pressed that sweet face to her smoldering cunt. Donna feverishly licked and sucked the domineering black woman’s delicious cunt. She was lost in deviant lust. She could not understand it but she loved this black cunt, she just could not get enough.

“That’s it sweet thing, you suck my pussy so good. I love you; look up at me with your big blue eyes as I cum on your hot little tongue and sweet face, good girl!” When Candy finally let go of her head Donna was choking and gasping for her breath but she loved every second of it. Candy wrote her home phone # on the back of her card and told the little blond white girl that she could call her anytime. They kissed goodbye and Donna placed the card in her purse.

She dressed in her new short black skirt that barley covered her buttocks, her flimsy see-thru pink blouse and black stockings with garter and high-heels, she wore no panties or bra.

They entered a dingy bar that smelled of stale beer, the jukebox blared and the crowd was noisy. Carla led the couple to a booth, they ordered beer and the lustful Latin sprinkled some more powder in Donna’s beer. Carla unbuttoned the pink blouse of the young wife and said, “There, that’s much better; now when someone wants to feel your tits you will be ready!”

Donna started playing with herself again; she could not understand the strong urge that she felt. The poor girl felt a tingling sensation in her pussy and had Goosebumps all over her body. A group of four men at the bar sent a round of drinks to the table. The men were all around thirty yrs. old; they walked over to the table and introduced themselves. Carla invited the men to join them at the table and moved over to sit next to Pat and let the men sit two on either side of Donna.

Carla told the men that the blond was Pat’s wife and that he wanted to watch other men appreciate her many charms. Hands were fondling her tits and traveling up her thighs, her nipples were tweaked and fingers were inserted in her twitching twat. She shook in orgasm as the finger fucking brought her stimulated cunt to climax. The little wife was moaning in lust. The bartender came to the table and told them to take it to the back room.

They carried the beers and walked thru a doorway into a smaller room with a couple of tables. The sweet blond was lifted on the table and her legs were spread wide open. A heavyset guy began to eat her pussy. Donna was sitting on the edge of the table, moaning and groaning to orgasm. She was lifted off the table and placed on her knees on the floor. The men all dropped their pants and put four cocks in her face. Two of them were 6″, one was 8″ and the other was a very thick 10″cock.

They all rubbed their cocks on her pretty face. The big fat one pressed her lips open and she took it in her sweet little mouth. The young wife sucked with fervor, saliva dripped down her chin, her hands were stroking other dicks as she tried to fit the thick cock in her mouth. Donna then went from dick to dick, sucking them all. She was lifted to her feet and her short skirt was tossed aside.

The big cock was shoved in her dripping cunt and another was forced up her tight ass hole. The three were fucking in unison, taksim vip escort her body swayed like a rag doll. Both men shot hot cum in her hungry holes. The man with the 8″ cock was on his back on the floor. Donna was instructed to straddle him and sit on his cock facing him. She was fucking him hard when the fourth man positioned himself behind her and fucked her ass.

After they all shot their cum in her she was pushed to the floor and they all pissed on her. “You better get ready because we are all going to fuck you again!”

“Like hell you are! Get your sorry ass out of here before I kick the shit out of you, that goes for all of you. Now!” The four men gathered their clothes and hurriedly left, they all knew Mike Brown; he was a karate instructor in town and not one to mess around with. Mike and his wife Sandy helped the dazed Donna to her feet, dressed her and were taking her home with them to help her.

“Hey, where are you going with my wife?” Pat asked.

Anger filled Mike’s eyes and he tossed Pat across the room saying, “We are going to take care of her; something that you failed to do. You and your whore keep out of my way, you hunk of skit!” Carla for once in her life was silent. She intuitively knew better than to anger this man. Once again proving she was smarter than Pat.

The 6’2″ Mike pushed his long black hair back and Sandy his stunning 5’5″ redhead wife guided Donna in the house; the 28yr. old couple ran a hot bubble bath for the young wife and sponged her clean. She was then dried off and given one of Sandy’s robes to wear. They dined together and Donna was put to bed.

“Did you see her eyes, she was on drugs. I wonder if she took them or if they were slipped into her drink.” Mike said.

“Let her get a good nights sleep and we will talk to her in the morning and try to get to the bottom of this.”

The next morning they ate breakfast and drank coffee at the kitchen table. “What happened yesterday? Were you a willing participant in that gang bang at the bar?” Sandy asked.

“No. I don’t know what happened. I have been married for two and a half years and have never been with anyone but my husband. Yesterday Carla came to our house and we were drinking ice tea when I started to feel strange, there were tingles all over my body and my head was spinning. Before I knew what was going on I was having sex with everybody.”

“I knew it, they drugged you. Has your husband ever mentioned that he wanted to share you?” Mike asked.

“No but he was always telling me to loosen up and that he wanted others to see my body.”

“How do you feel about him now?”

“He disgusts me, I want a divorce. I want him out of my life.”

“Well girls that settles it. Let me talk to some people that I know and we will set a trap for the asshole and get him and his slut out of your life forever. You stay with us until it’s all over.”

The following Friday night they went to a nightclub and Pat and Carla joined them for dinner. After dinner they sipped champagne and watched the belly dancers on stage. Mike told them, “You know Pat, We really want to thank you for drugging your sweet little wife; Sandy and I fucked her all week and she was awesome. You probably want her back, I bet you have plans for her.”

Pat was relieved that Mike was no longer angry with him. “Hell Yeah, I want to show her off to my friends. Carla has plenty of stuff to give her, drugs that will keep her pussy twitching.”

“I want to thank you and Carla for showing me a whole new world. I never thought I could enjoy sex so much.” Donna played along with the game.

Right on key the waiter came to the table and informed Pat and Carla that the dancer wanted to speak with them. “Wow! She is exotic, do you want me to talk to her for you?” Mike asked.

“No man, we’ll talk to her, be right back.”

While the couple walked to the stage area to talk to the dancer, Mike poured a substance in the couple’s champagne. The three smiled knowingly.

They came back to the table beaming and sipped their drinks. Pat exclaimed, “She wants to have a threesome with us, man she is hot. I can hardly wait.”

Both of them were high and hot. They attributed it to the champagne. Mike observed the drug taking effect and under the guise of meeting the dancer led them to a room in the back of the club. The dancer was standing there naked. Mike locked the door behind them. Five Middle East men entered the room through a second door and had evil smiles on their faces.

The men stripped Carla naked and the dancer helped Pat disrobe. Two of them were screwing Carla and just as Pat was about to enter the dancer he was roughly pulled off her and placed on his knees. A cock was put in his mouth and another was shoved up his ass. His head was spinning; he did not know if it was real or just a bad dream. He felt the cum spurt in his mouth and the pain in his ass and realized that it was very real. Mike was handed an envelope as he left the room.

Sitting down at the table Mike smiled and said, “Well, it’s a done deal, they won’t be bothering you anymore. You can get on with your life now. Later tonight they will be on a ship to a far away place where they will be sex slaves and earn lots of money for whoever buys them. Usually they end up in a whorehouse.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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