Donna Me and the bible basher

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Donna Me and the bible basherAs luck would have it, Donna and I had just been in the shower and were having some ‘us’ time, I was feeling her up and she was getting quite turned on. Then someone knocked on our door, I ignored it but the knocking carried on. Throwing my pants on I came downstairs to see who it was. Donna wasn’t far behind me. When we opened the door there stood a bible basher.I looked at Donna and she looked at me, remembering what had happened when the telephones were down, I invited him in. He was 29 years old, slim and about 6′ tall, called Paul. We settled down in the lounge listening to the rubbish he was talking, when Donna went to make a cup of coffee, I followed her in the kitchen and told her to set it up.She came back in the room and gave him his coffee, as he was babbling on Donna knelt on the floor and placed her hand on his knee, he looked suprised. She then moved it slowly up the inside of his leg, he smiled at her, then at me. After a couple of minutes she knelt up further and moved her hand on to his crotch, his cock twitched.I came behind Donna and pulled off her dressing gown, she was wearing white suspenders and white knickers, no bra. He leaned over and cupped her 44DD tits in his hands as she stroked his cock. Standing behind her I kissed down her back as he was rolling her nipples türbanlı diyarbakır escort in his fingers, as she rubbed him I could see he was quite a big boy.I said to Donna “I think you should go upstairs”, with that she stood up and left the room. I said “Don’t do anything unless I say Ok”, he said “Ok”, as he stood up I touched his cock and it was rock hard, as was mine. He followed me upstairs and as we got to the bedroom door, Donna was laid across the bed running her finger across her clit.Paul and I walk in and I got on the bed and started to kiss Donna, Paul sat at the other side and carried on feeling, and after a minute or so, licking her nipples, she was moaning. I began to touch her through her knickers as she moaned a little more. She reached down towards Paul’s cock and resumed stroking him.Paul stood up and unbuttoned his pants taking them off and sitting back down. Donna put her hand in the top of his boxers and started to wank him off. I’d pulled her knickers to one side as I licked her clit. Paul then stood up and pulled his boxers off, releasing a 8″ cock, Donna pulled him towards her and slipped his tool into her mouth.As I was fingering her and licking her she was close to cuming, as soon as she put Paul’s cock in her mouth she came, türbanlı diyarbakır escort bayan the anticipation pushed her over the top. I stood up and quickly undressed, as she carried on sucking Paul. Getting my cock out I moved her round, pulling down her panties, I pushed myself into her fat wet cunt.She had Pauls cock out of her mouth and was running her tongue up and down his shaft as I banged her slowly. After a few minutes I pulled out and told her to get onto all fours, she did and Paul came round to my side and licked her ass as I fingered her box, he then got on the bed, sliding himself under her he slotted his cock in her fanny.I squeezed some KY gel on my cock and slowly inserted it into her ass, as we fucked her she bucked with every thrust until she was coming, then she squirted and the both us were drenched, I pulled out and told Paul to also, he did and she carried on sucking him, I started to fuck her in the normal way as she was pissed through.Paul shouted that he was close and I knew I was, as Donna sucked Paul off in her expert way he screamed as he shot his load into her waiting mouth, she didn’t spill a drop, I pulled out and she did the same to me, only mine did spill out all over her tits. All three of us were knackered, türbanlı escort diyarbakır as we laid on the bed we rested.Donna got up and went to the toilet, when she came back she got on the bed between us with her vibrator, she switched it on and was running it up and down her still wet crack, I looked at her and she winked at me, I saw that Paul’s cock was stirring again so I sat next to him and stroked him, he looked at me and smiled.As Paul’s penis got erect I leaned forward and tasting my wife started to suck and lick him, he was moaning and feeling Donna’s tits. He knelt up so I laid down and when I looked he was fingering her as she used the dildo. I sat up and Paul let go of Donna and grabbed me, he turned me around and carressed my ass with his wet finger.Donna was nearly climaxing when she saw this and I looked at her in a pleading fashion, she smiled at me, yet my cock was rock hard again. As she and I got into a 69, she was sucking my cock as Paul pushed his up my ass. God what a feeling! Taking the vibrator off Donna I shoved it up her cunt and she immediately had a massive orgasm.Staying where she was she sucked and wanked my cock with speed, I wasn’t sure if I was coming cos of her or Paul. Then Paul pulled out and wanked his cock off over my back, I could feel the hot sticky sensation and hearing him groan, I knew what had happened. When that happened my orgasm was near and I shot another load of spunk into Donna’s mouth.We all used the toilet, got dressed and went downstairs. Paul excused himself and left. Donna and I talked about it and decided that I wouldn’t have to get shagged up the ass again, although hopefully I can do her again. We went to bed early, totally knackered.

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